Volume-4, Issue-5 (October-2014)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Conceptual Design of a Micro Aerial Vehicle
Sowmya Thyagarajan
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Efficient Approach of Routing for Ad Hoc Network
Dr. Mukta Makhija
Country: NA Page: 7-10 Download: Download Pdf

Corporate Excellence: A Comparative Study between Public Sector and Private Sector Organizations on Organizational Culture and Managerial Effectiveness
Dr. Vikas
Country: NA Page: 11-17 Download: Download Pdf

Low Cost Earthquake Resistant Housing Construction in India
Devesh Ojha and Dilip Kumar
Country: NA Page: 18-20 Download: Download Pdf

A Proposed Design of Flexible Pavement using Waste Plastic
Devesh Ojha and Dilip Kumar
Country: NA Page: 21-26 Download: Download Pdf

An Intend Method for Tracking and Detecting Crime using Clustering Techniques
V. Vinodhini and Dr. M. Hemalatha
Country: NA Page: 27-30 Download: Download Pdf

Routing Misbehabiour in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Ashwani Singh, Mohd. Haroon and Mohd. Arif
Country: NA Page: 31-36 Download: Download Pdf

Seismic Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Framed Buildings with Columns of Different Heights within One Storey
S. Pradeep and K. Paul Jacob
Country: NA Page: 37-41 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Number of Teeth & Various Parameter on Natural Frequency of Circular Saw Cutter
Prashant.J Ambhore and Prof. S.V. Bhaskar
Country: NA Page: 42-45 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Analysis of OFDM Data Transmission With Respect to Novel High Speed RS Decoding With VLSI Implementation
Dr. Seema Verma, Sanjeev Kumar and Dibyayan Das Sharma
Country: NA Page: 46-50 Download: Download Pdf

Global Banking - Challenges and Opportunities
Mrs. Kafila
Country: NA Page: 51-53 Download: Download Pdf

A Review of Rule Based Classification Technique using Soft Computing Technique
Neha Saxena and Pankaj Kawadkar
Country: NA Page: 54-57 Download: Download Pdf

Examining the Mentorship Effectiveness of Sports Coaches: An Exploratory Study
Rajeev Tandon
Country: NA Page: 58-61 Download: Download Pdf

Role Comparison of RRBs and MFIs in financial Inclusion in INDIA
Dr. Renu Lamba
Country: NA Page: 62-69 Download: Download Pdf

Development of an New Routing Technique or MANET using Intelligent Agent: Neural Network
Alka Gupta and Dr. Sohan Garg
Country: NA Page: 70-76 Download: Download Pdf

Open Performance Issues Along with Security Considerations in MANETs
Aakash Chabaque and Dr. Sohan Garg
Country: NA Page: 77-81 Download: Download Pdf

An Overview of QoS in MANETs Along with its Qualities, Special Issues & Difficulties
Sanjeev Verma and Dr. Sohan Garg
Country: NA Page: 82-85 Download: Download Pdf

Hydrodynamic Force Estimation for Hexapod Robot Walking in Tidal Current Environment
Md. Moktadir Alam and Addie Irawan
Country: NA Page: 92-95 Download: Download Pdf

Slider Journal Bearing: A Review
Chetan Sharma and Dr. S. S. Sen
Country: NA Page: 96-102 Download: Download Pdf

New Symmetric Block Cipher Algorithm with Performance Evaluation
Shalini Aggarwal and Dev Baloni
Country: NA Page: 103-105 Download: Download Pdf

Mechanical and Machining Characteristics of Luffa Aegytiaca Fiber Reinforced Plastics
A.Sree Vineesha and Dr. G.Dilli Babu
Country: NA Page: 106-110 Download: Download Pdf

Space Frequency Segmentation for Image Compression
Monika Bist and Astha Sharma
Country: NA Page: 111-114 Download: Download Pdf

A Survey on Power Quality Improvement of Grid Connected Wind Energy Systems using FACTS
Archana N., Vidhyapriya R., Ashok Kumar L. and Arjun E
Country: NA Page: 115-121 Download: Download Pdf

The Importance of Point of Purchase Display on Store Atmospheric
Dr. Harbhajan Bansal and Punkaj Kumar
Country: NA Page: 122-129 Download: Download Pdf

Stabilization of HCR 500 Rolling from ‘B’,’C’&’D’ Strand of Wire Rod Mill, Bhilai Steel Plant – A Review of Rolling Mill
Dheeraj Lal Soni, Santosh Kumar Mishra, H.Chandra and K.G.Muaralidharan
Country: NA Page: 130-133 Download: Download Pdf

Energy Efficient Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks- A hierarchical Approach
Lohit Pratap Singh Chouhan and Akhilesh Pandey
Country: NA Page: 134-138 Download: Download Pdf

Study of Solar Drying Process and Moisture Desorption Isotherm of Moroccan zygophyllum gaetulum by Forced Convection
A. Idlimam, A. Lamharrar, A. Koukouch, M. Kouhila and M. Asbik
Country: NA Page: 139-146 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Thermal Stresses in a Composite Functionally Graded Material Plate by Finite Element Method
Rajesh Sharma, Dr. Vijay Kumar Jadon and Dr. Balkar Singh
Country: NA Page: 147-151 Download: Download Pdf

Risk Assessment for Infrastructure Projects Case Study: Pune Metrorail Project
Marekar Mayur shivajirao, Prof. Rahul Patil and Chirag Tank
Country: NA Page: 152-155 Download: Download Pdf

Water Loss Identification in Water Distribution System
Manoj Arun Raskar and Sagar Gawande
Country: NA Page: 156-159 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Appraisal at Software Industry - Hyderabad
Prof. S. Vijaya Raju and Y. Venkateswara Rao
Country: NA Page: 160-165 Download: Download Pdf

A Survey on Quality of Service for Optimized Linked State Routing protocol in Mobile Ad hoc Network
Rajni Bala, Anjum Bala Malhotra and Anju Gupta
Country: NA Page: 166-169 Download: Download Pdf

Aircraft Mass Estimation Methods
Sowmya Thyagarajan and Navuday Sharma
Country: NA Page: 170-178 Download: Download Pdf

Tuning the TPC-C Benchmark using Oracle 10 g
Meetu Bhagat and Prof. (Dr.) Suneet Shukla
Country: NA Page: 179-182 Download: Download Pdf

Status of Value Added Tax in the State of Chhattisgarh
Kabir and Dr. Biswadeep Mishra
Country: NA Page: 183-188 Download: Download Pdf

Retailers - You Must Act Now
Brajendra Kumar Gupta
Country: NA Page: 189-193 Download: Download Pdf

Power Optimization by Using Multi-Bit Flip-Flops
D. Hazinayab and K. Prabhakar Rao
Country: NA Page: 194-198 Download: Download Pdf

Factors Influencing Customer Preferences of E-Banking Services of Selected Public Sector Banks in Coimbatore District
S.Anitha, Dr. L. Ramesh and N.Malini
Country: NA Page: 199-203 Download: Download Pdf

Use of Hurdle Technology in Food Preservation
Neeha V. S and Subhash B. Kakade
Country: NA Page: 204-212 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Blanching and Drying Air Temperature on Quality Characteristics of Beetroot (Beta Vulgaris L.) Leaves Powder
Subhash B. Kakade and B.S Hathan
Country: NA Page: 213-219 Download: Download Pdf

Gaussian Mixture Modeling (Gmm) for Cluster Analysis
Srinivas. N, Dattatreya Rao.A.V and Karteeka Pavan.K
Country: NA Page: 220-228 Download: Download Pdf

Vibration Analysis of Circular Tile Cutter
Hirave Sunil.H.
Country: NA Page: 229-231 Download: Download Pdf

Financial Inclusion through Banks in India
Dr. N. Nagaraja and H.S. Kongalappa
Country: NA Page: 232-244 Download: Download Pdf