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Volume-7 Issue-4 (August 2017) First Edition

List of Articles

Paper IdTitleAuthorPageFull Text
1. Adoption of M- Wallet: A way AheadTeena Wadhera, Richa Dabas andParul Malhotra1-7
2. A General Study on Can Everything be Branded?Dr. Vinay Raj R8-11
3. An Analytical Study to Improve Strength of Corrugated Fiber BoardSandeep Boora, Anil Kundu and Hrishikesh Joshi000-000
4. A New Technique using Cubic Curves and Hamming Distance to Detect Human EmotionsR. Neela and M. Jayasri17-22
5. A Study on Organizational Commitment in Public Sector EnterpriseA.Divya and Dr.G.Udayasuriyan23-26
6. Behaviour of Casson Fluid Slip Flow Past a Vertically Inclined Plate Filled in Porous Medium Submitted in Magnetic Field: Heat Absorption and Chemical Reaction EffectsP. Suresh, M. V. Ramana Murthy, G.Kamala and K. Sreeram Reddy27-43
7. Comparative Analysis of Reversible Data Hiding with Contrast Enhancement using Histogram Modification and Firefly AlgorithmDr. Sanjeev Kumar, Nitin Kumar Agrawal and Nikhil Kuma44-48
8. Congestion Control and Routing Optimization by using on Demand Routing Protocol of Second Order ApproachI.HariPriya49-53
9. Image Annotation and Retrieval- An OverviewSayantani Ghosh and Prof. Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay54-58
10. Impact of GST on Common ManDr. Anita Modi59-60
11. Increased Embedding Rate by Reversing the Order of Data Hiding and EncryptionNitin Kumar Agrawal, Nikhil Kumar and Dr. Sanjeev Kumar61-64
12. Market Potential & Price Behaviour of Bitcoin Post Demonetization & its Impact on Investment PortfolioShashwat Saxena and Abhilasha Singh65-69
13. Mechanized Health Service using Big Data TechnologyG. Sreevani70-74
14. Pareto Analysis of Antecedents for Customer Experience, through Literature ReviewSujit Dey and Dr. Monika Sethi75-83
15. Pre and Post Merger Performance through CAMEL Rating Approach: A Case Study of ICICI Bank LtdDr. Veena K.P and Prof. S.N. Patti84-92
16. Problems Faced by the Mobile Phone Service Providers in Salem DistrictT. Senthamil Selvi and Dr. S. Subadra93-97
17. Propositions on Transitory Income with Relation to Consumption and Savings PropensitySourav Banerjee and Writaparna Mukherjee98-102
18. Review of Big Data Mining TechnologiesSamar Wazir and Shah Imran Alam103-104
19. Supporting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in an Educational Campus through MANETDr. Deepshikha Aggarwal105-109
20. Studies on Fly-Ash Aluminum Composite Produced - A ReviewSitender and Mahender110-113
21. Studies on Fly-Ash Aluminum Composite ProducedSitender and Mahender114-120
22. Data Mining for Business IntelligenceAbdussalm. P .K121-127
23. Fabrication of Prototype for Power Generation at Speed Breakers using Rack and Pinion MechanismM.Amareswari Reddy, M.N.V.Krishnaveni, D.Srinivasa Rao and V.V.Narayana Reddy128-133
24. Improved Health Record Mining using Supervised Machine Learning with RecommendationK.Devipriya, V.priya and K.Dhineshkumar134-143
25. Socio-Economic Profile of Employees and Employee Engagement in Information Technology Industry with Reference to Coimbatore CityDr. S.Mohan144-150
26. Synthesis of High Throughput Multiferroic Nanocomposite for using Sol-Gel ProcessSubhasis Roy and Poulomi Sarkar151-154
27. Design of a Secure Computation Protocols for Distributed Association Rule Mining on Partitioned DataShivaprasad S, Prasad Challa, Dr. A Ramaswamy Reddy and Dr. M Sadanandam155-161
28. A Study on Geography of Pilgrimage Tourism and Environment: A Case Study of Kashmir ValleyBilal Ahmad Bhat, Sidrat-Ul-Muntaha Anees, Syed Naseem Zaffar Geelani, Fareed Ahmad Rafiqi, Samira Khan and Nusrat162-169
29. Gap Analysis in Hospitality Education and Industrial RequirementsAshaq Hussain Najar and Syed Aasif M. Bukhari170-173
30. Acute Myelogenous Leukemia Detection in Blood Microscopic Images using Different Wavelet Family TechniquesB.K.Lakshmikanth and Dr. P.Abdul Khayum174-182
31. Marketing and Promotion of a Single Product in Different RegionsDr. K. R. Subramanian183-190
32. A Bi-Objective Model for Worker Assignment in Cellular Manufacturing System DesignHamdia Mansour, A. Mohib, M. FahmyAly and H. Attia191-200
33. Employee Retention: A Much Needed Strategy in Global Work EnvironmentDr. Swaty Wadhwa and Silky Madan201-205
34. Characterization of Erbium Ytterbium Co-Doped Waveguide Amplifier (EYDWA) Utilizing Co/Counter Propagating Pumping ConfigurationsKomalpreet Kaur, Karamdeep Singh, Shivinder Devra and Gagandeep Kaur206-215
35. Corporate Social Responsibility Performance of Select Manufacturing Companies in India: An Empirical StudyPravin D. Sawant and Dr. M.R. Patil216-223
36. Study of Stainless Steel as a Substitute for Structural Steel ReinforcementR S Pawar and P R Mehetre224-226
37. Simulative Evaluations of in Band and Out of Band Crosstalk Penalties for Advanced Modulation Formats in Wavelength Division Multiplexed (WDM) NetworksMalik Efshana Bashir, Karamdeep Singh and Shivinder Devra227-237
38. A Comparative Study on Multilevel Inverters for Shunt Active Power FilterAnitha Bhukya and Chiranjib Koley238-247
39. A Study on the Influence of Higher Secondary Subjects Scores on Engineering PerformanceDr. Juno Jasmine. J and Dr. Vijayakrishna Rapaka. E248-252
40. Performance Analysis of Maximal Ratio Combining for Cyclostationary Feature Detection in Cognitive Radio NetworksAparna Singh Kushwah and Ayush Shrivastava253-257
41. Performance in Characteristics Rayleigh Channel within DWT- OFDM with DAPSK Modulation for High Speed CommunicationDr. Yahya Ali ALhussieny258-263
42. Corporate Glass Ceiling: An Impact on Indian Women EmployeesDr. Sapna Rathore264-269
43. Flexural Strength Behaviour of R C Beams using Environmental WastesMycherla chaitanya, Chandini Devi, K D B. Sireesha and Tamil Selvan270-272
44. Demographics & Its Impact on Organisational Culture and Employee Motivation (A Study of the Employees in IRCTC)Asra Wani273-285
45. Integrated Earned Value Management and Risk Management Approach in Construction ProjectsDr. Mohamed El Mikawi, Dr. Ayman Hussein Hosny Khalil and Mohamed Kamal Asaad286-291
46. Sample Mean Deviation (d) Chart Under the Assumption of Moderateness and its Performance Analysis Under Normality Against ModeratenessKalpesh S. Tailor292-296
47. Conditional Autoregressive (CAR) Modeling Uses Weighted Matrix to First and Second Order (Case Study: Malaria Disease in Papua Province)Siswanto, Muhammad Nur Aidi and Anik Djuraidah297-301
48. Risk Assessment and Control Measures in Construction IndustriesM.Ravi, V. Santhosh, M. Baskaran and U. Murali302-304
49. Design and Analysis of Artificial Hip JointM Chandra Sekhar, G Uma Maheswara Rao, V.Bindu Neeharika and K. Satyanarayana305-312
50. Assessment of the Practices and Challenges of Kaizen Implementation in Micro and Small Enterprises: The Case of Manufacturing EnterprisesPankaj Tiwari313-322
51. Comparison of The Markowitz and Single Index Model Based on M-V Criterion in Optimal Portfolio FormationS. I. U. Chasanah, D. C. Lesmana and I. G. P. Purnaba323-328
52. A Study On Customer Perception of E-Banking Services towards Select Private and Public Sector Banks in Erode DistrictDr. C.Yuvasubramaniyan329-336
53. RFID- Based Intelligent Security System for School ChildrenArvind Bharathwaj V, Navaneeth Krishnan G, Sharat Sundaram, Shri Harish P S, Venkat Prashanth M, Gayathri S, Rajthilak S and Sundar Ganesh C S337-339
54. Performance of Water and Diluted Ethylene Glycol as Coolants for Electronics CoolingP. Chandra Sekhar, M. Chandra Sekhar and G. Uma Maheswara Rao340-345
55. Designing and Modelling of Real-Time Identification of Optimal Operating Points in Photovoltaic Power SystemsSukhwinder Singh, Er. Ravinder Kumar and Er. Krishan Kumar346-354
56. An Overview of Hazardous Waste Management in IndiaU.Murali, C.Vijayakumar, M.Ramesh and M.Baskaran355-368
57. Analysis of the Confinement Loss and Birefringence of Index-Guided Photonic Crystal Fibres (PCF) in the Visible SpectrumMukesh Kumar and Manoj Kumar369-373
58. Hybrid Vehicle Management System using PLC & SCADASumod Kumar and Manoj Kumar374-376
59. Portfolio Risk Management using Capital Asset Pricing ModelNavneet Bihani and Somya Khandelwal377-379
60. Prediction of Optimal Conditions for WEDM of Al 6063/ ZrSiO4(p) Metal Matrix Composites using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)Dr. T.Vijaya Babu, S.M .Gangadhar Reddy, Dhanaraj .B and Satyanarayana Raju .P380-384
61. Traffic Sign Recognition for Autonomous Driving RobotK.Pavani and A. Prasanna Lakshmi385-392
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  • Volume-7 Issue-4 (August 2017) First Edition Published.

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