Volume-4, Issue-3 (June-2014)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Annual Growth Rate Analysis of Select Private Sector Sugar Mills in Tamilnadu
Dr. K. Sivaraman and Dr. S. Kadirvelu
Country: NA Page: 1-6 Download: Download Pdf

Neural Network Approach for Character Recognition and Text Detection: A Survey
Sachin Kumar, H. S. Bhadauria and Annapurna Singh
Country: NA Page: 7-12 Download: Download Pdf

Technical Background of Mobile Number Portability
Jacob Thomas, Saju A and Kiran Krishnan
Country: NA Page: 13-17 Download: Download Pdf

Reliable Packet Delivery in MANET
Nitu, Shikha Pandit and Ekta Hans
Country: NA Page: 18-20 Download: Download Pdf

Mitigation of Chromatic Dispersion using Different Compensation Methods in Optical Fiber Communication: A Review
Gurpreet Kaur and Gurmeet Kaur
Country: NA Page: 21-25 Download: Download Pdf

International Tourist Perception towards Mysore Dasara
Mrs. Lakshmi P. and Dr. S.J Manjunath
Country: NA Page: 26-32 Download: Download Pdf

Service Quality Perceptions – An Empirical Study of Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Behavioural Intentions in CUB Bank
Vivekapriyaa.P and Shreenivasan.K.A
Country: NA Page: 33-45 Download: Download Pdf

Modelling of Hybrid CMOS-SET based Highly Efficient Parallel-In-Serial-Out Shift Register for Next Generation Electronics
Jayanta Gope, Raghav Kumar Jha and Rajnish Kumar Jha
Country: NA Page: 46-51 Download: Download Pdf

Communication Media: Modernization Tool for Women
Alka Chaudhary
Country: NA Page: 52-58 Download: Download Pdf

The Performance Comparison of DAMA MAC Schemes over Satellite Networks
Neeraj and Sachin Kumar
Country: NA Page: 59-61 Download: Download Pdf

Smooth Evolutions of Knots of Electromagnetic Fields in Light Photons
Aarti Kadian, Ranjeet Dalal, Rohit Kumar and Shikha
Country: NA Page: 62-64 Download: Download Pdf

Topological Structures of Electromagnetic Field Lines in Photons
Aarti Kadian, Rohit Kumar and Shikha
Country: NA Page: 65-67 Download: Download Pdf

Hybrid Simulation for Routing Using Ant Colony with Queuing Analysis Algorithms
Bhanu Pratap Singh and Dr. Sohan Garg
Country: NA Page: 68-74 Download: Download Pdf

Comparison Study of Routing Techniques in WSNs with MANETs
Nitisha Garg and Dr. Sohan Garg
Country: NA Page: 75-79 Download: Download Pdf

Dynamic Source Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks Using the Concept Intelligent Agent Fuzzy Logic
Rajni Jain and Dr. Sohan Garg
Country: NA Page: 80-86 Download: Download Pdf

Foreign Direct Investment and Indian Retail Sector-Aspects of Indian Economy
Jitendra Singh Naruka
Country: NA Page: 87-95 Download: Download Pdf

A Characteristics Study of E-Governance Along with its Research Challenges, Opportunities & Issues
Nelakuditi Naveen and Dr. Sohan Garg
Country: NA Page: 96-101 Download: Download Pdf

A Review of Digital Watermarking Techniques for Images
Ekta Hans, Sheelu Sharma and Nitu Rani
Country: NA Page: 102-104 Download: Download Pdf

Data Mining Technology and its Future Prospect
Arun kumar Choudhary
Country: NA Page: 105-109 Download: Download Pdf

Consumer’s Perception towards Organic Food Products
Manoranjan Dash, Alaka Samantaray and Dr. Madhusmita Dash
Country: NA Page: 110-113 Download: Download Pdf

E-Chequebook Security using Audio Steganography
Megha Sorout and Harsha Batra
Country: NA Page: 114-116 Download: Download Pdf

Corporate Social Responsibility: Opportunity of Accelerating Social Innovation & Craft Future Business-Society Relationships
Simranjeet Singh and Rajesh Kumar
Country: NA Page: 117-120 Download: Download Pdf

A Survey on Mobile Agent
Pankaj Mehta, Vipin Chandra, Divya Bisht and Bhuwaneshwari Pandey
Country: NA Page: 121-125 Download: Download Pdf

Service Level Agreement Comparison in Cloud Computing
Ritu Juneja and Dr. Deepti Sharma
Country: NA Page: 126-131 Download: Download Pdf

A High Speed Transmission Gate Logic Base 1/N Frequency Divider Digital Parallel Counter Design
Amreen parveen, Subhasis Bose and Sachin Bandewar
Country: NA Page: 132-134 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Analysis of and Delay Estimation on the RC Delay MOSFET Model
Amrita Shrivastava, Subhasis Bose and Sachin Bandewar
Country: NA Page: 135-137 Download: Download Pdf

Carbon Nanomaterials Reinforced Di-Glycidyl Ether of Bisphenol A (DGEBA) Composites for Improved Mechanical and Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Properties
Preetam Bhardwaj and Kamalkant Singh
Country: NA Page: 138-153 Download: Download Pdf

Methods of Audio Steganography
Megha and Mahesh singh
Country: NA Page: 154-156 Download: Download Pdf

A Novel Test Case Generation Method through Metamorphic Priority for 2-Way Testing Method UMBCA Implementation Criteria
Er. Sumit Jain and Er. Mohsin Sheikh
Country: NA Page: 157-163 Download: Download Pdf

Review Paper on Prevention of DNS Spoofing
Roopam and Bandana Sharma
Country: NA Page: 164-170 Download: Download Pdf

Mathematical Modeling of Self Compacting Concrete
C.Arunkumar and J. Karthikeyan
Country: NA Page: 171-177 Download: Download Pdf

A New Technique for Prefeching Hidden Web Pages using DSIM Framework-2013-14
Yasha Goel and Megha Bansal
Country: NA Page: 178-180 Download: Download Pdf

Providing Data Security by Hiding Secret Information within an Image File Using Steganography Technique
Tomar Kuldeep and Sorout Arzoo
Country: NA Page: 181-183 Download: Download Pdf

Categorized Crawler
Abhilasha Rawat and Megha Bansal
Country: NA Page: 184-186 Download: Download Pdf

Power Quality Improvement in Distribution System using Small Energy Storage System DVR
Preeti Rani and Gurtej Singh
Country: NA Page: 187-194 Download: Download Pdf

A Study and Analyze of an Ejector in Steam Power Plant
Krishan Pranav, Hemant Kumar Ranjan and M.P. Singh
Country: NA Page: 195-199 Download: Download Pdf

In Search of a Suitable Productivity Measurement Model for Smes with Special Emphasis on Systems Approach
Prof. Vaishali Maheshwari, Dr. D.T. Manwani and Dr. Snigdha Banerjee
Country: NA Page: 200-207 Download: Download Pdf

Design of Query Recommendation System using Clustering and Rank Updater
Rekha and Sushil Kumar
Country: NA Page: 208-215 Download: Download Pdf

Regression Testing Using Uml Models: A Survey
Jayanti Khatri
Country: NA Page: 216-219 Download: Download Pdf

Digital Multipliers: A Review
Jyoti Sharma and Sachin Kumar
Country: NA Page: 220-223 Download: Download Pdf

Dashboard on Associate Performance (DAP) – 2013-14
Shilpa Malik and Pratima Sharma
Country: NA Page: 224-226 Download: Download Pdf

Study of Nano-Composite Coatings on Boiler Tubes for Enhancement of Tube Life
Pradeep Sharma, Sachin Sharma and Dharmendra Kumar Jain
Country: NA Page: 227-233 Download: Download Pdf

A Case Study of E-Disha ‘Centre’
Tarif Singh and Sushil Kumar
Country: NA Page: 234-239 Download: Download Pdf

A Review Paper on Page Rank and Weighted PageRank
Priyanka Jain and Megha Bansal
Country: NA Page: 240-243 Download: Download Pdf

Speed Comparison of Various Multipliers
Jyoti Sharma and Sachin Kumar
Country: NA Page: 244-247 Download: Download Pdf

Assessment of Strength of Concrete by Non-Destructive Testing Techniques
Dr. K.V. Ramana Reddy
Country: NA Page: 248-256 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Similarity Measures on AGNES Based Hierarchical Clustering
Archana Singh and Avantika Yadav
Country: NA Page: 257-263 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis and Prevention of Security Issues in Manets
Jyoti Goyat, Bhanu Priya and Swati
Country: NA Page: 264-268 Download: Download Pdf

Compression Technique for Bayer Color Filter Images using Wavelets Which is near Lossless
Anita Jindal
Country: NA Page: 269-272 Download: Download Pdf

Advancement in Lsb Steganography Technique using Modulus Function, Measuring Efficiency and Their Statistical Analysis
Vivek Kumar Anand
Country: NA Page: 273-278 Download: Download Pdf

Deep Information Retrieval Using N-Gram (Query Interface)
Pooja Ahuja and Pratima Sharma
Country: NA Page: 279-283 Download: Download Pdf

Deep Information Retrieval system by using N-Gram Approach
Pooja Ahuja and Pratima Sharma
Country: NA Page: 284-286 Download: Download Pdf

Study of Parallel Architectures and Perfecting Techniques in Programmable Media Processors
Rachit Mehrotra, Deepika Dhawan and Ashok Tiwari
Country: NA Page: 287-292 Download: Download Pdf

Framework for Pattern Mining & Prediction of Consumer Behavior Across Websites
Asmita Joshi and Dr. J.S Sodhi
Country: NA Page: 293-296 Download: Download Pdf

Design & Analysis of Hexagonal Patch Antenna at 1.8GHz for L-Band
Maneesh Rajput and Prof. Satyendra Swarnkar
Country: NA Page: 297-302 Download: Download Pdf

Decision Factors Affecting Consumers Purchasing Behaviour For Publicly Used Products
Dr. Mahabir Narwal
Country: NA Page: 303-309 Download: Download Pdf

Cloud Computing Security in Digital Archives
P. Penchala Prasad, Y. R. Janardhan Reddy and A. Vineela
Country: NA Page: 310-313 Download: Download Pdf

Financial Performance Analysis of Selected Textile Industries in India
Dr. S. Ayyappan, Dr. M. Sadika Sultana and M. Sakthivadivel
Country: NA Page: 314-318 Download: Download Pdf

Advent of Social Media- Impacted the Growth of Online Shopping
Aditya Shastri
Country: NA Page: 319-323 Download: Download Pdf

Online Advertising and the CPA Model: Challenges and Opportunities
Luis Miralles Pechuán, Enrique Muñoz Ballester and Jose Manuel García Carrasco
Country: NA Page: 324-334 Download: Download Pdf

Detection and Countermeasure of Attacks in Virtual Nework System
Sanket Sheerni and Dr. Brahmananda S.H
Country: NA Page: 335-339 Download: Download Pdf

Unique Identification of Citizen A Simple Approach
Anand Kiran and Shikha Pandit
Country: NA Page: 340-343 Download: Download Pdf

Landscaping Higher and Technical Education through Investment in INDIA
Gunjan Bhatnagar and Dr. Shalini Sharma
Country: NA Page: 344-349 Download: Download Pdf

Power-Aware Algorithm for Scheduling Virtual Machines in Homogeneous Cloud Datacenters
James A. Esquivel, Rosanna A. Esquivel and Oliver C. Agustin
Country: NA Page: 350-353 Download: Download Pdf

Design & Comparative Analysis of Dynamic Decoder and Tree Decoder
Er. Ritu and Er. Sachin Kumar
Country: NA Page: 354-357 Download: Download Pdf

Analytical Study of Nonlinear Evolution Equation
Rohit Kumar and Shikha
Country: NA Page: 358-363 Download: Download Pdf

Modeling of Strip Isolation for n+-p--p+ Si Microstrip Sensors Using P-Stop Structure
Rohit Kumar, Shikha and Amit Malik
Country: NA Page: 364-366 Download: Download Pdf

Study of Fuzzy Logic Control System of Missiles
Er. Jyoti Balhara and Er. Sachin Kumar
Country: NA Page: 367-368 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Guidance Law
Er. Jyoti Balhara and Er. Sachin Kumar
Country: NA Page: 369-372 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation of Secure Hash Algorithm-1 on FPGA
Er. Neetu and Er. Sachin Kumar
Country: NA Page: 373-376 Download: Download Pdf

Designing Field Programmable Gate Array
Er. Neetu and Er. Sachin Kumar
Country: NA Page: 377-382 Download: Download Pdf

Mobile - Cloud Computing for Context- Aware in Real-Time Environment
Bhawana Ahlawat and Lokesh Kumar
Country: NA Page: 377-380 Download: Download Pdf

Real-Time Mobile -Cloud Computing for Context- Aware
Bhawana Ahlawat and Lokesh Kumar
Country: NA Page: 381-386 Download: Download Pdf

Research Issues and Challenges in Wireless Networks
Renu and Jyoti Dhankhar
Country: NA Page: 381-384 Download: Download Pdf

Combined Efficient Precoding Technique for Multi-User MIMO
Prateek Nigam, Mihir Patel and Dr. Vijayshri Chaurasiya
Country: NA Page: 385-388 Download: Download Pdf

Low Power Memory Design Using Source Coupled Logic
Alina and Sachin Kumar
Country: NA Page: 389-392 Download: Download Pdf

Protection and Security of Mobile Agent Transactions
Sunil Kumar Jha and Shikha Pandit
Country: NA Page: 393-396 Download: Download Pdf

Network Security Issues
Kirti Mehta, Shivali Sehgal and JagdeepSingh
Country: NA Page: 397-399 Download: Download Pdf

Preparation of the Semantics Web: Keyword Based Specific Search
Sheetal and Megha Bansal
Country: NA Page: 400-404 Download: Download Pdf

A Comprehensive Study of Emotional Intelligence Practice for an Effective Organization
Dr. Anjali Rai and K. Venkata Rao
Country: NA Page: 405-411 Download: Download Pdf

Corporate Governance Practices in Banking Sector: A Case Study of Punjab National Bank
Mrs. Shilpy Jindal
Country: NA Page: 412-420 Download: Download Pdf

Extremely Pertinent Document Assortment from Disseminated Databases
Mohammad Husain
Country: NA Page: 421-424 Download: Download Pdf

Regulation of mRNA Export
Punjab Singh Malik
Country: NA Page: 425-430 Download: Download Pdf

Relation between Energy and Environment
Akbare Azam
Country: NA Page: 431-433 Download: Download Pdf