Volume-8 Issue-1 (February 2018)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Low Power and Simple Implementation of Secure Hashing Algorithm (SHA-2) using VHDL Implemented on FPGA of SHA-224/256 Core
Dipti Thakur and Prof. Utsav Malviya
Country: INDIA Page: 1-4 Download: Download Pdf

Structural Analysis and Optimization of Nozzle Attachment on Channel Shell Design
M. Sailaja and Dr. N.V.N Indra Kiran
Country: INDIA Page: 5-13 Download: Download Pdf

A Review Paper on Thermal Performance Analysis of Single Cylinder CI Engine with Karanja Oil, Blends with Pure Diesel
Swpanil R Patil and Prof. S.U.Patel
Country: INDIA Page: 14-19 Download: Download Pdf

Study of Solar System with Possible Modification to Increase the Efficiency of PV Panel
Aishwarya Sharma, Namish Mehta and Nilesh Diwakar
Country: INDIA Page: 20-24 Download: Download Pdf

A Review Paper on Alternative Fuel (HYDROGEN) Vehicle
Rushikesh Kulkarni, Aniket Pawar, Aquib Khan, Durgesh Gupta and Mahesh M. Patil
Country: INDIA Page: 25-29 Download: Download Pdf

Failure Analysis and Design of Workshop Building Considering Earth Quake and Wind Pressure
Rupesh Kumar Sahu and Dr. Manoj Kumar Rath
Country: INDIA Page: 30-34 Download: Download Pdf

Importance of Organizational Culture for Gaza Strip Construction Companies
Othman A. Tayeh, Khalid El-Hallaq and Bassam A. Tayeh
Country: PALESTINE Page: 35-39 Download: Download Pdf

The Organizational Culture of Gaza Strip Construction Companies
Othman A. Tayeh, Khalid El-Hallaq and Bassam A. Tayeh
Country: PALESTINE Page: 40-64 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Electrode Shape on ECSM Performance during Machining of Alumina Ceramics
Mukesh Verma and Alakesh Manna
Country: INDIA Page: 65-72 Download: Download Pdf

Synthesis of Redundant Planar Isotropic Manipulator using Link Length Ratios
Hareesha N G and K N Umesh
Country: INDIA Page: 73-78 Download: Download Pdf

Result Analysis of DWT and LSB based Audio Steganography
Amit Kumar and Kamal Niwaria
Country: INDIA Page: 79-81 Download: Download Pdf

DWT and LSB based Audio Steganography- A Review
Amit Kumar and Kamal Niwaria
Country: INDIA Page: 82-84 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Study of Economic Progression of Women before and after Availing Micro Credit
Dr. R. Sorna Priya and M. Sathiya
Country: INDIA Page: 85-93 Download: Download Pdf

A Framework for Offshore Service Providers’ Capability Maturity
Dr. Santanu Mukherjee
Country: INDIA Page: 94-104 Download: Download Pdf

Overview of Crypto Currency`s Role in India
Dr. R. Chandrasekaran and K. Anitha
Country: INDIA Page: 105-110 Download: Download Pdf

Microfinance with Reference to Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Banks (MUDRA Banks)
Pushan Ghose
Country: INDIA Page: 111-113 Download: Download Pdf

Clients' Perception and Satisfaction in Organized Retail Sector in India
P.M.Lakshmi and N.Deepa
Country: INDIA Page: 114-117 Download: Download Pdf

Intellectual Property Rights in Business Organizations
Dr. Y. Venkateswara Rao and G. Srirekha
Country: INDIA Page: 118-124 Download: Download Pdf

Financial Efficacy of Selected Textile Spinning Mills in India
K.Akilandeswari and Dr. S.B. Gayathri
Country: INDIA Page: 125-134 Download: Download Pdf

Smart Phone Adoption Among the Rural Customers with Special Reference to Coimbatore
M. Kunthavi Nappinnai, Dr. S. Ayyappan and M.Sakthivadivel
Country: INDIA Page: 135-138 Download: Download Pdf

Consumer Awareness of Solar Energy Products A Study with Special Reference to Tirupur District Abstract
Dr. R.Mohanasundari and Nirmala Devi
Country: INDIA Page: 139-145 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Social Media on Employee Productivity in Education Sector
Shilu Varghese and Dr. K. Thriveni Kumari
Country: INDIA Page: 146-149 Download: Download Pdf

Trailblazer of Social Media in Advertising World
Dr. Deepika Saxena and Vidhi Sethi
Country: INDIA Page: 150-155 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Factors Influence on Consumers’ Leisure Shopping (With Special Reference to the Purchasing in Shopping Malls in Colombo District)
Perera K.J.T and Sutha.J
Country: INDIA Page: 156-160 Download: Download Pdf

Incidence of Urban Poverty in Tamil Nadu: A Micro Level Socio-Economic Analysis
Dr. R. Karthikeyan and D. Vettriselvi
Country: INDIA Page: 161-168 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Effectiveness of Apprenticeship Training Provided by Elgi Equipments Company Ltd., Coimbatore
R.Jaishankar and Dr. R.Prabhu
Country: INDIA Page: 169-177 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on the Effect of Affluence on Solid Waste Generation in Kota
Dr. Shweta Mathur
Country: INDIA Page: 178-182 Download: Download Pdf

Toxicity Effects of Aspartame on Embryonic Development of Zebrafish (Danio Rerio)
Country: SRI LANKA Page: 183-188 Download: Download Pdf

Role of ICT in Educational Planning in India
Harkanwaldeep Singh
Country: INDIA Page: 189-193 Download: Download Pdf

The Use of Biplot Analysis and Euclidean Distance with Procrustes Measure for Outliers Detection
Fanny Novika, Siswadi and Toni Bakhtiar
Country: INDONESIA Page: 194-200 Download: Download Pdf

Dynamical System of Dengue Disease Transmission Involving the Aquatic Life Cycle
Christari Lois Palit, Paian Sianturi and Jaharuddin
Country: INDONESIA Page: 201-207 Download: Download Pdf

Evaluation System of College Educational Information Management System based on AHP
Qifu Dai and Wenyuan Sun
Country: CHINA Page: 208-212 Download: Download Pdf

Pharmacognostical and Chemical Investigation of Putrajiva Seed
Kunal Sajwan, Sonali Sajwan, Jitendra Kumar, R.K Negi, Subhashendra Singh and Mohd. Asif
Country: INDIA Page: 213-216 Download: Download Pdf

Algorithm Decision Support in Determining Bidikmisi Scholarship Receive (Case Study: Bidikmisi Scholarship)
H. E. Harahap, F. Bukhari and B. P. Silalahi
Country: INDONESIA Page: 217-222 Download: Download Pdf