Volume-2, Issue-6 (December-2012)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Application of Soft Computing Techniques for Handoff Management in Wireless Cellular Networks
Dayal C. Sati
Country: NA Page: 1-6 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of One Dimensional Beam Problem Using Element Free Galerkin Method
Vijender and Sunil Kumar Baghla
Country: NA Page: 7-20 Download: Download Pdf

Design Evaluation and Optimization of Connecting Rod Parameters Using FEM
Suraj Pal and Sunil kumar
Country: NA Page: 21-25 Download: Download Pdf

Finite Element Analysis and Optimization of Crankshaft Design
Rinkle Garg and Sunil Baghla
Country: NA Page: 26-31 Download: Download Pdf

Weight Reduction and Analysis of Trolley Axle Using Ansys
Happy Bansal and Sunil Kumar
Country: NA Page: 32-36 Download: Download Pdf

Customer Care Services: A tool for Competitive Advantage and Customer Satisfaction in Mobile Telecommunication Services
Shekhar Srivastava and Dr.Ashish Bhatnagar
Country: NA Page: 37-39 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Steady State Heat Conduction Problem Using EFGM
Manpreet Singh Brar1, Sunil Kumar
Country: NA Page: 40-47 Download: Download Pdf

Service Oriented Architecture Based Electric Power Real-time Data Ware House
T. Charan Singh, G. Soma Sekhar. M.V.Bramhananda Reddy and C Venkateswarlu Sonagiri
Country: NA Page: 48-56 Download: Download Pdf

Web Search Information Retrial Using PFusion Architecture
A.Srinivas, M.V.Bramhananda Reddy, G.Sreenivasula Reddy and A.Rama Mohan Reddy
Country: NA Page: 57-62 Download: Download Pdf

Survey On e-ticket Generation through Cloud Computing
P.Sreedevi, M.V.Bramhananda Reddy, A. Rama Mohan Reddy and M.GaneshKumar
Country: NA Page: 63-66 Download: Download Pdf

Secure and Efficient Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks by Using Keying Mechanisms
M.Ganeshkumar, P.Sreedevi, G.Soma Sekhar and C.Venkateswarlu Sonagiri
Country: NA Page: 67-71 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on the in Vitro Survival of Oesophagostomum Columbianum in two different Anthelmintics
Dr. Binesh Kumari and Dr. Shanti Rajora
Country: NA Page: 72-74 Download: Download Pdf