Volume-4, Issue-2 (April-2014)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Economic fluctuations in 2013-14: Review on Indian Economic Conditions
Priyanka Saini
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Indian Rupee Devaluation
Dr. Taruna Tomar
Country: NA Page: 16-18 Download: Download Pdf

Problems of Small Scale Industries in India
Sangita G.Patil and Dr. P.T.Chaudhari
Country: NA Page: 19-21 Download: Download Pdf

Design of Single Input Multiple Output DC-DC Converter
S. Karthik, C.Jegan and R.Ilango3
Country: NA Page: 22-28 Download: Download Pdf

Understanding and Implementing Consumer Preferences are Vital for Sustainable Unorganized Sector
Prof. Vivek Shaurya and Prof. Shailesh Pandey
Country: NA Page: 29-42 Download: Download Pdf

The Impact of Training and Development on Performance of Organizational Growth
Christopher Manimtim Panganiban
Country: NA Page: 43-49 Download: Download Pdf

Lateral Strength of Cost Effective Un-Reinforced Brick Masonry Wall Panels
I. K. Khan
Country: NA Page: 50-57 Download: Download Pdf

Discovering the Genuineness of Information on the Web
S.Subba Lakshmi P.N.V.S.Pavan Kumar and K.Bala Chowdappa
Country: NA Page: 58-61 Download: Download Pdf

Goel Vivek
Country: NA Page: 62-70 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Testing of Aerated Building Types using Gypsum, Copper Slag and Fly Ash
Sathish R Sivakamasundari and S Lavanya Prabha
Country: NA Page: 71-74 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Determination of Association Between Demograpic Factor and Brand In Purchase Decision.
Dr. M. Jamal Mohamed Zubair
Country: NA Page: 75-77 Download: Download Pdf

An Effective Security Mechanism with Extended Dempster-Shafer Evidence Model in MANET
V. Yadagiri and K. Suresh Babu
Country: NA Page: 78-81 Download: Download Pdf

Efficient Processing of Text Searches Using Keywords on a Wireless Broadcast Channel
P. KrishnaRao and K. SureshBabu
Country: NA Page: 82-87 Download: Download Pdf

Impact Assesment of Salt Gradient Solar Pond against Global Energy Crises
Sunil Kumar and S. K. Singh
Country: NA Page: 88-91 Download: Download Pdf

Security Analysis & It’s Implementations Using Image Based Authentication for 3-Level Security System
Rahul S. Mate Pramod P. Gadekar Suhas B. Sathe Prof. Mangesh K. Manke
Country: NA Page: 92-94 Download: Download Pdf

Business Process Reengineering (BPR): An Empirical Study on State Bank of India
Sanjeev Kumar and Dr. K. Mishra
Country: NA Page: 95-99 Download: Download Pdf

Effects of Partial Replacement of Cement by Metakaolin in Sifcon
Niveditha.A and S.Manivel
Country: NA Page: 100-103 Download: Download Pdf

Managing Customer Relationship Management: Its Measurement and Influence on Performance
Christopher Manimtim Panganiban
Country: NA Page: 104-108 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on Mid-point Compensation of a Two-machine System Using STATCOM
Gaurav Tembhurnikar, Ajit Chaudhari, Nilesh Wani, Atul Gajare and Pankaj Gajare
Country: NA Page: 109-115 Download: Download Pdf

Rural Marketing Strategies, Issues and Challenges
Dr. T.V. Malick and J. Jothi Krishnan
Country: NA Page: 116-122 Download: Download Pdf

Bamboo Sticks as a Substitute of Steel Reinforcement in Slab
I.K. Khan
Country: NA Page: 123-126 Download: Download Pdf

A study on Antecedents of Learners’ Motivation towards Management Education
Prof. Mitali Talukdar and Dr. Mukund Dongare
Country: NA Page: 127-133 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Enhancement of Teaching and Learning Process through Multimedia
S. K. Pathak, R .K. Maurya and Parul Kundra
Country: NA Page: 137-140 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Implementation of Beamforming Algorithms
Sonali P. Deshmukh, Neha S. Ghorpade, Sanyogita R. Kharat and Prakash M. Mainkar
Country: NA Page: 141-144 Download: Download Pdf

Students’ Satisfaction Level in Higher Educational Institutes: A Study of Public Institutes in Sirsa
Vipin Kumar,
Country: NA Page: 145-149 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Implementation of DOA Algorithms
Manisha S. Kumavat, Aboli A. Lagad, Deepika V. Ghoran and Prakash M. Mainkar
Country: NA Page: 150-153 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Future Marketing Trends Indian Cement Industry
Meeravali shaik, S.Balakrishna and Krishna Banana
Country: NA Page: 154-156 Download: Download Pdf

Seismic Analysis and Design of Multi Storey Building with Non Parallel Shear Wall System
M. Santhosh and S. Pradeep
Country: NA Page: 157-160 Download: Download Pdf

Concentered Solar Power
Anubhav Sood, Avaneesh Yadav, Shashank Bhatnagar and Anupam Gopal
Country: NA Page: 161-163 Download: Download Pdf

A Fuzzy Approach to Avoid Selective Forwarding Attacks and Energy Efficient Path Selection in Wireless Mesh Networks
Er. Amandeep Singh, Er. Balraj Singh Sidhu and Dr. Jyoti Saxena
Country: NA Page: 164-169 Download: Download Pdf

A Route Reconstruction Approach to Provide Reliable Data Communication in Mpls Network
Amandeep Sharma, Er. Darshan Singh Sidhu and Dr. Jyoti Saxena
Country: NA Page: 170-175 Download: Download Pdf

Defects in Wheels and Axles and Detection by Ust
Lalit Kishor Mudgal, Rakesh Kumar Sharma and M.P. Singh
Country: NA Page: 176-180 Download: Download Pdf

GPS Based Bus Tracking Android Application
Omkar Sambare, Punam Gaikwad, Sayali Kapse and Aboli Gulame
Country: NA Page: 181-183 Download: Download Pdf

Mathematical Calculation and MATLAB Programming of Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Faults in Power System
Sushmita Srivastava, Km. Reshu and Smriti Singh
Country: NA Page: 184-187 Download: Download Pdf

Design of Single and Three phase Transformer Using MATLAB
Ankur Verma, Kapil Gandhi, Divi Saxena, Arvind Kumar, Ankit Verma
Country: NA Page: 188-193 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation of RLS Beamforming Algorithm for Smart Antenna System
Miss Nayan B. Shambharkar, Prof. Prakash M. Mainkar and Dr. G. N. Mulay
Country: NA Page: 194-198 Download: Download Pdf

Environmental Issue Comparison between Diesel Generator and Solar Photo Voltaic
Anurag Rajput, Nitesh Singh, Harshit Singh and Gaurav Sarkar
Country: NA Page: 199-204 Download: Download Pdf

Modelling and Simulation of Photovoltaic model using Incremental Conductance Algorithm
Mr. Partha Sarathi Maji, Mr. S. Dikshit, Prof. S. Mohapatra
Country: NA Page: 205-211 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Analysis of Image Restoration Algorithm using Radon Transform and Bilateral Filter
Anil Gupta
Country: NA Page: 212-216 Download: Download Pdf

Application of Pressmud for Improvement in Physical Properities of Alkaline Soils
Sanjeeva Rayudu. E, Srimurali. M and Venkaiah. K
Country: NA Page: 223-227 Download: Download Pdf

Consumer Behavior towards Retail Outlets in India - Literature Review
Shailesh Pandey and Dr. Vipin Chand Rai
Country: NA Page: 228-231 Download: Download Pdf

Study of Mechanical Properties of Concrete using Waste Pet Bottle Fibres for the Reinforcement
Aditya Krishna Reddy. K and Arun Kumar. C
Country: NA Page: 232-240 Download: Download Pdf

Host-based Intrusion Detection System using Sequence of System Calls
P. Ramprakash, M. Sakthivadivel, N. Krishnaraj and J. Ramprasath
Country: NA Page: 241-247 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on the Financial Performance Analysis of Selected Bse Listed Private Sector Banks in India
Dr. S. Ayyappan, Dr. K. Sivaraman and Mr. M. Sakthivadivel
Country: NA Page: 248-252 Download: Download Pdf

Available Transfer Capability (ATC) Under Deregulated Power Systems
M. Sivasatyanarayana, L. Rajasekhar Goud and J. Amarnath
Country: NA Page: 253-258 Download: Download Pdf

Particle Motion In Common Enclosure Three Phase Gib
L. Rajasekhar Goud, M. Sivasatyanarayan, D. Subbarayudu and J. Amarnath
Country: NA Page: 259-263 Download: Download Pdf

The Impact of Six Sigma and TQM on Quality Performance in Automobile Industries
Hemant Kumar Ranjan, Krishan Pranav and M.P. Singh
Country: NA Page: 264-270 Download: Download Pdf

Determination of Significant Process Parameter in Metal Inert Gas Welding of Mild Steel by using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Rakesh and Satish Kumar
Country: NA Page: 271-276 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Behaviour of Copper Pipe, Stainless Steel pipe and Steel Heat Pipe
Shailesh Prajapati and Prajesh Patel
Country: NA Page: 277-281 Download: Download Pdf

To Isolate and Identify the Oxidation Production of Menadione by Physicochemical Methods
Dr. Ritu Verma
Country: NA Page: 282-283 Download: Download Pdf

WTO and Its Impact on Indian Pharmaceutical Production
Amit Kumar and Dr. Devesh Kumar
Country: NA Page: 284-287 Download: Download Pdf

Changing Status of Women in Modern India: A Sociological Study
Sujata Mainwal
Country: NA Page: 288-290 Download: Download Pdf