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As per new UGC regulations on minimum qualifications for appointment of teachers and other academic staff in universities and colleges (Date:18/07/2018) you can publish your research work in any peer reviewed or ugc approved journal.       •IJEMR is an International Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal.       •IJEMR IPI Value is: 2.8       •IJEMR is now Indexed in       •Volume-8 Issue-6 (December-2018) Published.       •More research papers in this edition will uploaded soon.       •IJEMR is now the member of the DOI CrossRef, USA.       •I2OR Impact Factor of IJEMR for 2017 is 4.006       •Call for Papers-Volume-9, Issue-1 (February 2019)       •

Call for Papers

Submission Last Date :
30th January 2019
Author's Notification :
Within 10 to 15 Days
Publishing Month :
February 2019 Issue
Publishing Subjects :
Engineering & Technology

Volume-8 Issue-3 (June 2018)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Eco Beach Cleaner
Amit Kumar Yadav, Animesh Singh, M. A. Murtaza and Ajendra Kumar Singh
   Country: INDIA   Page: 1-4 Download: Download Pdf

The Manual Steering to be Made Cut Very Freely without using Power Steering System
C. K. Jha, Dibyodak Sana and Shivam Dubey
   Country: INDIA   Page: 5-6 Download: Download Pdf

Air Hybrid Bicycle
C.K. Jha, Suraj Verma and Shubham Kumar Gupt
   Country: INDIA   Page: 7-9 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Fabrication of Project on Power Generation using Rollers on Busy Highway
Sumit Paul, Himanshu Kumar, P.K. Singh and C. K. Jha
   Country: INDIA   Page: 10-11 Download: Download Pdf

Multi-Purpose Agriculture Machine
Tushar Lakhmani, Prakhar Asthana, Mragank Sharma and Vivek Verma
   Country: INDIA   Page: 12-14 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Fabrication of Project on Water Bodies Cleaning Robot
Raj Vaibhav Tiwari, Aditya Maheshwari, Dr. M.C. Srivastava and Ashwini Sharma
   Country: INDIA   Page: 15-17 Download: Download Pdf

A Study of Person Identification using Keystroke Dynamics and Statistical Analysis
Nikhil Ashok Hegde
   Country: INDIA   Page: 18-23 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Prospect and Problem of Human Resources Management in the Banking Sector of Bangladesh
Muhammad Syeduzzaman, Dr. S.K. Dutta, Dr. Md. Yamin Hassan and Dr. Arup JD Sarma
   Country: INDIA   Page: 24-27 Download: Download Pdf

Online Shopping - Its Growth and Status in India
Dr. Renati Jayaprakash Reddy and Dr. Rojarani
   Country: INDIA   Page: 28-36 Download: Download Pdf

Intelligence Digital Energy Meter
Kundeti Krishnarao and Jaddu Jhansi Rani
   Country: INDIA   Page: 37-41 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Working Conditions of Unskilled Migrant Labourers in Kerala with Special Reference to Ernakulam District
Saviour F
   Country: INDIA   Page: 42-45 Download: Download Pdf

A New Approach to Solve Initial Basic Feasible Solution for the Transportation Problem
M. Kavitha, N. Srinivasan and A. Seethalakahmy
   Country: INDIA   Page: 46-48 Download: Download Pdf

Analysing Leadership Style to Become A Legend Leader: An Exploration
Dr. S.M. Tariq Zafar, Qasim Al Ajmi, Dr. D.S. Chaubey and Dr. Josephina B Salando
   Country: OMAN   Page: 49-56 Download: Download Pdf

Application and Usefulness of Internet of Things in Information Technology
Dr. Anand Mohan
   Country: INDIA   Page: 57-61 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Labor Market and Unemployment Insurance in the Case of Republic of Kazakhstan
Ainur Aliyeva, Amina Gassanova and Hai Xia Gao
   Country: CHINA   Page: 62-65 Download: Download Pdf

Developing a Humanoid Robot Platform
Nuralem Abizov, Jia Yuan - Huang and Fei Gao
   Country: CHINA   Page: 66-70 Download: Download Pdf

Development and Implementation of VLSI Reconfigurable Architecture for Gabor Filter in Medical Imaging Application
Megha Hegde and P.Agalya Sivakumar
   Country: INDIA   Page: 71-76 Download: Download Pdf

Mix Design of Grade M35 by Replacement of Cement with Rice Husk Ash in Concrete
Savita Chaudhary and Aditya Pratap Singh
   Country: INDIA   Page: 77-83 Download: Download Pdf

Microwave Assist Green Synthesis of Silver Nano Particles Using Rhynchostylisretusa(L.) Blume Leaf Extract and Its Antioxidants Activity
Jahnabi Sarma and Dr. A M Dutta
   Country: INDIA   Page: 84-89 Download: Download Pdf

Mapping the Metrics of Radiology Technology Diffusion: A Case for Swaziland
Mitchel S Danisa and Lidion Sibanda
   Country: ZIMBABWE   Page: 90-99 Download: Download Pdf

Can Automation Eliminate Human Intervention
Dr. K. R. Subramanian
   Country: INDIA   Page: 100-108 Download: Download Pdf

Lowest Even Cost Method (OR) an Alter Method to Least Cost Method for the Transportation Problem
M. Kavitha and N. Srinivasan
   Country: INDIA   Page: 109-111 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Implementation of Lifting Based Wavelet and Adaptive LSB Steganography to Secret Data Sharing Through Image on FPGA
Kokila. B. Padeppagol and Sandhya Rani M H
   Country: INDIA   Page: 112-119 Download: Download Pdf

Differences Between Male and Female Entrepreneurs in The Kingdom of Bahrain: Does Gender Matter
Dr. Randolf Von N. Salindo
   Country: BAHRAIN   Page: 120-128 Download: Download Pdf

Gandhiji's Concept of Religion and its Relevance in Present Society
Sarat Talukdar, Dr. P.K. Talukdar and Dr. Hitesh Kalita
   Country: INDIA   Page: 129-130 Download: Download Pdf

An Electrocardiograph based Arrythmia Detection System
Veena.K.N and Shobha.S
   Country: INDIA   Page: 131-136 Download: Download Pdf

Physiochemical Properties and Meat Quality Parameters of Wild Boar Meat: A Review
S. Anand Kumar
   Country: SRILANKA   Page: 137-144 Download: Download Pdf

Sustainable Transportation for India’s Future Based on Electric Vehicles
Kevin John and Aaron Joseph George
   Country: INDIA   Page: 145-146 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Al 6061-TiO2 -CNT Metal Matrix Composites Produced by Stir Casting Process
Shashank Dewangan, Dr. S. K. Ganguly and Dr. R. Banchhor
   Country: INDIA   Page: 147-152 Download: Download Pdf

A Concise History of Petrogal (Portuguese Oil Company): An Essay
Paulo Nuno Martins
   Country: PORTUGAL   Page: 153-156 Download: Download Pdf

The History of Cimpor (Portuguese Cement Company): A Contribution to the History of Science
Paulo Nuno Martins
   Country: PORTUGAL   Page: 157-161 Download: Download Pdf

Risk Management in Construction Project
Mahi Raj and Nakul Kumar Wadsamudrakar
   Country: INDIA   Page: 162-167 Download: Download Pdf

Electrical Power Theft Intimation Over SMS
Pruthviraj P. Patil, Dr. B. T. Salokhe and A.S. Mali
   Country: INDIA   Page: 168-171 Download: Download Pdf

HRM in the Digital Age: Consequences and Performance
Coral Barboza
   Country: INDIA   Page: 172-176 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Evaluation of Concrete by using Sisal Fibre and Bamboo Fibre
Md. Azhar Hoda and Premit Kumar Patil
   Country: INDIA   Page: 177-180 Download: Download Pdf

Preparation of QMS Manual and its Implementation - A Case Study
Apoorwa Nag and Kapil Soni
   Country: INDIA   Page: 181-183 Download: Download Pdf

Structural Health Monitoring by Payload Compression in Wireless Sensors Network: An Algorithmic Analysis
Md. Motaharul Islam Ngnamsie Njimbouom Soualihou and Safi Faizullah
   Country: SAUDI ARABIA   Page: 184-190 Download: Download Pdf

Teaching Programming to Non-Programmers at Undergraduate Level
Juena Ahmed Noshin and Syed Ishteaque Ahmed
   Country: BANGLADESH   Page: 191-194 Download: Download Pdf

Improvement of Tensile Properties of Recycled Low-Density Polyethylene by Incorporation of Calcium Carbonate Particles
Dr. Raed Ma’ali, Dr. Shadi Sawalha, Dr. Omar Surkhi, Eng. Amani Hamarsheh, Eng. Sabreen Yacoub and Eng. Samah Helou
   Country: PALESTINE   Page: 195-200 Download: Download Pdf

Case Study: Applications of Six Sigma in Mild Steel and Stainless-Steel Light Fabrication Processes
Viraj V Atre
   Country: INDIA   Page: 201-207 Download: Download Pdf

Flour - The Integral Part of Balance Diet-Exploratory Study on Cereals Products
Prof. Ramen Chowdhury
   Country: INDIA   Page: 208-214 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Mathematics Anxiety on Undergraduate Mathematics Students in a Gulf Country
Maitham AlMuharraqi and George Toworfe
   Country: BAHRAIN   Page: 215-223 Download: Download Pdf

Automated Unified Trolley System for LPG Leakage Detection with Safety Measures and Refill Booking
Shraddha Suresh Tanksale, Prof. A.S. Mali and Dr. B.T. Salokhe
   Country: INDIA   Page: 224-228 Download: Download Pdf

Thermal Efficiency of Combined Cycle Power Plant
R. Rajesh and Dr. P.S. Kishore
   Country: INDIA   Page: 229-234 Download: Download Pdf

Smart Cane for Blind Person Assisted with Android Application and Save Our Souls Transmission
Pratibha Shantaram Pawaskar, Prof. D.G. Chougule and Prof. A.S. Mali
   Country: INDIA   Page: 235-240 Download: Download Pdf

Solar Irradiance Prediction using Neural Model
Raj Kumar Yadav and Nivedita Sethy
   Country: INDIA   Page: 241-245 Download: Download Pdf

Production and Purification of Amylase from Bacillus subtilis Isolated from Soil
G. Kalyani and E.M. Rajesh
   Country: INDIA   Page: 246-254 Download: Download Pdf

Numerical Simulation and Efficiency Improvement of Solar Cell using Multi Layer Anti Reflecting Coating
Aman Sharma and Anil Boyal
   Country: INDIA   Page: 255-258 Download: Download Pdf