Volume-3, Issue-5 (October-2013)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
A Study on Job Satisfaction of Vivekanandha Higher Secondary School Teachers at Thirupparaithurai, Tiruchirappalli District, Tamilnadu, INDIA
M. Usha Rani, K. Rajam, S. Ramya and Dr. D. Sivasubramanian
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Assessment of Factors Affecting Disbursement of Public Funds for Rural Road Projects in Kenya – A Case Study of Nakuru County
Jacquelyne Jerotich Legishion, Antony Wahome Ndirangu and Dr. Peula Jepchumba Kiplagat
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Overview of Software Reliability Models
Manjula.C.M.Prasad, Dr. Lilly Flowrence and Dr. C.V. Srikrishna
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Tax Evasion a Dark Side of E-Commerce
Dr. Neelesh Jain
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THD Reduction and Dynamic Stability Improvement of an Integrated Grid-Connected Offshore Wind Farm and Marine-Current Farm Using a STATCOM
P Srivalli, Y Naveen and A Prasada Rao
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A Study on Improvement Ranking in Web Search with Intelligent Information Retrieval System
Bhupesh Joshi
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A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards Departmental Stores in Erode City
R.Gomathi, S.Kishore and R.Deepika
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The Effect of Co and Zr Substitution on Morphological and Magnetic properties of Sr-hexaferrite by sol-gel method
C.L. Khobaragade, U.B. Hatwar, S.B. Deshpande, M.N. Giriya, V.Nanoti and K.G. Rewatkar
Country: NA Page: 42-46 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Employee Perception towards Ponni Sugars (Erode) LTD
G.R.Vasanthakumar1, Dr.L.Manivannan
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An Algebraic Elimination Method for the Linear Complementarity Problem
P. Rajendran and P. Pandian
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Non-Newtonian Flow Study through Arteries with Stenosis
M. Villagómez-Galindo, C. J. García-Abrego, J. C. Trujillo-Jiménez and J. J. Piña-Castillo
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Conflict Management: Need for Organization Effectiveness
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Evaluation of Service Quality in Hotels using AHP
Vikram Singh and Sandeep Grover
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The Role of KSFC in Promotion of Enterprises and Employment Generation in Karnataka
Srinivas K T
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Socio-Economic Status of Micro Women Entrepreneurs in ERODE District, Tamilnadu
Ms.U.Dhanalakshmi and Dr.K.Rajini
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Learning Based Approach for Search Engine Selection inMetasearch
R.Kumar and A.K Giri
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Removing Data Staleness in Data Warehouse Using Trigger Based Approach
Bikramjit Pal and Mallika De
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A Presentation on Vedic Maths
Minaxi Rani
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Relationship between Equity Derivative Market and Spot Market
Ruchika Jain and Dr. S.K. Singla
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An Introduction to Civil Society
Dr. Anila Panwar
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