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As per new UGC regulations on minimum qualifications for appointment of teachers and other academic staff in universities and colleges (Date:18/07/2018) you can publish your research work in any peer reviewed or ugc approved journal.       •IJEMR is an International Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal.       •IJEMR IPI Value is: 2.8       •IJEMR is now Indexed in       •Volume-8 Issue-6 (December-2018) Published.       •More research papers in this edition will uploaded soon.       •IJEMR is now the member of the DOI CrossRef, USA.       •I2OR Impact Factor of IJEMR for 2017 is 4.006       •Call for Papers-Volume-9, Issue-1 (February 2019)       •

Call for Papers

Submission Last Date :
30th January 2019
Author's Notification :
Within 10 to 15 Days
Publishing Month :
February 2019 Issue
Publishing Subjects :
Engineering & Technology

Volume-8 Issue-2 (April 2018)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Stock Prediction using ARMA
Harsha Saxena, Ainapurapu Venkata Anurag, Nihal Chirayath, Rahul Bendale and Sidharth Kaul
   Country: INDIA   Page: 1-4 Download: Download Pdf

Finger Mouse Movement
S.P. Mali, Jyoti B. Kamble, Tejasvini L. Gaikwad, Bhagyashri S. Jadhav and Monika M. Chavan
   Country: INDIA   Page: 5-7 Download: Download Pdf

Remote Access through Android Devices
Vishwajit Gaikwad, Abhishek Patil, Siddhant Nalawade, Durgesh Warudkar and Vinayak Malavade
   Country: INDIA   Page: 8-11 Download: Download Pdf

‘C’ E-Learning System to Find Learning Statistics
Harsha Saxena, Shubham Divekar, Anjaneya Gurjar, Nabil Memon and Shardul Bhot
   Country: INDIA   Page: 12-15 Download: Download Pdf

Robotics Application in Construction Industry
Vaishali Shinde and Ghansham Sarode
   Country: INDIA   Page: 16-18 Download: Download Pdf

An in Depth Review Paper on Numerous Image Mosaicing Approaches and Techniques
Mohamed Abdul – Rahim. M.I. and Zheng – Sheng Yu
   Country: CHINA   Page: 19-35 Download: Download Pdf

Optimization of EDM Machining Parameters to Machine INCONEL – 825
Sanket Sahu, Dr. Ramesh Chandra Mohanty, Prof. R.R.Panda, Dr. A.M. Mohanty, Prof. Girija Nandan Arka
   Country: INDIA   Page: 36-45 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Studies on Production of Biodiesel from Thevetia Peruviana Feedstock
Maruti Chavan, Akshay Sutar, Rohit Bhatkande, Rohan Gurav, Moshin Mulla, Amit Deokar and Praveen Harari
   Country: INDIA   Page: 46-49 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Analysis of MUSIC and MVDR DOA Estimation Algorithm
Bhupenmewada, Prof. Kamal Niwaria and Dr. Manish Jain
   Country: INDIA   Page: 50-55 Download: Download Pdf

A Literature Survey Different Algorithms of MUSIC and MVDR DOA Estimation
Bhupenmewada, Prof. Kamal Niwaria and Dr. Manish Jain
   Country: INDIA   Page: 56-60 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Optimzation in Turning of Alluminium 8019 Alloy
Soubhagya Ranjan Sahoo and S.K. Sethi
   Country: INDIA   Page: 61-65 Download: Download Pdf

Fabrication and Characterisation of Aluminium Based Silicon Carbide Composite
Biswajeet Sahoo, Biswajit Nayak and Rashmi Ranjan Panda
   Country: INDIA   Page: 66-73 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Study on Micro Drilling Process
Ashirbad Swain, C. Mohanty, Rashmi Ranjan Panda and Dillip Mohanta
   Country: INDIA   Page: 74-78 Download: Download Pdf

Soil Stabilization by using Lime
Prof. Syed Sumair Razvi, Shweta Balaji Bhalke, Mamta Dilip Wadhave, Ajinkya Prakash Waghe and Dipak Charandas Rathod
   Country: INDIA   Page: 79-86 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Heat Treatment in Low Carbon Steel
Md. Saddam Hussiain, S. Punaykanti, Rashmi Ranjan Panda and Dillip Mohanta
   Country: INDIA   Page: 87-90 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of GST on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
M. Jayalakshmi and G.Venkateswarlu
   Country: INDIA   Page: 91-95 Download: Download Pdf

Vector Autoregressive (VAR) for Rainfall Prediction
Tita Rosita, Zaekhan and Rachmawati Dwi Estuningsih
   Country: INDONESIA   Page: 96-102 Download: Download Pdf

Benchmarking Quality Management System (QMS) Audit Process on Oil and Gas Projects
Shobhendu Prabhakar
   Country: INDIA   Page: 103-109 Download: Download Pdf

Social and Cultural Expectations and Changing Role of Women
Dr. K. R. Subramanian
   Country: INDIA   Page: 110-117 Download: Download Pdf

Customer Motivation and Loyalty towards Shopping Malls in Chennai City
Dr. J. Jothi Krishnan and S.Sivaraj
   Country: INDIA   Page: 118-123 Download: Download Pdf

Importance of CRM in Indian Banking System - A Contemporary Insight
Pawan Kumar Gupta
   Country: INDIA   Page: 124-127 Download: Download Pdf

Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Retail Sector – Re – Evaluation
Dr. Bhuwan Gupta and Sweety Dubey
   Country: INDIA   Page: 128-135 Download: Download Pdf

Traditional Commerce v/s E-commerce and Impact of Demonetization on E-commerce
Dinesh Chand Gupta, Prof. Meenakshi Bindal, Naman Agarwal and Kratika Khandelwal
   Country: INDIA   Page: 136-142 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of GST on Indian Economy
Meenakshi Bindal and Dinesh Chand Gupta
   Country: INDIA   Page: 143-148 Download: Download Pdf

Linking Green HRM Practices with Organizational Practices for Organizational and Environmental Sustainability
Sweety Dubey and Dr. Bhuwan Gupta
   Country: INDIA   Page: 149-153 Download: Download Pdf

Non Performing Assets: A Study of Pithoragarh District Co-Operative Bank Ltd. (Uttarakhand)
Vimal Kumar Joshi and Dr. C.S. Joshi
   Country: INDIA   Page: 154-158 Download: Download Pdf

A Study Report on Consumer Awareness towards Pithoragarh District Co-Operative Bank (In respect of Pithoragarh and Champawat Districts of Uttarakhand)
Vimal Kumar Joshi and Dr. C.S. Joshi
   Country: INDIA   Page: 159-162 Download: Download Pdf

An Analysis of MENA Region Economy Performance in Prevailing Global Economic Conditions
Dr. S.M. Tariq Zafar, Prof.(Dr.) Waleed Hmedat, Prof.(Dr.) D.S. Chaubey and Dr. Baby Thomas
   Country: OMAN   Page: 163-175 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Employees Attitude towards Fringe Benefits
Kratika Sharma and Nitin Jaiswal
   Country: INDIA   Page: 176-180 Download: Download Pdf

Present Scenario of Derivative Market in India: An Analysis (2010-2018)
Meenakshi Bindal
   Country: INDIA   Page: 181-187 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Microfinance Programme on Employment Status of the Participants
Ruchi Joshi and Dr. C.S. Joshi
   Country: INDIA   Page: 188-192 Download: Download Pdf

Benefits of Turnkey Project in Bangladesh
Muhammad Syeduzzaman, Dr. S.K. Dutta and Dr. Md. Yamin Hassan
   Country: INDIA   Page: 193-195 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Measurement of Military Supply Chains
Sanjay Sethi and Sunil Sharma
   Country: INDIA   Page: 196-208 Download: Download Pdf

Correlation between Business Process Management and Organizational Performance: A Study of Bank X
Vikas Mahalawat and Dr. Bharti Sharma
   Country: INDIA   Page: 209-213 Download: Download Pdf

Strategies to Achieve Students’ Centric Approach in Blended Learning
Dr. Arshi Naim
   Country: INDIA   Page: 214-219 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Micro Finance Activities to Living Standard of People in a Selected Area in Sri Lanka
Perera K.J.T
   Country: SRI LANKA   Page: 220-225 Download: Download Pdf

ATM Transaction Status Analysis and Anomaly Detection
Yingzhen Lang and Wenyuan Sun
   Country: CHINA   Page: 226-231 Download: Download Pdf

Strong Consistency and Asymptotic Distribution of Estimator for the Intensity Function Having Form of Periodic Function Multiplied by Power Function Trend of a Poisson Process
Nina Valentika, I. Wayan Mangku and Windiani Erliana
   Country: INDONESIA   Page: 232-236 Download: Download Pdf

An Analysis of Startup Ecosystem in Metropolitan City in India
Neeraj K Pandey
   Country: INDIA   Page: 237-244 Download: Download Pdf