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Volume-7 Issue-6 (December 2017)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)

Paper IdTitleAuthor(s)CountryPage No.Full Text
1. Undergraduates’ Perception of Human Resource Requirements in Hospitality Industry in Sri LankaA.M.D.B. NawarathnaNA1-5
2. Promotional Mix as the Strategic Tool for Improving Brand Equity (A Case in Franchise Fast Food Restaurants in Sri Lanka)S.F.Fasana and A.G. HaseenaNA6-11
3. Using Machine Learning and Image Processing to Effectively Analyze Scanned Answer Scripts after an ExaminationApoorv SadanaNA12-19
4. A Study on the Impact of Perceived Organizational Support on Organizational Commitment (With Special Reference to XYZ Company)Perera K.J.T and Sutha.JNA20-25
5. A Study on Environmental Friendly Concrete Types & their BenefitsDurga Raghavi TNA26-29
6. Honey Production and Marketing – OverviewV. Viji Kumar and Dr. N. Gladstone JoyNA30-42
7. Work - Life Balance in Indian Print Media Industry - A Descriptive ResearchDr. P.Aranganathan, R. Vignesh and I. SoniyaNA43-50
8. Experimental Evaluation of Turbomatch appropriateness of Turbochargers with Trims 68, 70, 72 for Commercial VehicleBadal Dev Roy and Dr. R.SaravananNA51-58
9. The Generation Gap and Employee RelationshipDr. K. R. SubramanianNA59-67
10. Ecommerce Impact on Indian EconomicsDr. Manojkumar Jyotiram Gaikwad and Parikshitkumar Hiralal KateNA68-70
11. Business Ethics in IndiaAkkinapally YugendharNA71-75
12. A Comparative Study of Some Traditional and Modern Cryptographic TechniquesOguntunde, B.O., Arekete, S.A., Odim, M.O. and Olakanmi, O.I.NA76-82
13. Study on the Pricing of Bus in Yanji CityJinhan Sun and Wenyuan SunNA83-86
14. Design of a Microfluidic System in a PEMFC CellJ.S. Tzintzun-Torres and L.M. Ponce-HerreraNA87-92
15. An Experimental Investigation on its Performance and Emission Characteristics of a High Speed DI Diesel Engine with Diesel-Ethanol BlendsCh Bharathkumar and N.VenkateshNA93-97
16. Design of Low Power Tunable OTA-C Filter for Biomedical ApplicationsK.Chandra Sekhar and Dr. M.MaheshNA98-102
17. Development of High Performance Very High Volume Fly Ash Concrete with Addition of Lime and Microstructure StudyHimabindu Myadaraboina and Indubhushan PatnaikuniNA103-109
18. Design and Simulation of Electrothermally Actuated Silicon MicrogripperAyesha Parveen and Chandan Kumar RoyNA110-114
19. Multimode Graded-Index Polymer Optical Fiber for High-Capacity Long Haul Multiplexed TransmissionChandan Kumar Roy and S. Kishor Krishna KumarNA115-120
20. Study of Small Area Estimation on Overdispersion Data with the Zero-Inflated Poisson RegressionDian Chrstien Arisona, Anang Kurnia and Kusman SadikNA121-123
21. Application of Lean Tools for the Improvement of Process Cycle Efficiency of Moccasin Shoe Production LineMd. Abu Sayid Mia, Md. Nur-E-Alam, Farid Ahmad, A.B.M. Wahid Murad and M. Kamal UddinNA124-133
22. Frequency Determination of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Applied on Service System of Trans Mataram Metro Bus to Minimize the Operational CostH. Mayyani, B.P. Silalahi and A. AmanNA134-140
23. Modification of Contemporaneous and Causality Model of Stock Trading Measured by Depth, Volatility, Trading Volume and Bid-Ask Spread (Study Case: Jakarta Islamic Index)A. Agung, E.H. Nugrahani and D. C. LesmanaNA141-145
24. Modeling Contemporaneous and Causal Relationships of Stock Trading Variables (Case Study of Indonesian Stock Exchange on LQ-45 Index)N. Valentika, E.H. Nugrahani and D. C. LesmanaNA146-151
25. A Study on Indebtedness of Marine Women Fish Vendors With Special Reference to Thiruvananthapuram and Alappuzha DistrictsK. Rekha and Minimol M CNA152-157
26. Overview on Safety Guidelines for Confined Space Working EnvironmentDr. V Srihari, Das Sanjay, Priya Nimbalkar and Shipekar AmrutNA158-164
27. Classification of Images using ABC-KFCM and Neural Network ClassifierDr. S.PraveenaNA165-168
28. Improve the Process of Wheel Bearing Fixture System by AutomationJay P. Shah, Krutik Y. Shah and Dipak TarbadaNA169-173
29. A Study on the Socio Economic Status of Marine Women Fish Vendors in Coastal KeralaK. Rekha and Dr. Minimol M CNA174-181
30. A Study on Employer Branding in Multinational Companies at HyderabadP. Shabana Bi and Dr. Kothapalle InthiyazNA182-187
31. An Operant Analysis of Demonetization: A Study of ITC LimitedMir Insha Farooq and Uzair Yasin TongaNA188-196
32. Benchmarking – A Process of Continuous Improvement to Achieve Best in Class PerformanceShobhendu PrabhakarNA197-202
33. Blinking to a New Era of Environmental Interaction Project-BitracAdnan Sherif and Chaitenya GuptaNA203-207
34. Job Motivations among Employees in the International Companies: An AssessmentDr. Steve Salamat Guansi and Husain Mohamed Ali Al KarraniNA208-216
35. Water Management Design and Model Construction for Water ManagersDr. Emmanuel Luke Balami and Prof. A. A. MalgwiNA217-223
36. Key Management Schemes in MANET: A ReviewTaranpreet KaurNA224-231
37. Role of Communication for Improving the Health of Rural Women: Analysis and Implementation Strategies UsedBenoy Krishna HazraNA232-238
38. Competence Level of Filipino Secondary Sophomore Students on Elements of UbD Teaching-Learning ApproachDr. Caren R. BansolayNA239-249
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