Volume-5, Issue-3 (June-2015)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Cataract Detection
Gauri Kaley, Mahima Jaiswal, Snehal Suryawanshi and Prof. Atul Ingole
Country: NA Page: 1-4 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation of Fat Analyzer Using Method of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
Kishore Vennela and Naresh Kumar
Country: NA Page: 5-8 Download: Download Pdf

A Review of Enhancement Techniques of Underwater Images
Gaurav Mangla and Sukhjinder Singh
Country: NA Page: 9-11 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and its Application in Education Field
Priya Barde, Komal Padole and Prof. Anup Pachghare
Country: NA Page: 12-16 Download: Download Pdf

Experimentation and Analysis of Liquid Cooling System for Electronics Cooling
P. Chandra Sekhar and M. Raja Roy
Country: NA Page: 17-23 Download: Download Pdf

Structural & Thermal Analysis of Gas Turbine Blade at Varying Operating Conditions
R.D.V.Prasad, Behera V Ravi Teja and M.S.S. Srinivasa Rao
Country: NA Page: 24-28 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Simulation of Multiband Fractal Tree Antenna for Wireless Application
Pratima Balaso Khot and Prof.Mrs.S.R.Mahadik
Country: NA Page: 29-32 Download: Download Pdf

A Comparative Study of Agricultural Exports Pre and Post WTO Regime
Dr Veer Virendra Singh and Ajit Singh
Country: NA Page: 33-36 Download: Download Pdf

Vermicomposting of Mixed Garden Litter Employing Epigeic Species of Earthworm
Amit-Krishan and Ankita-Srivastava
Country: NA Page: 37-42 Download: Download Pdf

Autonomic Computing and Its Vision as Future Computing
Country: NA Page: 43-45 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Performance of Banking Services in View of Customer Relationship Management
R.S. Devi, A. Rama and S. Banumathi
Country: NA Page: 46-50 Download: Download Pdf

Effect Of Cutting Parameters In Turning Of Aluminium 2024 To Obtain Maximum MRR And Minimum Temperatue By Using RSM (Under Wet Condition)
B. Pradeep Kumar, S. Phani Kumar and M. Raja Roy
Country: NA Page: 51-58 Download: Download Pdf

Government Acceptance of Social Media in India
Prof. (Dr.) L.P. Pateriya and Ashish Chauhan
Country: NA Page: 59-66 Download: Download Pdf

Environmental Effects on Ship Structures at Sea using Finite Element Method
Suresh Kumar Yarrarpu
Country: NA Page: 67-70 Download: Download Pdf

The Role of Social Entrepreneurship in Social and Economic Development of Nations– Some Evidences from the World
Dr. T. Srinivas Prasad and Ali Said Ali Akaak
Country: NA Page: 71-77 Download: Download Pdf

T-ISM for Analyzing the Flexibility in Sustainable Supply Chain Management (F-SSCM)
Sandeepa and Suresh Kumar
Country: NA Page: 78-82 Download: Download Pdf

An In-Depth Study of Safety and Health Management in Manufacturing Sector of India to Set Benchmarks for a Better Path Ahead
Meha Joshi and Dr. Ritu Bajaj
Country: NA Page: 83-88 Download: Download Pdf

Critical Success Factors in Construction Project Implementation and Project Performance with Remedial Measures
Alvin Harison, Yehoxu Sumi and Vikas Srivastava
Country: NA Page: 89-93 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Cutting Parameters in Turning of Aluminium 2024 to Obtain Maximum MRR and Minimum Temperatue by using RSM (Under Dry Condition)
B. Pradeep Kumar, Dr. N.V.N. Indra Kiran and J.V. Bhanutej
Country: NA Page: 94-101 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Fabrication of Mechatro Hand
M.Raja Roy, B. Naga Raju and S.Phani Kumar
Country: NA Page: 102-108 Download: Download Pdf

Mass Transfer Enhancement Due to the Presence of Double Stage 6 - Blade Flat Turbine in an Open Electrolytic Cell
P. Mallika Rani and Prof. N. Chitti Babu
Country: NA Page: 109-115 Download: Download Pdf

Detection of Hearing Disorders using Regression Tree Algorithm
Meenakshi Jaiswal and Amit Jain
Country: NA Page: 116-119 Download: Download Pdf

Study the Select Issues in Flexible Sustainable Supply Chain using Weighted Interpretive Structure Modeling
Rishi Sharma and Pawan Dagar
Country: NA Page: 120-123 Download: Download Pdf

Compressive and Flexural Strength Characteristics of Self-Compacting Concrete with Demolished Concrete
Ravi Shanker Yadav, Rahul Singh, Juned Ahmad and Raj Bandhu Dixit
Country: NA Page: 124-128 Download: Download Pdf

The Impact of Brand Ambassador on the Cosmetic Consumers: A Case Study in the Sivakasi Region
R.S. Devi
Country: NA Page: 129-133 Download: Download Pdf

Forecasting of Network Security using Grey Verhulst Approach
Abhijeet V. Sagare and S.K. Pathan
Country: NA Page: 134-137 Download: Download Pdf

Improvement of BRT Network for Visakhapatnam Using Bead Tool
T. Kiran Kumar, J. Vikranth and Mkssk Chaitanya
Country: NA Page: 138-146 Download: Download Pdf

Gesture Controlled Robotic System using Monochromatic Camera and Array of IR-Sensors
Josemon C. Francis and Sojan Francis P.
Country: NA Page: 147-152 Download: Download Pdf

Fabrication and Charachteristics Studies on Lithium Ion Coin Cells
S.Harika and Prof. N. Chitti Babu
Country: NA Page: 153-158 Download: Download Pdf

Survey on Localization in Wireless Sensor Network using Mobile Anchor Points
R.B. Chavan and M. Azharuddin
Country: NA Page: 159-163 Download: Download Pdf

Tracking for Heterogeneous Networks using Wireless Sensor Networks
Swathy K.S and Anil M
Country: NA Page: 164-167 Download: Download Pdf

Comparison of Mutual Coupling Effect on Radiation Pattern in a Dipole Array Based on Different Calculated Method for Mutual Impedance
Shadhon Chandra Mohonta
Country: NA Page: 168-171 Download: Download Pdf

Service Quality: An Antecedent of Customer Loyalty
Sneha Rajput and Sourabh Saxena
Country: NA Page: 172-177 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on Rainfall-Runoff Modelling using Mike 11 NAM Model, ANN and SCS-CN Methods
K. Satish Kumar and H.L.Tiwari
Country: NA Page: 178-183 Download: Download Pdf

An Experimental Study on a Bubble Column Reactor
Kamal Kishor Yadav
Country: NA Page: 184-187 Download: Download Pdf

A Comparatively study for Project Management Software Selection Using Analytic Hierarchy Process Method
Nand Kishore Sharma, Sanket Gupta and Vandana Sharma
Country: NA Page: 188-195 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Working Capital Management Efficiency
Dr .R. Kavitha and Dr. R. Shanmugam
Country: NA Page: 196-208 Download: Download Pdf

Comparison of Generalized Webometrics to the Institutional Webometrics Ranking
Deepak Patidar and Rupali Bhartiya
Country: NA Page: 209-214 Download: Download Pdf

Identification and Comparison of Flaws in Conventional Treatment Techniques of Fluoride
Shashank Shekhar Singh and Dr. S. K. Singh
Country: NA Page: 215-217 Download: Download Pdf

Evaluating Water Quality of River Yamuna in Delhi by Regression Analysis
Shashank Shekhar Singh and Dr. S. K. Singh
Country: NA Page: 218-221 Download: Download Pdf

A Novel Approach for the Design of Multiplexer based Reversible ALU using SRM & KTR Gates
Aswin Kumar R, Sathish K and Theresal T
Country: NA Page: 222-228 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Heat Treatment on AL6061-AL2O3-GR Hybrid Composites
Madan Prasad. C.S and Dr. ByreGowda
Country: NA Page: 229-241 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Study of Occupational Stress among Health Care Professionals in Government and Corporate Hospitals
K. Vijaya Nirmala and M. Suresh Babu
Country: NA Page: 242-247 Download: Download Pdf

Do Advertise Actually Inspires the Consumers towards the Organized Retail Sector in Bilaspur
Pratibha Rai and Dr. (Mrs.) B.B. Pandey
Country: NA Page: 248-255 Download: Download Pdf

A Survey paper on Latest Image Steganography Techniques
Vijilesh Krishnan V K
Country: NA Page: 256-260 Download: Download Pdf

Review of Spill-Over Effects of Financial Crisis in USA on Europe
Sanjay Srivastava
Country: NA Page: 261-266 Download: Download Pdf

Anonymous Routing Protocols for MANETs-A Survey
Chaitanya Bajantri and Mr.Shreekant S
Country: NA Page: 267-270 Download: Download Pdf

Ethernet based Addressable Fire Alarm System
Prof. R. P. Chaudhari and Amol V. Dhumal
Country: NA Page: 271-274 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Study of Statistical Moments and Entropies of Wavelet Coefficients for Speech Emotion Recognition
Prashant P. Patil and Dr. A. S. Bhalchandra
Country: NA Page: 275-279 Download: Download Pdf

Extraction of Essential Oil from Eucalyptus Umbellata Leaves through Microwave Assisted Extraction with Optimize the Operating Conditions
Akanksha Jadon and Prof. Sumint Singh Trivedia
Country: NA Page: 280-283 Download: Download Pdf

Linear Approximation of Web user Categorization
Ratnesh K. Jain, Diwakar Shukla and Saurabh Jain
Country: NA Page: 284-289 Download: Download Pdf

Ethernet based Addressable Industrial Process Control Modules
R. P. Chaudhari and Swapnil R. Nardange
Country: NA Page: 290-293 Download: Download Pdf

Study of Dual Active Bridge: An application to Solid State Transformer
Snehal Meshram and Yogesh Sherki
Country: NA Page: 294-297 Download: Download Pdf

Village Level Tsunami Inundated Areas of Kanyakumari Districts is using GIS approach, Southern Tamilnadu Coast, India
V. Jothi, M. Rajamanickam and V. P. Saravanan
Country: NA Page: 298-307 Download: Download Pdf

Note on Companies Act, 2013
Kabir and Dr. Biswadeep Mishra
Country: NA Page: 308-312 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Analysis of Heat Exchanger and Simulation of Result using Solid Work
Ankit Kumar and Ajay Kumar
Country: NA Page: 313-320 Download: Download Pdf

Managing Design and Development of Electronic Embedded System Projects
Sanjivani Balkrishna Khatavkar, Dr. B.E. Narkhede and Prof. M.R. Shirole
Country: NA Page: 321-328 Download: Download Pdf

The Secure And Energy Balanced Routing Method Based On Tarf And Faf Factor
Deepa M Tapashetti and Santosh.I.Shirol
Country: NA Page: 329-331 Download: Download Pdf

Success Factors of New Product Development for Industries
Nidhi Jayant Bhatia, Prof. P.M. Ravanan and Dr. S.A. Mastud
Country: NA Page: 332-334 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on Recent Advances in Additive Manufacturing Techniques with Current Challenges and Future Directions
Aby K Abraham and Anu John
Country: NA Page: 335-342 Download: Download Pdf

Elastic Analysis of Exponentially varying FGM Rotating Disk by Finite Element Method
Amit Kumar Thawait and Lakshman Sondhi
Country: NA Page: 354-360 Download: Download Pdf

Elastic Analysis of Exponentially varying FGM Rotating Disk by Finite Element Method
Amit Kumar Thawait and Lakshman Sondhi
Country: NA Page: 354-360 Download: Download Pdf

Synthesis of Indium Tin Oxide Nanoparticle by Liquid Phase Co Precipitation Method
Aparna Kulshreshtha and Nitin Verma
Country: NA Page: 361-363 Download: Download Pdf

Stress and Deformation Analysis of Accelerated Pedal Mechanism
Vedaprabha H C and Mohammed Mohsin Ali H.
Country: NA Page: 364-369 Download: Download Pdf

Using Finite Element Analysis to Study the Static Structural and Fatigue Life of Engine Mounting Bracket
Thrilok H S and Mohammed Mohsin Ali H
Country: NA Page: 370-373 Download: Download Pdf

Novel Approach To Track Orientation Using Quaternions
Pranao Walekar and Vipul Pagrut
Country: NA Page: 374-378 Download: Download Pdf

Optimization of Drilling Parameters of JIG Boring Machine
Vedprakash Sen and Dr. S. K. Ganguly
Country: NA Page: 379-386 Download: Download Pdf

Optimization of Process Parameters to Minimize Volumetric Shrinkage of Wax Pattern in Investment Casting using Taguchi Approach
Hemant Kumar Mahobiya, Santosh Kumar Mishra and S.K. Ganguly
Country: NA Page: 387-392 Download: Download Pdf

Dematerialization of Shares & Retail Investors in India - A Study
Dr. Surendar G
Country: NA Page: 393-400 Download: Download Pdf

Multilevel Inverter Modeling – A Brief Overview
Shubhada Doifode, Subroto Dutt and Rahul Shende
Country: NA Page: 401-404 Download: Download Pdf

Seismic Behavior Of Reinforced Concrete Buildings Under Varying Frequency Contents
Suryakant T. Narhire and Dr. S.A. Bhalchandra
Country: NA Page: 405-410 Download: Download Pdf

Assessment of Reservoir Sedimentation Using Remote Sensing Technique with GIS Model- A Review
Yogesh Vishwakarma, H. L. Tiwari and R. K. Jaiswal
Country: NA Page: 411-417 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Bandwidth of Rectangular Microstrip Patch using Varying Length of Feed Line
Jyoti Patel, Divyanshu Rao and Ravimohan
Country: NA Page: 418-421 Download: Download Pdf

ERP Post Implementation Risk in Manufacturing Sector
Country: NA Page: 422-424 Download: Download Pdf

Cascaded H-Bridg Multilevel Inverter Using Pic16f84a Micontroller
Shivanand .C. Masaraddi and Prof. M.S. Aspalli
Country: NA Page: 425-431 Download: Download Pdf

A Survey on Data Migration Techniques Across the Cloud Storage Systems
Shyamli Dewan, Devendra Kumar, Sandeep Gonnade and Nilmani Verma
Country: NA Page: 432-435 Download: Download Pdf

Thermoelastic Analysis of Variable Thickness FGM Rotating Disk by Finite Element Method
Amit Kumar Thawait and Lakshman Sondhi
Country: NA Page: 436-443 Download: Download Pdf

Secure and Efficient data trnsmission using Sniffer for clustered based Wireless Sensor Networks
Shalini .C. Masaraddi and Prof. Santosh .I. Shirol
Country: NA Page: 444-450 Download: Download Pdf

Check Point Algorithm for Reducing Coordination Overhead in Distributed System
Pallavi Kaura and Dr. Mohita
Country: NA Page: 451-457 Download: Download Pdf

Fatigue Life Estimation of Fuel Injector
Sunil Kumar H, Dr. Mohamed Haneef and Mohammed Imran
Country: NA Page: 458-460 Download: Download Pdf

Improvement in the Kalman Filter in the Modelling of GPS Errors
Viraj and Jitender Khurana
Country: NA Page: 461-466 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Fuel Injection Pressure On Combustion Characteristics of CI Engine Using Alternate Fuels
K. Naresh and Shaik Hussain
Country: NA Page: 467-474 Download: Download Pdf

Design & Implementation of Vedic Multiplier on FPGA
Priyanka and Sachin Kumar
Country: NA Page: 475-479 Download: Download Pdf

A Review of HB Family Security Protocol
Preeti and Sachin Kumar
Country: NA Page: 480-482 Download: Download Pdf

Design of Reconfigurable Adder Architecture for FPGA
Luxmi and Sachin Kumar
Country: NA Page: 483-485 Download: Download Pdf

The Impact of Cadmium on Seed Germination, Seedling Growth and Antioxidant Enzymes in Pea (Pisum sativum sp.)
Shahida Hamid and Munna Singh
Country: NA Page: 486-492 Download: Download Pdf

Aerodynamics Study of Race Cars
Harish B, Dr. Mohamed Haneef and Mohammed Mohsin Ali H
Country: NA Page: 493-496 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Analysis and Optimization of Counter Flow Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Under Diff. Geometric Conditions Using ANSYS 15.0
Harish Sharma and Ajay Kumar
Country: NA Page: 497-504 Download: Download Pdf

A Newfolder for Signature based Indexing Method
Subba Lakshmi S, Vinay Kumar S and Asha Rani K
Country: NA Page: 505-508 Download: Download Pdf

Replacement of Conventional Material by Composite Materials Considering Variable Loads
Bipin H M, Dr. Mohamed Haneef and Mohammed Imran
Country: NA Page: 509-513 Download: Download Pdf

Design Architecture of Modified Radix-4 Booth Multiplier
Mahima and Sachin Kumar
Country: NA Page: 514-517 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Photovoltaic Micro-Inverter System using MPPT
Nabila Firdous and Dr. Mukesh Kumar Gupta
Country: NA Page: 518-524 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Based Design: Case Study
Yernagula.Pratap and P.V S. Neelima
Country: NA Page: 525-530 Download: Download Pdf

A Comparative Study of the Employee Engagement Practices in Retail
Dr. Dolly Dolai
Country: NA Page: 531-538 Download: Download Pdf

Comparitive Study of Different Seismic Analysis in Case of Pounding
Chittipotu. Mounika and B. Ramesh
Country: NA Page: 539-543 Download: Download Pdf

An Experimental Investigation of Wax Pattern in Investment Casting
Bhoopender Kumar and Suresh Bhardwaj
Country: NA Page: 544-546 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Implementation of Distributed Canny Edge Detector on FPGA
Vikas D Raskar and Prof. S. M. Kate
Country: NA Page: 547-552 Download: Download Pdf

Crop Water Requirement Estimation by using CROPWAT Model: A Case Study of Halali Dam Command Area, Vidisha District, Madhya Pradesh, India
Vishal Kumar Pandram and Prof. M.K. Choudhary
Country: NA Page: 553-557 Download: Download Pdf

Security and Dependable Distributed Storage Services
B. Kiranmayee, S. Aarthi and M. Padma
Country: NA Page: 558-562 Download: Download Pdf

Business Strategy to Introduce New Product in Competitive Market for Small Scale Industries
Mayur Arjun Nawale and Prof. M.R. Nagare
Country: NA Page: 563-565 Download: Download Pdf

Cold Mix Asphalt and Its Mix Parameters
Amit khokher and S.S.Kazal
Country: NA Page: 566-572 Download: Download Pdf

International Scenario of Codes for Design and Strengthening of Masonry Structures
Dr. R.K. Jain and Deepa A. Joshi
Country: NA Page: 573-576 Download: Download Pdf

Consumption Pattern of Junk Foods among Young Generation - Preference and Reasons - A Study with Special Reference to Kanchipuram Town
Dr. A. Vanitha
Country: NA Page: 577-585 Download: Download Pdf

Watermarking in Ycbcr Channel using XILINX System Generator
Samadhan G Rupnar and S. S. Agrawal
Country: NA Page: 586-592 Download: Download Pdf

Character Recognition System Using Xilinx System Generator
Mohammad Moiz, S. S. Agrawal and Dr. S. S. Gajre
Country: NA Page: 593-598 Download: Download Pdf

Customer Satisfaction Analysis in Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Divya Madan
Country: NA Page: 599-602 Download: Download Pdf

The Impact of Visual Merchandising on Impulse Buying Behaviour in Apparel Retailing
Dr. M. Mangala Gowri
Country: NA Page: 603-612 Download: Download Pdf

FPGA Implementation of CT/MRI Image Fusion using Lifting-based Discrete Wavelet Transform
Priyanka L. Darkunde and Sushma S. Agrawal
Country: NA Page: 613-617 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Analysis of Six Input – Three Output Fuzzy Based Washing Machine
Sweety Jatain and Preeti Saini
Country: NA Page: 618-620 Download: Download Pdf

HMM based Automatic Speech Recognition Analysis
Anita and Preeti Saini
Country: NA Page: 621-624 Download: Download Pdf

Critical Review and Analysis of Just in Time Elements in Health Care Sector: A Case Study
Arvind Kumar and Suresh Bhardwaj
Country: NA Page: 625-630 Download: Download Pdf

Force System Due to the Presence of Elasto - Viscous Flow Zone during High Speed Machining
Vikas Kumar Sharma and Dr Surender Kumar
Country: NA Page: 631-636 Download: Download Pdf

Fatigue Life Improvement of an Elevator Drive Shaft by Using Composites
Mohamad Younus Ahmad, Dr. Mohamed Haneef and Mohammed Imran
Country: NA Page: 637-640 Download: Download Pdf

Design Optimization for Flat Faced Cam Follower Using ANSYS
S. Pallavi and Dr. A. R. Anwar Khan
Country: NA Page: 641-644 Download: Download Pdf

Survey on Various Types of Noise and Methods for Noise Removal
Gurpreet Kaur and Rubal Jeet
Country: NA Page: 645-648 Download: Download Pdf

A Study of Resonance in a Geocentric Satellite Including its Latitude and Second Order Tesseral Harmonic Due to Earth’s Equatorial Ellipticity
Rajiv Aggarwal, Sushil Yadav and Bhavneet Kaur
Country: NA Page: 649-661 Download: Download Pdf

GPS-GSM Intergration for Enhance Public Transportation Management Services
N. V Phani Raghav, K. Srinivasa Reddy and Geetha Reddy.Evuri
Country: NA Page: 662-664 Download: Download Pdf

Control on Energy use by Microcontroller and Wireless Technology
Madhur V. Chawale
Country: NA Page: 665-667 Download: Download Pdf

Structural Analysis of 3D Delta Printer
F. Guerrero-Chávez, M. Villagómez-Galindo and G. Carbajal-de-la-Torre
Country: NA Page: 668-671 Download: Download Pdf

EEG Signals as a Source of Biometric Information
Divya Madan
Country: NA Page: 672-675 Download: Download Pdf

Load Calculation through CFD Examination and Basic Investigation of Unmanned Test Rocket
Dhilip Kumar U C, Mohammed Imran and Dr. Mohamed Haneef
Country: NA Page: 676-678 Download: Download Pdf

Static Analysis of Crane Hook with I-Section Using Ansys
M.N.V Krishnaveni, M.Amareswari Reddy and BNagaraju
Country: NA Page: 679-684 Download: Download Pdf

Reduction of COD and BOD of synthetic water by Using Advance Oxidation Process (UV/H2O2)
Beenu Boudh and Prof. Nitin Kumar Verma
Country: NA Page: 685-688 Download: Download Pdf

Study of Security Contrivance in Wireless Networks
Tripti and Dr. A. K. Gautam
Country: NA Page: 689-693 Download: Download Pdf

A Study On Attrition Level Of High Potential Talent In A Indian Telecom Company
Dr. Dolly Dolai
Country: NA Page: 694-700 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Study of Structural Behavior and Improvement in Strength Properties of SCC Beam by Using Rice Husk Ash as Pozzalonic Filler
Deepak. D and Manjula. V
Country: NA Page: 701-704 Download: Download Pdf

Providing Vehicle Safety and Fastest Accidental Aid using Wireless Sensor Network
Inam Mohammad and Rashi Pandey
Country: NA Page: 705-710 Download: Download Pdf

Economic Dispatch Scheduling using Classical and Newton Raphson Method
Navneet Kaur, Maninder and Inderjeet Singh
Country: NA Page: 711-716 Download: Download Pdf

Lineament Extraction and Lineament Density Assessment of Omkareshwar, M P, India, using GIS Techniques
Rakhil Krishna R, Dr. D Kishan and Dr. Jyoti Sarup
Country: NA Page: 717-720 Download: Download Pdf

Review of Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing Environment
Mandeep Singh and Sikander Singh
Country: NA Page: 721-725 Download: Download Pdf

Strategy Selection and Crises of Micro Management in Indian Government and Private Organization
Shweta and Dr. Umesh Mohan
Country: NA Page: 726-731 Download: Download Pdf

Identification of Accidental Locations on NH-10 Highways
Rina and S.S Kajal
Country: NA Page: 732-737 Download: Download Pdf

Starring of Hydrogen as a Compression Ignition Engine Fuel: A Review
Shaik Gulam Abul Hasan, Shaik Mohd Amoodi and Ganoju Sravan Kumar
Country: NA Page: 738-743 Download: Download Pdf

Under Floor Air Distribution for Better Indoor Air Quality
Shaik Gulam Abul Hasan, Shaik Mohd Amoodi and Ganoju Sravan Kumar
Country: NA Page: 744-755 Download: Download Pdf

Accident Analysis and Prediction of Model on National Highways
Rashni Malik and S.S. Kajal
Country: NA Page: 756-763 Download: Download Pdf

Level of Stress and Factors Affecting the Stress among Employees of Call Centres in India
Avtar Singh and Navdeep Jain
Country: NA Page: 764-774 Download: Download Pdf

Electrolyter-1005: A Bioinstrument Made from Electrical Waste
Akshya K. Mishra, Samir K. Bhoi, Soumendra K.Dash and Mihir K.Das
Country: NA Page: 775-777 Download: Download Pdf

Supplier Selection in an Engineering, Procurement & Construction using Multi Criteria Decision Making Methods
Arvind L.Pawar, Ujwal M.Chaudhari and Hardik Trivedi
Country: NA Page: 778-783 Download: Download Pdf

Product Trial and Development of Section Rolling Mill
Brijesh Kumar Singh
Country: NA Page: 784-788 Download: Download Pdf

Multi-Objective Optimization of Turning Process Parameters for EN353 Material using Taguchi based Grey Relational Analysis
Rahul P. Saindane and Prof. K. S. Wasankar
Country: NA Page: 789-796 Download: Download Pdf

Training and its Impact on Productivity: A Study of Insurance Sector
Javeed Ahmad Shah and Dr. Kamran sultan
Country: NA Page: 797-802 Download: Download Pdf

Engineering Law and Managerial Economics of Developmental Projects in Nigeria
Oluwadare Joshua OYEBODE
Country: NA Page: 803-809 Download: Download Pdf

Design of II Stage Evaporative Cooling System for Residential
Shaik Mohd Amoodi, Ganoju Sravan Kumar and Shaik Gulam Abul Hasan
Country: NA Page: 810-815 Download: Download Pdf

Super Achiever Skills of Ramayana & Mahabharata Implementing in Corporate Management
A. Anusha and A.V. Bramhanandam
Country: NA Page: 816-818 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Effectiveness of Grievance Handling Mechanism in Improving Quality of Education (At selected Management Institutes of NCR)
Dr. Rachna Sharma
Country: NA Page: 819-823 Download: Download Pdf

An Analysis of Non- Performing Assets of Commercial Banks in India
Dr.N.Nagaraja and Naveen Kumar P
Country: NA Page: 824-831 Download: Download Pdf

Determinants of Unconventional Financial Sources Take Up: A Study of Small Scale Industries
Dr. N. Nagaraja and Naveen Kumar P
Country: NA Page: 832-838 Download: Download Pdf

On the Robustness of the Characteristics Related to (M\M\1) (?\FCFS) Queue System Model
P. K. Gupta and Jaideep Goel
Country: NA Page: 839-847 Download: Download Pdf