Volume-7 Issue-3 (June 2017)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Impact of Earnings per Share on Market Price of Share with Special Reference to Selected Companies Listed on NSE
Neha Jain and Kanchan Bajaj
Country: NA Page: 1-9 Download: Download Pdf

Observations on Total the Surface Area of the Cuboid and Polygonal Numbers
Pandichelvi .V and Sivakamasundari .P
Country: NA Page: 10-13 Download: Download Pdf

Green Building a Sustainable Approach to Save Energy
Shristee Mishra, Sneha Singh and Ruchira Srivastava
Country: NA Page: 14-20 Download: Download Pdf

BPNN-ADE Algorithm for the Time Series Data Forecasting
Jaya Singh and Pratyush Tripathi
Country: NA Page: 21-27 Download: Download Pdf

Enhancing Productivity Improvement by Line Balancing Techniques
Radha Halagani, Rajesh S M and Reena Y A
Country: NA Page: 28-33 Download: Download Pdf

Morality Based Holistic Approach to Effective Leadership
Neha Wadhawan and Radha Pandit
Country: NA Page: 34-36 Download: Download Pdf

A Comparative Study of Work Life Balance among Higher Education Students in ASEM Courses
Manisha Yadav and Sushma
Country: NA Page: 37-41 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation of Efficient 5:3 & 7:3 Compressors for High Speed and Low-Power Operations
Debika Chaudhuri and Atanu Nag
Country: NA Page: 42-47 Download: Download Pdf

A Service Quality for Five Star Hotel from the Customer Perspective
Sushil Kumar
Country: NA Page: 48-52 Download: Download Pdf

Significance of Training and Hospitality Skills for Hotel Employees
Pradyuman Singh Rathore
Country: NA Page: 53-56 Download: Download Pdf

A Qualitative Study on Workplace Stress: Fight or Flight Response
Shivani Wadhwa and Anuja Thakar
Country: NA Page: 57-61 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Employee Skill Development on Organizational Performance in Banking Industries with Special Reference to Y.S.R. District
Kothapalle Inthiyaz
Country: NA Page: 62-65 Download: Download Pdf

Skill India: Opportunities & Challenges
Abhishek Kumar
Country: NA Page: 66-68 Download: Download Pdf

Review on Fault Tolerance Techniques in Cloud Computing
SatjotKaur and Gurbhej Singh
Country: NA Page: 69-71 Download: Download Pdf

Removal of Black Hole Attack using AODV Protocol in MANET
Manisha Sood and Pooja Rani
Country: NA Page: 72-75 Download: Download Pdf

Sustainable Development through Green Banking – the Way Ahead for Banking Sector
Md. Abdul Razaque and Prof. (Dr.) Niranjan Nayak
Country: NA Page: 76-81 Download: Download Pdf

Cloud Computing-An Emerging Technology and Review of Hybrid Models
Samrity Saini and Sukhdeep Kaur
Country: NA Page: 82-85 Download: Download Pdf

New Approach to Solid Waste Management in India: Use of Economic Instruments
Satish M.K
Country: NA Page: 86-94 Download: Download Pdf

Human Resource Accounting Practices in Private Sector Companies in India (With Special Reference to Infosys)
Dr. Reeta
Country: NA Page: 95-101 Download: Download Pdf

Creating Awareness of Ethical Values in Organisations
Dr. Nidhi Dhawan
Country: NA Page: 102-107 Download: Download Pdf

Mobile Computing – A Review
Manjeet Singh and Ekta Gupta
Country: NA Page: 108-110 Download: Download Pdf

E-HRM: Emerging HR Practices in Private Banks
Dr. Anchal Rastogi and Garima Srivastava
Country: NA Page: 111-116 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Manufacturing Process on Reliability of Bogie Frame
Subhankar Haldar and Ravikant Verma
Country: NA Page: 117-120 Download: Download Pdf

Defects Formation during Friction Stir Welding: A Review
Neetesh Soni, Sangam Chandrashekhar, A. Kumar and V.R. Chary
Country: NA Page: 121-125 Download: Download Pdf

A Survey on Color Models for Image Enhancement
Shaheen and Er. Simranjit Kaur
Country: NA Page: 126-128 Download: Download Pdf

A Study of Employee Involvement and Commonly Followed Practices in the IT Sector in India
Sonali Vaghani
Country: NA Page: 129-132 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Force Affecting in Turning Operation based on MRR
Devendra Verma and Vishnu Rajpuriya
Country: NA Page: 133-136 Download: Download Pdf

Optimization of Hybrid Welding Parameter Analysis Based on Strength
Dikendra Dewangan and Rupendra Kumar Marre
Country: NA Page: 137-139 Download: Download Pdf

Human Capital Management Practices and Employee Productivity: A Conceptual Framework with New Dimensions
Dr.B.S.Patil and Swapna.H.R
Country: NA Page: 140-145 Download: Download Pdf

Security Estimation Framework for Development of Secure Software and Cyber Attacks
Syed Mohd. Shahe Alam, Prof.(Dr.) Sanjay Kumar Singh and Dr. Suhel Ahmad Khan
Country: NA Page: 146-154 Download: Download Pdf

Modelling a Web-Based Campus Geographic Information System for easy location of facilities within a University Campus
Odim M.O., Arekete S.A., Oguntunde B.O. and Ezeigwe E.P
Country: NA Page: 155-159 Download: Download Pdf

Factors Considered for Contractor Evaluation and Selection in Construction Projects
Malini Vijay
Country: NA Page: 160-163 Download: Download Pdf

Reversible Image Data Hiding with Contrast Enhancement
Aiswaria K R, Geo George, Maneesha Murali, Nimitha k, Sangeetha B and Blessy Rapheal
Country: NA Page: 164-171 Download: Download Pdf

Design of Wide Band Antenna using Pentagonal Slot
Ritesh Kumar Dwivedi and Swantantra Tiwari
Country: NA Page: 172-174 Download: Download Pdf

A Survey on different Rotor Fault Detection Methods for Induction Motor
Sandhya Goutam and Prof. Alka Thakur
Country: NA Page: 175-180 Download: Download Pdf

Optimal Placement of Phasor Measurement Unit Considering Zero Injection Buses Using Genetic Algorithm
V. Thriveni and K. Dhananjay Rao
Country: NA Page: 181-188 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on Retail Market of Laptop in Last Part of First Decade of 21st Century
Shuvo Roy Chowdhury
Country: NA Page: 189-198 Download: Download Pdf

Seismic Behaviour of Elevated Water Tank under Different Staging Pattern
Sonali M. Pole and Amey Khedikar
Country: NA Page: 199-205 Download: Download Pdf

Mutual Funds: Types, Analysis & Legal Framework
Bharat Khurana
Country: NA Page: 206-209 Download: Download Pdf

R3BP with Stokes Drag Effect when the Smaller Primary is a Finite Straight Segment and Bigger One is an Oblate Spheroid
Mamta Jain, Dinesh Kumar, Satyendra Kumar Satya and Pardeep Kumar
Country: NA Page: 210-215 Download: Download Pdf

Role of Security and Exchange Board of India on Public Issues
Jyoti Shukla
Country: NA Page: 216-220 Download: Download Pdf

Data Hiding and Security using Steganography
Akshyata and Kajol Jain
Country: NA Page: 221-223 Download: Download Pdf

Strength and Durability of 8M, 10M, 12 M Geo- Polymer Concrete
Selvakumar.S and Jose Ravindra Raj.B
Country: NA Page: 224-227 Download: Download Pdf

Latest Advances in Welding Technology to Lower Cost in Automobile Sector
Nagaraj Raikar, NirajPai Bhale, Amol Patil and Parashuram Nandi
Country: NA Page: 228-232 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of In-Store Aesthetics and Ambience on Consumer Impulse Buying Behavior
Pushpa.A and Dr. C. Samudhra Rajakumar
Country: NA Page: 233-237 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on the Influence of Domicile of Engineering Colleges and Competency Profile of Industrial Aspirants
S Manoharan and Dr. K Arockiam
Country: NA Page: 238-241 Download: Download Pdf

Computational Analysis of a Centrifugal Compressor with Partial Shroud on Tip of the Blade
S. M. Swamy, V. Pandurangadu, V. Naga Prasad Naidu and R. Rama Chandra
Country: NA Page: 242-251 Download: Download Pdf

Tuyere Design & Analysis with Different Material by using CAE Method
Devendra Kumar Rai and Dr. Manoj Kumar Pal
Country: NA Page: 252-258 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Reliance JIO on the Indian Telecom Industry
Noorul Haq
Country: NA Page: 259-263 Download: Download Pdf

Study on Strategies of Digital Marketing Vis a Vis Govt. Initiative
Noorul Haq
Country: NA Page: 264-268 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on Database Security
Shelly and Gurleen Kaur
Country: NA Page: 269-272 Download: Download Pdf

GST: An Understanding for Tax Payer
Teena Hassija
Country: NA Page: 273-277 Download: Download Pdf

CFD Analysis of Thermo Hydraulic Performance of Solar Air Heater Having Roughness of Triangular Cross Section Continuous Ribs on Absorber Plate: A Critical Review
S.R.Bhoyar, Prof. P.P.Patil and Prof. R.Y.patil
Country: NA Page: 278-280 Download: Download Pdf

Corporate Restructuring: A Performance Appraisal of Manufacturing Sector
Bharat Bhatt
Country: NA Page: 281-293 Download: Download Pdf

Design of Wireless Weather Parameters Monitoring System
Karan L Worlikar, Pradip P Salvi, Shardul S Jadhav, Melwyn Kingsley and Sheshmal Shingane
Country: NA Page: 294-299 Download: Download Pdf

Awareness and Attitude of Management Students towards Corporate Social Responsibility (A Study of MBA Students in Bhubaneswar City)
Brijlal Mallik and Dr. Dasarathi Sahu
Country: NA Page: 300-307 Download: Download Pdf

Biometric Security and Threats in Unique Identification Systems
Country: NA Page: 308-311 Download: Download Pdf

Production and Characterisation of Aluminum – Titanium Di Boride Composite Using Powder Metallurgy Technique
Y Hari Babu and D Bhanuchandra Rao
Country: NA Page: 312-317 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Population Growth, Educated Unemployed Youth and Retirement Age Extension in Higher Educational Institutions/Universities of the Country
Dr. Ravindra Kumar
Country: NA Page: 318-320 Download: Download Pdf

Accusation of Computation Skills Enhances Student Human Capital
Dr. K.Parthasarathy, P.M. Shanmuga Priya and J.Jeny Rani Mary
Country: NA Page: 326-333 Download: Download Pdf

A Novel Approach of Multipurpose Vehicle Tracking System using RFID, GPS and GSM Technology
T. Rajesh, K. Lakshmi and S. Gayathri
Country: NA Page: 334-337 Download: Download Pdf

A model for E-Waste Recycling System Case Study in EGYPT
Eng. Hoda Shakra and Dr. Mohamed Awny
Country: NA Page: 338-345 Download: Download Pdf

UWA Communication using MIMO OFDM
Sanjay K. Sharma and Utkarsha Sharma
Country: NA Page: 346-352 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on CRM Practices and its Impact on Customer Retention in Banking Sector
Tarannum Syed and Heena Upadhyay
Country: NA Page: 353-356 Download: Download Pdf

Identifying Feature Stock Price by Considering Most Influential Parameters using Prediction Methods in Indian Stock Exchange (Sensex)
Kalva Sudhakar and Dr. S.Naganjaneyulu
Country: NA Page: 000-000 Download: Download Pdf

Study of Esterification of Waste Cooking Oil using Solid Acid Catalyst Derived from Coconut Coir
Ankush D. Sontakke and Pushpa Jha
Country: NA Page: 363-366 Download: Download Pdf

Digital Simulation and Analysis of Sliding Mode Controller for DC-DC Converter using Simulink
P. Nagasekhara Reddy
Country: NA Page: 367-371 Download: Download Pdf

Challenges in Undergraduate Physics Education: A Interpretive Structural Modeling Approach
Vivek Chhetri
Country: NA Page: 372-378 Download: Download Pdf

Frequent Itemset Mining Algorithms for Knowledge Discovery – A Compendious Review of Various Approaches
Nafisur Rahman and Samar Wazir
Country: NA Page: 379-382 Download: Download Pdf

Factors Effecting the Resistance to Reward System Change of Educational Staff in Bogor Agricultural University
Yunita Febriani, Pudji Muljono and Sukiswo Dirdjosuparto
Country: NA Page: 383-386 Download: Download Pdf

Comparing K-Means and Fuzzy C-Means Clustering (Case: Clustering of Provinces in Indonesia Based on the Indicator of the Health Service in 2015)
Ade Suryani Hamur, Budi Susetyo and Indahwati
Country: NA Page: 387-390 Download: Download Pdf

Feasibility Study on Delay Factors Influencing Construction Projects in India
Sakthi Ganesh G and Divya. T
Country: NA Page: 391-398 Download: Download Pdf

QFT Robust Controller Design for Aircraft Pitch Control
P. Bharat Kumar and P. Sujatha
Country: NA Page: 399-405 Download: Download Pdf

Demonetization Impact on Black Money, Counterfeit Currency and Corruption
Syed Mahmood Ali, Fahmeeda Faiyaz and Prof. Badiuddin Ahmed
Country: NA Page: 406-410 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
N. Selvakumar and Dr. K.Baranidharan
Country: NA Page: 411-420 Download: Download Pdf

A Production Model for Time Dependent Decaying Rate with Probabilistic Demand
P.K. Gupta
Country: NA Page: 421-427 Download: Download Pdf

Parametric Optimization on EDM by Employing Taguchi Design of Experiment and ANOVA Method
Amardeep Kumar and Avnish Kumar Panigrahi
Country: NA Page: 428-435 Download: Download Pdf

Enhancement of Routing Discovery and Data Sending Efficiency using Hybrid Based Approach
Imanshu Garg, Harjeet Singh and Navdeep Choudhary
Country: NA Page: 436-440 Download: Download Pdf

An Empirical Study on Marketing Challenges Faced by Health Insurance Sector
Jaya Nema and Dr. Rajendra Jain
Country: NA Page: 441-446 Download: Download Pdf

Probability of Adoption of Internet Banking
Dr. K. Niranjanaa Devi and Ajithan .D.S
Country: NA Page: 447-449 Download: Download Pdf

Parametric Optimization for MRR on H-13 Die Tool Steel on EDM using Taguchi Techniques
Pardeep Narwal and Jai Singh
Country: NA Page: 450-454 Download: Download Pdf

Dual-Channel Noise Power Spectral Density Estimation by using Complex Coherence Method
Ch.Anoosha and D.Nagamani
Country: NA Page: 455-459 Download: Download Pdf

A Functional Report on Stress Management among Bank Employees
Dr. Y. Venkateswara Rao, Lavanya Ramesh Rayapureddy and Annapurna Rayapureddy
Country: NA Page: 460-468 Download: Download Pdf

Enhancing the Performance of IC Engine using Electrolysis and Air Preheater
Kale Sandip, Bihani Shubham, Birangane Mandar, Bodake Suraj and Dange Anil
Country: NA Page: 469-473 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on Cooperative Spectrum Sensing using Cyclostationary Feature Detection for Cognitive Radio Networks
Aparna Singh Kushwah and Ayush Shrivastava
Country: NA Page: 474-478 Download: Download Pdf

Friction Stir Welding Process Parameters of Aluminium Alloys 6xxx Series: A literature Survey
Raj Kumar and Vedant Singh
Country: NA Page: 479-484 Download: Download Pdf

Pilot Study for Selection of Process Parameters During Joining of AISI 304 and Duplex 2205 using Gas Metal Arc Welding
Ramesh Kumar and Tarun Walia
Country: NA Page: 485-488 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on Application of Deep Learning in Thermography
Country: NA Page: 489-493 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of the Effect of Die Angle Variation on the Behavior of Temperature Profile in Extrusion Process by using ANSYS Poly Flow Software
Vinay Prakash Pandey and Gurmeet Singh Gahir
Country: NA Page: 494-500 Download: Download Pdf

Application of Fuzzy Logic for Optimization of Machine Tool Component Design
Lomit Kumar Sao and Dr.Harsh Pandey
Country: NA Page: 501-504 Download: Download Pdf

Financial Inclusion – A Steering Growth through Government Initiatives in India
Bharti Chhabra
Country: NA Page: 505-516 Download: Download Pdf

Occupational Stress at Workplace: Study of Public and Private Banks in Punjab, India
Sandeep Randhaw and Dr. Sanjay Bahl
Country: NA Page: 517-521 Download: Download Pdf

Marketing of Services: Challenges & Opportunities in Context of the Globalization of Business
Instar Ali and Raj Kumar Garg
Country: NA Page: 522-526 Download: Download Pdf

An Application of Pentagonal Fuzzy Number Matrix in Decision Making
A Gnana Santhosh Kumar and S Cynthiya Margaret Indrni
Country: NA Page: 527-531 Download: Download Pdf

Dimensions of Political Marketing in India
Noorul Haq
Country: NA Page: 532-536 Download: Download Pdf

Equal Gain Combining in Cooperative Spectrum Sensing of Cognitive Radio Network: A Review
Aparna Singh Kushwah and Aayushi Vishwakarma
Country: NA Page: 537-542 Download: Download Pdf

Quality Risk Analysis: An Approach for the Refinement of Traditional Risk Analysis
Shipra Kalra and Rachika Sharma
Country: NA Page: 543-546 Download: Download Pdf

Bank Management System
Dr. N. Ashok Kumar, Dr.M.Kannan, S.R. Sudharsana Raghavan and K.Giridharan
Country: NA Page: 547-549 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Customer Satisfaction on Customer Loyalty in Chain Hotels in Pune City
Alekha Chandra Panda and Dr. Sunil D. Zagade
Country: NA Page: 550-553 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on use of Plastic Waste (Polypropylene) in Flexible Pavements
T. Kiran Kumar and J.Vikranth
Country: NA Page: 554-560 Download: Download Pdf

Goods and Service Tax -- a New Tax Regime
Bharti Rana (Chhabra)
Country: NA Page: 561-565 Download: Download Pdf

Profit Analysis for Nuclear Reactor with Standby Generators
P. K. Gupta, Vikas Kumar and Rishabh Raj
Country: NA Page: 566-578 Download: Download Pdf

E-Governance: A Study of Issues & Challenges in Indian Context
Intsar Ali, Prashant Vats, Raj Kumar Garg and Dr. (Mrs.) Saroj Vyas
Country: NA Page: 579-582 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Demonetization: A Study on Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry
Dr. Ashoke Kumar Sarkar and Debasmita Dutta
Country: NA Page: 583-594 Download: Download Pdf

Agricultural Productivity in India since 1951: Plan-WiseAnalysis
Dr. Veer Virendra Singh
Country: NA Page: 000-000 Download: Download Pdf

Ethical Practices in Indian Real Estate Industry
Saumya Shirina, Ritika Bhatia and Sunil Agarwal
Country: NA Page: 599-606 Download: Download Pdf

Bhagavad Gita: A Complete Education
Dr. Chitra Singh Tomar
Country: NA Page: 000-000 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Three Phase Solar PV-UPQC for Power Quality Enhancement
Abhishek Kumar and Rashmi Jain
Country: NA Page: 000-000 Download: Download Pdf

An Empirical Study to Examine the Role Smart Manufacturing in Improving Productivity and Accelerating Innovation
Jaspreet Singh Randhawa and Amanpreet Singh Sethi
Country: NA Page: 607-615 Download: Download Pdf

A Holistic Approach to Enhance the Leadership Skills of Engineering Students
Benny Thomas and S. Srikanta Swamy
Country: NA Page: 616-620 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Study on Solar Air Heater with Continuous Arc Type Roughness and Thermal Storage
Upendra Kumar and Rajiv Varshney
Country: NA Page: 621-626 Download: Download Pdf

Management of Geriatric Care in the US
Dr. Bhupinder Chaudhary and Dr. Rachna Kumar
Country: NA Page: 627-630 Download: Download Pdf

3D Printing Robotic Arm
Anjali Raghavan, Neethu P.P and Dr. AjiJoy
Country: NA Page: 631-634 Download: Download Pdf

To Determine the Reaction Products of Reaction between Ferrous Fumarate and Ceric Sulphate
Dr. Ritu Verma
Country: NA Page: 635-637 Download: Download Pdf

Indian Agriculture Performance and Climate Change: Emerging Challenges and Option
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar and Sanjay Kumar Upadhyay
Country: NA Page: 638-649 Download: Download Pdf

Energy Efficient Solar Powered Automatic Irrigation System
A Sumalatha and G Eswar Kumar
Country: NA Page: 650-653 Download: Download Pdf

Limited Liability Partnership: An Emerging Business form for Entrepreneurs
Anju Kahal
Country: NA Page: 654-657 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Evaluation of A Stepped Solar Still with Thermal Storage System
Sonu Prakash Yadav and Rajiv Varshney
Country: NA Page: 658-663 Download: Download Pdf

E-Governance: A Study of Issues & Challenges in Indian Context
Intsar Ali, Raj Kumar Garg, Prashant Vats and Dr. Saroj Vyas
Country: NA Page: 664-667 Download: Download Pdf

Design, Modification & Implementation of Tilting Steering System
Shubham Namadeo Raut, Ketan Rajkumar Chougule and Nilesh Vijay Sabnis
Country: NA Page: 668-671 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Earnings per Share on Share Price: A Study with Special Reference to Select Indian Public Sectors Banks
Dr. R.Jayaraman and Dr. M.S.Ramaratnam
Country: NA Page: 672-676 Download: Download Pdf

Scenario of Admissions in Technical Institute in 2015
Dr. Jashandeep Singh
Country: NA Page: 677-679 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Customer Priorities towards a Brand in Shopping Mall
Country: NA Page: 680-687 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Discharge Process of Discharged Patients of a Multispecialty Hospital Ludhiana
Harmanjot Kaur and Roopjot Kochar
Country: NA Page: 688-694 Download: Download Pdf

Protection and Security Models for Mobile Cloud Computing: A Review
Vishal, Bikrampal Kaur and Surender Jangra
Country: NA Page: 695-700 Download: Download Pdf

Emotional Intelligence through Vedas
Richa Chauhan
Country: NA Page: 701-703 Download: Download Pdf

Influence of Online Shopping in Consumer Behaviour
Fazeen Rasheed. A.K
Country: NA Page: 704-710 Download: Download Pdf

Defence of Insanity under Indian Legal System: An Analysis
Dr. Raj Kumar Upadhyay
Country: NA Page: 711-717 Download: Download Pdf

Studies on Strength Characteristics of Pond Ash Replaced by Fine Aggregate in Pavement Quality Concrete
P. Vandana Rao, G. Sudheer Kumar and T.S.D. Aishwarya
Country: NA Page: 718-722 Download: Download Pdf

Seed-and-Grow Algorithm to Identify users from Anonymized Social Networks
N.Deepthi, G.Shivakanth, I.Haripriya and G.Sreevani
Country: NA Page: 723-726 Download: Download Pdf

Management Effectiveness in Forestry Sector in India
Dr. R. Prabhakar Rao
Country: NA Page: 727-731 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on IOT Based Home Automation Techniques
Deepak Mehar, Dr. Roopam Gupta and Dr. Anjana Pandey
Country: NA Page: 732-739 Download: Download Pdf

The Analysis of Sparse Representations for the Sequence of Images of Videos
Monika Singh and Rashmi
Country: NA Page: 740-743 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Three Phase Solar PV-UPQC for Power Quality Enhancement
Abhishek Kumar and Rashmi Jain
Country: NA Page: 744-751 Download: Download Pdf

Environmental Awareness through Education
Dr. Chitra Singh Tomar
Country: NA Page: 752-757 Download: Download Pdf

Machine Breakdown Inventory System with Multi Items and Partial Backlogging
Surbhi Singhal, P. K. Gupta and S.R. Singh
Country: NA Page: 758-764 Download: Download Pdf

Intelligent DSS towards Identifying the Ill and Strong Drivers of Individual Firm by using Fuzzy-in Centre Method
Bhuneshwar Kumar Dixena and Raghavendra Singh Kashyap
Country: NA Page: 765-771 Download: Download Pdf

CNC Machine Tool Evaluation under Mixed Information by FMF Approach
Shashank Tiwari and Raghavendra Singh Kashyap
Country: NA Page: 772-777 Download: Download Pdf

Adaptive Control of the Receiver by Resonant Frequency Estimation in Strongly Coupled Magnetic Resonance based Wireless Power Transfer
Milind P. Bhagat and Sanjay L. Nalbalwar
Country: NA Page: 778-782 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on Stir Casting Process and Parameters
Brahm Raj Singh, Dheeraj Kumar and Mohd. Asghar Zaidi
Country: NA Page: 783-784 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Demonetization on Indian Economy
Ajit Singh
Country: NA Page: 785-788 Download: Download Pdf

Natural Language Processing with Semantic Measurement
Komalpreet Singh Gill and Dr. Ankit Jagga
Country: NA Page: 789-791 Download: Download Pdf

Sensitivity Training – An Introduction to Concept
Prof. Minal M. Nistane
Country: NA Page: 792-795 Download: Download Pdf

Trending Topics Detection using Machine Learning Approach
Palak Gour and Suneet Joshi
Country: NA Page: 796-801 Download: Download Pdf

Telecom Industry of India: FDI Trends and Market Development
Country: NA Page: 802-805 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Investigation of 1.5 Tonne Air Conditioning System by using Heat Pipe
Nitin Pawar, Ashish.N Sarode and Rajesh Dahibhate
Country: NA Page: 806-811 Download: Download Pdf

Design of Open Computing Language Framework for Embedded Multi-Core Processors
P.Ramya and E.Kavitha
Country: NA Page: 812-817 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation of Real Time Detection of Traffic from Twitter Stream Analysis
Vaishali Singh and Prof. Priti Subramanium
Country: NA Page: 818-822 Download: Download Pdf

Real Time Detection of Traffic from Twitter Stream Analysis
Vaishali Singh and Prof. Priti Subramanium
Country: NA Page: 823-827 Download: Download Pdf