Volume-6, Issue-3 (June 2016)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Futures Trading In Rubber- Are The Stakeholders In Kerala Benefitted?
Roshini Philip and Dr. V. Shanthaamani
Country: NA Page: 1-13 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Left Internal Carotid Artery Stenosis on Intracranial Blood Flow during Orthostatic Stress
M. Villagómez-Galindo, T. P. Bucio-Flores and C. A. Rosales-Tena
Country: NA Page: 14-16 Download: Download Pdf

Cloud Computing for Big Data Analytics
Shipra Kalra
Country: NA Page: 17-21 Download: Download Pdf

An Expert System for Risk Assesment and Management in Construction Projects
Jayakrishnan R and Dr. Sunilaa george
Country: NA Page: 22-25 Download: Download Pdf

A New Technique for Finding Initial Basic Feasible Solution to Transportation Problem
P. Kousalya and P.Malarvizhi
Country: NA Page: 26-32 Download: Download Pdf

Financial Education and its Impact among Rural Investors with Special Reference to Coimbatore District
Country: NA Page: 33-38 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on Effect of Nozzle Hole Geometry on the Performance Combustion and Emission Parameters of CI Engine Fuelled with Diesel and Biodiesel
Praveen A. Harari and Jayshri S. Patil
Country: NA Page: 39-48 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Studies on Tensile and Impact Properties of 20 mm Thick AISI SS 304 SMA (Shielded Metal Arc) And GMA (Gas Metal Arc) Butt Welded Joints
Dilpreet Singh, Taljeet Singh and Avtar Singh
Country: NA Page: 49-56 Download: Download Pdf

An Approach for Implementing Web-Based Tool for Plagiarism Detection
Jayanti Khatri and Vishal Mohan
Country: NA Page: 57-60 Download: Download Pdf

Cost Escalation in Construction Projects
Divya Das K and Prof. Rajalingam
Country: NA Page: 61-64 Download: Download Pdf

Testing of Electrical Conductivity of Thin Films of Polyaniline Doped with Phosphoric Acid
Izet Gazdic, Almedina Modric-Šahbazovic
Country: NA Page: 65-68 Download: Download Pdf

Occupational Stress as Experienced by Private and Public Sector Bank Employees
S. Sriranjani Mokshagundam and Dr. K. Janardhanam
Country: NA Page: 69-75 Download: Download Pdf

Semi Automatic Multi Stud Insertion Machine
Prof. P. Ravi Kumar, V. Santhosh, P. Sudharsan, P. Venkadeswaran and V. Vignesh
Country: NA Page: 82-85 Download: Download Pdf

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: An Opportunity for the Entrepreneurs
Preeti Goel and Dr. Mukesh Agarwal
Country: NA Page: 86-89 Download: Download Pdf

Grinding Wheel Attachment for CNC VTL Rem 1.6m
Dr. J.Amos Robert Jayachadran, V.Arulsenthil Raj, K.Nambirajan, K.Nisanthan and T.Pandiyarajan
Country: NA Page: 90-93 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Analysis of Four Stroke Compression Ignition Engine by Using N-Butanol Diesel Blend fuel and Gas analyzer
Roopkishor Rajak and Dr. M.K. Chopra
Country: NA Page: 94-99 Download: Download Pdf

Correlation of Compaction Characteristics with Free Swell Ratio of Fine Grained Soils
M.R.Suresh, Chandisha E.V and Shubha.M
Country: NA Page: 100-104 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Analysis of R-134a and Zeotropic Blend by using Vapour Compression Refrigeration Test Rig
Govind Kurmi and Dr. M.K. Chopra
Country: NA Page: 105-110 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of the Factors Influencing Academic Performance of Student Using Discriminant Function
Dr. D.S. Chaubey, Dr. Hem Chandra Kothari and Sumati Kapoor
Country: NA Page: 111-116 Download: Download Pdf

Individual Pitch Control of Wind Turbine of Variable Speed by Flicker Mitigation with DFIG
Krishnarao.Kundeti and Sai Pallavi.Akkisetti
Country: NA Page: 117-122 Download: Download Pdf

Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics for Good Corporate Governance
Yuvika Singh and Sukhmani Sandhu
Country: NA Page: 123-126 Download: Download Pdf

Carpooling using Genetic Algorithm
Prof. S.G.Rathod, Pavankumar M. Kawade, Ravindra A. Kakade, Sandip S. Bikkad and Kiran J. Gangtire
Country: NA Page: 127-129 Download: Download Pdf

Personality Development –An Urge for Rural Society
Taru Gupta
Country: NA Page: 130-142 Download: Download Pdf

Q(a)- Balance Edge Magic of Sun family Graphs
S.Vimala and R.Prabavathi
Country: NA Page: 143-149 Download: Download Pdf

Welding Distortion in Joining of Thin Plate of Dissimilar Metal of AISI 304 and Duplex 2205 using GMAW
Ramesh Kumar, Tarun Walia and Vikas Kaushik
Country: NA Page: 150-155 Download: Download Pdf

Situational Influences on Purchase Outcomes
Dr. Himanshu Shekhawat and Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Singh Dahima
Country: NA Page: 156-160 Download: Download Pdf

High-Temperature Oxidation Studies of Diamalloy 4700 Coatingon SA 516 Boiler Steel
Jagjit Singh, J.S.Ratol and N. Bala
Country: NA Page: 161-163 Download: Download Pdf

High Temperature Oxidation Behaviour of Detonation Gun Sprayed Ni-20Cr +Y Coating in Air at 900°C under Cyclic Condition
Jagwinder Singh, Jasbir Singh Ratol and Niraj Bala
Country: NA Page: 164-166 Download: Download Pdf

Utilization of Six Sigma Method to Reduce Defects in Green Sand Casting Process and Improve the Productivity
Vikas Kaushik, Gagandeep Dhindsa and Ramesh Kumar
Country: NA Page: 167-172 Download: Download Pdf

Solar Stills – A Review
Dr. L.C. Singal, Satish Kumar and Aishna Mahajan
Country: NA Page: 173-177 Download: Download Pdf

Porter’s Model: A Critical Examination
Dr. Seema Shokeen
Country: NA Page: 178-183 Download: Download Pdf

Efficient use of Speed Breaker for the Generation of Electricity
Ankita Jain, Achala khandelwal and Jaya Sharma
Country: NA Page: 184-187 Download: Download Pdf

Principal Component Analysis based Human Face Recognition using MATLAB
Sheshmal S. Shingne and Gitimayee Sahu
Country: NA Page: 188-191 Download: Download Pdf

Study on Online Banking Services-Bidar-Karnataka
Maheshkumar M and Sunilkumar Kumbar
Country: NA Page: 192-199 Download: Download Pdf

An Empirical Study to Identify the Antecedents of Customer Experience for Indian Telecom Industry with Special Reference to BSNL
Sujit Dey, Dr. Ruchi Garg and Dr. Monika Sethi
Country: NA Page: 200-207 Download: Download Pdf

Identification of TQM Practices for Successful Implementation of TQM in Steel Industries: A Review and Analysis
Shweta Bajaj, Dr. Ruchi Garg and Dr. Monika Sethi
Country: NA Page: 208-214 Download: Download Pdf

Energy Audit Analysis of Chhotu Ram Rural Institute of Technology
Deepak and Savinder Malik
Country: NA Page: 215-220 Download: Download Pdf

Human Capital and Performance of Firms: An Empirical Study on IT and ITES Industries
Sista Satyasri
Country: NA Page: 221-222 Download: Download Pdf

Testing Significance Relationship in the Profitability of Select Steel Companies in India
Dr. M.Krishnamoorthi
Country: NA Page: 223-230 Download: Download Pdf

Traditional Intermediaries Do Exist in Digital Era? An Empirical Study IT Hardware Market - Customer Prospective
Hari.Konakanchi and Dr .Malyadri.Pacha
Country: NA Page: 231-234 Download: Download Pdf

At the Crossroads: The Impacts of Power Cuts in MKOBA, GWERU, Zimbabwe
Benard Mugadza and Remigios Mangizvo
Country: NA Page: 235-240 Download: Download Pdf

FINO Pay Tech — A Path towards Financial Inclusion
Bharti Chhabra (Rana) and Neha Jain
Country: NA Page: 241-247 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Analysis of Print Defects in Newspaper Printing
Satish Chauhan, Vikas Jangra and Ashwani Kumar
Country: NA Page: 248-253 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Appraisal at BSNL Lucknow: A Study on Existing Appraisal and its Limitation
Orooj Siddiqui
Country: NA Page: 254-260 Download: Download Pdf

Finite Element Analysis of Concave Thickness FGM Rotating Disk Subjected to Thermo-Mechanical Loading
Rizwan Uz Zaman Khan and Amit Sarda
Country: NA Page: 261-265 Download: Download Pdf

Safety Indicators for Heterogeneous Non Lane Based Traffic-A Case Study at Outer Ring Road-Delhi
M.Bhargav Naidu
Country: NA Page: 266-275 Download: Download Pdf

Statistical Analysis of Process Parameter of CNC Turning
Pritam Pain and Sk. Rajesh
Country: NA Page: 276-280 Download: Download Pdf

A Cloud Enable Data Sharing Platform using BESTPEER++
Seema Shinde
Country: NA Page: 281-286 Download: Download Pdf

A Novel Method of Harmonic Mitigation by Grid Connected Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator based on Wind Energy Convertor System for Improving Power Quality
Vivek G. Katara, Dr. Hari Kumar Naidu and Arun Katara
Country: NA Page: 287-292 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on ‘Performance Benchmarking and Measurement’
Mrs. J.Savithri and Prof. Dr. C.B.Ragothaman
Country: NA Page: 293-294 Download: Download Pdf

Strength Investigation of Fly Ash and GGBFS based Geopolymer Concrete
S.Senthilkumar, U.Punithavathy, S.Sasikala and R.Vijayasarathy
Country: NA Page: 295-300 Download: Download Pdf

A Review Study of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Harminder Singh and Harneet
Country: NA Page: 301-303 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on Effect of Combustion Chamber Geometry on the Performance Combustion and Emission Parameters of Compression Ignition Engine Fuelled with Biodiesel
Praveen A. Harari, S. S. Ghadge, Arun Pattanashetti, Shambhuraje Jagatap and S. M. Hiremath
Country: NA Page: 304-316 Download: Download Pdf

Unbridled Increase in Illegal Waste Dumping: Unmasking the Behavior and Perspectives of Residents on Waste Management in Mkoba 16 Township, Gweru, Zimbabwe
Charles Mushaka
Country: NA Page: 317-322 Download: Download Pdf

An Expert System for Safety Management in Construction Project
Ahammed Faiz and Dr.Sunila George
Country: NA Page: 323-325 Download: Download Pdf

Hybrid Diode Clamped Multi Level Inverter for Electric Vehicle
S.Selvakumar and Dr. V.Kamatchi Kannan
Country: NA Page: 326-331 Download: Download Pdf

Optimization of Resources in Civil Engineering Projects (Building and Highway projects)
Shihas NV, Dr.Sunilaa George and Gokuldeepan.P
Country: NA Page: 332-339 Download: Download Pdf

Elastic Analysis of Rotating FGM Thick Truncated Conical Shells by Finite Element Method
Chailendra Kumar and Hari Ram Chandrakar
Country: NA Page: 340-345 Download: Download Pdf

Performance and Emission Analysis of C.I Engine using Rice Bran Oil Biodiesel as an Alternative Fuel
B.Bhaskaran and C.Elajchet Senni
Country: NA Page: 346-349 Download: Download Pdf

A Study of Factors Influencing Work Environmental Stress in Selected Agro Industries with Special Reference to Dharmapuri District
Dr. T.Sivashanmugam and V.Tamilarasu
Country: NA Page: 350-359 Download: Download Pdf

A New Approach for Solving Assignment Problems with Optimal Solution
N. Srinivasan and D. Iranian
Country: NA Page: 360-363 Download: Download Pdf

Commercial Banks in India: Profitability Growth and Development
Dr. Shilpy Jindal
Country: NA Page: 364-370 Download: Download Pdf

Grid Connected Multi Level Inverter with Power Converters for Renewable Energy System
S.Sam Karthik and C.Sivaselvi
Country: NA Page: 371-376 Download: Download Pdf

Dynamism in Automobile Sector
Prof. Arvind Kumar and Shambhavi Shukla
Country: NA Page: 377-380 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Employee Motivation in Cement Industry
Prof. Brijmohan Vyas and Sumathi Nadagouda
Country: NA Page: 381-393 Download: Download Pdf

Investigation of Thermal Efficiency of the Double Pass Oscillating Bed Solar Dryer
S.Rajarethinam and M.Ganesh karthikeyan
Country: NA Page: 394-400 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Recruitment and Selection Process
Shalini Tomer
Country: NA Page: 401-405 Download: Download Pdf

Human Action Recognition or Activity Recognition in Videos
Ajay Kumar, Rakesh Kumar Sharma and Sunil Kumar
Country: NA Page: 406-412 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Fabrication of Multi Operational Fixture
V. Karthikeyan, P. Sampth, S. Suresh, K. Vinod and Prof. P. Ravikumar
Country: NA Page: 413-417 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Foreign Institutional Investors on Economic Growth
Dr. Satendra Kumar Yadav and Yogesh Kumar
Country: NA Page: 418-427 Download: Download Pdf

Optimization in Turning Austenitic Stainless Steel using TOPSIS and Taguchi Method
Pabitra Nahak and Mukesh Dubey
Country: NA Page: 428-434 Download: Download Pdf

Impact Created by Foreign Institutional Investors and Domestic Institutional Investors on Indian Capital Market
Dr.V.Kannan and J. James Arockiam
Country: NA Page: 435-438 Download: Download Pdf

Popularity and Perception of Youth regarding Social Marketing Campaigns like Digital India, Swatch Bharat Abhiyan and Make in India
Roktim Sarmah and Dr. Niharika Maharishi
Country: NA Page: 439-444 Download: Download Pdf

Parthenium Contact Dermatitis: Clinical Pattern and Patch Testing with Ethanolic Extracts
Dr. Reena Rastogi
Country: NA Page: 445-446 Download: Download Pdf

Chemical Reaction Effects on Heat and Mass Transfer in MHD Boundary Layer Flow past an Inclined Plate with Viscous Dissipation and Radiation in Porous Medium
V. Subhakanthi and N.Bhaskar Reddy
Country: NA Page: 447-459 Download: Download Pdf

Studies on Odisha based D.R.I Manufacturing in the Context of Automotive Components
Smarajit PunayKanti and Dr.B.B Pani
Country: NA Page: 460-468 Download: Download Pdf

New Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture Development
Dr. Harish D. N.
Country: NA Page: 469-474 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Comparison of MANET Routing Protocols (OLSR, AODV, DSR, GRP and TORA) Considering Different Network Area Size
Gouri M. Patil, Ajay Kumar and A. D. Shaligram
Country: NA Page: 475-484 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Study on the Flexural Strength of Fly Ash based Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete in Different Aspect Ratios
Resmi Madhavan and Sudheer.K.V Chittilappilly
Country: NA Page: 485-490 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Single Pass and Double Pass on Friction Stir Welded Aluminium Alloy 6063 using Square Tool Pin Profile
Ravinder Singh, Gagandeep Singh Sandhu, Ramandeep Singh Deorda and Inderjeet Singh
Country: NA Page: 491-499 Download: Download Pdf

Removal of Random Valued Impulse Noise using Enhanced Dual Threshold Based Median Filter with Edge Preservation
Prachi Kosta and Dr. Vineeta Saxena Nigam
Country: NA Page: 500-505 Download: Download Pdf

A Tumor Segmentation using Improved K-mean Clustering with Morphological Algorithm
Sakshi Shrivastava and Dr. Vineeta Saxena Nigam
Country: NA Page: 506-513 Download: Download Pdf

Radon Exhalation Rate and Radiation Doses from Soil Samples from nearby Panki Thermal Power Plant
Dr. Meena Mishra
Country: NA Page: 514-518 Download: Download Pdf

An Empirical Study on the Performance of Private Sector Banks during 2014-2016
L. Raga Jyothi
Country: NA Page: 519-525 Download: Download Pdf

Smart Electricity Billing System
Krishnarao.Kundeti and Saikumar Pallagani
Country: NA Page: 526-529 Download: Download Pdf

Psychological Implications of Colors in Printing and Packaging
Vikas Jangra, Sandeep Kumar Garg and Anil Kundu
Country: NA Page: 530-532 Download: Download Pdf

Adoption and Performance Analysis of Wireless WAN Technologies for Multi-Scale Applications: Users Perspective in ‘Pune City, India’
Gorakh Laxman Wakhare and Dr. Ajay Kumar
Country: NA Page: 533-543 Download: Download Pdf

Removal of Lead (Pb2+) from Waste Water by using Mountain Laurel Leaves
Dr. N.Lakshminarasimaiah and Shobana Vijayan
Country: NA Page: 544-548 Download: Download Pdf

A Comparative Study on Working Capital Management of Asian Paints Ltd. and Berger Paints Ltd. in India
Pavithra K, S.Karthik and S.Umamaheswari
Country: NA Page: 549-553 Download: Download Pdf

Thermodynamic Potentials and Thermodynamic Parameters
Dr. L.C. Singal and Rajwinder Singh Gill
Country: NA Page: 554-560 Download: Download Pdf

Evolution of Modern Business Management
S. David
Country: NA Page: 561-563 Download: Download Pdf

Inorganic Speciation of Lead, Copper and Zinc in the Water of Modrac Lake by Application of DPASV
Indira Šestan, Amra Odobašic, Amra Bratovcic and Almir Šestan
Country: NA Page: 564-568 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Dielectric Coating on Radial Movement of Metallic Particle in a Single Phase Enclosure Gas Insulated Busduct (GIB) under the Influence of Different Voltages
M.Siva Sathyanarayana and L. Rajasekhar Goud
Country: NA Page: 569-574 Download: Download Pdf

The Usage of Electronic Resources at Zimbabwe Open University Midlands Library, Gweru, Zimbabwe
Mthokozisi Masumbika Ncube and Willard Tarumbira
Country: NA Page: 575-580 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Behavioural and Situational Variables on Impulse Buying Behaviour of the Consumers in the Malls of Jaipur City
Supernova Chakraborty Singh and Prof. J.K. Tandon
Country: NA Page: 581-584 Download: Download Pdf

Different Analytical Techniques to Investigate Ion Implantetion Effects in Semiconductor Thin Film
C.D.Patel and M.V.Patel
Country: NA Page: 585-587 Download: Download Pdf

Developing a Standard Approach to Value Engineering Process in Automobile Industry: A Theoretical Case Study and Industry Perspective
Snehil Dubey and D.N. Raut
Country: NA Page: 588-592 Download: Download Pdf

Identification of Traffic Accident Blackspot in Bogor City and Scoring Model for Roads Segment
Yuni Rafita, Bagus Sartono and Budi Susetyo
Country: NA Page: 593-597 Download: Download Pdf

Robotic Arm Control by Human Hand Tracking
Nayan S. Mane and Prof. Sanjay Badhe
Country: NA Page: 598-601 Download: Download Pdf

Quality of Work Life of Textile Employees - With Special Reference to Tirupur District, Tamilnadu, India
Dr. R.Kanakarathinam
Country: NA Page: 602-606 Download: Download Pdf

A Modified Non Linear Median Filter for the Removal of Medium Density Random Valued Impulse Noise
Govind Ballabh Khan and Prof. Sandeep Pratap Singh
Country: NA Page: 607-612 Download: Download Pdf

Designing of Air Conditioning System for Aviation Training Centre
R.Venumadhav, A.Johnson and K. Amarnath
Country: NA Page: 613-623 Download: Download Pdf

Protecting Our Earth by Considering Various Methods with Special Reference to Microprocessor’s TDP
R. Sri Rama Pandiyan and Dr. K. Mohan Kumar
Country: NA Page: 624-628 Download: Download Pdf

A Family of Random PWM Methods for Voltage Source Inverter Fed AC Drive
M.Nayeemuddin and C. Srinivasa Rao
Country: NA Page: 629-634 Download: Download Pdf

Review Study of Analysis of Industrial Brackets using FEA Software
Amol B. Deore, Sagar M. Gaykar and Prof. Susheel S. Pote
Country: NA Page: 635-637 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Analysis of Performance of Energy Converter
Sreedhar Vulloju, K. Krishna Reddy and Md. Arif
Country: NA Page: 638-643 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Consumer Behaviour on Life Insurance Products - With Reference to Private Bank Employees in Chennai
R. Uppily
Country: NA Page: 644-651 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Compensation Management on Firm’s Performance: A Theoritical Perspective
Country: NA Page: 652-655 Download: Download Pdf

Customer’s Attitude towards E-Retailing: Evidence from India
Dr. Harbhajan Bansal and Ashima Jain
Country: NA Page: 656-661 Download: Download Pdf

Effects of Chemical Reaction on MHD Boundary Layer flow of a Nanofluid Past a Rotating Stretching Sheet in the presence of Viscous Dissipation and Radiation
Ch. Ramu
Country: NA Page: 662-672 Download: Download Pdf

Adaptive Cell Tower Placement Approaches: A Survey
Renu Jakhar and Sudesh Jakhar
Country: NA Page: 673-679 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Circular Tube Inserted with Twisted Tape by Forced Convection
Pavithra K.J, C.V.Mahesh and Dr. T.B. Prasad
Country: NA Page: 680-684 Download: Download Pdf

An Exploratory Study on Counterproductive Work Behaviors of Nurses
D.N. Roopa, Dr. T.S. Nanjundeswaraswamy and Dr. Swamy D.R.
Country: NA Page: 685-692 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Political Advertisement Done by Political Parties on People of Ahmedabad
Apeksha Chanpaneri and Kandarp Pandya
Country: NA Page: 693-696 Download: Download Pdf

A New Class of - Closed Sets in Strong Generalized Topological Spaces
G. Selvi, R. Usha Devi and S. Murugesan
Country: NA Page: 697-704 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Investigation of Self - Compacting Concrete using Coir Fiber
E.Sureshkumar, T.Sathanandham, V.Vijayan, K.Sathes kumar and P.Karthi
Country: NA Page: 705-711 Download: Download Pdf

Health Related Problems Due to Prolonged usage of Computers
S. Sathiyamoorthi and Dr. K. Mohan Kumar
Country: NA Page: 712-719 Download: Download Pdf

Influence of Reinforcements on Sliding Wear Behavior of Al6061/SiC-Frit Hybrid MMCs
Sudeepa S, Bhaskar H.B and D. Ramesh
Country: NA Page: 720-725 Download: Download Pdf

AS4Media: The Golden Formulation for Cyanobacteria Culture
Akshya K. Mishra, Saroj K. Mohanty, Samir K. Bhoi and Himansu Ch. Sahu
Country: NA Page: 726-727 Download: Download Pdf

Financial Institutions Role in Developing of MSME's in India
Prof. Arvind Kumar and Dr. Priyanka Sharma
Country: NA Page: 728-733 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of FDI on the Operational Efficiency of South Indian Bank
Sheeba D L, Dr. B. S Patil and Dr. Srinivas K T
Country: NA Page: 734-741 Download: Download Pdf

Earthquake Vibration Control Using Modified Framed Shear Wall - A Review
ParmodSharan and Balwan
Country: NA Page: 742-745 Download: Download Pdf

The Recent Trends in Financial Markets
B Kasi Viswanadham
Country: NA Page: 746-747 Download: Download Pdf

Seismic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Skew Bridge
Nishant Sharma and Parmod Kumar
Country: NA Page: 748-752 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation and Analysis of Area Efficient Architectures for CSLA by using CLA
Anshu Kumari and Kamal Niwaria
Country: NA Page: 753-757 Download: Download Pdf

The Mediation Effect of Emotional Labour between Emotional Intelligence and High Performance Work System among Bank Employees in Chennai
P. Rajinikanth and Dr. C.Samudhrarajakumar
Country: NA Page: 758-761 Download: Download Pdf

Influence of Job Characteristics on Organisational Commitment among Private Sectors, Cuddalore
S.Thirunavukarasu and Dr. R.Sritharan
Country: NA Page: 762-764 Download: Download Pdf

To Study the Effect of Learning Style on Intelligence of Secondary Schools Students
Country: NA Page: 765-767 Download: Download Pdf

Influence of Welding Parameters on Bead Geometry in Stainless Steel Cladding using Submerged Arc Welding Process
Avtar Singh and Taljeet Singh, Dilpreet Singh and Gurkirat Singh
Country: NA Page: 768-775 Download: Download Pdf