Volume-5, Issue-4 (August-2015)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Survey on Various Types of Noise and Methods for Noise Removal
Gurpreet Kaur and Rubal Jeet
Country: NA Page: 1-4 Download: Download Pdf

A Comparative Analysis of Routing Protocols for WSNs with Mobile Sink
G. Nagendra Babu and Dr. M Krishnamurthy
Country: NA Page: 5-9 Download: Download Pdf

A Comparative Study of Loan Performance in Selected Indian Public Sector Banks
K. Khasimpeera and Dr. M. Sugunatha Reddy
Country: NA Page: 10-17 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on the Impact of Technological Readiness on Global Competitiveness Index
Sivaraam Duraisamy and Dr. V. R Nedunchezhian
Country: NA Page: 18-26 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Construction of a Brain-Computer Interface for Applications in Neuro–Robotics
A.R. Méndez-Gordillo, M. Villagómez-Galindo and M. A. Espinosa-Medina
Country: NA Page: 27-31 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Anchoring Bias on Risky Investment Decision. Evidence from Pakistan Equity Market
Muhammad Ishfaq and Noshaba Anjum
Country: NA Page: 32-38 Download: Download Pdf

A Perceptual Study of Factors Affecting the Online Advertising
Dr. Manjeet Singh and Vikramjit Singh
Country: NA Page: 39-44 Download: Download Pdf

Leakage in Indian Tax System
Nidhi and Dr. Krishan Kumar
Country: NA Page: 45-47 Download: Download Pdf

States’ Share in Central Taxes
Dr. Priyanka Banerji
Country: NA Page: 48-56 Download: Download Pdf

Mudmat Role in Offshore Drilling Operations
Suresh Kumar Yarrarapu
Country: NA Page: 57-59 Download: Download Pdf

Accuracy Measurement for Image Retrieval System
Dr. S. Thabasu Kannan and P.Kumaravel
Country: NA Page: 60-65 Download: Download Pdf

Economic Evaluation and Planning of Civil Engineering Works in Nigeria
OYEBODE Oluwadare Joshua
Country: NA Page: 66-73 Download: Download Pdf

Indian Mutual Fund Industry: A Synoptic View
Dr. B. D. Awasthi and Arti Sharma
Country: NA Page: 74-79 Download: Download Pdf

Review, Mean-Shift-Based Speckle Filtering of SAR Data
Prof.A.B.Makone and Amitkumar G.Rathod
Country: NA Page: 80-84 Download: Download Pdf

Performance of the MNREGS – Case Study of NAINITAL District (Uttarakhand)
Chitra Bisht
Country: NA Page: 85-90 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Nano Medicines in Human Life
A. Abubakkar
Country: NA Page: 91-95 Download: Download Pdf

Employee Loyalty- A Literature Review
Kiruthiga.V and Dr.R.Mageshr
Country: NA Page: 96-100 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Fabrication of a System to Reduce Motion Sickness
R.D.V.Prasad, M.Sailaja, D.Simhachalam and M.S.S.Srinivas Rao
Country: NA Page: 101-104 Download: Download Pdf

Efficient Mechanisms for Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Netowrks by Mobile Collectors
G. Nagendra Babu, M. KrishnaMurthy and S Zeenathunnisa
Country: NA Page: 105-107 Download: Download Pdf

Mutli Level Priority based Packet Scheduling Scheme for Wirless Sensor Netowrks
G. Nagendra Babu, M. KrishnaMurthy and G.Anusha
Country: NA Page: 108-111 Download: Download Pdf

Pharmacognostical and Chromatographic Studies on the Drug “Zarnab”A Cardic Remidy
Sonali Sajwan, Kunal Sajwan, R. K. Negi, S. A. A. Hasmi and Najmus Sehar
Country: NA Page: 112-114 Download: Download Pdf

Role of Mn-Zn Substitution on Structural and Electrical Properties of CuSr2- W Type Hexaferrite
A.K. Akant, C.L. Khobaragade and K.G. Rewatkar
Country: NA Page: 115-118 Download: Download Pdf

Design of a Surface Water Treatment Plant for Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti (Abuad) Community
Oluwadare Joshua OYEBODE, Kayode Olufemi OLOWE, Sunday Olakunle OYEGOKE and Temidire Temidayo DADA
Country: NA Page: 119-133 Download: Download Pdf

Personnel Management and Job Evaluation: An Important Organization Management Structure for Civil Engineers in Nigeria
Oluwadare Joshua OYEBODE
Country: NA Page: 134-143 Download: Download Pdf

Optimum Conditions for Mercerization Rattan Palm Fibre
Osoka, E.C. and Onukwuli, O.D.
Country: NA Page: 144-154 Download: Download Pdf

Transfer of Technologies in Indian Banks and Customer Perception
Sharmila. R
Country: NA Page: 155-161 Download: Download Pdf

Biodiversity and Species at Risk from Climate Change
Mohammad Usama
Country: NA Page: 162-167 Download: Download Pdf

Assessing the Financial Health of Rajapalyam Cotton Spinning Mills Limited: A Quantitative Approach using the Z-Score
Dr. C. Thilakam and S.Karthik
Country: NA Page: 168-171 Download: Download Pdf

Investigation into Standard Image Restoration Methods and their Comparison with Proposed Technique for Deblurring Images
Anurag Kumar and Shivani Pandita
Country: NA Page: 172-178 Download: Download Pdf

Employee Engagement: Concept Clarity Specifically For IT Sector
Rekha Kanodia and Arpan Sinha
Country: NA Page: 179-186 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Design of a Flexible Pavement with Cemented Base and Granular Subbase
Vikash Kumar and Anoop Bishnoi
Country: NA Page: 187-192 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on Heat Generation in Metal Cutting
M. PradeepKumar, K. Amarnath and M. SunilKumar
Country: NA Page: 193-197 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Analysis of Different PAPR Reduction Techniques in OFDM
Pradeep Kumar and Sukhjit Singh
Country: NA Page: 198-201 Download: Download Pdf

Designing and Analysis of Crash and Jump Load on a Mountainboard
Varun N
Country: NA Page: 202-204 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Analysis of Machine Tool Elements using Solidworks
Kishor Kumar H P, Dr. Mohamed Haneef and Shabbir ahmed R M
Country: NA Page: 205-207 Download: Download Pdf

Intelligent System’s Design Approaches: A Review
Kunjal Bharatkumar Mankad
Country: NA Page: 208-213 Download: Download Pdf

Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steel (SS 304) by TIG Welding at Heat affected Zone
D. Simhachalam, M.S.S. Srinivasa Rao and B. Naga Raju
Country: NA Page: 214-221 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Analysis of Disc Coupling Bolt
Shweta Shashikant Pakale and S.B.Tuljapure
Country: NA Page: 222-226 Download: Download Pdf

Superconducting Fault Current Limiters for the Power System Application
Snehal Dharme and Rupalee Ambekar
Country: NA Page: 227-229 Download: Download Pdf

Biosorption of Reactive Blue 19 Dye using dried Azolla Filiculoides
Davoud Balarak
Country: NA Page: 230-234 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Improvement of Solar Photovoltaic System using Cuk Converter
Ankush Bravvo and Gurpreet Singh
Country: NA Page: 235-240 Download: Download Pdf

Modelling Phytoremediation Augmented Bioremediation based on Biomass and Yield Kinetics
Musa, A.S., Oyoh, K.B., Osoka, E.C. and Onyelucheya, O.E.
Country: NA Page: 241-248 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Dividend on Firm Performance with Reference to Leasing and Hire Purchase Industry in India
P.G.Thirumagal and Dr. S. Vasantha
Country: NA Page: 249-255 Download: Download Pdf

Finite Element Stress Analysis of Pin Joints for Isotropic and Composite Plate Materials
Mohd Abdul Khader, Shabbir Ahmed R.M and Mohammed Mohsin Ali H
Country: NA Page: 256-260 Download: Download Pdf

Assessment of Competency based Tourism Education: An Industry Perspective
Shahnaz Akhtar
Country: NA Page: 261-272 Download: Download Pdf

Design Modification of Mechanical Face Seal Joint by Value Analysis
Pranit Naik Dalal and Dr. S. S. Goilkar
Country: NA Page: 273-280 Download: Download Pdf

A New Algorithm for Fast Data Searching – An Imagination based Indexed Data Searching Technique
Abhishek Verma
Country: NA Page: 281-289 Download: Download Pdf

A Bandwidth-Efficient Cooperative Authentication Scheme for Filtering Injected False Data in Wireless Sensor Networks
Annapurna Jonnalagadda, Dr. B Sujatha and Dr V V Krishna
Country: NA Page: 290-306 Download: Download Pdf

Integrated Vehicle Registration, Licensing and Automated Vehicle Tracking System using Image Processing Techniques
Annapurna J, Dr. B Sujatha, Dr. M Varaprasada Rao and Dr. V V Krishna
Country: NA Page: 307-316 Download: Download Pdf

Graph Theory and its Applications in Computer Science and Engineering
M S Vinutha and Arathi P
Country: NA Page: 317-319 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Analysis of Analytical Approaches to Smart Antennas Modeling
Emmanuel Tonye and Simon Kepchabe
Country: NA Page: 320-331 Download: Download Pdf

Goods and Services Tax (GST): A Panacea for Indian Economy
Deepak Kumar Adhana
Country: NA Page: 332-338 Download: Download Pdf

Design Optimization of Articulated Arm
Madhu K S, Dr. Mohamed Haneef and Syed Zameer
Country: NA Page: 339-342 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation of Authorized Deduplication in Hybrid Cloud Computing Model
Dr. M. Sreenivasulu and A. Ganga Harish Kumar
Country: NA Page: 343-346 Download: Download Pdf

Reservoir Water Quality Modeling for COD using Artificial Neural Network
Purushottam Sarda and Dr. Parag Sadgir
Country: NA Page: 347-353 Download: Download Pdf

Study of Various Properties of Kenaf Lampas Composites
Country: NA Page: 354-368 Download: Download Pdf

Comparison the Simulation Output of PV Array and DC Converter using Simulink/Matlab
Monika Mehta and Mamta Singh
Country: NA Page: 369-375 Download: Download Pdf

Territorial Behavior based Algorithm for Data Classification
Supriya Singh and Dr. Mahendra Tiwari
Country: NA Page: 376-383 Download: Download Pdf

A Literature Review on Shallow Water Acoustic Communication using Different Coding Scheme
Nitesh Upadhyay, Prof. Jaikaran Singh and Prof. Mukesh Tiwari
Country: NA Page: 384-389 Download: Download Pdf

A Literature Review and Over View of Built in Self Testing in VLSI
Jalpa Joshi and Prof. Jaikaran Singh
Country: NA Page: 390-394 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Study on Plate Properties of Mild Steel Bead with Varying Welding Speed using SMAW
Kuldeep Sheoran and Gitesh Kumar
Country: NA Page: 395-399 Download: Download Pdf

Assessment of Poverty in Coastal Zone of Tirunelveli District, Southern Tamilnadu using Geoinformatics
Mahendran.M, Chandra Prasath.V.T.S, Anand.M, Rajamanickam.M and Jose Ravindra Raj.B
Country: NA Page: 400-404 Download: Download Pdf

A Geographical Study on the Change Detection of Komaghatta Lake, Bangalore City using Remote Sensing and GIS
Mahesh.R, Rajamanickam.M, Shanmugavel.T and Jiyavudeen.K.M
Country: NA Page: 405-408 Download: Download Pdf

Coastal Sediment Transport Study between Vembar-Kanyakumari
Nallusamy.R, Rajamanickam.M and Thenmolli.K.L
Country: NA Page: 409-414 Download: Download Pdf

Exploration for Mubda Chromite, Samail Wilayat, Sultanate of Oman
M.Rajamanickam, Jose Ravindra Raj.B, Sasikala.S, Geetha.V and V.Jothi
Country: NA Page: 415-419 Download: Download Pdf

Spatio-Temporal Variations of Heavy Minerals in Kotilpadu Beach, Southern Tamilnadu Coast, India
Jose Ravindra Raj.B, Rajamanickam.M, Sivakumar.K, Geethapriya.S and Ishwarya.R.V
Country: NA Page: 420-424 Download: Download Pdf

Strength Characteristic of Concrete by Hot Water Curing with Eco Friendly Conservation of Energy
Ramaprabha.N, Arivanantham.T, Sathiyan.R, Saravanan.P and Jose Ravindra Raj.B
Country: NA Page: 425-428 Download: Download Pdf

Strengthening the Existing Workshop due to Additional of E.O.T. Crane
Silambarasan.S, Punithavathy.U, Indiragandhi.T, Kannadason.R, Kanchidurai.S and Jose Ravindra Raj.B
Country: NA Page: 429-434 Download: Download Pdf

Buckling Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Column in SCC
Balraj K P and Gangadhar N
Country: NA Page: 435-438 Download: Download Pdf

Determination & Comparison of Linear Motion in Shaper Machine tool using Ansys & Mathematical Vonmises Stress Analysis
Manish Sinha and Shiena Shekhar
Country: NA Page: 439-441 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation of Synchronized Manufacturing System in Productiaon
Akash Chourey and Mukesh Dubey
Country: NA Page: 442-451 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Investigation of Partial Replacement of Metakaolin, Silica Fume and M-Sand based Concrete
Dakshnamoorthy.D, Gunasekaran.P, Vivekanananthan.C, Kavitha.A and Saravanan.G
Country: NA Page: 452-457 Download: Download Pdf

Study of Various Performance Parameter of MIG Welding For Mild Steel 1020 Using Taguchi L9 Array
Dharmvir Singh and Sunil Kumar
Country: NA Page: 458-461 Download: Download Pdf

A Dynamic Technique and Scheduling Strategy on Load Balancing of Cloud Computing
Mrs. Amita Rani and Dr. Mohita Garg
Country: NA Page: 462-468 Download: Download Pdf

Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control System for an Automobile
Rajanikantha. M. A and Basavaraj.G.Kudamble
Country: NA Page: 469-472 Download: Download Pdf

FINANCIAL APPRAISAL: The Study based upon the Financial Analysis of HDFC BANK LIMITED
Chaman Kumar
Country: NA Page: 473-480 Download: Download Pdf

Hybrid Approach to Detect Attacks and Prevent MANET
Apurva H. Kulkarni and Prof. P.P. Rewagad
Country: NA Page: 481-484 Download: Download Pdf

Infrastructure for Implementation of Scrum Methodology Software development using Agile Practice - Scrum
Pooja Jadhav, Dr. M.M.Chandne and Dr. B.E.Narkhede
Country: NA Page: 485-490 Download: Download Pdf

Transporting RNAs from Nucleus to the Cytoplasm
Punjab Singh Malik
Country: NA Page: 491-496 Download: Download Pdf

Optimal Power Flow with Security Constraint for 330kv Nigeria Power Network using Power World Simulator
Anierobi C.C, Ezechukwu O.A, Ezennaya S.O, Akpe V. A and Aghara J.V.C
Country: NA Page: 497-503 Download: Download Pdf

Civil Society and State: A Discourse
Dr. Prateet Kumar
Country: NA Page: 504-505 Download: Download Pdf

Sustainable Agricultural Development: What and Why?
Dr. Rajeev Kumar
Country: NA Page: 506-508 Download: Download Pdf