Volume-3, Issue-4 (August-2013)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Management of Green Supply Chain: Need of Hours
Anuj Kumar and Dr P.K Vashistha
Country: NA Page: 1-8 Download: Download Pdf

Cloud Computing: A New Era of IT Opportunity and Challenges
Govind Singh, Manmohan and Garima Tiwari
Country: NA Page: 9-12 Download: Download Pdf

Developing Flexible Decision Support Systems Using Case-Base Reasoning System
Surjeet Dalal, Keshav Jindal and Monika Nirwal
Country: NA Page: 13-17 Download: Download Pdf

Parameters Optimization for Gas Metal Arc Welding of Austenitic Stainless Steel (AISI 304) & Low Carbon Steel using Taguchi’s Technique
Pawan Kumar, Dr.B.K.Roy and Nishant
Country: NA Page: 18-22 Download: Download Pdf

Changing Dimensions of HRM Functions: An Evaluation
Seema Singh and Dr. Rinku Raghuvanshi
Country: NA Page: 23-28 Download: Download Pdf

Quantification of Employee Satisfaction to Reduce the Attrition Rate
T.Suneetha1, P.S.S.Nitin2, V.Tanuja3 S.Venkata Raju
Country: NA Page: 29-31 Download: Download Pdf

The Influence of Heat-Treatment on Structural and Magnetic Properties of Rare-Earth Substituted Y-type Sr-Hexaferrites
C. L. Khobaragade and S. V. Soni
Country: NA Page: 32-35 Download: Download Pdf

Designing the automatic web tools for small business scale with Case-based reasoning
Sandeep Rathee and Dr. Gundeep Tanwar
Country: NA Page: 36-42 Download: Download Pdf

HAWT for Power Generation
HAWT for Power Generation
Country: NA Page: 43-47 Download: Download Pdf

Study the Effect of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies on Manufacturing Industries
M.P.Singh and Prof. Y.S.Shishodia
Country: NA Page: 48-53 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis & Synthesis for Resistivity of CNT
Parul Sharma and M F Ansari
Country: NA Page: 54-56 Download: Download Pdf

Role of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Inclusive Growth
Srinivas K T
Country: NA Page: 57-61 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Globalization on Rural Vs Urban Business Models
Dr. D. Seetha Naik
Country: NA Page: 62-70 Download: Download Pdf

A Comparative Study of Pulses Production Pre and post WTO in India
Dr. Veer Virendra Singh
Country: NA Page: 71-74 Download: Download Pdf

Effects of Liberalization on Indian Agriculture Exports
Ajit Singh
Country: NA Page: 75-77 Download: Download Pdf

Good Governance: Protection of Human Rights
Rajeev Kumar
Country: NA Page: 78-80 Download: Download Pdf

Arsenic Polluted Ground Water in Eastern U P, India
Akbare Azam
Country: NA Page: 81-83 Download: Download Pdf