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As per new UGC regulations on minimum qualifications for appointment of teachers and other academic staff in universities and colleges (Date:18/07/2018) you can publish your research work in any peer reviewed journal.       •IJEMR is an International Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal.       •IJEMR IPI Value is: 2.8       •IJEMR is now Indexed in       •Volume-8 Issue-5 (October 2018) Published.       •More research papers in this edition will uploaded soon.       •IJEMR is now the member of the DOI CrossRef, USA.       •I2OR Impact Factor of IJEMR for 2017 is 4.006       •Call for Papers-Volume-8, Issue-6 (November-December 2018)       •

Call for Papers

Submission Last Date :
28th December 2018
Author's Notification :
Within 10 to 15 Days
Publishing Month :
December 2018 Issue
Publishing Subjects :
Engineering & Technology

Volume-8 Issue-5 (October-2018)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
A Brief Survey on Impact of Flood on Children, Water Sanitation and Hygiene in Kashmir Valley
Irshad Ahmad Yatoo, Prof. Bhakti Chourey and Khursheed Aalum
   Country: INDIA   Page: 1-5 Download: Download Pdf

International Students’ Perception towards Educational Tourism in the Kingdom of Bahrain
Sarah Yousif Hussain Mohammed Yousif and Randolf Von N. Salindo
   Country: BAHRAIN   Page: 6-11 Download: Download Pdf

Economic Implications on the Composition of Municipal Solid Waste and its Management in Kota City
Dr. Shweta Mathur
   Country: INDIA   Page: 12-19 Download: Download Pdf

Application of Data Mining Techniques for Improving Continuous Integration
Meenakshi Kathayat
   Country: INDIA   Page: 20-23 Download: Download Pdf

Privacy Preserving Mining in Code Profiling Data
Meenakshi Kathayat
   Country: INDIA   Page: 24-28 Download: Download Pdf

Microstructure Analysis Of Glass/Epoxy Structure Reinforced With Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Vivek Balachandran and Sandeep Gupta
   Country: INDIA   Page: 29-36 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of the Technology Acceptance Theoretical Model in Examining Users’ Behavioural Intention to Use an Augmented Reality App (IMAP-Campus)
Hamed Alqahtani, Manolya Kavakli and Nazim Uddin Sheikh
   Country: SAUDI ARABIA   Page: 37-49 Download: Download Pdf

Organizational Change and Change Readiness: Employees’ Attitudes during Times of Saudi Electric Organizational Shift
Anar Aljudhei and Randolf Von N. Salindo
   Country: BAHRAIN   Page: 50-55 Download: Download Pdf

Working Capital Management of Larsen & Turbo
K. Pavithra and S.Kirubadevi
   Country: INDIA   Page: 56-63 Download: Download Pdf

On Extension of Weibull Distribution with Bayesian Analysis using S-Plus Software
Bilal Ahmad Bhat
   Country: INDIA   Page: 64-69 Download: Download Pdf

Assessing the Effects of Tax Elasticity on Government Spending
Debasis Patnaik and Venkat Yaji
   Country: INDIA   Page: 70-76 Download: Download Pdf

Ban on Plastic! A Blessing or A Curse
Dr. Kandalgaonkar, S.R and Jyoti Harchekar
   Country: INDIA   Page: 77-79 Download: Download Pdf

Evaluation of Logistic Performance Index of India in the Indian Postal Services
K.Selvavinayagam, V.Jothi Francina and.V.P.Rameshkumaar
   Country: INDIA   Page: 80-87 Download: Download Pdf

Fabrication and Electrical Discharge Machining of Al-SiC-Mg Composite with Mechanical Characterisation
Kula Bhusan Pradhan, Biswajit Nayak and Sudeep Kumar Singh
   Country: INDIA   Page: 88-99 Download: Download Pdf

Predicting Post Outage Transmission Line Flows using Linear Distribution Factors
Onyedikachi S. Nnamdi, Emmanuel. A. Anazia and Obroh O. Rebecca
   Country: NIGERIA   Page: 100-106 Download: Download Pdf

An Evaluation of the Effect of Consumer Characteristics on Retail Format Patronage Decisions
Mohammed Shaffiullah and Prof. T. Umamaheswara Rao
   Country: INDIA   Page: 107-116 Download: Download Pdf

Stabilization of Black cotton soil with Tyre Waste
Shubha M and Pavan Kumar Balichakra
   Country: INDIA   Page: 117-119 Download: Download Pdf

Food Culture of Wenzhou/Zhejiang and South India - A Comparative Study
Xu Hui, A. Dhanalakshmi and Mao Jiguang
   Country: CHINA   Page: 120-130 Download: Download Pdf

Minimization of Localization Error using Connectivity based Geometrical Method in Wireless Sensor Networks
Sita Kumari. CH and Dr. S.P. Setty
   Country: INDIA   Page: 131-136 Download: Download Pdf

Esterification Bio-oil using Acid Catalyst and Ethanol
Rian C Sondakh, Erliza Hambali and Nastiti S Indrasti
   Country: INDONESIA   Page: 137-141 Download: Download Pdf

Role of Startups on Indian Economy
Dr. Meenakshi Bindal, Dr. Bhuwan Gupta and Sweety Dubey
   Country: INDIA   Page: 142-145 Download: Download Pdf

Kid's shows' Effect in Changing Children Mental Response and Behavior
Dr. Bhuwan Gupta, Dr. Meenakshi Bindal and Sweety Dubey
   Country: INDIA   Page: 146-150 Download: Download Pdf

Customers Satisfaction on the Retail Banking Sector in Bangladesh: A Case Study in City Bank Limited
Mostofa Jaman Shourov, Abidur Rahman Talukder and Md. Lutfor Rahman
   Country: CHINA   Page: 151-155 Download: Download Pdf

An Analysis of Strategy of Internet Marketing in Indian Scenario
Sweety Dubey, Dr. Bhuwan Gupta and Dr. Meenakshi Bindal
   Country: INDIA   Page: 156-162 Download: Download Pdf

A Study of Job Satisfaction in a Call Centre with Special Reference to Pune in India
Dr. Sangita Gorde
   Country: INDIA   Page: 163-168 Download: Download Pdf

Application of Nonlinear Programming to Heat Conduction Model
Zhe Zhang, Yingzhen Wang and Wenyuan Sun
   Country: CHINA   Page: 169-172 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Steady State Cryogenic Air Separation Unit and Simulation of Fixed Bed Adsorption Separation of Air
Siddharth Ranjan Mohanty and Dr. A.M. Mohanty
   Country: INDIA   Page: 173-176 Download: Download Pdf

Assessment of Project Monitoring and Control Techniques in Ondo State Agency for Road Maintenance and Construction (OSARMCO)
Adebayo O. R., Eniowo O. D. and Ogunjobi V. O.
   Country: NIGERIA   Page: 177-184 Download: Download Pdf

The Likelihood Ratio Test in Structural Equation Models: A Multi-Group Approach to Portuguese Material Deprivation
Paula C.R. Vicente
   Country: PORTUGAL   Page: 185-189 Download: Download Pdf

Changing the Landscape of Accounting using Blockchain Technology
Maria Cecilia P. Lagaras
   Country: BAHRAIN   Page: 190-195 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on PAYTM Usage and Problems Faced among the Employees of XYZ Company Ltd.
Dr. A. Sandhya Rani
   Country: INDIA   Page: 196-198 Download: Download Pdf

Effectiveness of Personal Finance among Selected Skilled – Working Expatriates in the Kingdom of Bahrain
Dr. Steve Salamat Guansi and Emad Sadeq Ebrahim
   Country: BAHRAIN   Page: 199-208 Download: Download Pdf

Functional Tax Governance Apparatus and Economic Development
ADEUSI Amos Sunday and Dr. OLADELE, Rotimi
   Country: NIGERIA   Page: 209-216 Download: Download Pdf

A Proposed Reading Program for Secondary School Students
Dr. Caren Rimando Bansolay
   Country: BAHRAIN   Page: 217-228 Download: Download Pdf