Volume-3, Issue-6 (December-2013)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
A Study on Brand Image towards Nandini Products at Manmul in Mandya
Country: NA Page: 1-8 Download: Download Pdf

Study on Impacts of Spinning Process on Fiber Characteristics
Sandeep Kidile AND Dr. P. V. Kadole
Country: NA Page: 9-14 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Float Design on the Performance of Rotameter using Computational Fluid Mechanics
Rakesh Joshi, S.S.Jolly and Bikram Jit Singh
Country: NA Page: 15-20 Download: Download Pdf

Verifying Correctness of Trusted data in Clouds
R. Denis and V. KrishnaKumar
Country: NA Page: 21-25 Download: Download Pdf

Capital Market Information and Investors Decisions Making (A Study of Some Selected Stock Broking Companies)
Dr (Prof) AVN Murty, Dr Tapesh Kiran and Mrs Reecha Gupta
Country: NA Page: 26-36 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Analysis of Airline Services (A critical study of Global Scenario)
Dr (Prof) AVN Murty, Dr Tapesh Kiran and Ms Nidhi GoeL
Country: NA Page: 37-46 Download: Download Pdf

Towards Invention at the Overlap of Software Engineering and Artwork
Ajeet Kumar and Dr.Yashpal Singh
Country: NA Page: 47-56 Download: Download Pdf

Use Patterns of Aerospace Engineering E-Reference Sources among the Aerospace Scientists and Engineers of Bangalore: A Research Survey
Dr. Ramachandran Guruprasad and Prof. Payaniappan Marimuthu
Country: NA Page: 57-63 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on the Use of Non-Parametric Tests for Experimentation with Cluster Analysis
Deepika Singh
Country: NA Page: 64-72 Download: Download Pdf

A New Variant of Simplex Method
Dr. R.G. Kedia
Country: NA Page: 73-75 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Contextual Factors on Entrepreneurial Intention
Dr. Hem Chandra Kothari
Country: NA Page: 76-82 Download: Download Pdf

Financial Literacy & Education: Present Scenario in India
Sumit kumar and &Dr.Md. Anees
Country: NA Page: 83-87 Download: Download Pdf

Employees Absenteeism: Barrier for Retail Sector Organization Success
Barkha Gupta
Country: NA Page: 88-92 Download: Download Pdf

Survey of Software Quality Project Management through Genetic Algorithm with Backtracking Algorithm
R. Rajesh
Country: NA Page: 93-96 Download: Download Pdf

Avoidance of Duplicate Messages in P2p Network Using Cycle Minimization
Dr. V. Balaji
Country: NA Page: 97-102 Download: Download Pdf

CAD Model of Connected Rectangular Ring Microstrip Antenna for Dual band Operations
Hasanujjaman, Mehedi Hasan and Arindam Biswas
Country: NA Page: 103-105 Download: Download Pdf

Design of Single Band Rectangular Patch Antenna for Satellite Application and Analysis using different Optimizer
Hasanujjaman, Habib Mondal, Dr. A Biswas and Dr. A. K Bhattacharjee
Country: NA Page: 106-109 Download: Download Pdf

Histogram Eualization Techniques for Image Enhancement using Fuzzy Logic
Gurvir Singh and Mandeep Singh
Country: NA Page: 110-115 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Composition of NPAs of Public Sector Banks in India
Srinivas K T
Country: NA Page: 116-121 Download: Download Pdf

Implement of AODV, SAODV and ASODV Routing Protocols for Black Hole in Ad Hoc Networks and Optimized Performance
Mukesh Yadav, Kamlesh Singh and Surendra Kumar
Country: NA Page: 122-127 Download: Download Pdf

Impact Assessment of E-Governance in India
Dr. Neelesh Jain, Bhagwati Prasad Agnihotri and Dr Ashish Verma
Country: NA Page: 128-131 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Appraisal–How to Make IT Effective
Country: NA Page: 132-137 Download: Download Pdf

Comparison of Male and Female Entrepreneurs – An Empirical Study
Veena M and Dr. N. Nagaraja
Country: NA Page: 138-143 Download: Download Pdf

Improvement of QoS in Delay Based Routing Algorithm for MANETs by Using Fuzzy Logic
Sandeep Agarwal and Dr. Sohan Garg
Country: NA Page: 144-148 Download: Download Pdf

Issues of Tax Reforms in India
Ajit Singh
Country: NA Page: 149-152 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Study of Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Three Ponds used to Culture Fishes in Meerut Region
Everest Shiwach
Country: NA Page: 153-160 Download: Download Pdf

Simulative Investigation to Enhance the Transmission Performance of ZCC Code in SAC OCDMA
Himali Sarangal, Amarpal Singh and Jyoteesh Malhotra
Country: NA Page: 161-164 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Fungal Pretreatment on the Capacity of Parthenium Leaves Biomass to Adsorb Certain Netals
Nupur Prasad
Country: NA Page: 165-167 Download: Download Pdf

Maritime Trade of Kollam with Sung China
Liji K
Country: NA Page: 168-171 Download: Download Pdf