Volume-5, Issue-5 (October-2015)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Significance of Workforce Management to Organizational Performance: A Study of Islamic Banks in Bahrain
Lucia Feraro Banta
Country: NA Page: 1-10 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Ad-Hoc Network Security using Zero knowledge Proof and Wi-Fi Protected Access 2
Country: NA Page: 11-16 Download: Download Pdf

An Analysis of Big Data Analytics Techniques
Vivekananth.P and Leo John Baptist.A
Country: NA Page: 17-19 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Rbi’s Interest Rate Cuts and its Aftermath Effects in its Economy with Specific Reference to India
Varun Kesavan
Country: NA Page: 20-24 Download: Download Pdf

A Proposed Modified SERVQUAL Model to Assess the Effectiveness of IT Service Delivery Function
W.A.D.L. De Silva
Country: NA Page: 25-28 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Budget 2015 (The Comparative Analysis of Budget 2013, 2014 & 2015 with Reference of Direct Tax)
Dr. Vijay Kumar
Country: NA Page: 29-33 Download: Download Pdf

E-Banking Service Quality of Public Sector Banks: An Empirical Investigation
D. Jagadeesan and P.Chinnadurai
Country: NA Page: 34-39 Download: Download Pdf

Hybrid Algorithm for Capacitor Placement and Sizing in Distorted Distribution Systems
Sukhwinder Singh and Amanpreet Kaur
Country: NA Page: 40-45 Download: Download Pdf

Low Cost Housing in India
Neha Verma Madan and Rahul Shukla
Country: NA Page: 46-51 Download: Download Pdf

SNSs: Connected yet Disconnected
Dr. P. Asha
Country: NA Page: 52-55 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Advertising Strategies on Consumer Buying Behaviour: A Case Study on Mc Donald’s (India)
Shamily Jaggi and Dr. Sanjay Kumar Bahl
Country: NA Page: 56-60 Download: Download Pdf

Bone Fracture Detection Algorithms Based on Image Processing- A Survey
Nancy Johari, Shivani Goyal, Natthan Singh and Anita Pal
Country: NA Page: 61-64 Download: Download Pdf

Social Networking-Merits and Demerits: A Review
Shobana.V, Maheshwari.S and Savithri.M
Country: NA Page: 65-68 Download: Download Pdf

Study the Influence of EDM Parameters on Cobalt-Bonded Tungsten Carbide Conductive Ceramic
Parveen Kumar Saini, Gurpreet Singh Malhi and Anikate Gupta
Country: NA Page: 69-72 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Impact of Job Satisfaction on Motivation and Performance of Employees in Sugar Mills at Erode District
K.V. Devi Brindha and Dr. G. Udayasuriyan
Country: NA Page: 73-78 Download: Download Pdf

A Future Communication Technology: 5G
Suneel Kumar, Prasant Singh and Tarun Agrawal
Country: NA Page: 79-83 Download: Download Pdf

An Review on Magnetic Levitation Principle and It’s Applications
Praveen Rathore, Prakash Kumar Sen and Gopal Sahu
Country: NA Page: 84-87 Download: Download Pdf

Application of Flight Principle in Success Achievement Model
Supratim Chowdhury
Country: NA Page: 88-93 Download: Download Pdf

Survey on Different Brain Tumor Detection Methods or Algorithms
Shivani Goyal, Nancy Johari, Natthan Singh and Anita Pal
Country: NA Page: 94-99 Download: Download Pdf

Drivers’ Risk Taking Behaviour
Khem Chand and Kritika Garg
Country: NA Page: 100-105 Download: Download Pdf

Factors Contributing to Financial Problems in Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in Haryana Region
Suman Madan and Prof. (Dr.) Neelam Jain
Country: NA Page: 106-114 Download: Download Pdf

NVH Characterization of Composite Material for Commercial Vehicle Frame Components
Sagar V. Vispute and A.P.Tadamalle
Country: NA Page: 115-119 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Study of Attribute Based Encryption Schemes
Manoj V.Mohite and Apurva Kulkarni
Country: NA Page: 120-122 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Key Factors Affecting Labour Productivity in Steel Manufacturing Company
G.Samkeerth, Prof. K.Venkata Subbaiah and Dr.K.G.Durga Prasad
Country: NA Page: 123-128 Download: Download Pdf

Reactive Power Compensation of LC Coupling Hybrid Active Power Filters by DC Link Voltage Controls
B. Lakshmi Devi and M.L. Dwarakanad
Country: NA Page: 129-133 Download: Download Pdf

To Review on Crack Detection in Centrifugal Pump using Vibration Analysis
Guruprasad Shriwas, Gopal Sahu and Prakash Kumar Sen
Country: NA Page: 134-137 Download: Download Pdf

Distributed Computing for Co-Operative Swarms
Prashant Kanade, Hitesh Somani, Vishal Motwani and Sudhanshu Tiwari
Country: NA Page: 138-142 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Design Parameters of Spring Back in Plate Bending using Finite Element Analysis
Prashanth Gowda B C and Dr. S. N. Harish
Country: NA Page: 143-146 Download: Download Pdf

Specific Electrical Conductivity of Thin Films of Polyaniline Doped with Sulfuric Acid
Izet Gazdic, Almedina Modric-Šahbazovic and Suada Sulejmanovic
Country: NA Page: 147-151 Download: Download Pdf

Factors That Affect Influence Academic Motivation of Engineering Graduates
K. Swetha
Country: NA Page: 152-155 Download: Download Pdf

Creative Accounting and Accounting Scandals: Case Lets of Indian Companies
Prof. Ujjwal Jain and Prof. Vandana Balyan
Country: NA Page: 156-159 Download: Download Pdf

Employee Retention Strategies in BPO Industry: A Study with Reference to Selected BPO Sector Organizations at Hyderabad
Dr. B. Nagaraju and M. Ananda Rao
Country: NA Page: 160-164 Download: Download Pdf

Surface Modification of Polymethylmethacrylate Films for Improved Hydrophobicity and Its Medical Applications
Vaishali Rani Garg and Ravindra Nath Singh
Country: NA Page: 165-174 Download: Download Pdf

MGNREGS: Empowerment of the Socially Disadvantaged People
Chaman Kumar
Country: NA Page: 175-179 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Study on Self Compacting Self Curing Concrete by Replacing River Sand by Quarry Dust for M50 Grade Concrete
Pavan Kumar C S and Reena K
Country: NA Page: 180-186 Download: Download Pdf

Cyber Forensics and Proposed Techniques to Overcome Cyber Threats for Cyber Security
Nayyar Ahmed Khan and Dr. Abdul Rehman Al Ghamdi
Country: NA Page: 187-191 Download: Download Pdf

Optimum Casting Process Selection using Analytical Hierarchy Process
Saraswati Chaturvijani and R. Banchhor
Country: NA Page: 192-198 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on Fuel Injection System of Scramjet Engine
Anjali Patel, Gopal Sahu and Prakash Kumar Sen
Country: NA Page: 199-202 Download: Download Pdf

Emotional Intelligence and Occupational Stress – A Study on Selected Healthcare Workers in Coimbatore City
Dr. P.T. Saleendran and R.Chitra
Country: NA Page: 203-206 Download: Download Pdf

Electronic Banking: Impact, Risk and Security Issues
Teju Kujur and Mushtaq Ahmad Shah
Country: NA Page: 207-212 Download: Download Pdf

To Study Effect of Austempering Time and Temperature On Spheriodal Graphite Iron
Aashish Tuli, Kiranjot Kaur and Ramesh Kumar
Country: NA Page: 213-217 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of MGNREGA on Women’s Empowerment
Chitra Bisht
Country: NA Page: 218-222 Download: Download Pdf

Enhancing Cloud based E- Learning in Rural Areas
Country: NA Page: 223-228 Download: Download Pdf

Web Recommender System based on Consumer Behavior Modeling using Fuzzy Representation
V. T. Chavan and Prof. S.K. Shirgave
Country: NA Page: 229-235 Download: Download Pdf

Problems Faced by Natural Rubber Cultivators - A Study with Special Reference to Selected Districts of Kerala
Dr. S.P. Mathiraj and T.V. Bindu
Country: NA Page: 236-238 Download: Download Pdf

Internet of Things: A Structured System with Research Challenges and Future Directions
Niharika Atri
Country: NA Page: 239-245 Download: Download Pdf

Road Tyre Friction Potential Utilisation in Local Electrification
Rathnavel P, Baldwin Immanuel T and Prakash G
Country: NA Page: 246-251 Download: Download Pdf

Removal of Harmonics in Distribution System by Shunt Active Filter
Nikhil Kumar Sharma and Naveen Kumar Sahu
Country: NA Page: 252-256 Download: Download Pdf

MSPSO based Improved Intrusion Detection system by using Classifier
Akanksha Verma and Preeti Tuli
Country: NA Page: 257-261 Download: Download Pdf

Social Media Marketing Tools and Techniques
Ashish Chauhan and Prof. (Dr.) L.P. Pateriya
Country: NA Page: 262-265 Download: Download Pdf

Audio Equalizer with Fractional Order Butterworth Filter
M. Eswara Rao, P.V.Muralidhar and S.Raghuramakrishna
Country: NA Page: 266-272 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Analysis of MUSIC and MVDR DOA Estimation Algorithm
Jyotsna Sagar and Prof. Kamal Niwaria
Country: NA Page: 273-279 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Simulation of Synchronous Buck Converter for Permanent Magnet Generator in Low Power Applications
G. Prakash, K. Dhineshkumar and P. Rathnavel
Country: NA Page: 280-285 Download: Download Pdf

Review on High Performance Nickel based Super Alloy
Mukesh Das, Prakash Kumar Sen, Gopal Sahu, Ritesh Sharma and Shailendra Bohidar
Country: NA Page: 286-291 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on Evolution towards Industrial Robots and its Operation
ShubhamYadav, Prakash Kumar Sen, GopalSahu,Ritesh Sharma and Shailendra Bohidar
Country: NA Page: 292-295 Download: Download Pdf

Measuring the Foreign Visitor Satisfaction and its influence on Medical Tourism in India
Mrs. T. Suneetha and Dr. P. Sujatha
Country: NA Page: 296-298 Download: Download Pdf

A State Space Approach to Analog Computer Design & Simulation
Taan ElAli and Eyob Tarekegn
Country: NA Page: 299-303 Download: Download Pdf

Empirical Analysis of Binary Search Worst Case on Two Personal Computers Using Curve Estimation Technique
Dipankar Das, Arnab Kole, Shameek Mukhopadhyay and Parichay Chakrabarti
Country: NA Page: 304-311 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Varying Surface Grinding Parameters on the Surface Roughness of Mild Steel
Amandeep Singh Padda, Satish Kumar and Aishna Mahajan
Country: NA Page: 312-317 Download: Download Pdf

Land Slide Detection and Monitoring System using Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)
Vrushali G Hadole and Vishal. G. Puranik
Country: NA Page: 318-321 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Development of User Selection System for Watermarking Technique as Visible and Invisible
Barinder jeet Kaur and Navneet Choudhary
Country: NA Page: 322-325 Download: Download Pdf

Automatic Notes Generation for Musical Instrument – Tabla
Prashant Kanade, Bhavesh Chachra, Harmeet Sawlani, Vishal Jumnani and Deepak Bhagtani
Country: NA Page: 326-330 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Alcoholism and Construction Labourers in Tiruchirappalli District, Tamil Nadu`
J. Vinoth kumar and F. Andrew SJ
Country: NA Page: 331-341 Download: Download Pdf

Parameters Optimization for Gas Metal Arc Welding of Austenitic Stainless Steel (AISI 304) & Low Carbon Steel using Taguchi’s Technique
Rajnish Kumar, Er. Satpal Kundu and Phool Kumar
Country: NA Page: 342-347 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Investigation on Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate with Polystyrene
A.Murugesan, Syed Rizwan.Z, Mariasusai.M, Karpagavalli.S, Saravanan.V.P, Sivakumar.K and Marimuthu.A
Country: NA Page: 348-352 Download: Download Pdf

A Novel Image Denoising using Discrete Meyer Filtering
Subhash Baranwal and Prof. Kamal Niwaria
Country: NA Page: 353-356 Download: Download Pdf

Image Denoising using Discrete Meyer Plus Discrete Meyer Wavelet Filtering
Subhash Baranwal and Prof. Kamal Niwaria
Country: NA Page: 357-361 Download: Download Pdf

Investigation and Evaluation of the Cost Estimation Methods of Iraqi Communication Projects
Dr. Faiq Mohammed Sarhan Al-Zwainy and Neran Taher Hadhal
Country: NA Page: 362-369 Download: Download Pdf

Mathematical Model for Awarding Jobs to Sub-Contractors
Dr. Ibraheam A. Mohammed and Oday H. Abdullah
Country: NA Page: 370-378 Download: Download Pdf

Harnessing Science, Technology and Innovations (STI) for Sustainable Industrial and Economic Development
C. C. Ihueze, C. C. Okpala, E. C. Okafor and U. C. Okonkwo
Country: NA Page: 379-388 Download: Download Pdf

Tea Waste as a Low cost Adsorbent for the Removal of Cadmium Ions from Synthetic Waste Water
Hanit Kumar Thapak, Narendra Singh Parmar, Pranjal Pratap Rai, Anuj Tomar, Kripanshu Singh Para, Sagar Rai and Dikshant Kumar
Country: NA Page: 389-391 Download: Download Pdf

Computer Aided System for Brain Tumor Detection and Segmentation
Priya Das, Sayak Konar, Niharika Puvvula and Deepali Rai
Country: NA Page: 392-395 Download: Download Pdf

The Construction Industry: Issues and Strategies on Safety Management
Asmita Mishra, Avanish Kumar Mishra and Dr. Om Prakash Netula
Country: NA Page: 396-400 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Demographic Variables on the Organization Management of Women Entrepreneurs in National Capital Region
Dr. Kalpana Kataria
Country: NA Page: 401-406 Download: Download Pdf

Automatic Toll Collection with Stolen Vehicle Recognition
Sunil Khatri, Shilpa Jadhwani, Chetan Basantani, Amit Makhija and Prof. Kajal Jewani
Country: NA Page: 407-410 Download: Download Pdf

Hormonal and Hematological Responses of Cyprinus Carpio (LINN) to Nitrite Toxicity
Kapil Kumar
Country: NA Page: 411-415 Download: Download Pdf

Gandhian Methodology and Conflict Resolution
Dr. Jai Kumar Saroha
Country: NA Page: 416-419 Download: Download Pdf

The Clean Development Mechanism for Sustainable Development
Harjinder Singh
Country: NA Page: 420-423 Download: Download Pdf

A Unified Approach to View Diverse Applications of Polynomial in Asymmetric Cryptosystem
Jitendra Kumar
Country: NA Page: 424-425 Download: Download Pdf