Volume-7 Issue-2 (April 2017)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Application of Capital Asset Pricing Model in Indian Stock Market
Deepali Ratra
Country: NA Page: 1-7 Download: Download Pdf

A Cluster Based Selective Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Technique for Cognitive Radio Network
Mamjuda Hussain and Pratyush Tripathi
Country: NA Page: 8-12 Download: Download Pdf

A Direct Torque Controlled Doubly-Fed Induction Motor with MPPT Enabled PV for Wide Constant Torque Region Operation
Sheenu VS and Jomole Joseph P
Country: NA Page: 13-17 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Equipment Maintenance Operation and Repair in a Construction Industry
Premjith.S.P and Monisha Manoharan
Country: NA Page: 18-23 Download: Download Pdf

Authorized Data Deduplication Using Hybrid Cloud
Muhammed Noushad K, Ashwini Sasi, Jusammila MK, Megha CM and Happy A
Country: NA Page: 24-28 Download: Download Pdf

Bayesian Estimation of Continuous Change Point in Exponential Distribution
Dr. Mayuri M. Pandya and Ami Mehta
Country: NA Page: 29-32 Download: Download Pdf

Cloud Based Pos with Online Purchase
Midhun Mohan, Sreelakshmi Varma, R, Lavanya K M, Nabeela M, Nandini Bhaskaran and Prabhu M
Country: NA Page: 33-47 Download: Download Pdf

Cyber Crimes Becoming Threat to Cyber Security
Dr. Latika Kharb
Country: NA Page: 48-51 Download: Download Pdf

Effective Application of Building Information Modeling in Construction
Akhilasree D G and Dr. T R Sethu Raman
Country: NA Page: 52-57 Download: Download Pdf

Key Aggregate Cryptosystem
Aiswarya R,Aiswarya Ramnadh, Aravind Krishnan M.P, Arunima M, Athira M.G and Kavitha S
Country: NA Page: 58-60 Download: Download Pdf

Measurement of Factors of Quality of Work Life of Executives Working in MNCS with Special Reference to Delhi-NCR
Archna Sukhija
Country: NA Page: 61-69 Download: Download Pdf

Pre Processing Techniques for Arabic Documents Clustering
Mohammed Alhanjouri
Country: NA Page: 70-79 Download: Download Pdf

Privacy Preserving Public Auditing of Shared Data in Cloud (PPPA)
Aswathy K S, Karthika N, Neeraja M R, Sneha K S and Kavitha S
Country: NA Page: 80-84 Download: Download Pdf

Product Promotion in an Era of Shrinking Attention Span
Dr. K. R. Subramanian
Country: NA Page: 85-91 Download: Download Pdf

Project Management and its Effects of Quality Control in Construction Sector
Preethi S and Monisha Manoharan
Country: NA Page: 92-96 Download: Download Pdf

Smart Helmet for Safe Ride
Anjali Jain, Saurabh Pathak, Parth Trivedi, Nandkishor Menson, Surendra Vishwakarma and Ajay Meena
Country: NA Page: 97-100 Download: Download Pdf

Student Teacher Interactive Platform
Arjun Ramachandran, Baiju A B, Hilma T Raj, Shabana T S, Vibin K V and Saneesh Mohammed N
Country: NA Page: 101-105 Download: Download Pdf

Optimization of Resources in Highway Construction
Vishnuraj RG and Vishak MS
Country: NA Page: 106-110 Download: Download Pdf

An Overview of Entertainment and Media Industry in Special Reference of FDI
Dr. Shweta Gupta
Country: NA Page: 111-114 Download: Download Pdf

Role of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Effectiveness
Dr. Muktak Vyas
Country: NA Page: 115-119 Download: Download Pdf

Indoor Localization
Sudheesh K, Nidhin Krishna K, Aparna Krishnan P, Susmitha K, Swathy Mol S and Anjali O
Country: NA Page: 120-126 Download: Download Pdf

Fibre Reinforced Pervious Concrete Using Banana Fibre
Aiswarya Gopinath, Amala D, Anjitha G Nath, Drisya Vasudev A and Justin Thomas
Country: NA Page: 127-132 Download: Download Pdf

Challenges for Women Entrepreneur in, India
Nidhi Singh
Country: NA Page: 133-136 Download: Download Pdf

Demonetization in India
RajatSinghal, Sawai Kumar, Shubham Jain and Rajat Nagar
Country: NA Page: 137-138 Download: Download Pdf

Talent Selection (Case Study)
Srihari.S and Dr Suman Pathak
Country: NA Page: 139-142 Download: Download Pdf

Analyzing the Various Factors Affecting Lobour Productivity in Construction Industry
Sajitha.P.Raj, Remmya C.S and Vishak .M.S
Country: NA Page: 143-148 Download: Download Pdf

Virtual City
Habeeba P, Haritha Anil, Mansoor K M, Nikhitha N, Sarang P M and Prabhu M
Country: NA Page: 149-154 Download: Download Pdf

RFID Technology
Neha Gupta
Country: NA Page: 155-158 Download: Download Pdf

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Atul Pandey, Vivek Sharma, Shruti Paanchbhai, Neha Hedaoo and Prof. S.D. Zade
Country: NA Page: 159-161 Download: Download Pdf

Deployment of Big Data and Analytics
Basanna Patagundi, Aparna Shenoy and Uday Tate
Country: NA Page: 162-165 Download: Download Pdf

Comparison of Mother Wavelet for Continuous Wavelet Transformation in Multivariate Calibration Model (Case Study of Gingerol Concentration Data)
Dewi Pujo Ningsih, Erfiani and Aji Hamim Wigena
Country: NA Page: 166-170 Download: Download Pdf

Multi-Way Controlled Robotic Vehicle
Aravindan B, Sakthivel S, Shrinithy K and Kathirvel P
Country: NA Page: 171-174 Download: Download Pdf

Automatic Characters Recognition from a Vehicle Number Plate
V. V. S. Murthy, M. Ramya, R. Kalyan Chakravarthy, M. Ravi and P. Bhavyasree
Country: NA Page: 175-178 Download: Download Pdf

Entrepreneur and Role of an Entrepreneur in Indian Economy
L. Balaji
Country: NA Page: 179-184 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of ICT on Women Entrepreneurs: A Literature Review
Kothapalle Inthiyaz and B.Jayamma2
Country: NA Page: 185-188 Download: Download Pdf

Survey on Microstrip Antenna
Neha Gupta and Devraj Gangwar
Country: NA Page: 189-193 Download: Download Pdf

PAPR Reduction Techniques with Hybrid SLM Partial Transmit Sequence Algorithm for OFDM System
Aisha Siddiqui and PratyushTripathi
Country: NA Page: 194-200 Download: Download Pdf

An Efficient Performance and Security in Mobile Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks
M. Baby Anusha and Gayathri Parasa
Country: NA Page: 201-207 Download: Download Pdf

Entrepreneurship: Issues and Challenges to Women of India
Neha Wadhawan
Country: NA Page: 208-212 Download: Download Pdf

Perception of Passengers about Online Services Offered by Indian Railways with Special Reference to Salem Junction
D. Anbupriya and Dr. S. Subadra
Country: NA Page: 213-220 Download: Download Pdf

Smart Attendance Application
Aakruti Buddhiwant, Mudita Bharkshe, Rushabh Bansod and Mayur Chandekar
Country: NA Page: 221-224 Download: Download Pdf

A Comparative Study of Global Competitiveness for Indian Business and Chinese Business
Dr. Shuchi Gupta
Country: NA Page: 225-232 Download: Download Pdf

Identification of Facial Retouching Using Supervised Deep Learning Algorithm
V.Menaga, K.Mohanaprakash and G.Kalaiarasi
Country: NA Page: 233-236 Download: Download Pdf

Strength Charasteristics of Class F Fly-Ash Based Geo Polymer Concrete
Banudasan .K and Jose Ravindra Raj .B
Country: NA Page: 237-241 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Investigation on Concrete by Replacement of Natural Sand using Steel Slag
Mariasusai.R and Jose Ravindra Raj.B
Country: NA Page: 242-245 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Recycled Aggregate and Iron Slag in Concrete Elements
S. Nagarajan and Jose Ravindra Raj.B
Country: NA Page: 246-248 Download: Download Pdf

Performance of Stainless Steel Slag in Concrete Structures
Sasikala.S and Jose Ravindra Raj.B
Country: NA Page: 249-252 Download: Download Pdf

Detailed Investigation on Concrete Using Lime Sludge from Sugar Industry
Marimuthu .A and Jose Ravindra Raj .B
Country: NA Page: 253-256 Download: Download Pdf

An Approach towards Feature Specific Opinion Mining and Sentimental Analysis Across E-Commerce Websites
Lijisha T, Achana Balakrishnan, Sumayya K S, Arjun P K and Renjith Sunny
Country: NA Page: 257-263 Download: Download Pdf

An Approach towards Feature Specific Opinion Mining and Sentimental Analysis Across E-Commerce Websites
Lijisha T, Archana Balakrishnan, Sumayya K S, Arjun P K and Renjith Sunny
Country: NA Page: 257-263 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Profitability of Paper Industry in Uttarakhand
Manoj Singh Negi and Dr. Hem Chandra Kothari
Country: NA Page: 264-272 Download: Download Pdf

ALEXA-The Thinking Car
Pranali Wankhade, VaishnaviBarad, Pankaj Samarth, Nitesh Singh, Prof. P.S. Prasad and Prof. V. Yadav
Country: NA Page: 273-275 Download: Download Pdf

Digital Water Meter Using Arduino
Kanishk Shrotriya, Manish Jain, Madhur Mittal, Lokesh Yadav and Nidhi Vijay
Country: NA Page: 276-279 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation of Value Engineering in Rooftop Extractor
G.K. Vinay Kumar, Himaanshu Kumaraswamy and Praveen Savdatti
Country: NA Page: 280-284 Download: Download Pdf

IOT Based Heart Attack Detection and Alert System
Ajitha U, Aswathi P A, Aswathi Sasidharan, Muhammed Salman V A, Vishnu Anand and Asha Arvind
Country: NA Page: 285-288 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Comparison of Rankine Cycle using Solar Energy and Supercritical CO2 over Basic Rankine Cycle
Pawan Kumar Agarwal and Amar Preet Singh
Country: NA Page: 289-293 Download: Download Pdf

A Survey on Techniques and Tools of Text Mining
Supreetha Pai and Arathi P
Country: NA Page: 294-296 Download: Download Pdf

Detailed Study and Investigation on Different Types of Cracks and Rectifying by Various Methods
Divakaran.K and Venkatesh.V
Country: NA Page: 297-300 Download: Download Pdf

Effect on Strength Properties of M30 Grade of Concrete by Using Waste Wood Powder as Partial Replacement of Sand
Velmurugan.P and Jose RavindraRraj.B
Country: NA Page: 301-305 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Investigation on Strength Characteristics of Translucent Concrete
K.Veerappan and V.Venkatesh
Country: NA Page: 306-308 Download: Download Pdf

K-Means Clustering based Solution of Sparsity Problem in Rating based Movie Recommendation System
Rahul Shrivastava and Himanshu Singh
Country: NA Page: 309-314 Download: Download Pdf

Overall Analysis and Evaluation of the Kanban Implementation at Kirloskar Brothers Limited, Dewas
Himanshu Singh and Rahul Shrivastava
Country: NA Page: 315-318 Download: Download Pdf

Liberalization: A Critical View
Dr. Prateet Kumar
Country: NA Page: 319-320 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Investigation of EDM Machining Parameters to Machine EN8 Material by using Heat Treated Tool
Anjaneya Acharya, Girija Nandan Arka and Rashmi Ranjan Panda
Country: NA Page: 321-327 Download: Download Pdf

Tensile Strength and Microhardness Behavior of Friction Stir Welded Joints of Magnesium AZ31B-O Alloy
Inderjeet Singh, Ravinder Singh, Gagandeep Singh Sandhu and Farman Khan
Country: NA Page: 328-332 Download: Download Pdf

Capital Structure & Long Term Solvency: A Study on Central Coalfield Limited
Vijay Kumar Sharma
Country: NA Page: 333-339 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Conical Shell Strip Footing Reinforced in Multi-Layered Soil
Tinsa Jose and Joe G Philip
Country: NA Page: 340-344 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Load Carrying Capacity of Ring Footing on Sand Reinforced with Geonet
Litha M Thomas and Joe G Philip
Country: NA Page: 345-350 Download: Download Pdf

A Review of the Changing Dynamics of Talent Acquisition
Dr. Jyotsana Khandelwal and Kamini Rajotia
Country: NA Page: 351-355 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Study of Various Open Source Data Mining Tools
Dileep Kumar Singh
Country: NA Page: 356-358 Download: Download Pdf

A Model for Automated Material Management
K.Soumya Vijaykumar and Linu.T.Kuriakose
Country: NA Page: 359-364 Download: Download Pdf

Wireless Power Transfer to Charge Mobile Devices in Automobile Vehicles by using Solar Energy
Milind P Bhagat and Sanjay L Nalbalwar
Country: NA Page: 365-369 Download: Download Pdf

Manifold Error Recognition and Modification
Dhrisya Krishna, Junaidh T.M, Rinju Saji, Shilpa Chandran and Ashilly N
Country: NA Page: 370-374 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Investigation on Design and Construction of Square Deck Wall using Mordern Techniques
Suresh.V, Jeyakumar.D and Jose Ravindra Raj.B
Country: NA Page: 375-379 Download: Download Pdf

Challenges in Electronic Payment System- A Review
Rajiv Kumar Ranjan
Country: NA Page: 380-384 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Development of a PVC based Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Bathymetry Studies
Narayan Satelkar and Dr. A. S. Todkar
Country: NA Page: 385-389 Download: Download Pdf

Problems in Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) - Applicability, Recovery, Remittance, e-TDS Filing and Certificate Generation
S.S. Murugan and Dr. S. Sekar
Country: NA Page: 390-393 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Dynamic Analysis of RCC Framed Structure for Rectangular Columns
Shital A. Navghare and Amey Khedikar
Country: NA Page: 394-397 Download: Download Pdf

Customer Satisfaction Towards Telcommunication Service Provider - A Study on Reliance JIO
Dr. Gowthami Chinthala, Ms. H.Madhuri and Mr. Kranthi Kumar
Country: NA Page: 398-402 Download: Download Pdf

Raspberry Pi Based Road Sign Recognition System with Additional Safety Parameters Using Image Processing
V.Kumaravel and R.Sharmila gowri
Country: NA Page: 403-407 Download: Download Pdf

Secured Novel Additive Protocol to Rank Multi Keyword Search in Multiple Data Owners in Cloud Computing
Alka Kulkarni and Rohini Bhosale
Country: NA Page: 408-413 Download: Download Pdf

Long Term Durability and Characteristic of Geopolymer Concrete
Vignesh.R, Tamizhazhagan.T and Jose Ravindra Raj.B
Country: NA Page: 414-418 Download: Download Pdf

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Connected to Load
Parshant Sharma and Er. Gurtej Singh
Country: NA Page: 419-428 Download: Download Pdf

Predicting Density in Merge and Diverge Areas Based on their Geometry and Traffic Characteristics using Metaheuristic Procedure
Hamid Behbahani, Sayyed Mohsen Hosseini, Seyed Alireza Samerei and Alireza Taherkhani
Country: NA Page: 429-440 Download: Download Pdf

Predicting Density in Weaving Areas by Developing Trajectory Data-Based Models Using Artificial Neural Network and Particle Swarm Optimization
Hamid Behbahani, Sayyed Mohsen Hosseini, Hemin Asadi and Seyed Alireza Samerei
Country: NA Page: 441-450 Download: Download Pdf

Distributed Generation Systems- Literature Survey
Rupali Devare and S. S Hadpe
Country: NA Page: 451-453 Download: Download Pdf

Assessment of Land Use/Cover Changes in Lower Tesua Subwatershed in Chhattisgarh through Remote Sensing and GIS
Ajay K Singh
Country: NA Page: 454-458 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Quality of Worklife of Employees in Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank with Special Referennce to Y.S.R. District
Kothapalle Inthiyaz
Country: NA Page: 459-466 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation of CIC Filter for Multirate Transmission Systems
Dr. G.V.R. Sagar
Country: NA Page: 467-474 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Product Mix of Private Labels in Packaged Groceries with Reference to Organised Retail Sector in Ernakulam District
Raheesh Babu and Dr. Ambeesh Mon S.
Country: NA Page: 475-478 Download: Download Pdf

Various Task Scheduling Algorithms in Clouds
M.A.Ranjit Kumar, D.Ganesh and V.Harish
Country: NA Page: 479-485 Download: Download Pdf

Examine the Brand Positioning Effects with Reference to Soft Drinks
R.Punniyamoorthy and Ajaay.E
Country: NA Page: 486-489 Download: Download Pdf

Stock Prediction using Neural Networks
Sushma Devi Patel, Daisy Quadros, Vidyullata Patil, Manasi Pawale and Prof. Harsha Saxena
Country: NA Page: 490-493 Download: Download Pdf

The Best Spatial Weight Matrix Order of Radius for GSTARIMA
Fadhlul Mubarak, I Made Sumertajaya and Muhammad Nur Aidi
Country: NA Page: 494-497 Download: Download Pdf

Advancement of Classical Wavelet Network over Artificial Neural Network in Image Compression
Gaurav Bajpai and Pratyush Tripathi
Country: NA Page: 498-504 Download: Download Pdf

A Hardness Survey on AA 6063 over MS 1020 by Friction Surfacing
N.Navaneethakrishnan, M.Goudilyan and E.Arunkumar
Country: NA Page: 505-509 Download: Download Pdf

Interfacing of Humidity Sensor using 8051 Microcontroller
Manish Kumar Navlakha, Rohan Singh, Hritesh Saini, Rishabh Mishra and Saurabh Giri
Country: NA Page: 510-514 Download: Download Pdf

An Efficient Compression Technique for Color Images
Nisar Ahmed and Dr. Syed Abdul Sattar
Country: NA Page: 515-521 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis, Design and Estimation of G +7 Storey Building Structure by using IS Code Methods and by Software's
Imam Usman Shekh, Udaysinh Redekar, Kartar Rathod, Sagar Sabale, Sachin Ghatule, Pranay Khare and N.L.Shelke
Country: NA Page: 522-528 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on Modern Age Antennas
Anjali, Amrit Kaur and Surjit Singh
Country: NA Page: 529-532 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Cutting Parameters in Drilling of EN8 (080M40) Carbon Steel to Obtain Maximum MRR and Minimum Temperature by Using RSM (Under Dry Condition)
B. Pradeep Kumar, Dr. N.V.N. Indra Kiran and S. Phani Kumar
Country: NA Page: 533-539 Download: Download Pdf

Influence of High Performance Working System on Employees’ Attitudes and Behaviour
A. Premkumar and Dr. G. Udayasuriyan
Country: NA Page: 540-543 Download: Download Pdf

Wireless Power Transfer
Sai Pallavi.Akkisetti and Krishnarao.Kundeti
Country: NA Page: 544-546 Download: Download Pdf

Automatic Window System by Sensing Daylight
Varun Dave, Yashashvi Gautam, Shubham Joshi, Vivek Singh and Ajay Bhardwaj
Country: NA Page: 547-549 Download: Download Pdf

The Role of Indian Dances on Indian Culture
Lavanya Rayapureddy and Ramesh Rayapureddy
Country: NA Page: 550-559 Download: Download Pdf

The Role of Indian Ethics and Values
Sanjeevankarpavithra and Sanjeevankarvittal
Country: NA Page: 560-569 Download: Download Pdf

Need of Welfare Measures in Organization
Dr. Y. Venkateswara Rao
Country: NA Page: 570-580 Download: Download Pdf

Water Vending Machine
Manish Navlakha, Imran, Lokendra Singh Rathore and Lovekush Sharma
Country: NA Page: 581-584 Download: Download Pdf

AVR Development Board
Ankush Tandon, Aayush Dubey, Akash Singhal, Ayush Goyal, Gulshan Kumar Goyal and Heena Aggarwal
Country: NA Page: 585-588 Download: Download Pdf

PIC Based Ultrasonic Radar System
Girish Yadav, Ashok Kumar Jangir, Anil Kumar Sharma, Anurag Singh Beniwal and Pankaj Kumar
Country: NA Page: 589-592 Download: Download Pdf

A Bird Eye View on Secure Banking by using Different Image Based Hiding Technique Encryption and Decryption
Garima Gupta and Prof. Sumit Dhariwal
Country: NA Page: 593-598 Download: Download Pdf

Solar Powered Water Pumping System
Rahul Tamoli, Rohit Agrawal, Paras Arora, Vikalp Sharma and Pradeep Kumar Dubey
Country: NA Page: 599-604 Download: Download Pdf

Bayesian Analysis of Various Queue System Model: A Brief Theoretical Review
Jaideep Goel and P. K. Gupta
Country: NA Page: 605-612 Download: Download Pdf

Terrorism Histori City and Counter-Terrorism Policy of India
Dr. Jai Kumar Saroha
Country: NA Page: 613-618 Download: Download Pdf

Higher Education, Its Aims and Quality Concerns
Dr. Chitra Singh Tomar
Country: NA Page: 619-627 Download: Download Pdf