Volume-5, Issue-1 (February-2015)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Attitude towards E-learning Technology -- A study in Kerala
Dr. K P Saraswathy Amma and Samoj M Panicker
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Return & Risk Analysis of Selected Sector Specific Mutual Funds in India
Arti Sharma
Country: NA Page: 6-10 Download: Download Pdf

Opinion towards the Important Perspectives of Balanced Scorecard - A Study with Special Reference IT & ITEs Employees’ of Coimbatore District
Shyam Umasankar K K and Dr. Shani J
Country: NA Page: 11-16 Download: Download Pdf

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
Dr. Taruna Tomar
Country: NA Page: 17-30 Download: Download Pdf

Indoor Air Quality in Schools –An Architectural Perspective
Dr.P.Padmavathi and Ar.Sireesha
Country: NA Page: 31-36 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Banking Penetration in Financial Inclusion “With Special Reference to Tamilnadu”
Miss Caroline Priyanka Koorse and Dr. S.Kavitha
Country: NA Page: 37-44 Download: Download Pdf

Managing Contracting – A Competitive Advantage
Dr. Haresh Barot
Country: NA Page: 45-47 Download: Download Pdf

Yogita Sinha, Karnica Sharma, Madhu Kumari and Vaibhav Vyas
Country: NA Page: 48-50 Download: Download Pdf

Emerging Trends in Vertical Elevating System
Sudeep Mohaney and Manish Shah
Country: NA Page: 51-56 Download: Download Pdf

Cost Analysis of A.T.M. (Automated Teller Machine) Employing Pre-Emptive Repair
Dr. Reena Garg
Country: NA Page: 57-64 Download: Download Pdf

Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Power Transmission Shaft using Vibration Signature Analysis
Srinivasa Murthy M and Dr. K.M. Narayanappa
Country: NA Page: 65-68 Download: Download Pdf

Simulink Models of PV Array under Varying Conditions
Amrita Mantri and Dr. Ajay Verma
Country: NA Page: 69-74 Download: Download Pdf

New Factoring Algorithm: Prime Factoring Algorithm
Muhammad Usman, Zaman Bajwa and Mudassar Afzal
Country: NA Page: 75-77 Download: Download Pdf

Measurement and Modeling of Respiration Rate of Tomato (Cultivar Roma) for Modified Atmosphere Storage
Palani Kandasamy, Ranabir Moitra and Souti Mukherjee
Country: NA Page: 78-86 Download: Download Pdf

Applying Security to MANET using Symmetric Key Cryptography
Bharti Wankar and Neelesh Gupta
Country: NA Page: 87-91 Download: Download Pdf

Influence of Feathers on Mechanical Properties of Glass/Unsaturated Polyester Hybrid Composite
Manjunath Shettar, Pavan Hiremath and Vithal Rao Chauhan
Country: NA Page: 92-95 Download: Download Pdf

A Study of Employee Retention V/S Demographic Variables in IT-Units of Pune City
Yogita Gupta, Dr. Ajay Kumar and Dr. Seemarani
Country: NA Page: 96-103 Download: Download Pdf

A Brief Investigation of CSR Initiatives of Tobacco Companies in India
Daroga Manjhi
Country: NA Page: 104-108 Download: Download Pdf

Adsorption of Lead from Industrial Effluents using Rice Husk
Ihsan Habib Dakhil
Country: NA Page: 109-116 Download: Download Pdf

Energy Recovery Analysis through Adding Solid Food Waste Pulverizer for the Existing Biogas Plant
Mohanasaravanan P S, Prabhakar M, Kannan C, Ganesh Karthikeyan M and Jayasingh T
Country: NA Page: 117-121 Download: Download Pdf

Multi-Temporal SAR Image Change Detection using NSCT and K-Means Clusting
A. Hezel Nikitta and J.P. Josh Kumar
Country: NA Page: 122-126 Download: Download Pdf

An Approach of Software Engineering through Middleware
Ganesh S. Wedpathak
Country: NA Page: 127-138 Download: Download Pdf

Importance of Six Sigma in Small and Medium Enterprises to Improve the Productivity
Amit Meshram
Country: NA Page: 139-144 Download: Download Pdf

Steam Dryer using a Mixture of Charcoal and Solid Biomass as a Fuel
Jerry Vasanth P, Ganesh Karthikeyan M and Jayasingh T
Country: NA Page: 145-151 Download: Download Pdf

A Case Study on Perception Model of Human Resource Management Practices of Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (With Reference to Bangalore Region)
Dr. R. Navaneetha Krishnan and Prof. Anbalagan Ajaganandham
Country: NA Page: 152-158 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on HR Practices for Employee Retention in Select Indian IT Organizations
Sonia Singh and Dr. Biswajit Satpathy
Country: NA Page: 159-166 Download: Download Pdf

Quality Interval Single Sampling Plan Using Vague Parameter
Dr. S. Srikrishna
Country: NA Page: 167-171 Download: Download Pdf

Risk, Trust, Shopping Enjoyment and Consumer Online Shopping Intention
Vipul B. Patel and Dr. A. K. Asthana
Country: NA Page: 172-175 Download: Download Pdf

Confidential Data Sharing in Cloud using Anonymous Assignment Key
Pravin B. More and Yogesh B. Amane
Country: NA Page: 176-179 Download: Download Pdf

GroCE: A Gross Climatic Effect Thermal Model for Three Phase Induction Motor
Banti Khan and Ashita Goyal
Country: NA Page: 180-184 Download: Download Pdf

An Embedded based Robotic Arm to Find Unauthenticated Code
Saranya.B, Sasikala.N, Sharmila.K and Nandini.S
Country: NA Page: 185-190 Download: Download Pdf

A Case Study on Mobile Applications for Visually Impaired Persons
Sunita Gupta and Pritpal Kaur
Country: NA Page: 191-197 Download: Download Pdf

A Comparative Study of Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Protocols
Honey and Sonia Sachdeva
Country: NA Page: 198-202 Download: Download Pdf

An Overview of the Mobile Number Portability in Asian Countries
Renu Bala, Samriti Bansal and SoniaSachdeva
Country: NA Page: 203-208 Download: Download Pdf

Cold Forging of Rivet Shape Head from Cylindrical Porous Aluminum Specimen at Different Strain Rates
Shrikant Jain, Dr. R. K. Ranjan and Dr. Surrender Kumar
Country: NA Page: 209-216 Download: Download Pdf

Development of Environment Friendly Manually Operated Rotary Lawn Mower
Pamujula Hythika Madhav and Bhaskar H.B
Country: NA Page: 217-219 Download: Download Pdf

Design A Home Appliance Product for the Generation of Plastic Oil and Steam from Waste Plastics
D. Vinoth Raj and C. Kannan
Country: NA Page: 220-224 Download: Download Pdf

A Study of BPO Industry and Factors Influencing Employees Performance during Economic Slowdown
Arun Kaushal and Pallavi Dogra
Country: NA Page: 225-230 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Time Constant Parameter Uncertainties on Dynamic Performance of interconnected Power Systems with EHVAC/HVDC Transmission Links
Ram Naresh Mishra and Dr. Prabhat Kumar
Country: NA Page: 231-250 Download: Download Pdf

Study on the Behaviour of High Strength Concrete Beam under Combined Bending and Torsion with and without Hybrid Fibres
T. Sakthi Subramanian and C. Arun Kumar
Country: NA Page: 251-259 Download: Download Pdf

A Review: Power Consumption at Base Stations in Wireless Networks
Virendra Sen, Jaya Dipti Lal and S.V Charhate
Country: NA Page: 260-266 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Green Marketing Mix on Consumers’ Purchase Behaviour: A Study in the Jalandhar Region of Punjab
Parveen Singh Kalsi and Dr. Inderpal Singh
Country: NA Page: 267-272 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Analysis of Wind Power Generator through Statcom
Sandeep Kumar and Sushil Kumar
Country: NA Page: 273-278 Download: Download Pdf

LEACH and Its Enhancements Techniques–A Review
Deepika verma, Rekha Jain and Anurag Shrivastava
Country: NA Page: 279-284 Download: Download Pdf

Institutional Financing for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises: A Study of KSFC
Mr. Partha.T and Dr. N. Nagaraja
Country: NA Page: 285-289 Download: Download Pdf

The Small Scale Industries and Finance: New Approaches
Mr. Partha.T and Dr. N. Nagaraja
Country: NA Page: 290-294 Download: Download Pdf

Stochastic Modeling of a Computer System with Software Redundancy
V.J. Munday and S.C. Malik
Country: NA Page: 295-302 Download: Download Pdf

Improving Wear Resistance of Grey Cast Iron using Detonation Gun Sprayed Coatings: A Review
Gobind, Jawala Parshad and Dr. Neel Kanth Grover
Country: NA Page: 303-307 Download: Download Pdf

Block Matching and 3D Filtering for Image Denoising
Abhinit Bajaj and Sukhjit Singh
Country: NA Page: 308-313 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Study for Tool Wear Rate in EDM Using Tool of Graphite, Copper & Silver
Priyesh N. Santoki and Prof. Ashwin P. Bhabhor
Country: NA Page: 314-321 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Study of Various Time Delay Estimation Schemes using Matlab
Pradeep kumar and Sukhjit Singh
Country: NA Page: 322-325 Download: Download Pdf

Optimization of PV Array with DC Converter using Simulink/Matlab
Lokesh and Somit Dheer
Country: NA Page: 326-332 Download: Download Pdf

Risk Level Optimization and Comparison of Epilepsy in Patient using Chaos-Voxel
Jagrati Srivastava and Pradeep Tomar
Country: NA Page: 333-340 Download: Download Pdf

Effectiveness of Advertising and Sales Promotion Techniques in Marketing of Housing Projects in Bangalore
Dr. K. Nagendra Babu and Lakshmana Y.G.
Country: NA Page: 341-345 Download: Download Pdf

Investigate The Relation B/W Refractive Index and BRAGG Wavelength In Fibre BRAGG Grating
Er. Yashpal Lather and Er. Megha Goyal
Country: NA Page: 346-349 Download: Download Pdf

A Study for Developing Human Resource Management System and Productivity
Shweta and Dr. Umesh Mohan
Country: NA Page: 350-354 Download: Download Pdf

A survey on Data Mining Methodologies for Healthcare
Dr. Mahendra Tiwar, Ms. Papiya Mukherjee and Dr. Amarjeet Singh
Country: NA Page: 355-358 Download: Download Pdf

Working Conditions of Teachers in Government Primary Schools
Dr. Komal Yadav
Country: NA Page: 359-361 Download: Download Pdf

The Importance of ICT: Supporting the Business Readiness of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Arati Devi
Country: NA Page: 362-365 Download: Download Pdf