Volume-6 Issue-4 (August 2016)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Relational Rewards: Creating a Fulfilling Workplace Environment
Pradeep Joshi
Country: NA Page: 1-5 Download: Download Pdf

Connected Technologies at Gas and Fuel Stations - A Short Review
Sudip Das, Dr. Shailendra Kumar Pokhriayal, Dr. Geo Jos Fernandez and Dr. Debesh Chandra Patra
Country: NA Page: 6-9 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Relationship between Leadership Styles & SEOP Variables with Respect to LIC of India
Uma Devi, Y and Dr. Murali Krishna, V
Country: NA Page: 10-15 Download: Download Pdf

Green Printing: Inevitability for Printing Industry Sustainability
Vikas Jangra
Country: NA Page: 16-19 Download: Download Pdf

Pushover Analysis of Multi-Storey RCC Frame with and without Vertical Irregularities
Kancharla Srimukha and Ramesh Bantupalli
Country: NA Page: 20-25 Download: Download Pdf

Assessment of Financial Health of Select Private Sector and Foreign Banks in India: An Application of Bankometer Model
Shamanth N and Dr. Mahesh Rajgopal
Country: NA Page: 26-30 Download: Download Pdf

Region Based Image Segmentation for Brain Tumor Detection
Harmandeep Kaur and Manish Mittal
Country: NA Page: 31-34 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Compression Ratio on Performance of Single Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine with Cotton Seed Oil Blends
E.Sreedhar, S.Rajpal Singh, Dr. M.V. Satish Kumar and R.Venumadhav
Country: NA Page: 35-45 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Salesperson Consultation on Situational and Individual Motivators on Consumer Behavior
Sara Shakeri and Elham Saadati
Country: NA Page: 46-51 Download: Download Pdf

Heat Transfer Augmentation by using Metallic Nanoparticles at Different Concentrations in a Counter Flow Heat Exchanger
N.Seshaiah and CV Subba Reddy
Country: NA Page: 52-59 Download: Download Pdf

Modeling A New Converter Topology for Hybrid Wind - Solar System
Rahul Akhand and Pawan Pandey
Country: NA Page: 60-65 Download: Download Pdf

Internet of Things in the Oil and Gas Industry
Sudip Das, Dr. Shailendra Kumar Pokhriayal, Dr. Geo Jos Fernandez and Dr. Debesh Chandra Patra
Country: NA Page: 66-69 Download: Download Pdf

Membership Engagement through Membership Participation and Commitment: The Key to Organizational Stability among Professional Organizations
Dr. Maria Cecilia P. Lagaras, CPA
Country: NA Page: 70-81 Download: Download Pdf

To Study the Behaviour of Materials using Conventional Quenching and Nano Quenching
Prof. K.A.Shaikh, Sayyad Inamdar, Md. Hussain Qureshi, Uzer Bidri, Shaikh Zaid and Abu Talha Darji
Country: NA Page: 82-85 Download: Download Pdf

Decoding the Art of Career Management with a View to Unravel the Different Layers of Work-Life Balance
Kanchan Bajaj
Country: NA Page: 86-89 Download: Download Pdf

Study on Seismic Performance of Buildings Resting on Sloping Grounds with and without Shear Wall
Keerthi Manasa Kasi, T. Santhosh Kumar and Dr. K.V.G.D. Balaji
Country: NA Page: 90-94 Download: Download Pdf

Software Engineering: Application of Enhanced Testing Methods to Equations
Shirdi Wazeed Baba and K Nikhil Reddy
Country: NA Page: 95-101 Download: Download Pdf

The State of Industrial Accidents in Wood Workshops and Sawmills: The Case of the Western Region of Ghana
Job Ewudzie, John Gemadzie and Harold Adjarko
Country: NA Page: 102-114 Download: Download Pdf

A Literature Review on Employee Engagement and other Construct
Bulbul Kar and Dr Biswadeep Mishra
Country: NA Page: 115-119 Download: Download Pdf

Text Fusion in Images using Gabor Filter
Gurveer Kaur and Manish Mittal
Country: NA Page: 120-123 Download: Download Pdf

The Raison D'être for Intake- Enrolment Gaps in Engineering Colleges- An Investigation through Servqual Analysis
Priyodarshini Dhar and Prof. Samirendra Nath Dhar
Country: NA Page: 124-132 Download: Download Pdf

An Assessment of Online Application and Registration System of AMA, Kingdom of Bahrain
Redha J. Shaker
Country: NA Page: 133-140 Download: Download Pdf

An Analysis of Factors that Influence Training and Development among Employees in Retail Industries
Arutchelvi G, Tripati D K, Logaprabhu A and Sharma M K
Country: NA Page: 141-147 Download: Download Pdf

A Cloud-based Web Crawler Architecture
Poonam Maheshwar
Country: NA Page: 148-152 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Entrepreneurship Development on India
Dr. Aditya Lal
Country: NA Page: 153-156 Download: Download Pdf

Investigating Hedonic and Utilitarian Shopping Values in Consumer Shopping Behavior and Attitude at Airports
Sara Shakeri and Hamideh Zamiri Mehrabani
Country: NA Page: 157-161 Download: Download Pdf

Does Work Life Balance Matter? An Exposition in the Present Era
Shivani Kushwaha
Country: NA Page: 162-167 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Attitude of Female Students on Legalization of Abortion in Jimma University College of Natural Science
Agatamudi Lakshmana Rao and Abeyazid Abatemam
Country: NA Page: 168-177 Download: Download Pdf

Data Staging Algorithm in Clouds
Sagar Prabhakar Mali
Country: NA Page: 178-180 Download: Download Pdf

Modelling and Analysis of Double Girder Gantry Crane
M.Amareswari Reddy and M.N.V.Krishnaveni
Country: NA Page: 181-184 Download: Download Pdf

Fragility of English & Freedom of Expression
Saurabh Gupta
Country: NA Page: 185-192 Download: Download Pdf

Ethics in ERP Implementation: A Critical Review of Some Factors
Dr. Shankar Chaudhary
Country: NA Page: 193-196 Download: Download Pdf

Evaluation Mechanism of Faculties in Higher Academic Institutions: A Review
Seema Singh and Dr. Anurika Vaish
Country: NA Page: 197-204 Download: Download Pdf

Content Based Video Retrieval – Concept & Applications – A Review Paper
Sweta G. Phegade and Kalyani N. Neve
Country: NA Page: 205-208 Download: Download Pdf

Financial Literacy among Rural Households in Coastal Districts of Andhra Pradesh
Dr. T.V.V. Phani Kumar
Country: NA Page: 209-216 Download: Download Pdf

Skill Development and Employment Generation in India
Dr. Neetu Mishra
Country: NA Page: 217-224 Download: Download Pdf

Visibility Analysis for Video Surveillance
K. Sumalatha and Mr. M. Sreenath Reddy, M.E
Country: NA Page: 225-229 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Study of Effect of Friction Factor on Flat-Plate Solar Air Heater having Roughened (Rhombus Shape) Absorber Plate
Pankaj Kumar, Dr. S.C.Roy and Dr. M.K.Paswan
Country: NA Page: 230-238 Download: Download Pdf

GREEN HRM: A Requirement for 21st Century
Dr. Swaty and Silky Madan
Country: NA Page: 239-243 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Evaluation of ECG signal using Frequency, Time-frequency and Feature Vector ECG Signal Analysis (FVESA)
D.Shravani, G.Gayatri and S.Balaramamurty
Country: NA Page: 244-247 Download: Download Pdf

A study on Entrepreneurial Motivation of Unemployed Graduates
S.Ragavan and Dr. G.Udayasuriyan
Country: NA Page: 248-251 Download: Download Pdf

CFD Analysis of Solar Heater Duct Roughened Artificially with V-Ribs with Symmetrical Gaps
Mithun Siloriya, Ganesh Nimbhore and Sanjiv Yadav
Country: NA Page: 252-256 Download: Download Pdf

Survey Paper on REMO with Replication
Mr. Manoj V.Mohite, Prof. Y.S.Patil and Prof. D.D.Patil
Country: NA Page: 257-261 Download: Download Pdf

Manufacturing and Design of Single Cavity Pressure Die Casting Die with CAD/CAM
Mukesh Kumar Singh
Country: NA Page: 262-273 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation of 32 bit RISC Processor on Spartan 6 FPGA
Pranjali S. Kelgaonkar and Prof. Shilpa Kodgire
Country: NA Page: 274-277 Download: Download Pdf

Application of Operational Research as a Management Tool in Hospitals- A Systemic Review
Monika Deol and Laveena
Country: NA Page: 278-286 Download: Download Pdf

Heavy Metals Removal by Nickel-Oxide Nanoparticles Synthesised by Lemon Juice Extract
Ashish Panji, L. Udaya Simha and B.M. Nagabhushana
Country: NA Page: 287-291 Download: Download Pdf

Comparison of Error Diffusion Block Truncation Coding with Block Truncation Coding Technique
Devi S and Ajai Mathew
Country: NA Page: 292-294 Download: Download Pdf

Literature Survey: Wimax
Neha Belwal and Govind Singh Jethi
Country: NA Page: 295-298 Download: Download Pdf

Employee Awareness on Social Engineering Information Security Threats: The Indian Banking Context
Nisha Ann Jacob and Dr. George V. Antony
Country: NA Page: 299-302 Download: Download Pdf

Importance of Innovative HR Practices in Controlling Employee withdrawal Behaviors
Manu Melwin Joy
Country: NA Page: 303-306 Download: Download Pdf

A Detailed Study on Attributes, Variable Characterization and Future Consequences in Smooth Maps and Manifolds
Dr. Arman Taqvi and Mrs. Shailja Dubey
Country: NA Page: 307-310 Download: Download Pdf

Indonesia Stock Exchange Composite Modelling With Gaussian Copula Marginal Regression
Darwis, Bagus Sartono and Aji Hamim Wigena
Country: NA Page: 311-314 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Evaluation of Circular Heat Pipe using (CuO+BN)/H2O Hybrid Nanofluid
Ashish Chaudhari and S.Y.Bhosale
Country: NA Page: 315-321 Download: Download Pdf

A Direct method to obtain Optimal Solution for Assignment Problem
A. Seethalakshmy, N. Srinivasan and D. Iranian
Country: NA Page: 322-326 Download: Download Pdf

Partial Least Square Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) with Biner Data (Case Study: Knowledge Creation on Dairy Cooperative in Indonesia)
Riwi Dyah Pangesti, I Made Sumertajaya and Anggraini Sukmawati
Country: NA Page: 327-332 Download: Download Pdf

The Application of Cluster Analysis for Incomplete Data with OCS and NPS Methods
Rahmawati Eka Handayani, Erfiani and Utami Dyah Syafitri
Country: NA Page: 333-338 Download: Download Pdf

Automatic Patch Detection
Lucy Powell and KG Satheeshkumar
Country: NA Page: 339-343 Download: Download Pdf

Foreign Exchange Risk Management: Review of Exchange Rate Forecasting Models for use of Banks & its Customers in India
Ashutosh Kumar Jha, Supriya Jha and D.K.Ghosh
Country: NA Page: 344-349 Download: Download Pdf

To Study, Analysis & Optimization the Inventory Cost by using Genetic Algorithm
Mohd. Aman, Prabhat Kumar Sinha and Nikhilesh N Singh
Country: NA Page: 350-356 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Hydrodynamic Fluid Lubrication in Strip Drawing Process at Inlet Zone
Dharmendra Kumar Tiwari and PrabhatKumar Sinha
Country: NA Page: 357-360 Download: Download Pdf

A Brief Review on High Performance Concrete
Banudasan.K, Sasikala.S, Mariasusai.M, Indiragandhi.T, Dharmalingam.T, Kandasamy.S and Kamalnath.M
Country: NA Page: 361-363 Download: Download Pdf

A Brief Review on Fatigue
Marimuthu.A, Punithavathy.U, Geetha.V, Geethapriya.S, Nagarajan.S and Yahaiya Abdul Kapoor.P
Country: NA Page: 364-366 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Fly Ash in Concrete
Ravikumar.V, Vijayakumar.G, Dharmarajan.R, Kannadason.R, Thenmolli.K.L and Ramaprabha.N
Country: NA Page: 367-370 Download: Download Pdf

Exploration of Safety Concerns in Purchase Behaviour for Cosmetics Products
Prof (Dr.) D. S. Chaubey, Nutan Tripathi and Dr. Durgesh Mani Tripathi
Country: NA Page: 371-379 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Consumer Attitudes towards Green Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) (With Special Reference to Tiruchirapalli Town)
Dr. T.Unnamalai
Country: NA Page: 380-389 Download: Download Pdf

Reliability Improvement by the up gradation of Distribution Switches
Country: NA Page: 390-398 Download: Download Pdf

Fingerprint Recognition using Combined Feature Vector
V.Sireesha and K.Sandhyarani
Country: NA Page: 399-405 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Evaluation of an FMS with Alternative Machines using Flexsim Simulation Software
Dr. M.V.SatishKumar, G.Sanjeev, K.Amarnath and S.VamshiKrishna
Country: NA Page: 406-413 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Investigation of Nano Cutting Fluids as a Sustainable Cooling Technique in Turning Operation
Raghvendra Singh and Dr. M. K. Pal
Country: NA Page: 414-421 Download: Download Pdf

Earthquake Vibration Control Using Modified Framed Shear Wall
ParmodSharan and Balwan
Country: NA Page: 422-432 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Security Issues in Cloud Connected Vehicles within Cloud Security Threats and Computing Challenges
Dr. S.K. Singh
Country: NA Page: 433-437 Download: Download Pdf

Review on Electrostatic Accelerometer
Pinki Rani and Munna Devi
Country: NA Page: 438-441 Download: Download Pdf

A Brief Review on Light Weight Material used in Construction
M.Uppiliyappan and K.Tamilvanan
Country: NA Page: 442-444 Download: Download Pdf

Performance of Reinforced Concrete Bridges during Earthquake - A Review
Nishant Sharma and Parmod Kumar
Country: NA Page: 445-449 Download: Download Pdf

Comparison & Optimization of Cutting Process Parameters in turning using Taguchi Method
Manish Kumar and Dr. (Mrs.) Shiena Shekhar
Country: NA Page: 450-455 Download: Download Pdf

An Implementation of 9-Level MLI using IPD-Topology for Harmonic Reduction
Harish Tata and Prof. Meha Shrivastava
Country: NA Page: 456-460 Download: Download Pdf

ZVS and ZCS DC/DC Converter Fed DC Motor Drive
Mohammed Zaheer Khan and G.Kishor
Country: NA Page: 461-466 Download: Download Pdf

Composite Patch With Elliptical Ground Microstrip Patch Antenna
Bhupendra Kumar Shukla and Dr. R. K. Baghel
Country: NA Page: 467-469 Download: Download Pdf

A Litrature Review on Golay Code Encoder and Decoder in Digital Communication
Tanu Jain and Prof. Shivendra Singh
Country: NA Page: 470-473 Download: Download Pdf

Human Rource Management Practices: an Analytical Investigation of Recent Literature
Laxmi Rajak and Dr. Kushendra Mishra
Country: NA Page: 474-476 Download: Download Pdf

Phytotoxicity of Arsenic Compound on Hordeum Vulgare (L.) Seedlings
Everest Shiwach and Sandeep Kumar
Country: NA Page: 477-480 Download: Download Pdf

Evaluation and Estimation of Reliability Characteristics of some System Configurations with Linearly Increasing Hazard Rates and Type II Censored Samples
P. K. Gupta and Jaideep Goel
Country: NA Page: 481-500 Download: Download Pdf

Social Movements
Dr. Jai Kumar Saroha
Country: NA Page: 501-503 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Solar Water Heater Based On Phase Change Material
Sukhwinder Singh and Er. Krishan Kumar
Country: NA Page: 504-508 Download: Download Pdf