Volume-8 Issue-6 (December-2018)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Cultural Steward – New Role for HR
Dr. Sowmya C S
   Country: INDIA   Page: 1-3 Download: Download Pdf

Retail Marketing in Rural India – Factors in Favour and Strategies
Dr. T. Kalai Selvi
   Country: INDIA   Page: 4-11 Download: Download Pdf

Evaluation Research on Development Level of Energy Internet
Xiujun Sun
   Country: CHINA   Page: 12-16 Download: Download Pdf

Fundamo: A Pioneer in Mobile Payments Service
Prafulla Kumar Padhi
   Country: USA   Page: 17-27 Download: Download Pdf

Study and Analysis of Strength of GGBS Concrete
Sunil Bhagwan Yamgar and Prof. Mr. S.R.Takkalaki
   Country: INDIA   Page: 28-47 Download: Download Pdf

Simulation Research on the Effect of Energy Saving Policy in Office Building based on Dynamic Game
Yingchuan Wang, Yang Shen and Yongchen Guo
   Country: CHINA   Page: 48-54 Download: Download Pdf

Study on the Pricing and Path Scheme Comparison of Transit Freight
Yang Kang, LixiaWang, Jiawei Ge and Xuefeng Wang
   Country: CHINA   Page: 55-68 Download: Download Pdf

Construction of Solar Panel Laying System based on Genetic Algorithm
Chun-yu Xu, Jun-hua Lin, Qin-ming Lin and Yuan-biao Zhang
   Country: CHINA   Page: 69-80 Download: Download Pdf

A Survey of Automated Process Planning Approaches in Machining
S.K. Singh and A.M. Mohanty
   Country: INDIA   Page: 81-88 Download: Download Pdf

A Smart Alarm System for Women’s Security
K.Mohanaprakash and T.Guna Sekar
   Country: INDIA   Page: 89-92 Download: Download Pdf

Cloud Computing in Resource Management
Er. Manoj Kumar
   Country: INDIA   Page: 93-98 Download: Download Pdf

An Efficient MDC based Set Partitioned Embedded Block Image Coding
Rahat Naz and Santosh Kumar Mishra
   Country: INDIA   Page: 99-104 Download: Download Pdf

Factors Affecting Cost Escalation in Construction Projects in Gaza Strip
Nabil El-Sawalhi and Abdelhadi Eleyan
   Country: PALESTINE   Page: 105-114 Download: Download Pdf

Classification of Arrhythmia from ECG Signals using MATLAB
Priyanka Mayapur
   Country: INDIA   Page: 115-129 Download: Download Pdf

The Effect of Risk Return Analysis of Pharmaceutical Industries on Indian Stock Market
Rohit A Patel and Bhavna Verma
   Country: INDIA   Page: 130-134 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Leadership Styles Adopted at V-Trans in India
T. Sirisha and Dr. Nalla Bala Kalyan
   Country: INDIA   Page: 135-141 Download: Download Pdf

Design of a Controller for MIMO System by using Approximate Model Matching (AMM) Method
Manoj Samal and Anjan Kumar Sahoo
   Country: INDIA   Page: 142-150 Download: Download Pdf

An Analysis to Determine the Priority Emotional Design in Kansei Engineering by using the AHP Approach in Product Development
Fevi Syaifoelida, M.A.M Megat Hamdan, M.R Eqwan and Iszmir Nazmi
   Country: MALAYSIA   Page: 151-156 Download: Download Pdf

Crowd Funding- A New Horizon
Dr. Mohit Mehta and Dr. Jyotsana Khandelwal
   Country: INDIA   Page: 157-160 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Study on Microbial Fibre Concrete
V.Tamilselvan, M.Shyamkumar, B.Kondababu and V.Bharathi
   Country: INDIA   Page: 161-170 Download: Download Pdf

Soil Remediation Technologies for Heavy Metals – A Review
Eva Lailatun Nisa Fatdillah and Nur Irfah Mohd Pauzi
   Country: MALAYSIA   Page: 171-175 Download: Download Pdf

Behavioral Economics in Management Decision Making
Dr. Archana Rathore
   Country: INDIA   Page: 176-181 Download: Download Pdf

Adoption of Green Building Practice in Commercial Properties in Lagos, Nigeria
OLA Olumide Samson and Adjekophori Bernard
   Country: NIGERIA   Page: 182-191 Download: Download Pdf

Improving QoS of VANET using Network Coding
Dr. Bajulunisha.A and Guna sundari.C
   Country: INDIA   Page: 192-200 Download: Download Pdf

Trends in Agricultural Credit
Yadunandana H.C and Dr. G. Kotreshwar
   Country: INDIA   Page: 201-205 Download: Download Pdf

Agrarian Distress and Farmers Suicides
Yadunandana H.C and Dr. G. Kotreshwar
   Country: INDIA   Page: 206-210 Download: Download Pdf

Digital Marketing Mix Strategies in the Tourism Industry in Zimbabwe: A Masvingo Tourism Destination Perspective
Phanos Matura
   Country: ZIMBABWE   Page: 211-219 Download: Download Pdf

Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) Approach to Raw Material Inventory Control at Pt XYZ
   Country: INDONESIA   Page: 220-225 Download: Download Pdf

Evaluating the Effect of Financial Knowledge on Investment Decisions of Investors from Gandhinagar District
Disha A. Popat and Dr. Hemal B. Pandya
   Country: INDIA   Page: 226-237 Download: Download Pdf