Volume-4, Issue-4 (August-2014)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Placement Training Framework Development for MBA
Samuel Johnson Israel. K, Dr. Anand A Samuel and Dr. James Daniel Paul
Country: NA Page: 1-9 Download: Download Pdf

The Influence of Sentimental Analysis on Corporate Event Study
Maria Evelyn Jucunda.M and Sharon Sophia
Country: NA Page: 10-16 Download: Download Pdf

Design of Pointer forwarding Schemes for Mobility Management of Multi Gateway Wireless Mesh Networks
M. SivaRamaKrishna, Dr. G. Venkata Rami Reddy and E. Jagadeeswara Rao
Country: NA Page: 17-21 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Fashion Brand Management
P. Benitta Christy and Dr. S. Kavitha
Country: NA Page: 22-27 Download: Download Pdf

XRD Investigation of Tungsten Carbide Nanoparticles Prepared by Displacement Reaction Technique
Dr. Surender Kumar
Country: NA Page: 28-30 Download: Download Pdf

Cyber Crimes in India 2012-13: Facts and Measures
Dr. B.D. Karhad
Country: NA Page: 31-39 Download: Download Pdf

Face Recognition Techniques and Neural Network
Alka Yadav and Pawan Yadav
Country: NA Page: 40-43 Download: Download Pdf

The Efficiency Testing of Weak Form of the Indian Stock Market
Sachin K and Kantesha Sanningammanavara
Country: NA Page: 44-53 Download: Download Pdf

A Comparative Study Of Efficient Lending by Indian Commercial Banks
Deepa Damodaran, Dr. Kalyani Rangarajan and Dr. P James Daniel Paul
Country: NA Page: 54-58 Download: Download Pdf

Privacy Preservation of Sensitive Data used in Datamining Task
M.A Satyanarayana and V. Uma Rani
Country: NA Page: 59-65 Download: Download Pdf

Image Encryption by using Modified Genetic Algorithm
Shaily Garg and Vijay Maheshwari
Country: NA Page: 66-68 Download: Download Pdf

Enhanced Analysis for Fiber Nonlinearities
Shilpi and Pooja Sharma
Country: NA Page: 69-72 Download: Download Pdf

A Survey of OFDMA and SC-FDMA in LTE System
Ankita Bhatia and Pooja Sharma
Country: NA Page: 73-76 Download: Download Pdf

Routing Protocols of MANET: Simulation & Analysis
Sharandeep Kaur and Shailesh Pathak
Country: NA Page: 77-81 Download: Download Pdf

Review of Chain Based Protocol to Enhance Energy Utilization in Wireless Sensor Network
Sakshi Rana and Ankita Aggarwal
Country: NA Page: 82-85 Download: Download Pdf

Static Stress Analysis and Optimization of a Diesel Engine Crankshaft using FEA
Ramanagouda Biradar and Dr. R A Savanur
Country: NA Page: 86-90 Download: Download Pdf

Total Domination Number of Butterfly Graph
Indrani Kelkar and B. Maheswari
Country: NA Page: 91-93 Download: Download Pdf

Key Based Image Steganography using Dwt and Chaotic Map
Shikha Choudhary and Chaten Panwar
Country: NA Page: 94-97 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on the Composite Materials used for Automotive Bumper in Passenger Vehicles
Alen John and Sanu Alex
Country: NA Page: 98-101 Download: Download Pdf

Alpha Graph of a Graph
G.Jothilakshmi, A.P.Pushpalatha, G.Suthalakshmi and S.Vallirani
Country: NA Page: 102-104 Download: Download Pdf

Priority Based Dynamic Resource Allocation for Green Cloud Environment: A Survey
Rituraj Dixit, Prashant Buyan and Vijay Kumar
Country: NA Page: 105-109 Download: Download Pdf

Optimized Location Aided Routing Protocol using Greedy Forwarding Approach in MANET
Jasvant Kumar, Rafeeq Ahmed and Mohammed Shuaib
Country: NA Page: 110-116 Download: Download Pdf

E- Learning – An Overview
B. Sivaranjani and D. Saravana Prakash
Country: NA Page: 117-123 Download: Download Pdf

Examination of Consumer Price Index in India – Rural versus Urban
Dipankar Das, Rimu Chaudhuri and Suman Kumar Bedajna
Country: NA Page: 124-129 Download: Download Pdf

THD Analysis of Output Voltage for VSI fed Induction Motor Drives
Neha Thakur and Rakesh Singh Lodhi
Country: NA Page: 130-133 Download: Download Pdf

Design & Implementation of 6 to 64 Line Decoders
Dharmender Kumar and Vinod Kumar
Country: NA Page: 134-136 Download: Download Pdf

Image Segmentation by Edge Detection Technique
Reena Sharma and Pooja Sharma
Country: NA Page: 137-142 Download: Download Pdf

Detection of Defects in Printed Circuit Boards using Fuzzy Logic and Correlation Coefficient
Neha Koul, Dr. Gurmeet Kaur and Beant Kaur
Country: NA Page: 143-146 Download: Download Pdf

Customer Relationship Management Practices in Indian Private Banks
Faizal Bathurutheen
Country: NA Page: 147-152 Download: Download Pdf

An Empirical Study on Purchase Intention of Green Mobile Phone
Neha Saini and Asha Chauhan Jakhar
Country: NA Page: 153-161 Download: Download Pdf

Optimization of Process Parameter and Experimental Investigation of MRR on H-13 Die Tool Steel using EDM with Application of Taguchi Technique
Surender Kumar, Satpal Kundu and Ravinder Chaudhary
Country: NA Page: 162-167 Download: Download Pdf

Formation of Co-Nanoparticles Based on its Composition
Dr. Surender Kumar
Country: NA Page: 168-170 Download: Download Pdf

Varying the Shape and Size of Nanostructures by using Ion Beam Technology
Dr. Surender Kumar
Country: NA Page: 171-173 Download: Download Pdf

8 P’s Framework of Human Resource Management
Amit Singh and Smita R Kenneth
Country: NA Page: 174-183 Download: Download Pdf

A survey on Red and Some It’s Varients Incongestioncontrol Mechanism
Dr. Vinodani Katiyar and Anamol Chand Jain
Country: NA Page: 184-188 Download: Download Pdf

Reduction of an PAPR in OFDM by Partial Transmit Sequences Technique
Jyoti Gupta and Vinay Bhatia
Country: NA Page: 189-191 Download: Download Pdf

Competency Mapping - A Case Study at Aircel (Dishnet Wireless Ltd.), Lucknow
Dr. Rachna Sharma
Country: NA Page: 192-205 Download: Download Pdf

Role of Employee Retention Practices in Indian Industry – A Study of Select MNCs in Jamshedpur
Nafisa Shahin
Country: NA Page: 206-213 Download: Download Pdf

A Low Cost Environmental Parameters Monitoring using XBEE
M.Sonali, G.Ahmed Zeeshan and Ch.Sreedhar
Country: NA Page: 214-217 Download: Download Pdf

Diamond Shape Microstrip Antenna using “Slots” at 2.5 Ghz, Antenna Efficient to Achive High Directive Gain
Rupal Shivhare and Rachit Jain
Country: NA Page: 218-221 Download: Download Pdf

Embedded Fuzzy Greenhouse Parameter Control and Central Monitoring System
Atar K.D., Hanamane M.D., Patil A.R. and Dr. Mudholkar R.R.
Country: NA Page: 222-228 Download: Download Pdf

TCP/IP Based Remote Industrial Thermal Process Monitoring, Logging and Graphical Plotting Over Ethernet
Megha Goyal and Parminder Malhotra
Country: NA Page: 229-235 Download: Download Pdf

Software Testing Tool : Selenium
Harpreet Kaur and Dr.Gagan Gupta
Country: NA Page: 236-239 Download: Download Pdf

Enhance Bandwidth and Directive Gain in Rectangular Double Arrow Slotted Microstrip Antenna at 2 GHz
Priyanka Sikarwar and Rachit Jain
Country: NA Page: 240-243 Download: Download Pdf

Work-Life Balance of Nurses and Lady Doctors
Dr. Bindiya Goyal
Country: NA Page: 244-249 Download: Download Pdf

Wear and Friction in Journal Bearing: A Review
Sanjay Kumar and S.S. Sen
Country: NA Page: 250-263 Download: Download Pdf

Review of Different Structure and application of Microstrip Patch Antenna
Manoj Thakur and Vikram Pratap singh
Country: NA Page: 264-268 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Big Results from Small Advertisement Budget
Dr. T.V. Malick and K. Naveen Kumar
Country: NA Page: 269-271 Download: Download Pdf

Studying The Relationship between Human Resource Policies and Employee Satisfaction in the Private Telecommunication Service Providers in Lucknow City of India
Vijay Pratap Singh
Country: NA Page: 272-275 Download: Download Pdf

Artificial Intelligence for Granite Polishing Machine using Programmable Logic Controller and Testing using Lab View
Sundar Ganesh C S and Ramaswamy K P
Country: NA Page: 276-279 Download: Download Pdf

Flow Field Analysis Over Different Conceptual Designing Spiked Vehicle
Manjunatha H and C N Nataraj
Country: NA Page: 280-284 Download: Download Pdf

Modeling and Optimization of Crankshaft Design using ANSYS
Sri K. Prasad and A.V.S.S.Somasundar
Country: NA Page: 285-289 Download: Download Pdf

Efficient Method for Backup and Restore of Data using Compression Techniques
C. M. Manasa and Prof. Kumarswamy. H
Country: NA Page: 290-293 Download: Download Pdf

Edifice of Remedy Network Plinth on Side Effects with Allege for Remedy Deputy
C. Bala Saravanan, J.P.Ganesh, S. Priyanka and R. Ajith Kumar
Country: NA Page: 294-297 Download: Download Pdf

To Study the Main Promotional Tools Used by Pharmaceutical Industry to Obtain Doctors’ Prescription
Suprit John Joshi
Country: NA Page: 298-302 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Consumer Satisfaction of Two Wheeler Bikes
Debasis Tripathy and Dr. Ronald Mani
Country: NA Page: 303-306 Download: Download Pdf

Talent Acquisition Management – A Study in IT and ITES Companies in Kerala
P. Surabhila and Dr. G. Udayasuriyan
Country: NA Page: 307-311 Download: Download Pdf

Review of Manufacturing Sector under Small Scale Enterprises
Dr. Sukhwinder Singh Jolly
Country: NA Page: 312-315 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Analysis of WiMAX Physical Layer Model using Various Techniques
Inderpreet Singh and Er. Kapil Kaswan
Country: NA Page: 316-320 Download: Download Pdf

A study on Identifying Training Needs of Supervisors and Module Development with special reference to Tata Motors Plant in Lucknow, INDIA
Dr. Yasir Arafat Elahi and Syed Fahad Ashraf
Country: NA Page: 321-325 Download: Download Pdf

Changing Trends in Indian Life Insurance Industry
Dr. Yograj Singh and Deepak Dhariyal
Country: NA Page: 326-331 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Organizational Culture on Employee Performance
Dr. Yograj Singh and Deepak Dhariyal
Country: NA Page: 332-337 Download: Download Pdf

Training Need Analysis
Prof. S.V. Raju and Y. Venkateswara Rao
Country: NA Page: 338-342 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Sun Signs on Buying Behaviour – A Review
Dr. Harbhajan Bansal and Preeti Mittal
Country: NA Page: 343-347 Download: Download Pdf

An Over-View of Coffee Production and Productivity in Karnataka
H.S. Sunanda and Dr. N.Nagaraja
Country: NA Page: 348-358 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Investigation of Tribological Behaviour on AA6061/SiC/Al2O3/Gr Metal Matrix Composite with Application of Taguchi Technique
Davender Singh, Rachit Marwaha and Satpal Kundu
Country: NA Page: 359-366 Download: Download Pdf

Corporate Social Responsibility in MNC: A Global Analysis
Shweta and Dr. Umesh Mohan
Country: NA Page: 367-371 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Trade Liberalisation on Poverty Reduction in India
Lokesh Kumar
Country: NA Page: 372-376 Download: Download Pdf

Assessment of Toxicity of Mercuric Chloride in Terms of Body Weight, Liver Weight and Ratio of Liver Weight/Body Weight in Albino Rat
Neetu Singh
Country: NA Page: 377-381 Download: Download Pdf

Mathematical Modeling of Taper Parameters on Vibration of Visco-Elastic Square Plate of Variable Thickness
Jitendra Kumar
Country: NA Page: 382-384 Download: Download Pdf