Volume-7 Issue-4 (August 2017)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Adoption of M- Wallet: A way Ahead
Teena Wadhera, Richa Dabas andParul Malhotra
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A General Study on Can Everything be Branded?
Dr. Vinay Raj R
Country: NA Page: 8-11 Download: Download Pdf

An Analytical Study to Improve Strength of Corrugated Fiber Board
Sandeep Boora, Anil Kundu and Hrishikesh Joshi
Country: NA Page: 000-000 Download: Download Pdf

A New Technique using Cubic Curves and Hamming Distance to Detect Human Emotions
R. Neela and M. Jayasri
Country: NA Page: 17-22 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Organizational Commitment in Public Sector Enterprise
A.Divya and Dr.G.Udayasuriyan
Country: NA Page: 23-26 Download: Download Pdf

Behaviour of Casson Fluid Slip Flow Past a Vertically Inclined Plate Filled in Porous Medium Submitted in Magnetic Field: Heat Absorption and Chemical Reaction Effects
P. Suresh, M. V. Ramana Murthy, G.Kamala and K. Sreeram Reddy
Country: NA Page: 27-43 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Analysis of Reversible Data Hiding with Contrast Enhancement using Histogram Modification and Firefly Algorithm
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Nitin Kumar Agrawal and Nikhil Kuma
Country: NA Page: 44-48 Download: Download Pdf

Congestion Control and Routing Optimization by using on Demand Routing Protocol of Second Order Approach
Country: NA Page: 49-53 Download: Download Pdf

Image Annotation and Retrieval- An Overview
Sayantani Ghosh and Prof. Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay
Country: NA Page: 54-58 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of GST on Common Man
Dr. Anita Modi
Country: NA Page: 59-60 Download: Download Pdf

Increased Embedding Rate by Reversing the Order of Data Hiding and Encryption
Nitin Kumar Agrawal, Nikhil Kumar and Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Country: NA Page: 61-64 Download: Download Pdf

Market Potential & Price Behaviour of Bitcoin Post Demonetization & its Impact on Investment Portfolio
Shashwat Saxena and Abhilasha Singh
Country: NA Page: 65-69 Download: Download Pdf

Mechanized Health Service using Big Data Technology
G. Sreevani
Country: NA Page: 70-74 Download: Download Pdf

Pareto Analysis of Antecedents for Customer Experience, through Literature Review
Sujit Dey and Dr. Monika Sethi
Country: NA Page: 75-83 Download: Download Pdf

Pre and Post Merger Performance through CAMEL Rating Approach: A Case Study of ICICI Bank Ltd
Dr. Veena K.P and Prof. S.N. Patti
Country: NA Page: 84-92 Download: Download Pdf

Problems Faced by the Mobile Phone Service Providers in Salem District
T. Senthamil Selvi and Dr. S. Subadra
Country: NA Page: 93-97 Download: Download Pdf

Propositions on Transitory Income with Relation to Consumption and Savings Propensity
Sourav Banerjee and Writaparna Mukherjee
Country: NA Page: 98-102 Download: Download Pdf

Review of Big Data Mining Technologies
Samar Wazir and Shah Imran Alam
Country: NA Page: 103-104 Download: Download Pdf

Supporting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in an Educational Campus through MANET
Dr. Deepshikha Aggarwal
Country: NA Page: 105-109 Download: Download Pdf

Studies on Fly-Ash Aluminum Composite Produced - A Review
Sitender and Mahender
Country: NA Page: 110-113 Download: Download Pdf

Studies on Fly-Ash Aluminum Composite Produced
Sitender and Mahender
Country: NA Page: 114-120 Download: Download Pdf

Data Mining for Business Intelligence
Abdussalm. P .K
Country: NA Page: 121-127 Download: Download Pdf

Fabrication of Prototype for Power Generation at Speed Breakers using Rack and Pinion Mechanism
M.Amareswari Reddy, M.N.V.Krishnaveni, D.Srinivasa Rao and V.V.Narayana Reddy
Country: NA Page: 128-133 Download: Download Pdf

Improved Health Record Mining using Supervised Machine Learning with Recommendation
K.Devipriya, V.priya and K.Dhineshkumar
Country: NA Page: 134-143 Download: Download Pdf

Socio-Economic Profile of Employees and Employee Engagement in Information Technology Industry with Reference to Coimbatore City
Dr. S.Mohan
Country: NA Page: 144-150 Download: Download Pdf

Synthesis of High Throughput Multiferroic Nanocomposite for using Sol-Gel Process
Subhasis Roy and Poulomi Sarkar
Country: NA Page: 151-154 Download: Download Pdf

Design of a Secure Computation Protocols for Distributed Association Rule Mining on Partitioned Data
Shivaprasad S, Prasad Challa, Dr. A Ramaswamy Reddy and Dr. M Sadanandam
Country: NA Page: 155-161 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Geography of Pilgrimage Tourism and Environment: A Case Study of Kashmir Valley
Bilal Ahmad Bhat, Sidrat-Ul-Muntaha Anees, Syed Naseem Zaffar Geelani, Fareed Ahmad Rafiqi, Samira Khan and Nusrat
Country: NA Page: 162-169 Download: Download Pdf

Gap Analysis in Hospitality Education and Industrial Requirements
Ashaq Hussain Najar and Syed Aasif M. Bukhari
Country: NA Page: 170-173 Download: Download Pdf

Acute Myelogenous Leukemia Detection in Blood Microscopic Images using Different Wavelet Family Techniques
B.K.Lakshmikanth and Dr. P.Abdul Khayum
Country: NA Page: 174-182 Download: Download Pdf

Marketing and Promotion of a Single Product in Different Regions
Dr. K. R. Subramanian
Country: NA Page: 183-190 Download: Download Pdf

A Bi-Objective Model for Worker Assignment in Cellular Manufacturing System Design
Hamdia Mansour, A. Mohib, M. FahmyAly and H. Attia
Country: NA Page: 191-200 Download: Download Pdf

Employee Retention: A Much Needed Strategy in Global Work Environment
Dr. Swaty Wadhwa and Silky Madan
Country: NA Page: 201-205 Download: Download Pdf

Characterization of Erbium Ytterbium Co-Doped Waveguide Amplifier (EYDWA) Utilizing Co/Counter Propagating Pumping Configurations
Komalpreet Kaur, Karamdeep Singh, Shivinder Devra and Gagandeep Kaur
Country: NA Page: 206-215 Download: Download Pdf

Corporate Social Responsibility Performance of Select Manufacturing Companies in India: An Empirical Study
Pravin D. Sawant and Dr. M.R. Patil
Country: NA Page: 216-223 Download: Download Pdf

Study of Stainless Steel as a Substitute for Structural Steel Reinforcement
R S Pawar and P R Mehetre
Country: NA Page: 224-226 Download: Download Pdf

Simulative Evaluations of in Band and Out of Band Crosstalk Penalties for Advanced Modulation Formats in Wavelength Division Multiplexed (WDM) Networks
Malik Efshana Bashir, Karamdeep Singh and Shivinder Devra
Country: NA Page: 227-237 Download: Download Pdf

A Comparative Study on Multilevel Inverters for Shunt Active Power Filter
Anitha Bhukya and Chiranjib Koley
Country: NA Page: 238-247 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on the Influence of Higher Secondary Subjects Scores on Engineering Performance
Dr. Juno Jasmine. J and Dr. Vijayakrishna Rapaka. E
Country: NA Page: 248-252 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Analysis of Maximal Ratio Combining for Cyclostationary Feature Detection in Cognitive Radio Networks
Aparna Singh Kushwah and Ayush Shrivastava
Country: NA Page: 253-257 Download: Download Pdf

Performance in Characteristics Rayleigh Channel within DWT- OFDM with DAPSK Modulation for High Speed Communication
Dr. Yahya Ali ALhussieny
Country: NA Page: 258-263 Download: Download Pdf

Corporate Glass Ceiling: An Impact on Indian Women Employees
Dr. Sapna Rathore
Country: NA Page: 264-269 Download: Download Pdf

Flexural Strength Behaviour of R C Beams using Environmental Wastes
Mycherla chaitanya, Chandini Devi, K D B. Sireesha and Tamil Selvan
Country: NA Page: 270-272 Download: Download Pdf

Demographics & Its Impact on Organisational Culture and Employee Motivation (A Study of the Employees in IRCTC)
Asra Wani
Country: NA Page: 273-285 Download: Download Pdf

Integrated Earned Value Management and Risk Management Approach in Construction Projects
Dr. Mohamed El Mikawi, Dr. Ayman Hussein Hosny Khalil and Mohamed Kamal Asaad
Country: NA Page: 286-291 Download: Download Pdf

Sample Mean Deviation (d) Chart Under the Assumption of Moderateness and its Performance Analysis Under Normality Against Moderateness
Kalpesh S. Tailor
Country: NA Page: 292-296 Download: Download Pdf

Conditional Autoregressive (CAR) Modeling Uses Weighted Matrix to First and Second Order (Case Study: Malaria Disease in Papua Province)
Siswanto, Muhammad Nur Aidi and Anik Djuraidah
Country: NA Page: 297-301 Download: Download Pdf

Risk Assessment and Control Measures in Construction Industries
M.Ravi, V. Santhosh, M. Baskaran and U. Murali
Country: NA Page: 302-304 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Analysis of Artificial Hip Joint
M Chandra Sekhar, G Uma Maheswara Rao, V.Bindu Neeharika and K. Satyanarayana
Country: NA Page: 305-312 Download: Download Pdf

Assessment of the Practices and Challenges of Kaizen Implementation in Micro and Small Enterprises: The Case of Manufacturing Enterprises
Pankaj Tiwari
Country: NA Page: 313-322 Download: Download Pdf

Comparison of The Markowitz and Single Index Model Based on M-V Criterion in Optimal Portfolio Formation
S. I. U. Chasanah, D. C. Lesmana and I. G. P. Purnaba
Country: NA Page: 323-328 Download: Download Pdf

A Study On Customer Perception of E-Banking Services towards Select Private and Public Sector Banks in Erode District
Dr. C.Yuvasubramaniyan
Country: NA Page: 329-336 Download: Download Pdf

RFID- Based Intelligent Security System for School Children
Arvind Bharathwaj V, Navaneeth Krishnan G, Sharat Sundaram, Shri Harish P S, Venkat Prashanth M, Gayathri S, Rajthilak S and Sundar Ganesh C S
Country: NA Page: 337-339 Download: Download Pdf

Performance of Water and Diluted Ethylene Glycol as Coolants for Electronics Cooling
P. Chandra Sekhar, M. Chandra Sekhar and G. Uma Maheswara Rao
Country: NA Page: 340-345 Download: Download Pdf

Designing and Modelling of Real-Time Identification of Optimal Operating Points in Photovoltaic Power Systems
Sukhwinder Singh, Er. Ravinder Kumar and Er. Krishan Kumar
Country: NA Page: 346-354 Download: Download Pdf

An Overview of Hazardous Waste Management in India
U.Murali, C.Vijayakumar, M.Ramesh and M.Baskaran
Country: NA Page: 355-368 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of the Confinement Loss and Birefringence of Index-Guided Photonic Crystal Fibres (PCF) in the Visible Spectrum
Mukesh Kumar and Manoj Kumar
Country: NA Page: 369-373 Download: Download Pdf

Hybrid Vehicle Management System using PLC & SCADA
Sumod Kumar and Manoj Kumar
Country: NA Page: 374-376 Download: Download Pdf

Portfolio Risk Management using Capital Asset Pricing Model
Navneet Bihani and Somya Khandelwal
Country: NA Page: 377-379 Download: Download Pdf

Prediction of Optimal Conditions for WEDM of Al 6063/ ZrSiO4(p) Metal Matrix Composites using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
Dr. T.Vijaya Babu, S.M .Gangadhar Reddy, Dhanaraj .B and Satyanarayana Raju .P
Country: NA Page: 380-384 Download: Download Pdf

Traffic Sign Recognition for Autonomous Driving Robot
K.Pavani and A. Prasanna Lakshmi
Country: NA Page: 385-392 Download: Download Pdf

Credit Scoring Analysis using LASSO Logistic Regression and Support Vector Machine (SVM)
Putri Dina Sari, Muhammad Nur Aidi and Bagus Sartono
Country: NA Page: 393-397 Download: Download Pdf

Educational Institutes Redefined A Response to External Challenges and Internal Upheaval
Sujata Sinha
Country: NA Page: 398-401 Download: Download Pdf

Waste Management & Quality Assessment of Footwear Manufacturing Industry in Bangladesh: An Innovative Approach
Md. Abu Sayid Mia, Md. Nur-E-Alam, A.B.M. Wahid Murad, Farid Ahmad and M. Kamal Uddin
Country: NA Page: 402-407 Download: Download Pdf

Make in India: Commercialization of Minor Forest Products in Tribal Areas of Madhya Pradesh
Parmeshwar Singh Maravi and Dr. Satish Modi
Country: NA Page: 408-414 Download: Download Pdf

Modeling, Design & Analysis of Straight Bevel Gear and Pinion by FEM, Solid works & Ansys Benchwork 14.0
Praveen Kumar Tiwari, Er. Nikhilesh N. Singh and Dr. Prabhat Kumar Sinha
Country: NA Page: 415-422 Download: Download Pdf

Understanding the Work Life Balance of Faculties of Engineering Colleges of Allahabad
Manisha Yadav and Deva Raj Badugu
Country: NA Page: 423-427 Download: Download Pdf

Relationship between Global Peace Index and Economic Growth of SAARC Countries: An Empirical Analysis
Dr. Madhulika Sarkar and Shelly Oberoi
Country: NA Page: 428-442 Download: Download Pdf

A Comparative Study of Uttarakhand and Kashmir Flood in the plight of Natural Disaster
Shahnaz Akhtar and Mir Insha Farooq
Country: NA Page: 443-450 Download: Download Pdf

Initiatives by Indian Commercial Banks towards Financial Inclusion for Sustainable Growth
E.Dhowbika Begum and Dr. Felicita
Country: NA Page: 451-456 Download: Download Pdf

Acceptance, Experience and Satisfaction of Customers towards E-Banking Services
Gokul C, Kayalvizhi V and Lathikarajan R
Country: NA Page: 457-461 Download: Download Pdf