Volume-3, Issue-1 (February-2013)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Raw Materials Inventories with Cost Economics Theory
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Modal analysis of drive shaft using FEA
Ravikant, Gopal Krishan and Mukesh Didwania
Country: NA Page: 4-7 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Brand Trust and Brand Affect on Brand Loyalty
Dr.S.J.Manjunath and Aluregowda
Country: NA Page: 8-12 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of TQM Implementation on Employers Satisfaction
1Dr S.J.Manjunath and Arun Kumar.G
Country: NA Page: 13-22 Download: Download Pdf

Effective Performance Improvement of Hawt Blades using Optimization Technique Process
R. SenthilKumar, R.Manimaran, R. Ramadoss and V.Gopalakrishnan
Country: NA Page: 23-29 Download: Download Pdf

An Efficient RLE Algorithm for Compressing Image Based upon Tolerance Value
Ms. Neha A. Bhatia, Prof. Himanshu Arora and Ms. Anuradha Konidena
Country: NA Page: 30-32 Download: Download Pdf

An Insight into Biometric Encryption Systems
Ms. Anuradha and .Ms.Neha
Country: NA Page: 33-36 Download: Download Pdf

An Evaluation of a Spoken Document Retrieval Baseline System by Indexing Confusion Networks
Vibha Sristava, Jay kumar pandey and Dr. Vinodini Katiyar
Country: NA Page: 37-40 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Evaluation of H.264 Advanced Video Encoder
Keshaveni. N
Country: NA Page: 41-43 Download: Download Pdf

Power Consumption Control Algorithm for Wireless Ad-hoc Network
Krishan Kumar
Country: NA Page: 44-46 Download: Download Pdf

Examining Overreaction in BSE using Event Study Approach for Stock Split Announcements
Dr. Sitangshu Khatua and Dr. H.K. Pradhan
Country: NA Page: 47-56 Download: Download Pdf

Use of Soft Computing for Subset Problems
Minaxi Rani
Country: NA Page: 57-62 Download: Download Pdf

A Comparative Study of Indian Pharmaceutical Exports Pre and Post WTO Era
Amit Kumar and Dr. Devesh Kumar
Country: NA Page: 63-65 Download: Download Pdf

Trade Liberalisation and Poverty Reduction in India
Dr. Veer Virendra Singh
Country: NA Page: 66-70 Download: Download Pdf

Glycogen Estimation in Two Insect Parasitic Nematodes Parasitizing the Gut of Periplaneta Americana at Meerut
Country: NA Page: 71-74 Download: Download Pdf

Development of Passive Immunity Against Ascaridia galli through Transfer of Lymphoid Cells in W.L.H. Chicks
Divya Singh
Country: NA Page: 75-77 Download: Download Pdf