Volume-8 Issue-5 (October-2018)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
A Brief Survey on Impact of Flood on Children, Water Sanitation and Hygiene in Kashmir Valley
Irshad Ahmad Yatoo, Prof. Bhakti Chourey and Khursheed Aalum
Country: INDIA Page: 1-5 Download: Download Pdf

Economic Implications on the Composition of Municipal Solid Waste and its Management in Kota City
Dr. Shweta Mathur
Country: INDIA Page: 12-19 Download: Download Pdf

Application of Data Mining Techniques for Improving Continuous Integration
Meenakshi Kathayat
Country: INDIA Page: 20-23 Download: Download Pdf

Privacy Preserving Mining in Code Profiling Data
Meenakshi Kathayat
Country: INDIA Page: 24-28 Download: Download Pdf

Organizational Change and Change Readiness: Employees’ Attitudes during Times of Saudi Electric Organizational Shift
Anar Aljudhei and Randolf Von N. Salindo
Country: BAHRAIN Page: 50-55 Download: Download Pdf

Working Capital Management of Larsen & Turbo
K. Pavithra and S.Kirubadevi
Country: INDIA Page: 56-63 Download: Download Pdf

On Extension of Weibull Distribution with Bayesian Analysis using S-Plus Software
Bilal Ahmad Bhat
Country: INDIA Page: 64-69 Download: Download Pdf

Assessing the Effects of Tax Elasticity on Government Spending
Debasis Patnaik and Venkat Yaji
Country: INDIA Page: 70-76 Download: Download Pdf

Ban on Plastic! A Blessing or A Curse
Dr. Kandalgaonkar, S.R and Jyoti Harchekar
Country: INDIA Page: 77-79 Download: Download Pdf

Evaluation of Logistic Performance Index of India in the Indian Postal Services
K.Selvavinayagam, V.Jothi Francina and.V.P.Rameshkumaar
Country: INDIA Page: 80-87 Download: Download Pdf

Fabrication and Electrical Discharge Machining of Al-SiC-Mg Composite with Mechanical Characterisation
Kula Bhusan Pradhan, Biswajit Nayak and Sudeep Kumar Singh
Country: INDIA Page: 88-99 Download: Download Pdf

Predicting Post Outage Transmission Line Flows using Linear Distribution Factors
Onyedikachi S. Nnamdi, Emmanuel. A. Anazia and Obroh O. Rebecca
Country: NIGERIA Page: 100-106 Download: Download Pdf

An Evaluation of the Effect of Consumer Characteristics on Retail Format Patronage Decisions
Mohammed Shaffiullah and Prof. T. Umamaheswara Rao
Country: INDIA Page: 107-116 Download: Download Pdf

Stabilization of Black cotton soil with Tyre Waste
Shubha M and Pavan Kumar Balichakra
Country: INDIA Page: 117-119 Download: Download Pdf

Food Culture of Wenzhou/Zhejiang and South India - A Comparative Study
Xu Hui, A. Dhanalakshmi and Mao Jiguang
Country: CHINA Page: 120-130 Download: Download Pdf

Minimization of Localization Error using Connectivity based Geometrical Method in Wireless Sensor Networks
Sita Kumari. CH and Dr. S.P. Setty
Country: INDIA Page: 131-136 Download: Download Pdf

Esterification Bio-oil using Acid Catalyst and Ethanol
Rian C Sondakh, Erliza Hambali and Nastiti S Indrasti
Country: INDONESIA Page: 137-141 Download: Download Pdf

Role of Startups on Indian Economy
Dr. Meenakshi Bindal, Dr. Bhuwan Gupta and Sweety Dubey
Country: INDIA Page: 142-145 Download: Download Pdf

Kid's shows' Effect in Changing Children Mental Response and Behavior
Dr. Bhuwan Gupta, Dr. Meenakshi Bindal and Sweety Dubey
Country: INDIA Page: 146-150 Download: Download Pdf

Customers Satisfaction on the Retail Banking Sector in Bangladesh: A Case Study in City Bank Limited
Mostofa Jaman Shourov, Abidur Rahman Talukder and Md. Lutfor Rahman
Country: CHINA Page: 151-155 Download: Download Pdf

An Analysis of Strategy of Internet Marketing in Indian Scenario
Sweety Dubey, Dr. Bhuwan Gupta and Dr. Meenakshi Bindal
Country: INDIA Page: 156-162 Download: Download Pdf

A Study of Job Satisfaction in a Call Centre with Special Reference to Pune in India
Dr. Sangita Gorde
Country: INDIA Page: 163-168 Download: Download Pdf

Application of Nonlinear Programming to Heat Conduction Model
Zhe Zhang, Yingzhen Wang and Wenyuan Sun
Country: CHINA Page: 169-172 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Steady State Cryogenic Air Separation Unit and Simulation of Fixed Bed Adsorption Separation of Air
Siddharth Ranjan Mohanty and Dr. A.M. Mohanty
Country: INDIA Page: 173-176 Download: Download Pdf

Assessment of Project Monitoring and Control Techniques in Ondo State Agency for Road Maintenance and Construction (OSARMCO)
Adebayo O. R., Eniowo O. D. and Ogunjobi V. O.
Country: NIGERIA Page: 177-184 Download: Download Pdf

The Likelihood Ratio Test in Structural Equation Models: A Multi-Group Approach to Portuguese Material Deprivation
Paula C.R. Vicente
Country: PORTUGAL Page: 185-189 Download: Download Pdf

Changing the Landscape of Accounting using Blockchain Technology
Maria Cecilia P. Lagaras
Country: BAHRAIN Page: 190-195 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on PAYTM Usage and Problems Faced among the Employees of XYZ Company Ltd.
Dr. A. Sandhya Rani
Country: INDIA Page: 196-198 Download: Download Pdf

Effectiveness of Personal Finance among Selected Skilled – Working Expatriates in the Kingdom of Bahrain
Dr. Steve Salamat Guansi and Emad Sadeq Ebrahim
Country: BAHRAIN Page: 199-208 Download: Download Pdf

Functional Tax Governance Apparatus and Economic Development
ADEUSI Amos Sunday and Dr. OLADELE, Rotimi
Country: NIGERIA Page: 209-216 Download: Download Pdf

A Proposed Reading Program for Secondary School Students
Dr. Caren Rimando Bansolay
Country: BAHRAIN Page: 217-228 Download: Download Pdf

International Students’ Perception towards Educational Tourism in the Kingdom of Bahrain
Sarah Yousif Hussain Mohammed Yousif and Randolf Von N. Salindo
Country: BAHRAIN Page: 6-11 Download: Download Pdf