Volume-5 Issue-6 (December-2015)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
A Study on the Impact of Ethical Behaviour of Firms on Global Competitiveness Ranking
Sivaraam Duraisamy and Dr. V. R Nedunchezhian
Country: NA Page: 1-8 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Construction of A 300 Watt Audio Amplifier
Oti, S. Ejiofor and Ahanonu, C. Silver
Country: NA Page: 9-14 Download: Download Pdf

Different Techniques for the Segmentation of the EMG Signal - A Review
Ashmeet Kaur
Country: NA Page: 15-19 Download: Download Pdf

Regulatory Issues of Equity Derivative Market in India
Ruchika Jain and Dr. S.K.Singla
Country: NA Page: 20-31 Download: Download Pdf

Mathematical Model for Awarding Jobs to Sub-Contractors
Dr. Ibraheam A. Mohammed and Oday H. Abdullah
Country: NA Page: 32-40 Download: Download Pdf

Investigation and Evaluation of the Cost Estimation Methods of Iraqi Communication Projects
Dr. Faiq Mohammed Sarhan Al-Zwainy and Neran Taher Hadhal
Country: NA Page: 41-48 Download: Download Pdf

Management of Engineering Challenges in the Current Era of Advancements: An Overview
Alok R. Prusty, N. Prusty, A. Sangeeta Gupta and Ankita Mohanty
Country: NA Page: 49-55 Download: Download Pdf

Territory Division and Patrolling by a Group of Mobile Robots
Aiswarya S Nair
Country: NA Page: 56-60 Download: Download Pdf

Performance and Emission Characteristics of CI Engine with Methyl Esters of Palm Stearin under Varying Compression Ratios and Fuel Injection Pressures
A. R. Babu, G. Amba Prasad Rao and T. Hari Prasad
Country: NA Page: 61-69 Download: Download Pdf

Review Report on Public Ration Distribution System for India
Shubham Maheshwari and Prof. Jaikaran Singh
Country: NA Page: 70-72 Download: Download Pdf

Review on Wireless Sensor System using Zigbee for Greenhouse
Jaytee Rathore and Prof. Jaikaran Singh
Country: NA Page: 73-76 Download: Download Pdf

Strong Deterministic Fuzzy Automata
A.Jeyanthi and B.Stalin
Country: NA Page: 77-81 Download: Download Pdf

Data Allocation & Distribution Techniques for Data Leakage Protection
Subham Kumar Sahu, Siddharth Panigrahi, D. Santosh Rao and Sashi Bhusan Maharana
Country: NA Page: 82-86 Download: Download Pdf

Application of Cloud Computing in Agriculture Development
Sashi Bhusan Maharana, Korai Purusottam, Deepak Kumar Bali and Kailash Chandra Limma
Country: NA Page: 87-89 Download: Download Pdf

A DPQC Control Scheme for Power Quality Improvement in a Grid Connected Wind Energy System
D.Mastanaiah and B.Venkatesh
Country: NA Page: 90-95 Download: Download Pdf

An Empirical Study on ESI Benefits: Employer Perception (With reference to select establishments in costal Andhra Pradesh)
Dr. Nagaraju Battu and Prasad Chundi
Country: NA Page: 96-104 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Study of Courbon’s Method and Finite Element Method of RC T–Beam and Deck Slab Bridge
Soumya S and Umadevi R
Country: NA Page: 105-111 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Microfinance on Empowerment of Women (An Empirical Study in HALDWANI Region of Uttarakhand)
Bushra Mateen
Country: NA Page: 112-116 Download: Download Pdf

Secure and Efficient Data Search using Continuous Neighbor Discovery Algorithm in MANET
R.Saravanan, Dr. C. Parthasarathy and Mallupalli Sathish
Country: NA Page: 117-120 Download: Download Pdf

Studies on Optimal Conditions for the Preservation of ‘Zobo’ Drink
Ekeke, I. C., Nkwocha, A.C., Kamen, F.L., Kamalu, C.I.O. and Uzondu, F.N.
Country: NA Page: 121-125 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Evaluation in Vampire Attack Detection from Wireless Ad-Hoc Sensor Networks
Menaka. A
Country: NA Page: 126-131 Download: Download Pdf

A Review of Ambient Air Quality in India
Manish Raman and O. P. Reddy
Country: NA Page: 132-138 Download: Download Pdf

Monitoring of Landfills in Various Indian Cities: A Review
Rahul Nandwana and A.K. Mishra
Country: NA Page: 139-144 Download: Download Pdf

The Significance Study of Mechanical Damage in Gas Transmission Pipelines
Avanish Kumar Mishra, Dr. Om Prakash Netula and Swati Shankar
Country: NA Page: 145-150 Download: Download Pdf

Bridging the Rural-Urban Housing Divide - The Government Initiatives
P. Krishan Priya and Dr. V. Narasimha Rao
Country: NA Page: 151-154 Download: Download Pdf

Performance and Emission Analysis of a Four Stroke Diesel Engine with Hibiscus Ethyl Ester as Alternate Fuel
M.Rajesh, M. Ravi Theja, V.G.Priyanka and Y.Sandeep
Country: NA Page: 155-158 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Perceived Quality of Work Life in Insurance Industry
Parameshwari. G and Prof. B.H. Suresh
Country: NA Page: 159-168 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Financial Inclusion for Economic and Social Development
Chaman Kumar
Country: NA Page: 169-178 Download: Download Pdf

A Research on How New Product Fails Subject to Product Management
Siddhardha Gullapalli, A.Sai Madhav, Saurabh.S and S.Vineeth Reddy
Country: NA Page: 179-182 Download: Download Pdf

Seventh Pay Commission: An Overview
Dr. Vijay Kumar
Country: NA Page: 183-191 Download: Download Pdf

Green Marketing: An Assessment on Awareness in Thrissur Corporation
Hena. M
Country: NA Page: 192-196 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Change Management on Staff Performance in Kaduna Polytechinc, Kaduna, Nigeria
Yusuf Alhaji Hashim and Patience Gaiya Dodo
Country: NA Page: 197-205 Download: Download Pdf

A Customised Network Pairwise Input Distribution Schemes and There Result on Performances
Shivani dilwariya and Jaikaran Singh
Country: NA Page: 206-209 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation of Decentralized Access Control with Anonymous Authentication in Cloud
Dr. M. Sreenivasulu and K. Krishna Mohan
Country: NA Page: 210-214 Download: Download Pdf

Ratio Analysis on Performance of Kerala Agro Industries Corporation Ltd
Varnana Nair
Country: NA Page: 222-228 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Evaluation of Qos in WiMAX Network
Surabhi Kumari, Bijayalaxmi Nayak, Nilam Simiran and Sashi Bhusan Maharana
Country: NA Page: 229-231 Download: Download Pdf

Client Satisfaction and its Impact on Work Culture on Employee Satisfaction in Banks at Kancheepuram City
M. Suresh and Dr. G. Alex Rajesh
Country: NA Page: 232-238 Download: Download Pdf

Design & Fabrication of Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)
Dr. M.V.Satish Kumar, N.Ramakrishna and K.Amarnath
Country: NA Page: 239-245 Download: Download Pdf

Advanced Method of Purification of Pharmaceutical
Prof.Shilpa S.Patil, Prof.S.U.Patil and Prof.S.V.Kadoli
Country: NA Page: 246-252 Download: Download Pdf

Study and Survey of Image Registration
Mandar C. Lokhande and Prof. V.B.Musande
Country: NA Page: 253-258 Download: Download Pdf

An Analysis of Impact of Financial Literacy Programmes on Financial Literacy Level of investors in Delhi
Prof. N.L. Gupta and Swati Narula
Country: NA Page: 259-262 Download: Download Pdf

Pharmacodynamic Model of Ligand Gated Ion Channel Concomitant with Cell Signalling Pathways
Ashis Kumar Das and Suman Halder
Country: NA Page: 263-269 Download: Download Pdf

MANET Its Vulnerbalitys Challenges Securities Attacks and Routing Protocols
Sashi Bhusan Maharana, Latha Padhy, B. Pramila Rani and N.Saranaya Devi
Country: NA Page: 270-275 Download: Download Pdf

Optimization of Process Parameters of Plastic Extrusion in Pipe Manufacturing
Mukesh Kumar Verma and Mukesh Dubey
Country: NA Page: 276-280 Download: Download Pdf

Fuzzy Logic Control Algorithm of Distribution Static Compensator for Power Quality Improvement
N. Santhi kumari, S. Narmadha and M. Vamsi krishna
Country: NA Page: 281-288 Download: Download Pdf

Study of Corrosion Behaviour of Ferritic Stainless Steel Welded Joint
Ajai Kumar Pathak, Binod Kumar, Ashish Kumar Shukla and Md. Razaullah Khan
Country: NA Page: 289-293 Download: Download Pdf

An Intelligent Bidirectional Solid State Transformer with Bidirectional Power Flow for Smart Grid Application
A.N.V.K.Naveen and M. Vamsi Krishna
Country: NA Page: 294-299 Download: Download Pdf

Improvement Over Public Key Cryptosystem RSA by Implementing New Decryption Key Generation Algorithm
Manoj Agrawal, B. L. Pal and Rohit Maheshwari
Country: NA Page: 300-304 Download: Download Pdf

Methodologies for Pattern Discovery from Web Transactions: A Comprehensive Review
Ratnesh K. Jain and Diwakar Shukla
Country: NA Page: 305-315 Download: Download Pdf

Power Quality Improvement using Grid Tie Solar PV at the Distribution Level
R. Sai Sravan and K. Sathish Kumar
Country: NA Page: 316-319 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of Fracture Toughness on Al/SiCp MMCs in Different Conditions
C.Rajaravi and P.R.Lakshminarayanan
Country: NA Page: 320-324 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on the Effectiveness of Training Program Adopted in CTS Industry
S.P. Depikaa and Dr.L.Manivannan
Country: NA Page: 325-330 Download: Download Pdf

The Problem of Silt Deposit in Hydro Accumulation Modrac
Nedim Suljic and Nedo Ðuric
Country: NA Page: 331-335 Download: Download Pdf

Image Cryptosystems
Dr. K. Rama Krishna, Anuradha Konidena and Dr. Somesh Rajput
Country: NA Page: 336-338 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on the Level of Satisfaction of Employee towards the Training Program Practiced in Selected IT Industries, Coimbatore
S.P.Depikaa and Dr.L.Manivannan
Country: NA Page: 339-342 Download: Download Pdf

Human Age Group Estimation using Facial Features
Basava Raju. K, Dr. Y. RamaDevi and Dr. P. V. Kumar
Country: NA Page: 343-350 Download: Download Pdf

A Remote Sensing Image Segmentation Method Based On Spectral and Texture Information
P. Rajyalakshmi
Country: NA Page: 351-356 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Development of Hand Water Pump with a Pendulum
D. Apparao and Y. Sagar
Country: NA Page: 357-361 Download: Download Pdf

An Approach for Classifying River Water Quality using Data Mining Technique
Sanjeev Gour, Dr.Anil Rajput and Purushottam Sharma
Country: NA Page: 362-365 Download: Download Pdf

Mathematical Modelling and Analysis of Blood Flow through Diseased Blood Vessels
Sapna Ratan Shah, S.U. Siddiqui and Anuradha Singh
Country: NA Page: 366-372 Download: Download Pdf

Strategic Management of Small Business Enterprises: Type of Literary Critique
Deepak Hajoary
Country: NA Page: 373-377 Download: Download Pdf

Automatic Power Switching System using P.L.C
Siddhartha Vineet, Raj Kumar Jhapte and Dr. D.D. Neema
Country: NA Page: 378-380 Download: Download Pdf

Determination of CTS Occurrence in Hand Arm Vibration Environment through One Way ANOVA and Chi Square Test
Manoj Kumar Goyal, Ajat Shatru Arora and Rajesh Kumar
Country: NA Page: 381-383 Download: Download Pdf

Nutrition, Poverty and Infant Mortality Rate: Trend and Pattern in Indian States
Country: NA Page: 384-390 Download: Download Pdf

Online Payment System Using Steganography and Visual Cryptography
T. Venu Gopal
Country: NA Page: 391-402 Download: Download Pdf

Characterization of Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymers
K. Praveen Kumar and S. Surender
Country: NA Page: 403-410 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation of PLC in VFD Controlled Induction Motor
Jitendra Kumar Verma and Devanand Bhonsle
Country: NA Page: 411-413 Download: Download Pdf

Influential Factors of Health Practices towards Public in Sivaganga District – An Analysis on Effects and Responsiveness
Dr. K. Chandrasekar and M. Balamurugan
Country: NA Page: 414-420 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Marketing Services
J. Jothi Krishnan and Dr. T.V. Malick
Country: NA Page: 421-423 Download: Download Pdf

Automatic Energy Saving System for Street Lighting using Zigbee Network
Saleem P. Choudhary, Dr. Balaji G. Hogade and Dr. Ravish R. Singh
Country: NA Page: 424-428 Download: Download Pdf

Recognition of Spoken Words using Hidden Markov Model
Kanika Girdhar and Nidhi Gaba
Country: NA Page: 429-431 Download: Download Pdf

Influence of Heat Treatment on Hardness of Heat treatable Aluminum Alloys
M Madhusudhan Rao and K. Sivaji Babu
Country: NA Page: 432-436 Download: Download Pdf

Generation of Contour Densities
Dr. A. N. Basugade
Country: NA Page: 437-445 Download: Download Pdf

End-To-End Application Performance Improvement on 2g Secure Network
Gorakh Laxman Wakhare and Dr. Ajay Kumar
Country: NA Page: 446-450 Download: Download Pdf

An Energy Efficient Paradigm for Cloud Computing Infrastructure with Minimal Expenditure
S.Vivekpandian, R.Prabu and R.Senthilkumar
Country: NA Page: 451-454 Download: Download Pdf

Automatic High-Level Profile Directed Code Optimization for Parallel Architectures
Mirza Mohd Aileeya Qasim
Country: NA Page: 455-461 Download: Download Pdf

An Innovative Approach for Prevention of Black Hole Attack in MANET
Prachi Goyal and Chitvan Gupta
Country: NA Page: 462-468 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation of Optical Routing with Effect on Performance Parameters
Country: NA Page: 469-475 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Two Human Hormone Insulin & Oxytocin on the Growth of Cyanobcteria (Chrococcous minimus)
Akshya K. Mishra, Samir K. Bhoi, Himansu Ch Sahu and Soumendra K.Dash
Country: NA Page: 476-477 Download: Download Pdf

An Efficient Approach for the Design, Development, Enhancement and Regular Updations on Mewar University Web Based Information System
Shailesh Gondal, B.L Pal and Shiv Kumar
Country: NA Page: 478-483 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation of Multicarrier Based Control Schemes for Cascaded 9-Levels Multilevel Inverter
Pratigya Sharma and Prof. Pawan Pandey
Country: NA Page: 484-493 Download: Download Pdf

Effects of Extraction Techniques on the Yield and Mechanical Properties of Empty Plantain Fruit Bunch Fibers
Obijiaku J.C., Kamalu C.I.O., Osoka E.C.,Onyelucheya O.E., Uzondu F.N. and Obibuenyi J.I.
Country: NA Page: 494-500 Download: Download Pdf

Predictive Modeling of Nigerian Peak Condensate using Hubbert’s Zero Annual Reserve Rate
Kamalu C.I.O., Appah D., Obah B., Anyanwu E.E., Obijiaku J.C., Uzondu F.N., Okolie I.J. and Oghome P.
Country: NA Page: 501-511 Download: Download Pdf

Modelling and Simulation of Helical Fluid Flow through Double Start Screw Type Heat Exchanger
N. Sathiya Narayanan, R. Soorya Prakash, C. SugiSamraj, S. Syed Suheil and R.Ramkumar
Country: NA Page: 512-517 Download: Download Pdf

Real-Time Dynamic Level Meter Non-Invasive with Optical Sensor
Gregorio Trinidad García, C. Nora López Marín, Jose Italo Cortez, Liliana Cortez, Carlos A. Ríos Acevedo, Pedro García Juárez, José L. Hernández A. and José A. López Aguila
Country: NA Page: 518-521 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Cooling Rate on Mechanical Properties of Heat Treatable Aluminum Alloys
M Madhusudhan Rao and K. Sivaji Babu
Country: NA Page: 522-529 Download: Download Pdf

Neuromarketing: An Emerging Tool of Market Research
Harit Kumar and Priyanka Singh
Country: NA Page: 530-535 Download: Download Pdf

Google App Engine
Sashi Bhusan Maharana, R. Iswarya, V. Santosh Kumar and M.Raghu Vamsi
Country: NA Page: 536-538 Download: Download Pdf

Development of Power Sector in Andhra Pradesh (With reference to Performance of APEPDCL)
Dr. K.V.S. Prasad
Country: NA Page: 539-544 Download: Download Pdf

Advanced Cooperative Download in Vehicular Environments
Rashmi Prasanna A P and Dr. Sanjay Srivastava
Country: NA Page: 545-548 Download: Download Pdf

TQM -It Really Works
S. Ramachandran, I. Manavalan and M. Rajamanikam
Country: NA Page: 549-554 Download: Download Pdf

Human Resource Management-Challenges and Synchronising Valuable Resources
Almas Sabir
Country: NA Page: 555-559 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Inter-Critical Heat Treatment on Mechanical Properties and Machining Parameters of Mild Steel
Raghvendra Sahu, Aditya Kumar Padap, Amit Gangwar and Ajay Devidas Hiwarkar
Country: NA Page: 560-562 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Hardening Treatment on Dry Sliding Wear of Plain Low Carbon Steel
Ankit Dwivedi, Aditya Kumar Padap, Ajay Devidas Hiwarkar and Mahendra Kumar
Country: NA Page: 563-567 Download: Download Pdf

FM0/Manchester Encoding for DSRC Applications using Sols Technique
G. Srinivas and G. Nagendra
Country: NA Page: 568-580 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Customers Attitude towards Chik Shampoo
K. Punithavathi and T. Tamilarasi
Country: NA Page: 581-585 Download: Download Pdf

The Importance of Remote Sensing and Geo-Physical Studies for Civil Construction in Thanjavur District
Hilarion Paul, I.Manavalan, M.Rajamanickam, B.Samaraju and G.Victor Rajamanickam
Country: NA Page: 586-590 Download: Download Pdf

Real Time Compressive Tracking
V. Revathi and V. Sridhar
Country: NA Page: 591-596 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Study of Different Firing Scheme for three Phase Voltage Source Inverter
Gayatry Verma and Prof. S.P. Phulambrikar
Country: NA Page: 597-601 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of the Commercial Aspects of using a Capacitor Bank as a Source of Reactive Power Supply in 220 KV Substation MPPTCL Narsinghpur
Ria Banerjee and Prof. Ashish Kumar Couksey
Country: NA Page: 602-605 Download: Download Pdf

On Quasi Umbilical Submanifold of Co-Dimension-2 of Almost Hyperbolic Manifold
B.B. Pandey and S.B. Pandey
Country: NA Page: 606-608 Download: Download Pdf

R_p - Structure Manifold
B.B. Pandey
Country: NA Page: 609-612 Download: Download Pdf

Normality of the Hypersurfaces of Almost Hyperbolic Hermite Manifold
K.K Dubey and B.B. Pandey
Country: NA Page: 613-615 Download: Download Pdf

Impediments Faced by Indian Industries in the Pursuit of Obtaining TQM
S.Ramachandran, I.Manavalan and M.Rajamanikam
Country: NA Page: 616-621 Download: Download Pdf

Estimation of Slant Parameter and its Performance
Dr. A. N. Basugade
Country: NA Page: 622-627 Download: Download Pdf

A Research Survey and Analysis for CPU Scheduling Algorithms using Probability-Based Study
Shweta Jain and Saurabh Jain
Country: NA Page: 628-633 Download: Download Pdf

Corporate Social Responsibility on Youth Development
Dr. Vinay Raj R
Country: NA Page: 634-637 Download: Download Pdf

Characterization of Glass/Sisal Fibers Reinforced Polyester Composite
Y. Hari Babu, K. Jagadeeswararao and G. Musalaiah
Country: NA Page: 638-642 Download: Download Pdf

The Atom-Bond Connectivity Index of Chemical Graphs
Vasudha and Nandeep Kaur
Country: NA Page: 643-648 Download: Download Pdf

Influence of Face Sheet Thickness on Flexural Behaviour of Sandwich Beams
M.A. Mohamed Aqhil Ahmed, Mir Safiulla and K.S. Madhu
Country: NA Page: 649-655 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Analysis of Fixed Parameter Algorithms for Odd Cycle Transversals and Feedback Vertex Sets
S. Shivaprasad, Dr. M Sadanandam and Anand Agrawal
Country: NA Page: 656-667 Download: Download Pdf

To Study Efficient Bid Process Management for Private Projects
Prof. P. D. Fegade and Prof. P. P. Bhangale
Country: NA Page: 668-672 Download: Download Pdf

Review of Scenario based Routing Protocols in MANET
Rashmi Pathak and Prof.Ajay Lala
Country: NA Page: 673-678 Download: Download Pdf

Going Green: A Corporate Environment Responsibility or a Corporate Gimmick: An Indian Perspective
Sonali Saxena, Manish Srivastava and Sunaina Asthana
Country: NA Page: 679-692 Download: Download Pdf

Smart Irrigation System through WSN by Insects Monitoring
Rashid Hussain and Dr R K Khola
Country: NA Page: 693-696 Download: Download Pdf

Role of Female Teachers in Government Primary Schools
Dr. Komal Yadav
Country: NA Page: 697-699 Download: Download Pdf

Probability Based Model for Information Retrieval System
Vijay Rana and Vijay Dhir
Country: NA Page: 700-703 Download: Download Pdf

Foreign Direct Investment: Impacts on Indian Economy (A socio-Economic analysis)
Dr. Jai Kumar Saroha
Country: NA Page: 704-707 Download: Download Pdf

Transcription, Splicing and mRNA Export Are Coupled Events
Punjab Singh Malik
Country: NA Page: 708-712 Download: Download Pdf

Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan: Cleaning up India is a Serious Business
Dr. Veer Virendra Singh
Country: NA Page: 000-000 Download: Download Pdf

Ethical Issues in Biological and Allied Sciences
Divya Singh
Country: NA Page: 718-723 Download: Download Pdf

Development of Finite Element Models for Predicting Velocities and Pressure Distribution for Viscous Fluid Flow between two Parallel Co-Rotating Discs
J. A. Akpobi and SMG Akele
Country: NA Page: 724-742 Download: Download Pdf

Synthesis and Spectral Studies on Copper(II) Complexes of Two Twelve?Membered and Tetradentate Macrocyclic Ligands
Country: NA Page: 743-748 Download: Download Pdf

Design of High Speed 32-Bit Data Processing using CSLA
Anshu Kumari and Kamal Niwaria
Country: NA Page: 749-755 Download: Download Pdf

Classification of Human Rights
Rajeev Kumar
Country: NA Page: 756-758 Download: Download Pdf