Volume-6 Issue-5 (October 2016)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Creating Entrepreneurship in Skill based Educational Institutes in Western Maharashtra
Brijesh Deore and Kala K
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Experimental Study of Effect of Different Size of Roughened Elements (Rhombus Shape) on Thermal Performance of Roughened Flat-Plate Solar Air Heater
Pankaj Kumar, Dr. S.C. Roy and Dr. M.K. Paswan
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Neuromarketing: Identifying and Satisfying Consumers’ Latent Wants – A Review
K. Hari Krishnan, Joseph Jeya Anand and Saju B
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A Review on the Evaluation of Training Programs and the Performance of the Employee
D. Prasana and Dr. S. Anthony Raj
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To Start Fight to Improve the Fossilized, Capitalist Systems of the Country and Establish the Equality
Dr. Ravindra Kumar
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Women with Phoenix Attitude for Life Management
Dr. K.Latha
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A Study on Business Profile and Role of EEPC for Engineering Goods Exporters in Southern States of India
Dr. A.Muthusamy and S.Karpagalakshmi
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Food Insecurity in Orissa; Can NREGA be Able to Solve it?
Dr. Sanjukta Das and Rajesh K. Sahu
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Statistical Analysis of Factors Affecting Wheat Production A Case Study at Walmara Woreda
Agatamudi Lakshmana Rao and Hirko Ketema
Country: NA Page: 43-53 Download: Download Pdf

Sustaining Globalization in an Environment of Rising Nationalism
Dr. K. R. Subramanian and Prof. (Dr.) D.S. Chaubey
Country: NA Page: 54-60 Download: Download Pdf

A Review of Tuning Method for Cascade Control
Somnath Garai, Rijoy Maity, Swarnib Das, Samprit Chakraborty and Shubhrajit Ghosh
Country: NA Page: 61-69 Download: Download Pdf

Thermal Analysis of a Transformer as an Electrical Machine
Oti Stephen Ejiofor, Akpama E.J. and Nnadi Damian Benneth
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A Study on Detection analysis of Sophisticated Cyber Threats & its Response
Swarup Kumar Deo and Pradeep Kumar Mahapatro
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Critical Review on Bricks
Manish Kumar Sahu, Lokesh Singh and Suchi Nag Choudhary
Country: NA Page: 80-88 Download: Download Pdf

A Simple Method of Finding the Optimal Solution for Maximization in an Unbalanced Transportation Problem
S.Cynthiya Margaret Indrani and Dr.N.Srinivasan
Country: NA Page: 89-94 Download: Download Pdf

Assimilation of Web Ministration with Circulated Applications
Veerendra kumar Sahu, P.Kiran and K.Santosh Ch. Rao
Country: NA Page: 95-100 Download: Download Pdf

Robust & Reliable AoDV for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
Shilpi Biswas and Raj Tiwari
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Tourism in Uttarakhand an Opportunity and Opportunity Take by Kumaun Motor Owners Union Limited
Dr Bhaskar Singh Bisht
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Li-Fi - A Light Leading to Faster Technology
Sandipana Das and Bhavani Sankar Panda
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Application of Regression Tree in Salary Estimation of Team Players in Final of European Football Championship 2016
Yulisman Zega, Bagus Sartono and Agus Mohamad Soleh
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Parametric Analysis and Topological Studies on Differential Manifolds and Smooth Maps
Dr. Arman Taqvi and Shailja Dubey
Country: NA Page: 123-126 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Investigation of Pressure Drop Characteristics of flow through Circular Tube fitted with Regularly-spaced Twisted Tape
Prof. Naresh N. Bhaiswar
Country: NA Page: 127-129 Download: Download Pdf

Stress and Strain Analysis of Rotating FGM Thick Truncated Conical Pressure Vessel by Multilayer Modelling
Dr. Jeetendra Tiwari, Hari Ram Chandrakar and Chailendra Kumar
Country: NA Page: 130-136 Download: Download Pdf

A Brief Review on Seismic And Cracks
Divakaran.K and Jose Ravindra Raj.B
Country: NA Page: 137-139 Download: Download Pdf

A Brief Review on Self Compacting Concrete
B.Gopalakrishnan and P.Chandru
Country: NA Page: 140-141 Download: Download Pdf

A Brief Review on Biocement based Concrete
K.Veerappan and P.Chandru
Country: NA Page: 142-144 Download: Download Pdf

A Brief Review on GGBFS and Thermocol Concrete
Elamurugu.P and Vijaya Sarathy.R
Country: NA Page: 145-147 Download: Download Pdf

A Brief Review on Nano Minerals
Velmurugan.P and Vijaya Sarathy.R
Country: NA Page: 148-150 Download: Download Pdf

A Brief Review on Ultra High Performance Concrete
Prabu.K and Jose Ravindra Raj.B
Country: NA Page: 151-154 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on Waste Materials based Geo-Polymer Concrete
Gladwin Vimal Raj.P and R.Vijaya Sarathy
Country: NA Page: 155-159 Download: Download Pdf

Cube Strength of Partial Replacement of Cement with Glass Powder on Concrete
Benazir Sherin.M and Chandru.P
Country: NA Page: 160-162 Download: Download Pdf

Phosphogypsum Concrete with Steel Fiber- A Review
Jahir Hussain .S and Jeyakumar.D
Country: NA Page: 163-166 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Stainless Steel in Concrete for its Various Usages
Jayaraj Xavier.N and Jose Ravindra Raj.B
Country: NA Page: 167-169 Download: Download Pdf

Linux Virtual Server (LVS)
Nikhilesh mund and Prodip Mistry
Country: NA Page: 170-177 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Social Media on Elections “An Analytical Study of Influence of Social Media on the Loksabha Elections 2014”
Vivek Mishra and Prof. (Dr.) Satish Kulhari
Country: NA Page: 178-183 Download: Download Pdf

Role of Individual Differences in Employee Engagement- A Select Study among Faculty of Higher Education Institutes
P.Hima Bindu and Dr. B. Muralidhar
Country: NA Page: 184-192 Download: Download Pdf

Online Implementation of Least Error Square Method For Frequency And Amplitude Estimation of Power Signal Using MATLAB
Rohini Haridas
Country: NA Page: 193-198 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation Program of Computerized Maintenance Management Information System in a Fertilizer Plant
Rajiv Kumar
Country: NA Page: 199-202 Download: Download Pdf

Big Data Analysis and Challenges
Srinivash Das, Umesh Chandra Bhuyun, Bhavani Shankar Panda and Sambeet Patro
Country: NA Page: 203-207 Download: Download Pdf

Energy: The Sustaining Need of Indian Steel Industries and its Management
Naresh Prasad Choudhary and Pankaj Kumar
Country: NA Page: 208-210 Download: Download Pdf

Seismic Performance of Single Pier Building-A Review
Hariharan.S and Jose Ravindra Raj.B
Country: NA Page: 211-213 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on Geopolymer Concrete
Country: NA Page: 214-217 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis and Design of Superstructure - Earthquake Resistant Bridge –A Review
A.Abdulhameed and P. Chandru
Country: NA Page: 218-220 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Analysis of Sub-Structure of Bridge-A Review
M.Prabu and R.Vijayasarathy
Country: NA Page: 221-225 Download: Download Pdf

Application of Structural Equation Modeling – Generalized Structured Component Analysis (SEM - GESCA) (Case Study: Multiple Intelligences SMAN 1 Rumpin-Bogor)
Muh Idham Kurniawan, Erfiani and Aji Hamim Wigena
Country: NA Page: 226-232 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Impact of Online Advertising
L. Kiruthika, M. Nirmala2, D.Guna Nandhini, S. Gayathri, N. Vinitha and Mudliyar Hema Latha Shanmugam
Country: NA Page: 233-238 Download: Download Pdf

Cloud Computing: Threat’s in Business Data Security
Suraj Kumar Sahu and Pradeep Kumar Mahapatro
Country: NA Page: 239-242 Download: Download Pdf

Trends and Pattern of Human Development Index in North East India
Country: NA Page: 243-246 Download: Download Pdf

Kinetic Modeling of Drilling Mud Treated with Local (Cassava) and Imported Polymers
Harry, T.F., Oduola, K., Ademiluyi, F.T. and Joel, O.F.
Country: NA Page: 247-256 Download: Download Pdf

Microstructure and Mechanical Behaviour of A356/SiC/MoS2 Hybrid Composites for an IC Engine Block Application
S. Mohamed Jameen
Country: NA Page: 257-261 Download: Download Pdf

Factors Causing Variation Orders in Construction Projects in Gaza Strip (Case Study: Qatar Projects)
Mohammed A. Albhaisi, Bassam A. Tayeh and Khalid El-Hallaq
Country: NA Page: 262-270 Download: Download Pdf

Revelation of Consolidated Web Services and Architecture Framework
Vijay Kumar Prodhan, B. Shankar and Bhavani Sankar Panda
Country: NA Page: 271-277 Download: Download Pdf

Methods of Evaluating Investment Proposals
Sonia Goyat and Amandeep Nain
Country: NA Page: 278-280 Download: Download Pdf

Hadoop File Management System
Swaraj Pritam Padhy and Sashi Bhusan Maharana
Country: NA Page: 281-286 Download: Download Pdf

Hydrogen Production Bycatalytic Coal Steam Gasification Process
Menderes Levent, Özkan Küçük and Turan Çalban
Country: NA Page: 287-301 Download: Download Pdf

A New Method to Find Initial Basic Feasible Solution to Transportation Problem
D.L.Yamini Latha and Dr. N.Srinivasan
Country: NA Page: 302-305 Download: Download Pdf

Effective Data Visualization using Tableau
DebasisPati and A.Avinash
Country: NA Page: 306-313 Download: Download Pdf

The Influence of Innovation Strategies on High Performance Work System among Bank Employees in Chennai
P. Rajinikanth and Dr. C.Samudhrarajakumar
Country: NA Page: 314-316 Download: Download Pdf

Financial Inclusion through Social Banking in India
Partha Sarathi Senapati
Country: NA Page: 317-321 Download: Download Pdf

Employee Attrition and Software Industry
Manoj Madhav Chavare and Dr. Zartaj Kasmi
Country: NA Page: 322-324 Download: Download Pdf

On Your Own: An Oyo Story A Case Study
Dr. Subodh Kesharwani and Vivek Kumar
Country: NA Page: 325-331 Download: Download Pdf

Traditional Wisdom in Indian Entrepreneurship - A Case Study on Patanjali
Dr. Meda Srinivasa Rao and Cristina Mary Alexander
Country: NA Page: 332-338 Download: Download Pdf

Role of Different Cryptographic Algorithms in Information Security on Web
Sonali Pradhan and Chandan Kumar Giri
Country: NA Page: 339-345 Download: Download Pdf

Estimation of Coda Wave Attenuation Quality Factor from Seismogram of Local Earthquake
Md. Omar Faruk and Md. Saiful Islam
Country: NA Page: 346-350 Download: Download Pdf

Security Issues, Challenges and Solutions for E-Commerce Applications over Web
MimansaGantayat and Chandan Kumar Giri
Country: NA Page: 351-357 Download: Download Pdf

A Comparative Study on Distributing Three-hop Routing Protocols for Increasing Capacity of Hybrid Wireless Networks
Kengua Saranya and Sambeet Patro
Country: NA Page: 358-363 Download: Download Pdf

Employee Engagement as a Contemporary Issue in HRM--A Conceptual Framework
Yuvika Singh
Country: NA Page: 364-368 Download: Download Pdf

A Study of Relationship between Job Characteristics and Organisational Commitment among Private Sectors, Cuddalore
S.Thirunavukarasu and Dr. R.Sritharan
Country: NA Page: 369-371 Download: Download Pdf

Development of a Tourist Attraction – A Case Study of the Sacred Grove, Holiyechirai in Goa
Derek Monteiro and Dr. Dayanand M. S
Country: NA Page: 372-382 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Non Performing Assets on the Profitability of Public Sector Banks of India
Omid Sharifi and Javaid Akhter
Country: NA Page: 383-388 Download: Download Pdf

Application of Taguchi Method to Study the Effects of Process Parameters on the Hardness of Composite Material Al 6063 and SiC
Brahm Raj Singh, Dheeraj Kumar Verma and Mohd. Asghar Zaidi
Country: NA Page: 389-392 Download: Download Pdf

Marketing Strategies of FMCG Companies - A Study on Factors Influencing Buying Food, Health and Beverages in Mysore
C.Somashekar and Dr. A.Kaboor
Country: NA Page: 393-397 Download: Download Pdf

Contributory Factors to the Dropout Rates on National Program – Civic Welfare Training Service Course in Baguio City, Republic of the Philippines
Dr. Steve Salamat Guansi
Country: NA Page: 398-408 Download: Download Pdf

Sentiment Analysis by Three Side Review for Text Messages using Trust Based Collective View Prediction
S.Kalaivani and S.Jayamoorthy
Country: NA Page: 409-414 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Substitution of SIO2 on Electrical Conductivity of LI2O:B2O3 System
Prof. M.D.Mehare
Country: NA Page: 415-417 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Heart Rate Variability Linked with Autonomic Nervous System
Ashis Kumar Das and Suman Halder
Country: NA Page: 418-426 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Study of Gravel Suspension Properties of Hydroxyethyl Cellulose and Xanthan Gravel Pack Fluids
John A.O., Joel O.F. and Chukwuma F.O.
Country: NA Page: 427-234 Download: Download Pdf

Comparison of Single Stage & Two Stage Conversion of PV System for VSI Fed Induction Motor Drive under Varying Temperature and Irradiance using LabVIEW
B.Venkata Ramana Reddy and M.Abid Nayeemuddin
Country: NA Page: 435-440 Download: Download Pdf

Smart Grid-An Approach of Integrating Conventional and Distributed Generation System
E.Vamsi and Dr. G. Satheesh
Country: NA Page: 441-444 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Study of VDRPWM Algorithm based Direct Torque Controlled Open-End Winding Induction Motor
Karthik Reddy.C, Satheesh.G and T.Brahmananda Reddy
Country: NA Page: 445-449 Download: Download Pdf

Structural Analysis Comparison between Linear Slots and Curve Slots of Ventilated Disc Brake for Different Speed Limits through Ansys 15.0.7.
Vivek Kumar and Anshuka Srivastava
Country: NA Page: 450-461 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Analysis of Combined (ZVS, ZCS) DC-DC Converter
Mohammed Zaheer Khan and G.Kishor
Country: NA Page: 462-469 Download: Download Pdf

NPA (Non Performing Asset) in Indian Banking Industry: The Disease & its Cure
Sumit Khanna and Parul Maurya
Country: NA Page: 470-479 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Frequency Deviation by Integrating Conventional and Distributed Generation System
E.Vamsi and Dr. G.Satheesh
Country: NA Page: 480-484 Download: Download Pdf

Non-Conventional Multilevel Inverter Topology with Reduced Number of Switches for PV Applications using Staircase PWM Technique
P.Bharani and B.Urmila
Country: NA Page: 485-491 Download: Download Pdf

Security Enhancement of Data in Cloud using Fragmentation and Replication
P.D. Patni and Dr. S.N.Kakarwal
Country: NA Page: 492-497 Download: Download Pdf

Maximum Power Point Tracking of PV Array at Partially Shaded Conditions using Matlab
Munimadugu Nagarjuna and G. Siddha Reddy
Country: NA Page: 498-502 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Dual Inverter Fed Open-End Winding Induction Motor Drives
J. Prakash
Country: NA Page: 503-510 Download: Download Pdf

Simulation of High Step-Up DC-DC Converter with Voltage Multiplier Module Fed with Induction Motor
M.Vasudha and B.Amarnath Naidu
Country: NA Page: 511-517 Download: Download Pdf

Grid Connected Solar Power Generation System with a Multi-Level Inverter by using Fuzzy logic Controller
B.Sneha Sree and Smt. G.Haritha
Country: NA Page: 518-526 Download: Download Pdf

Exploring Communications Management System in Management and Construction Sector: A Review for Research and Applications
Atheer M. Tufiq & Firas Kh. Jaber
Country: NA Page: 527-538 Download: Download Pdf

Solar Power Remote Monitoring using Labview
O.Bhulakshmi Devi
Country: NA Page: 539-542 Download: Download Pdf

To Know the Awareness of Demat Account & Share Market among Youth of India with Special Reference to Punjab
Shubham Bansal and Ajay Jain
Country: NA Page: 539-549 Download: Download Pdf

Causes and Remedies on Concrete Cracks-A Review
Vinoth .T, Rahimunissa .A, Manikandeswari.S, Valavan.E, Vadivel.P and Thangam.D
Country: NA Page: 550-551 Download: Download Pdf

Special Issue on the Internet of Things and its Application
Jyoti Shekhawat
Country: NA Page: 552-556 Download: Download Pdf

Widening of economic status in India: A rural-urban disparity
Pallavi Mathur and Prof.(Dr.) Parul Agarwal
Country: NA Page: 557-560 Download: Download Pdf

Globalization and Internet Sex
Dr. Prateet Kumar
Country: NA Page: 561-562 Download: Download Pdf

Human Rights under Indian Constitution
Rajeev Kumar
Country: NA Page: 563-564 Download: Download Pdf

Identification of Suitable Site for Landfill Construction using Remote Sensing and GIS
Ruchin Agrawal and Gaurav Srivastava
Country: NA Page: 565-569 Download: Download Pdf

Practices of Yoga: Revitalize Mind & Body
Dr. Chitra Singh Tomar
Country: NA Page: 570-573 Download: Download Pdf

The Political Awareness among Youth
Dr. J. K. Saroha
Country: NA Page: 574-576 Download: Download Pdf

A Review of Heavy Metals Toxicological Studies on Mangur (Clarias batrachus) Fish
Kapil Kumar
Country: NA Page: 577-583 Download: Download Pdf