Volume-2, Issue-5 (October-2012)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Cognitive Engine: Artificial Intelligence In Wireless Communication
Miss Apoorwa Jaiswal and Mr Ravi Mohan
Country: NA Page: 1-4 Download: Download Pdf

Entrepreneurship Education in India – Scope, challenges and Role of B-schools in Promoting Entrepreneurship Education
Anis ur Rehman and Dr. Yasir Arafat Elahi
Country: NA Page: 5-14 Download: Download Pdf

Organized Retail Strategy – A Study at Reliance Mart
Arun kumar.G, Shivashankar .K.C and Dr.S.J.Manjunath
Country: NA Page: 15-21 Download: Download Pdf

Knowledge Management in Virtual Organizations
Seyed Mehdi Mousavi Davoudi and Kiarash Fartash
Country: NA Page: 22-28 Download: Download Pdf

Designing of Software Simulation Test bed for 3G Wireless Communication System
H. Umadevi, B.S Sudha, Kavitha Devi C S, Meenakshi L Rathod, Akalpita L. Kulkarni and K.S. Gurumurthy
Country: NA Page: 29-35 Download: Download Pdf

A Case Study on Privacy in Mobile Computing Environment
Dr. Mahendra Singh Bora, Mr. Suprabhat Joshi, Miss. Himani Joshi and Komal Chandra Joshi
Country: NA Page: 36-42 Download: Download Pdf

Output Distance Function to Measure Reduction of Bad Outputs of Police Force
B. Sarojamma, K. Ramesh Reddy, C. Subba Rami Reddy and S.Venkata Raju
Country: NA Page: 43-48 Download: Download Pdf

Sensitivity Design for Arbitrary Order Plant with Time Delay Using PI Controller
Gursewak Singh
Country: NA Page: 49-53 Download: Download Pdf

Developing Soft Skills for Enhancing Employability of Engineering Graduates
Dr. Sukhwinder Singh Jolly
Country: NA Page: 54-56 Download: Download Pdf

Sulphur Dioxide Pollution: A Review on Trends of Emission and Impact on Organisms and their Environment
Shefali Poonia
Country: NA Page: 57-60 Download: Download Pdf