Volume-5, Issue-2 (April-2015)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Study on Computer Generated Electromagnetic Effects on Computer Users
Jagdev Singh and Dr. Tripatdeep Singh Dua
Country: NA Page: 1-4 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on the Difference in Customer Attitude towards Mobile Advertising Across Gender
N S Padmanabhan and Dr. Byram Anand
Country: NA Page: 5-9 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on the Influencing Parameters on Biogas Production from Jack Fruit Waste Feedstock
D Pavithran, C Kannan, T Raja Jayasingh and M.Ganesh Karthikeyan
Country: NA Page: 10-13 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on Segmentation techniques for Iris Recognition System
Navita Kamboj and Preeti Gupta
Country: NA Page: 14-16 Download: Download Pdf

An Approach to Improve the Performance of Compressor & Pneumatic System Efficiency of the Manufacturing Plant
Amit Meshram, Saket Dharamshahare and Roshni Hinge
Country: NA Page: 17-21 Download: Download Pdf

How I Became a Pragmatist in Management and Organisational Research
Abudu Abdul-Ganiyu
Country: NA Page: 22-32 Download: Download Pdf

Reduced Eigen Space Dimensionality for Fast Face Recognition
Davoud Aflakian and M. Syamala Devi
Country: NA Page: 33-39 Download: Download Pdf

Friction Stir Processed AA6082 with Si-Gr Hybrid Surface Composites and its Mechanical Behaviour
T. Kanimozhi and P. Thangavel
Country: NA Page: 40-42 Download: Download Pdf

Cyber Crime: An Analytical Study of Cyber Crime Cases at the Most Vulnerable States and Cities in India
Y. Karali, S. Panda and C.S.Panda
Country: NA Page: 43-48 Download: Download Pdf

Use of Thermoset in Manufacturing of Flyash Bricks with Economic Feasibility
Alkunte C.V., Pankaj Vashisth, Khandelwal Aditya, Raut Nilesh and Mundada Amey
Country: NA Page: 49-52 Download: Download Pdf

The Role of Human Resource Management in Effective Team Building
Country: NA Page: 53-55 Download: Download Pdf

Protecting Cloud Storage using a Novel Data Integrity Techniques
Jeya Shree R, Dr. S Uma and Kousalya S
Country: NA Page: 56-60 Download: Download Pdf

Job Satisfaction among Teachers Working in Colleges Associated to the University of Lucknow and UPTU within Lucknow
Dr Vivek Gupta
Country: NA Page: 61-64 Download: Download Pdf

Authentication Using Three Phase Password
Hajisha, Kanika Jain, Meenu K.M., Mumthas K.P. and Harikrishnan G.R.
Country: NA Page: 65-71 Download: Download Pdf

Human Resource Accounting - A Case Study with Special Reference to Visakhapatnam Port Trust
Aruna Polisetty and Prof.P.Sheela
Country: NA Page: 72-77 Download: Download Pdf

Future Directions for Entrepreneurship Education in Indian Universities
Dr. Meenakshi Gandhi
Country: NA Page: 78-80 Download: Download Pdf

An Integrated Model of Factors Affecting Information Technology Implementation Success in Organizations
Ayana Johny and Prof.Dr. M.Bhasi
Country: NA Page: 81-89 Download: Download Pdf

Efficacy of Indian Education Policies: A Study of Private Engineering Education in Delhi NCR
Ms. Antra Singh and Dr. (Mrs.) Seema Singh
Country: NA Page: 90-97 Download: Download Pdf

Smart Parking Allotment System Using Android Application
Aditi Konde, Manasi Burange, Komal Gaikwad, Mudit Nandwana and Prof. S.C Suryavanshi
Country: NA Page: 98-102 Download: Download Pdf

A Novel Algorithm for Inferring user Search Multi-Keyword Ranked over Encrypted on Multi Cloud
Sangeetha.M, Suvedha.S, Swetha.V and SelvaSheela.K
Country: NA Page: 103-106 Download: Download Pdf

Less Complex and Memory Efficient Multiple Descriptive Coding for Image Transmission over Wireless Sensor Networks
Santosh Kr. Mishra, Mohd. Javed Khan, Saif Ahmad and Dr. Rabindra Kumar Singh
Country: NA Page: 107-111 Download: Download Pdf

Strength Characteristics of Glass Powder Based Concrete
D. Ragul, R. Vignesh, E. Dinesh Kumar, S. Rajesh and Vijaya Sarathy.R
Country: NA Page: 112-115 Download: Download Pdf

A Comparitive Learning on Wormhole Attack and Black Hole Attack
Country: NA Page: 116-120 Download: Download Pdf

Fictional Simulation
Shehin Shams P, Suchithra M B, Swathy V S, Vineesha K V and Mrs Nitha K P
Country: NA Page: 121-125 Download: Download Pdf

Design Issues on Error Resilient Transmission of Video & Image: Multi Description Coding for Wireless Sensor Network
Santosh Kr. Mishra, Mohd Javed Khan and Dr. Rabindra Kumar Singh
Country: NA Page: 126-129 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation of 5S Practices in a Small Scale Organization: A Case Study
Prof. Saad Shaikh, Ansari Noor Alam, Khan Naseem Ahmed, Sawant Ishtiyak and Sayyed Ziaul Hasan
Country: NA Page: 130-135 Download: Download Pdf

Modeling, Simulation and Kinematics Calculations of Stanford Manipulator
M. Sailaja, S. Phani kumar and M. Raja Roy
Country: NA Page: 136-141 Download: Download Pdf

Energy Review of Indian Cement Industry
Archana Soni and Arvind Mittal
Country: NA Page: 142-145 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Process Parameters of GMAW on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of SS430
Gaurav S. Sharma and Samir L. Shinde
Country: NA Page: 146-149 Download: Download Pdf

Profitability Analysis of Selected Cement Industries in INDIA- An Annual Growth Analysis
M.Ganesan, Dr. C.Vadivel, Dr. S.Ayyappan and Mr. M.Sakthivadivel
Country: NA Page: 150-154 Download: Download Pdf

A Baseline Framework Model for an Emission-free Fuel Cell Vehicle System employing Highway and Federal Driving Procedure
M.Karthik, S.Usha and S.Sreemathy
Country: NA Page: 155-161 Download: Download Pdf

Predictive Macro -Economic Growth and Development Model
Dr. Rajiv Sikroria and Dr. Vandana Srivatava
Country: NA Page: 162-168 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Study on Slurry Infiltrated Fibre Reinforced Concrete with Partial Replacement of Fly Ash
Aravind.V and S.Pradeepa
Country: NA Page: 169-174 Download: Download Pdf

Development of Model based on Life Cycle Assessment for Building
S. V. Dewalkar and Dr. A. R. Tembhurkar
Country: NA Page: 175-181 Download: Download Pdf

Factors Influencing overall Customer Satisfaction of E-Banking Services towards Selected Private and Public Sector Banks
Ahnu, Dr. S.Ayyappan and Mr. M.Sakthivadivel
Country: NA Page: 182-185 Download: Download Pdf

Characteristics of Light Weight Aggregate and its Application in Concrete Filled Steel Tubes
Prabhakaran K and PadmaPriya V
Country: NA Page: 186-189 Download: Download Pdf

Data Mining Approach for Estimation of Earthquake Hazard in Shillong Region
Manisha Singh and Radhakrishnan Rambola
Country: NA Page: 190-196 Download: Download Pdf

Importance of Supply Chain Management
Radhey Shyam
Country: NA Page: 197-201 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Analysis of Black Hole Attack in MANE
Nithya.S, Sivaraja.S and Sindhu.S
Country: NA Page: 202-206 Download: Download Pdf

Adaptive E-Learning using Cognitive Scaffolding System
Dr. Sanjay Srivastava, Sneha and Shruti Srivastava
Country: NA Page: 207-208 Download: Download Pdf

Influence of E-Waste and Chemical Admixture in Concrete
N.Antony Salomy, A.Hemanandhini, S.Sweetha and Vijaya Sarathy.R
Country: NA Page: 209-211 Download: Download Pdf

Design of all Optical Encryption Decryption System Based on Cross Phase Modulation in Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
Vipul Agarwal and Vijayshri Chaurasia
Country: NA Page: 212-216 Download: Download Pdf

Hall Current Effect on Unsteady MHD Convective Flow of Viscoelastic, Reacting and Radiating Fluid through Porous Medium in a Vertical Channel
B. P. Garg, K. D. Singh and Neeraj Kumar
Country: NA Page: 217-226 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Weaving Construction Parameters of PES/ Metallic Woven Blend Fabrics on their UV Protection Characteristics
Ghada Ahmad Mohamad and Afaf Farag Shahba
Country: NA Page: 227-234 Download: Download Pdf

Mapping Missing Data Items Values Using Cluster Based Nearest Neighborhood Method
N.Kumar and T.Kavipriya
Country: NA Page: 235-239 Download: Download Pdf

Transient Analysis of DFIG & Synchronous Generator Connected to Infinite Bus
Dr. E.V.C.Sekhara Rao
Country: NA Page: 240-246 Download: Download Pdf

Insurance Analyst
Nikhitha Chandran, Saranya P S, Bhavya V R and Roshni T A
Country: NA Page: 247-253 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Appraisal in Yashodha Hospital
G.Sai Rekha
Country: NA Page: 254-263 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Customers’ Satisfaction towards DTH Service in Gobichettipalayam Town
Dr. M.Sudhahar and Ms. T. Tamilarasi
Country: NA Page: 264-268 Download: Download Pdf

Quality Assurance in Building Construction: A Questionnaire Survey of Occupants
Pravin P. Mane and Jalindar R. Patil
Country: NA Page: 269-273 Download: Download Pdf

Genetically Optimized Robust Fuzzy Controller for Swing Control in Overhead Crane
Amanpreet Kaur, Swadha, Shebya Bansal and Ujjwal Narayan Singh
Country: NA Page: 274-276 Download: Download Pdf

Risk Level Classification Dementia or Determination of Dementia via Chaos Technique
Jagrati Srivastava and Pradeep Tomar
Country: NA Page: 277-285 Download: Download Pdf

Blood Flow in Left Internal Carotid Artery Trunk during Orthostatic Stress
M. Villagómez-Galindo, T. P. Bucio-Flores and C. A. Rosales-Tena
Country: NA Page: 294-296 Download: Download Pdf

Bridging the Semantic Gap in Image Search by Integrating Visual and Textual Features
M.Latha, Ujwala Londhe, Sonali Dharade and Jyoti Mane
Country: NA Page: 297-299 Download: Download Pdf

Organisational Mail Tracking With Security Using 3D Password and Database Encryption
Megha Sunil, Navami M Menilakath and Neethu Pious
Country: NA Page: 300-302 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Consumer Behavior towards Selected FMCG
Pallavi G S and Shashidhar S
Country: NA Page: 303-320 Download: Download Pdf

CRM: A Winning Approach for Tourism Sector
Dr. Vaishali Goel, Ashutosh Singh and Shipra Shrivastava
Country: NA Page: 321-325 Download: Download Pdf

Intrusion Detection and Attack Classification Using K Means Algorithm and Artificial Neural Network
Alok Rana, Rajeev Ranjan Pandey, Sonali Londhe and Pooja Mohankar
Country: NA Page: 326-330 Download: Download Pdf

Replacement of Reinforcement in Slabs using Steel Fibers
Dhayan chandresh R and Pradeep S
Country: NA Page: 331-335 Download: Download Pdf

Planning and Structural Analysis of Trophy Shape Skyscraper
R.Chandrasekar, K.Karthikeyan, T.Thangakathiravan and G.Arun
Country: NA Page: 336-339 Download: Download Pdf

Under-Utilization & Over-Utilization of Human Resources - Barrier to Employee Retention in the Organization
Dr. Priyanka Verma and Ms. Poonam Likhitkar
Country: NA Page: 340-343 Download: Download Pdf

An Analysis on CSR of Selected Companies Supporting Agriculture in INDIA
Ms. Mohanapriya.T, Dr. V. M. Senthilkumar and Ms.S.Keerthana
Country: NA Page: 344-347 Download: Download Pdf

Measurement of Program Outcomes Attainment for Engineering Graduates by using Excel
Therese Yamuna Mahesh
Country: NA Page: 348-352 Download: Download Pdf

Quality of Ground Water of Lucknow City: A Review Article
Aisha Siddiqui, Zulfiqar Ali and S. Malhotra
Country: NA Page: 353-357 Download: Download Pdf

Data Mining Techniques, Applications and Scope
Ayushi Singh
Country: NA Page: 358-365 Download: Download Pdf

Design of Semi-Automatic System for Welding Hydraulic Cylinders
Javed Kazi, Syed Zaid, Mukri Yasir, Syed Mohd. Talha and Akib Dakhwe
Country: NA Page: 366-370 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Analysis of Stabilization of Soil by using Plastic Waste
Divya.T, Nithya.S, Pooja preethi.P.V, Arthikanna.A, Vijaya Sarathy.R, Tamilvana.K, Tamizhazhagan.T and Jayasri.M
Country: NA Page: 371-376 Download: Download Pdf

SuperSec Protocol
Country: NA Page: Jubin James C, Anuvind S, Aswin K V and Avaneeth P R Download: Download Pdf

Guru-Mantra: Recommendation System for Career Enhancement of Employee
Kaustubh Ner, Sudarshan Ekambe and Shubham Dosi
Country: NA Page: 383-385 Download: Download Pdf

Synthesis and Characterization of Pure Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles by Precipitation Method
Bhumika Goyal and Nitin K Verma
Country: NA Page: 386-389 Download: Download Pdf

Finite Element Modeling of TIG Welding for 316L Stainless Steel Plate using Sysweld
V. V. Narayanareddy, D. Srinivasa Rao, M. N. V. Krishnaveni and M. Amareswarireddy
Country: NA Page: 390-397 Download: Download Pdf

Graphical Password using Persuasive Cued Clicking Points on Android Smartphones
Akhilesh Borgaonkar, Abhijeet Bachhav, Swapnil Bombarde, Avanish Awasthi and Prof. M. Venu
Country: NA Page: 398-400 Download: Download Pdf

Performance of Indian Banking Sector’s in the Post-Liberalization Period with New Approaches
Sanjay Srivastava
Country: NA Page: 401-409 Download: Download Pdf

Study of Different Types of Noise and Its Effects in Communication Systems
Shadhon Chandra Mohonta, M. Firoj Ali and Md. Golam Sadeque
Country: NA Page: 410-413 Download: Download Pdf

Optimisation of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Using ANT Colony Prin Ciples
V. V. Narayanareddy, Y. N. Nitin, Dokku Srinivas Rao and Vommi Krishna
Country: NA Page: 415-419 Download: Download Pdf

Detection of Insider Attacks by Using Trust Value in Decentralized Disruption-Tolerant Military Networks
Afeefa T and Afsar P
Country: NA Page: 420-424 Download: Download Pdf

PC Game Controlling through Android Mobile using WiFi Network
Shreevallabh Kulkarni, Sandeep Navate, Akshay Kumavat and Ravi Lokhande
Country: NA Page: 425-428 Download: Download Pdf

All Around Performance of Swagath Residency – A Quantitative Outlook
G. Santoshi
Country: NA Page: 429-442 Download: Download Pdf

Retaining Competent Human Talent through IJP Way – A Case of Citifinancial India
Shaifali Garg and Dr. A.K. Srivastav
Country: NA Page: 443-446 Download: Download Pdf

Reversible Data Hiding in Colour Images Using AES Data Encryption System in Spatial Domain
K. Mounika, G. Nandini, K. Prasanna Laxmi, M. Ravindra Bharathi, Mr. E. Bharat Babu and Mr. M. C. Chinnaiah
Country: NA Page: 447-451 Download: Download Pdf

Bus Identification Module For Visually Impaired
M.P.S.N. Mounika, G. Suma, D. Indraja, E. Bharat Babu and M. C. Chinnaiah
Country: NA Page: 452-455 Download: Download Pdf

Tongue Controlled Wheelchair and Switching of Electrical Appliances For Paralyzed
B. Mallika, K. Mounika, M. Mounika, V. Murali Krishna, K. Rambabu and M.C.Chinnaiah
Country: NA Page: 456-459 Download: Download Pdf

Face Recognition and Detection for Attendance Application
B.Manohar Reddy, M. Naveen Kumar, A. Prashanth Reddy, A. Ravi Teja, K. Rambabu and M.C.Chinnaiah
Country: NA Page: 460-465 Download: Download Pdf

A Review for Green Supply Chain Management
K. Hari Krishnan, Joseph Jeya Anand and Saju B
Country: NA Page: 466-469 Download: Download Pdf

Library Management with Homomorphic Encryption Security over Cloud (Review)
Priya S. Patodi and Zafar Ul Hasan
Country: NA Page: 470-472 Download: Download Pdf

Indoor Navigation System using QR Codes
Abhimanyu Gite, Swapnil Kamble, Kajal Kumbhar, Nutan Bankar and Prof. U. A. Mande
Country: NA Page: 473-478 Download: Download Pdf

Safe Driving Using Mobile Systems
Harsh Hundiwala, Jayesh Agrawal, Akshay Beri, Ishan Ratan and Prof. A. S. Kalaskar
Country: NA Page: 479-483 Download: Download Pdf

Hide in Cloud – Securing the Media Cloud A Feasibility Study of the Security Methods for the Media Files in a Cloud Environment
Divya K.V and Sumitha Kader
Country: NA Page: 484-490 Download: Download Pdf

Automated Medication Kit
V. L. Charishma, K. Harika, A. Kavya and Mr. T. P. Kausalya Nandan
Country: NA Page: 491-496 Download: Download Pdf

Token Economy: Important Technologies of Behaviour Modifiers and Applied Behaviour
Alka Chaudhary
Country: NA Page: 497-504 Download: Download Pdf

Cervical Cancer Analysis Using Image Processing Techniques
Ankit Sharma, Rimjhim Agarwal, Saloni Arora and Nagesh Kumar
Country: NA Page: 505-509 Download: Download Pdf

Dynamic Prioritization of Image Blocks in Sensor Network for Border Survelliance
G.Reshma, S. Narmadha and A. Aruna
Country: NA Page: 510-513 Download: Download Pdf

Smart Asthma Meter with IoT
T. P. Kausalya Nandan, Shaik Sameer Ahmed, P. Santhosh and K. Vamshidhar Reddy
Country: NA Page: 514-517 Download: Download Pdf

Co-Design of CMOS Low Noise Amplifier with Patch Antenna for RF Transceiver System
Preeti Gupta, Sandeep Kumar and Harshi Tomar
Country: NA Page: 518-521 Download: Download Pdf

Control Strategy for Processes with Complex Dynamics
Sandeep Kumar Sunori, Govind Singh Jethi and Pradeep Kumar Juneja
Country: NA Page: 522-527 Download: Download Pdf

Eye Camera
R. Sai Sneha, Sk.M.Subhani, K. Naveen, B. Ravikumar, V. Santhosh Kumar and M. C. Chinnaiah
Country: NA Page: 528-531 Download: Download Pdf

Review of Algorithms for Detecting Hearing Disorders
Meenakshi and Amit Jain
Country: NA Page: 532-534 Download: Download Pdf

Importance - Performance Analysis of Retail Factors for a Fashion Apparel Retailer in Tamilnadu
Dr. S. Selvabaskar and Ms. P. Karthika
Country: NA Page: 535-540 Download: Download Pdf

Randomized Generation of Game Levels through Programming using Binary Space Partitioning
Shreevallabh Sunil Kulkarni
Country: NA Page: 541-543 Download: Download Pdf

Finite Element Analysis of Alloy Wheel
S. Phani Kumar, M. Raja Roy and M. Sailaja
Country: NA Page: 544-550 Download: Download Pdf

An Exploratory Study on Challenges and Adversities Encountered by Women Entrepreneurs in Madhya Pradesh
Tripti Chopra and Punit Kakrecha
Country: NA Page: 551-555 Download: Download Pdf

Prototype Smart Grid Implementation and Field Trials for Load Monitoring and Sharing using two Transformers
S. Rauf and N. Khan
Country: NA Page: 556-563 Download: Download Pdf

Financial Literacy Training: The Role of RUDSETIs
K. Ramakrishna and Dr. A. Sudhakar
Country: NA Page: 564-572 Download: Download Pdf

Behaviour of Concrete Infilled Duplex Stainless Steel Circular Columns and Beams
SunusiAminu Yunusa and Dr. S Senthil Selven2
Country: NA Page: 573-582 Download: Download Pdf

International Reserves Accumulation and Economic Growth: Evidence from India
Mohammad Kashif and Dr. P. Sridharan
Country: NA Page: 583-589 Download: Download Pdf

Heart Rate Monitoring System Using Lab View
S. Tony Manasa, Y. Sneha, Sajeeda Sultana, V. Srija, S. Munavvar Hussain and M.C. Chinnaiah
Country: NA Page: 590-594 Download: Download Pdf

Rash Driving Autonomous Control and Vehicle Security System
Chukka Sajani, D. Ashwini, M. Jyothi, S. Munavvar Hussain and M. C. Chinnaiah
Country: NA Page: 595-598 Download: Download Pdf

Role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Library
Yougal Joshi
Country: NA Page: 599-601 Download: Download Pdf

Back Propagation Artificial Neural Networks for the Analysis of Control Chart Patterns
Dr. N.V.N. Indra Kiran, B. Pradeep Kumar and B. V. Ravi Teja
Country: NA Page: 602-605 Download: Download Pdf

Investment Pattern of Investors in Aruppukottai Town
Kajapriya R and Surya R
Country: NA Page: 606-610 Download: Download Pdf

Subprime Mortgage Crisis in US
Sanjay Srivastava
Country: NA Page: 611-617 Download: Download Pdf

A Comparative Study of Financial Performance of Select Corporate in Indian Paper Industry
K. Kumar, R. Sriram and R. Ramya
Country: NA Page: 618-630 Download: Download Pdf

Green HR Practices: Awareness and perception of People in Indore City
Tripti Chopra and Amrita Nayak
Country: NA Page: 631-635 Download: Download Pdf

Novel Technological Method for in situ Deposition of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles onto Curtain Fabrics for Superior UV Protection
Manal Kamal El -Bisi, Mohamed Hashem and Afaf Farag Shahba
Country: NA Page: 636-647 Download: Download Pdf

Controlling Humanoid Robot Using Head Movements
S. Mounica, A. Naga bhavani, Namani.Niharika and K. Prabhakar Rao
Country: NA Page: 648-652 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Viral Marketing in India
Ruchi Mantri, Ankit Laddha and Prachi Rathi
Country: NA Page: 653-659 Download: Download Pdf

Double Encryption Approach for Security Enhancement in MANET
A. Alan Selva Denis, M. Dervin Moses, M. Rajha, M. Mari Rajan and NR. Sathish Babu
Country: NA Page: 660-664 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Financial Performance of Reliance Industries Limited
R. Ramanan
Country: NA Page: 665-669 Download: Download Pdf

Economic Reforms and Status of SMEs in India- A Study
Dr. Ajay Kumar Sharma, Suganya. S and Kavitha. N. A
Country: NA Page: 670-674 Download: Download Pdf

Investigation in to the Use of Calcium Carbide Waste as a Partial Replacement of Cement in Concrete
Sunusi Aminu Yunusa
Country: NA Page: 675-680 Download: Download Pdf

Coastal Hazard Zonation between Vembar and Kallar Coasts of Tuticorin using High Resolution Satellite Images and GIS
M. Rajamanickam, M. M. Poonkodi, K. Senthamarai, A. Mohamed Sathik, B. Jose Ravindra Raj, R. Vijaya Sarathy, K. R. Keerthi Raman and V. Santhosh Raja
Country: NA Page: 681-688 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Organizational Policies Intervening Work Life Balance of Women Employees in IT Industry
A. Narmadha and Dr. R Sellappan
Country: NA Page: 689-693 Download: Download Pdf

Adaptive Beamforming using CMA
Prachita P.Tribhuwan and Dr. A.S.Bhalchandra
Country: NA Page: 694-698 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Surrogate Advertisement on Consumer Perception in Indore City
Shivesh Rajpal and Amrita Nayak
Country: NA Page: 699-703 Download: Download Pdf

Enhancing Security on Vehicular Adhoc Networks using EMAP-HMAC
C.Bala, R. S. Chitra and J. Naskath
Country: NA Page: 704-711 Download: Download Pdf

Application of Principal Components Analysis for Exploration of Alteration Mapping of Inland Placer Minerals between Kayalpatinam and Ovari: Southern Tamilnadu coast, India
Kanimoli.V, Sankar.R, Saraswathi.P.L, Rajamanickam.M, Vijaya Sarathy.R and Jose Ravindra Raj.B
Country: NA Page: 712-718 Download: Download Pdf

A Study of Cloud Computing with Security Issues
Kavita and Bhanu Priya
Country: NA Page: 719-722 Download: Download Pdf

Does the Pattern of Wholesale Price Index of India Changes Every Year in the Last Ten Years – What Curves Tells Us
Dipankar Das and Parichay Chakrabarti
Country: NA Page: 723-728 Download: Download Pdf

Customer Perception on Mobile-Banking in Chhattisgarh
Chandrawati Nirala and Dr. Smt.B.B. Pandey
Country: NA Page: 729-737 Download: Download Pdf

Design Advance Wallace Tree Multiplier with CSKA
Preeti Hooda and Sachin Kumar
Country: NA Page: 738-741 Download: Download Pdf

Design a RFID Tag Identification by HDL-Verilog
Vaishali Prajapati and Gaurav Kumar
Country: NA Page: 742-745 Download: Download Pdf

Number Plate Recognition System
Sahasra, Rohith, Ganesh, Ravindhar, Swetha and M. C. Chinnaiah
Country: NA Page: 746-749 Download: Download Pdf

The WALL: A System Designed to Filter Unwanted Messages from OSN (Online Social Network) User’s Wall
Ankit Srivastav, Krishna Gaggad, Jay Gawande and Niket Chavan
Country: NA Page: 750-754 Download: Download Pdf

Design & Implementation on FPGA Modified Radix-4 Booth Multiplier
Meenu Kumari and Ms. Isha Sharma
Country: NA Page: 755-757 Download: Download Pdf

Arc Flash Hazard: An Overview and It’s Calculation Methods
Ashish K. Zanje and Prof. Swati S.More
Country: NA Page: 758-761 Download: Download Pdf

Application of Geogrphical Information System for Monitoring and Mapping of Forest Fire in Tiruchirappalli Division,Tamilnadu, India
Pavalan.S, Rajamanikandan.K, Leo Stephen Raj.A, Karthik.C, Rajamanickam.M, Vijaya Sarathy.R and Jose Ravindra Raj.B
Country: NA Page: 762-767 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Investigtion On The Behaviour Of Cold Formed Light Gauge Steel Beams Subjected To Cyclic Loading
Yasar Arafath.A, Anandaraju.K, Tamilamudhan.M, Sheik Abdul Kadhar.R, Rajamanickam.M, Keerthi Raman.K.R, Vijaya Sarathy.R and Jose Ravindra Raj.B
Country: NA Page: 768-771 Download: Download Pdf

Evaluation of Material Removal Rate and Surface Roughness in Turning Using Response Surface Methodology
B. Naga Raju, M.Raja Roy and A.Rohit
Country: NA Page: 772-779 Download: Download Pdf

An Assessment of Status of Nutritional of Sedentary Working Women
Krutika C. Gangde and Kalpana S. Jain
Country: NA Page: 780-783 Download: Download Pdf

Nutrientional Management Study of Working Women
Krutika C. Gangde and Kalpana S. Jain
Country: NA Page: 784-795 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on Checkpoint Algorithms for Parallel and Distributed Computers
Pallvi Kaura and Dr. Mohita
Country: NA Page: 796-799 Download: Download Pdf

The Effectiveness of Vernonia amygdalina and Allium cepa Extract Mixture as Corrosion Inhibitor on Mild Steel in Hydrochloric Acid Solution
I. C. Ekeke, I. K. Madu, A. C. Nkwocha and K. Chiemeka
Country: NA Page: 800-805 Download: Download Pdf

Re-Inforcement Learning In Multi Agent System With Transfer Learning
Amita Dhariwal, Lata Bharti and Dr. Sandhya Tarar
Country: NA Page: 806-810 Download: Download Pdf

Elimination of Impulse Noise using Enhanced Mean Median Filter for Image Enhancement
Sakshi Tiwari, Prof. Akhilesh Bansiya and Prof. Raj Kumar Paul
Country: NA Page: 811-818 Download: Download Pdf

Vibration Effect of Different Number of Cracks, Length of Cracks, Cutting Teeth, Holes, Slits, Aspect Ratio, Thickness & Increase Slot End Hole Diameter on Circular TILE CUTTER by using ANSYS
Hirave S.H., Joshi M.M. and Gajjal S.Y.
Country: NA Page: 819-829 Download: Download Pdf

Innovative Promotion Mix - A Temptation in Banking Industry
Dr. Meenal Pachory Pandey
Country: NA Page: 830-839 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Study on Strength and Durability Properties of Concrete with Nano Metakaolin
Nithya.N, Vijaya Sarathy.R, Jose Ravindra Raj.B and Keerthi Raman.K.R
Country: NA Page: 840-843 Download: Download Pdf

Assessing Coastal Vulnerability to Sea-Level Rise between Gopalpur and Puri, Odisha Coast of India, using Remote Sensing and GIS
Suganya.R, Vijaya Sarathy.R, Jose Ravindra Raj.B, M.Rajamanickam and Anandaraju.K
Country: NA Page: 844-851 Download: Download Pdf

Effectiveness of Integrated Marketing Communication Strategies Relating to Housing Projects in Bangalore District
Dr. K. Nagendra Babu and Lakshmana Y.G.
Country: NA Page: 852-862 Download: Download Pdf

Micro-Nano Scale Wireless Sensor Networks For Enviornmental Protection
Er. Yashpal Lather and Er. Megha Goyal
Country: NA Page: 863-866 Download: Download Pdf

Optimization of Process Parameters of GMAW using TLBO Technique
Gaurav S. Sharma, S.L. Shinde and R.S. Sayare
Country: NA Page: 867-872 Download: Download Pdf

Road Accidents Development Model Based on Intersection Parameters using Regression Models
Rina and S.S Kajal
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Modeling and Accident Analysis on NH-10(INDIA)
Rashni Malik and S.S kajal
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Atrocities against Women in India
Sujata Mainwal
Country: NA Page: 883-885 Download: Download Pdf