Volume-7 Issue-5 (October 2017)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Electron-Impact Ionization of Boronfluorides BFx (x=1, 2 & 3)
Sachin Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Yogesh Kumar and Sakshi Chaudhary
Country: NA Page: 1-5 Download: Download Pdf

A Review of Wireless Network Security
Paramjeet Kaur and Amanpreet Singh Dhanoa
Country: NA Page: 6-8 Download: Download Pdf

A Parametric Study on Outer Layer of Helmet using ABAQUS
M.N.V.Krishna Veni, G.Sitaram and M.Amareswari Reddy
Country: NA Page: 9-13 Download: Download Pdf

An Upper Bound to the Number of Conjugacy Classes of Non-Abelian Nilpotent Gathering or Groups
M.Umapathi, N.Srinivasan and S.Cynthiya Margart Indrani
Country: NA Page: 14-16 Download: Download Pdf

Constraint Analysis and Possible Solutions for Development of Inland Fishers in District Bandipora of Kashmir Valley
Rizwana Malik, Adnan Abubakr and Bilal Ahmad Bhat
Country: NA Page: 17-26 Download: Download Pdf

Temperature Prediction System using Back spread Neural Network: An Approach
M.Umapathi, N.Srinivasan and S.Cynthiya Margart Indrani
Country: NA Page: 27-30 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Analysis of Optimal Portfolio of Sharia and Conventional Stocks Using Constant Correlation Model
T. N. Sari, D. C. Lesmana and B. Setiawaty
Country: NA Page: 31-35 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Evaluation of Remote Procedure Call and Mobile Agent for Network Monitoring
Arekete, S.A and Oguntunde, B.O
Country: NA Page: 36-41 Download: Download Pdf

Determinants of Entrepreneurial Attributes and Intentions among Young Professionals in the Kingdom Of Bahrain
Maria Cecilia P. Lagaras
Country: NA Page: 42-51 Download: Download Pdf

Near Duplicate URL Detection for Removing Dust Unique Key
R.Vijaya Santhi
Country: NA Page: 52-56 Download: Download Pdf

Employee Retention in an Organization
Ganji Srirekha and Dr. Y. Venkateswara Rao
Country: NA Page: 57-65 Download: Download Pdf

Tensile Strength Characteristics of Stone Matrix Asphalt with Fibre Additives
Bindu C.S
Country: NA Page: 66-70 Download: Download Pdf

Survey Paper on a Novel Approach: Web Based Technique for Vote Casting
Prof. C. U. Chauhan, Abhishek Kalnawat, Akshay Aswale, Ujwal Gautam and Roshan Nemad
Country: NA Page: 71-75 Download: Download Pdf

Optimization of Process Parameters of Electrochemical Machining
Hitesh Dhiwar and Jitendra Chauhan
Country: NA Page: 76-79 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Welding Process Parameter by Taguchi Method
Suman Khandey and Shrikant Desmukh
Country: NA Page: 80-84 Download: Download Pdf

Employee Job Satisfaction
R. Naga Bhavya Sree and R. Satyavathi
Country: NA Page: 85-94 Download: Download Pdf

Role of Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) in Direct Tax Collection
S.S. Murugan and Dr. S. Sekar
Country: NA Page: 95-97 Download: Download Pdf

A Stochastic Spatial Model of the Spread of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever
A. R. Nuha, P. Sianturi and H. Sumarno
Country: NA Page: 98-104 Download: Download Pdf

Ultra Low Power Multistandard Gm-C Filter for Biomedical Applications
Rangisetti Anitha and K.Syam Babu
Country: NA Page: 105-109 Download: Download Pdf

Risk Factors of Prevalence of Malaria in Case of Jimma Town, A Statistical Analysis
Agatamudi Lakshmana Rao and Mosisa Girma
Country: NA Page: 110-122 Download: Download Pdf

Sexual Harassment /Harassment in the Workplace
K.yamini Bhargavi and R.Shanthi Priya
Country: NA Page: 123-124 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Fabrication of Solar Dryer for Sustainable Livelihoods of Fisher Women
Debashree Debadatta Behera, Biswajit Nayak and Shiv Sankar Das
Country: NA Page: 125-139 Download: Download Pdf

Face Recognition using Fractal Dimensions (FD) based Feature
Gayatri Soni and Surendra Vishwakarma
Country: NA Page: 140-146 Download: Download Pdf

A Robust DWT-DCT Watermarking Technique with Double Chaotic Maps
Sonam Vishwakarma and Surendra Vishwakarma
Country: NA Page: 147-151 Download: Download Pdf

Study of the Effect of Information Technology on Time Management and Cost of the Project: Case Study of Tehran Roads and Urban Development
Ashkan Shakibi
Country: NA Page: 152-156 Download: Download Pdf

0.5 V, Low Power Notch Based Gm-C Complex Filter Design for Wireless Receiver
E.Lakshmi Prasanna and T.Lilly prasanthi
Country: NA Page: 157-162 Download: Download Pdf

Evaluation of Implementing Holacracy, A Comprehensive Study on Zappos
Akkinapally Yugendhar and Syed Mahamood Ali
Country: NA Page: 163-171 Download: Download Pdf

International Business, Finance and Accounting A Comprehensive Study on Corporate Governance in an International Context
Akkinapally Yugendhar and Syed Mahamood Ali
Country: NA Page: 172-177 Download: Download Pdf

Technique for Designing High Speed Noise Immune CMOS Domino High Fan-in Circuits
A.Chaitanya Lakshmi, Saba Nausheen and M.Renuka
Country: NA Page: 178-190 Download: Download Pdf

Reproduction of Average Turbulent Pipe Flow: A Three-Equation Model
M.Umapathi and S.Shalini
Country: NA Page: 191-193 Download: Download Pdf

A Comprehensive Analysis on Cultural Diversity
Akkinapally Yugendhar and PVS Lenin Kumar
Country: NA Page: 194-201 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Study of Bim Method with Conventional Method for Building Construction
Vandana Tiwari and Prof. Ghanshyam Sarode
Country: NA Page: 202-206 Download: Download Pdf

Judiciary Activism in Democratic India: An Overview
Dr Amitava Basu
Country: NA Page: 207-209 Download: Download Pdf

Impairment of Intangible Assets - An Effort to Convergence
Dr Amitava Basu
Country: NA Page: 210-214 Download: Download Pdf

Quality Management System (QMS) for Engineering, Procurement, Construction/Fabrication and Installation (EPCI) Operations on Oil and Gas Projects
Shobhendu Prabhakar
Country: NA Page: 215-218 Download: Download Pdf

Factors Impacting Motivation of Indian Employees with Special Focus on Older HR Professionals
Varshini Rajesh, Renuka Kumar and Aditya G. Kovvali
Country: NA Page: 219-234 Download: Download Pdf

Classification of TQM Barriers for TQM Implementation in Steel Industries: A Review and Analysis
Shweta Bajaj, Dr. Monika Sethi and Monica Khurana
Country: NA Page: 235-245 Download: Download Pdf

Difference in Level of Entrepreneurial Knowledge and Strategic Orientation in Terms of Gender
P.G.M.S.K. Gamage and W.M.P.G.C. Weerakoon
Country: NA Page: 246-250 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Optimization of Assembly Time of Screwless Machine vice using DFA Approach
P. Sivasankaran, Thiyagarjan.M, Prabathu, Vignesh.N and Ajithkymar.A
Country: NA Page: 251-255 Download: Download Pdf

An Analysis of the Push and Pull Motives for Choosing Sri Lanka as the Wedding Tourism Destination: With Special Reference to Southern Province
A.M.D.B. Nawarathna
Country: NA Page: 256-261 Download: Download Pdf

The Impact of Social Media on Brand Awareness (With Special Reference to Facebook Use in Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Sri Lanka)
Upeksha. A. S. Yapa
Country: NA Page: 262-272 Download: Download Pdf

Influence of Owner’s Personal Factors on Success of Micro Enterprises (With Special Reference to Kandy District)
H.G.K.K Pitakotuwa, K.M.M.C.B Kulathunga and P.G.M.S.K Gamage
Country: NA Page: 273-277 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Analysis of Equal Gain Combining of Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks
Aparna Singh Kushwah and Aayushi Vishwakarma
Country: NA Page: 278-284 Download: Download Pdf

Study on Public Participation Mode in the Admittance Stage of Public - Private Partnerships (PPP) Project
Kejian SHANG, Dongmei FENG and Chong JIA
Country: NA Page: 285-292 Download: Download Pdf

Recent Trends in Indian Capital Markets
A. Krishna Srujana
Country: NA Page: 293-296 Download: Download Pdf

Training and Development Impact on Employee Performance and Organizational Development
Ganji Srirekha and Dr. Y. Venkateswara Rao
Country: NA Page: 297-306 Download: Download Pdf

Sustainability Concept and Knowledge Analysis in Construction Industry
Abdallatief Tahon, Hany Abd Elshakour and Ahmed Elyamany
Country: NA Page: 307-315 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Possible Data Mining Modus Operandi by Analyzing NoSQL Database
Dr. Brijesh Khandelwal and Shama Parveen
Country: NA Page: 316-321 Download: Download Pdf

Classification and Prediction Techniques in Hand of Big Data with Networking
Dr. Mohd Husain and Dr. Amarjeet Singh
Country: NA Page: 322 - 329 Download: Download Pdf