Volume-9 Issue-3 June 2019 (First Edition)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Dynamical System of Tuberculosis Considering Lost Sight Compartment
Heizlan Muhammad, Paian Sianturi and Endar H. Nugrahani
Country: INDONESIA Page: 1-6 Download: Download Pdf

Problems and Prospects of Infrastructure and Innovative Development of Kazakhstan
Zhansaya Fazylova
Country: CHINA Page: 7-10 Download: Download Pdf

Alternative Energy from Waste
Esther Kemka
Country: NIGERIA Page: 11-21 Download: Download Pdf

Application of Grey System Theory and Entropy Weight Method in Basketball League Matches
Yibing Wei and Tuolei Zhao
Country: CHINA Page: 22-25 Download: Download Pdf

Self-Navigation Car using Reinforcement Learning
Dr. Rafi U Zaman, Syed Mujtaba, Mirza Jawad Ali and M. Saaduddin Ahmed
Country: INDIA Page: 26-29 Download: Download Pdf

Workforce Diversity Management towards Organizational Performance: The Case of AlAujan Group, Kingdom of Bahrain
Noora Al-Shamlan and Dr. Mark P. Doblas
Country: KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN Page: 30-37 Download: Download Pdf

The Application of the Combination of Number and Shape in the Process of Mathematics Learning
Jinyi Yan and Jingyao Zheng
Country: CHINA Page: 38-39 Download: Download Pdf

Passenger Screening using Deep Learning and Artificial Neural Networks
Sarthak Arora, Ankit Singh Rathore and Saurabh Gautam
Country: INDIA Page: 40-42 Download: Download Pdf

Financial Inclusion and Micro and Small Enterprises Growth
Pankaj Kumar
Country: INDIA Page: 43-46 Download: Download Pdf

Improving Efficiency of Cooling Coil Chiller Units
Md. Garib Nawaj and Dr. M.K. Rath
Country: INDIA Page: 47-52 Download: Download Pdf

Physicochemical Characteristics and Functional Properties of White Sweet Potato Starch
Widya Rahmawaty Saman, Indah Yuliasih and Sugiarto
Country: INDONESIA Page: 53-57 Download: Download Pdf

Use of WLC (Weighted Linear Combination) to Determine Land Priorities for Development of Paddy Fields in Gorontalo Regency, Indonesia
Erwin L Subandi, Widiatmaka and Muhammad Ardiansyah
Country: INDONESIA Page: 58-63 Download: Download Pdf

Research on Marketing Strategy of Huawei Brand in Kazakhstan
Baituk Raushan
Country: CHINA Page: 64-68 Download: Download Pdf

Organizational Effectiveness of Naval State University: Proposed Institutional Capacity Building
Jonas Abiertas Enriquez
Country: KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN Page: 69-75 Download: Download Pdf

Study the Effect of Welding Parameters during TIG Welding of Aluminum Plate and its Optimization
Pradeep Kumar Pradhan and Smarajit Punyakanti
Country: INDIA Page: 76-81 Download: Download Pdf

Social Challenges of Industrial Relations: A Study of Federal Polytechnic Oil and Gas, Bonny, Rivers State, Nigeria
Nwachukwu Precious Ikechukwu, Aroh Grace Onyekachi and Tamuno, Daniel Achori
Country: NIGERIA Page: 82-88 Download: Download Pdf

Productivity Analysis of Private Sector Banks in India
Ritesh Verma
Country: INDIA Page: 89-95 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Marine Diesel and Biodiesel Blend on basic Fuel Properties: A Novel Study for Marine Diesel Engines
Idubor Fabian. I and Agberegha OrobomeL.
Country: NIGERIA Page: 96-98 Download: Download Pdf

Characteristics and Resource Potentials of Nigerian Atlantic
Jasper Ahamefula Agbakwuru and Idubor Fabian Ifeanyi
Country: NIGERIA Page: 99-112 Download: Download Pdf