Volume-7 Issue-1 (February 2017)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Prostitution in Thailand
Ananya Guha Roy
Country: NA Page: 1-5 Download: Download Pdf

Study on Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna
Neha Gupta
Country: NA Page: 6-8 Download: Download Pdf

Classification of Go Public Companies in Indonesia by using Fisher’s Discriminant Function, Euclidean and Mahalanobis Distance
Indrawan, E. H. Nugrahani and Siswadi
Country: NA Page: 9-13 Download: Download Pdf

Analytical Skills – The Wake up Call for Human Resource
Dr. K. R. Subramanian
Country: NA Page: 14-19 Download: Download Pdf

Effect of Stock Split on the Shareholder’s Wealth and Company’s Profitability
Dr. Parminder Bajaj and Harman Arora
Country: NA Page: 20-27 Download: Download Pdf

Evaluation of Salinity and Sodicity of Irrigated Land with their Amelioration and management in Keshorai Patan Area, Kota (Rajasthan)
Dr. R.P. Nagar and Dr. Trapti Sharma, Dr. R.C. Gaur and Pooja Gupta
Country: NA Page: 28-30 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Social Media in Developing Brand Loyalty among Students
Dr. P.Sheela and K.Sneha
Country: NA Page: 31-38 Download: Download Pdf

Practical Investigation of weldment of FSS (AISI 430) Welded by TIG Welding Process
MdRazaullahKhan, A.K. Pathak and Nishant Navin
Country: NA Page: 39-44 Download: Download Pdf

Statistical Analysis for Sugar cane Crop Production, Area under Cultivation and Total expenses for Olpad Region
Kalpesh S. Tailor
Country: NA Page: 45-48 Download: Download Pdf

Nano Star Pre Generalized Continuous Functions in Nano Topological Spaces
Nancy J E and Vaiyomathi K
Country: NA Page: 49-51 Download: Download Pdf

Nonperforming Assets & Its Impact on Net Profit
Vijay Kumar Sharma
Country: NA Page: 52-56 Download: Download Pdf

Promoting Business Ethics through Business Education
Dr. Sunil S. Shete
Country: NA Page: 57-60 Download: Download Pdf

Industrial Disputes: Its Causes with Special Reference to Maruti Suzuki India
Dr. Reeta and Dr. R. Prabhakar Rao
Country: NA Page: 61-64 Download: Download Pdf

Group Insurance in India
Dr. Seema Shokeen
Country: NA Page: 65-70 Download: Download Pdf

Comparison of Vector Control of Induction Motor Drive using Conventional Method and Look –up Tables with 6- and 24-Sectors
M. Siva Sathyanarayana and D. Subba Rayudu
Country: NA Page: 71-85 Download: Download Pdf

Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility beyond Corporate Responsibility
Dr. R. Prabhakar Rao and Dr. Nidhi Dhawan
Country: NA Page: 86-89 Download: Download Pdf

Comprehensive Review on Performance, Combustion and Emission Characteristics of Compression Ignition Engine Fuelled with Producer Gas in Dual Fuel Mode
Praveen A. Harari, Amit Deokar, Dr. Bimlesh Kumar, Santosh Ghorpade and Somanagouda Biradar
Country: NA Page: 90-99 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Energy Routing Protocol with Power Consumption Optimization in MANET
Amruta Indapurkar and Rohini Patil
Country: NA Page: 100-106 Download: Download Pdf

P.I.E.T College Book (Caesar)
Grishma Waghamsingh, Abhinav Bodele, Atharva Awale and Nehal Bisne
Country: NA Page: 107-110 Download: Download Pdf

Study on Product Specific Customer Expectations from Retail Sales Employees in Organized Retail Outlets
Dr. Komal Chopra
Country: NA Page: 111-115 Download: Download Pdf

Study of Consumer Buying Motives for Private Labels in India
Dr. Komal Chopra, Shouvik Dasgupta and Minervi Gupta
Country: NA Page: 116-120 Download: Download Pdf

Comprehensive Review on Privacy Preserving Data Mining Techniques and Methods
P.AnnanNaidu and Dr. M.Vamsi Krishna
Country: NA Page: 121-126 Download: Download Pdf

Compressors Based High Speed 8 Bit Multipliers Using Urdhava Tiryakbhyam Method
Dr. M. Pushpavalli, C.Ragapriya and B.Praveena
Country: NA Page: 127-131 Download: Download Pdf

Globalization and Strategic Human Resource Management: An Overview and Theoretical Framework
Anshika Burman and Malaika Fernandes
Country: NA Page: 132-136 Download: Download Pdf

Effects of Radiation on MHD Boundary Layer Flow of Combined Heat and Mass Transfer over a Moving Inclined Plate in a Porous Medium with Suction and Viscous Dissipation in Presence of Hall Current and Chemical Reaction
V.Subhakanthi and N. Bhaskar Reddy
Country: NA Page: 137-150 Download: Download Pdf

Robust Adaptive Fuzzy Filter for Impulse Noise in Grainy Images
Mohamed Ghouse, Dr.Siddappa and Mohammed Inamurrahman
Country: NA Page: 151-156 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Fabrication of Pick and Place Robotic Arm Controlled by Android Device
Arumalla Johnson and M Venkatesh
Country: NA Page: 157-162 Download: Download Pdf

Properties of Jatropha Curcas Oil and Diesel Blends as a Fuel for C.I. Engines
Deshmukh S. B. and Patil D. V.
Country: NA Page: 163-168 Download: Download Pdf

Fuzzy Decision Model for Mandarin Testing System Evaluation
Lin Tang
Country: NA Page: 169-172 Download: Download Pdf

A Review of Seminal Research on Software Project Success in Information Technology Projects
K. Sudhakara Rao and Raghu B Korrapati
Country: NA Page: 173-175 Download: Download Pdf

A Comparative Analysis of Nonperforming Assets Management in Nationalised Banks of India (For the period 2011-12 to 2015-16)
Vijay Kumar Sharma
Country: NA Page: 176-183 Download: Download Pdf

Number Plate Detection of Vehicle using Modified Kirsch Compass Kernel Edge Detection
Country: NA Page: 184-188 Download: Download Pdf

Cadre Life Cycle Management – Induction, Engagement and Retention Strategy
Manoj Singh Negi, Deepak Dhariyal and Renu Sharma
Country: NA Page: 189-199 Download: Download Pdf

Analysing Impact of Packaging Design on Impulsive Buying using Regression Model
Deepak Dhariyal, Manoj Singh Negi and Dr. Hem Chandra Kothari
Country: NA Page: 200-205 Download: Download Pdf

Speed Control of VSI Fed IM Drive and Reduction of Common Mode Voltage Employing Look–Up Tables
M. Siva Sathyanarayana and D. Subba Rayudu
Country: NA Page: 206-211 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Impact of Knowledge Management Practices on Organizational Performance in Health Care Sector
Dr. A.Diraviam
Country: NA Page: 212-217 Download: Download Pdf

VLSI Implementation of Digital Down Converter (DDC)
Shaik Afrojanasima and K Vijaya Kumar
Country: NA Page: 218-222 Download: Download Pdf

Dealer Associations and Supply Chain Performance in Financial Services Processes in Bangalore
Mallieswari R and Aravinda Reddy M N
Country: NA Page: 223-227 Download: Download Pdf

Use of Decision Trees and Neural Networks in Predicting Patient Disposition using Clinical Decision Support Systems
Udaya B Kapu and Raghu B Korrapati
Country: NA Page: 228-231 Download: Download Pdf

A Review of Research on the Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction in Information Technology (IT) Companies
Venkata S. Eedara and Raghu B. Korrapati
Country: NA Page: 232-234 Download: Download Pdf

Redefining Creativity and Creative Leadership for Effective Business Execution
Prof.(Dr.) B.N. Gupta and Prof. Md. Sadique Shaikh
Country: NA Page: 235-238 Download: Download Pdf

Computerized Applications of Natural Language Processing in Digital Economy: A Review
TVVV Prasad and Raghu B Korrapati
Country: NA Page: 239-241 Download: Download Pdf

The Learning Process in Context based Searching for Lyric Writing in Telugu
Ramakantha Rao Chakaakonda and Raghu B Korrapati
Country: NA Page: 242-246 Download: Download Pdf

Application of SAPSO Algorithm to Optimize SPARQL Queries with OPTIONAL Blocks
Gomathi R and Gomathy B
Country: NA Page: 247-250 Download: Download Pdf

Review of Project Management as a Tool for Project Success
Dr. Amit Bijon Dutta
Country: NA Page: 251-255 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Implementation of Hybrid Galois Field Secure Digital Communication
Jaya Bharti and Prof. Jyotsna Sagar
Country: NA Page: 256-260 Download: Download Pdf

Design Development and Performance Monitoring of Split Micro Hydro Reaction Turbine
Pranit R Naik Dalal, Errol Boniface Fernandes, Darren Francisco Coutinho and Adersh Alornekar
Country: NA Page: 261-266 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Machine Learning in Identifying Effective Therapy for Disease Treatment
Raghava B Tadavarthi and Raghu B Korrapati
Country: NA Page: 267-268 Download: Download Pdf

A Study of Association between Financial Performance and Size of Small and Medium Scale Industries in Mysuru and Bengaluru Region
Ravi K. S and Dr. Santosh Kumar A. N
Country: NA Page: 269-271 Download: Download Pdf

Study on Irregular High Rise RC Frame Building with Shear Walls at Different Locations for Various Seismic Zones and Soil Conditions
Raghunandan M H and Naveen Kumar B
Country: NA Page: 272-275 Download: Download Pdf

Smart Bike
Shreelekha Shelke, Nishad Thakre, Rajat Sadavarte and Prof. Namarata Khade
Country: NA Page: 276-278 Download: Download Pdf

Morphometric Analysis of Chamundi Hills, Mysuru, India Using Geographical Information System
Joshua Kazingmei and Dr. Abhilash Rajendra
Country: NA Page: 279-283 Download: Download Pdf

Strategic Study, Testing and Analysis of Silk Fabric as an Optimum Application in Bullet Proofing Technology
Satyam Srivastava,Dr. Prabhat K Sinha and Nikhlesh N Singh
Country: NA Page: 284-288 Download: Download Pdf

Smart Screen Using Raspberry Pi
Shreyash Wankhade,Rupal Dambhare,Prof. Shrikant D.Zade and Prof.Bhagyashree C.Hambarde
Country: NA Page: 289-292 Download: Download Pdf

Rural Customer’s Perception of Brand Impact by Brand Ambassador in Indian Scenario
K.Sarada Sivareddy,Munijyothish Kumar.M and Sai Chandu.K
Country: NA Page: 293-296 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Brand Related Attributes on Consumer’s Purchase Intention Towards Private Label Apparels Brands: A Study About the Consumers of Ahmedabad
Deepesh Dharamdasani,Dr. Mahendra Sharma
Country: NA Page: 297-303 Download: Download Pdf

A Critical Review on Applications of Nano-Fluid as Coolant
Hanif,Gaurav Saxena and Janmit Raj
Country: NA Page: 304-311 Download: Download Pdf

Sentiment Analysis on Post
Juhi Kumari, Nimisha Kumari, Shubham Shukla, Niwedan Kumar, Prof. Namrata S. Mahakalkar and Prof. Amruta.T.Paul
Country: NA Page: 312-315 Download: Download Pdf

Use of Cloud Computing & Automation for E-Government in India: Challenges and Benefits
Dr. Pavitra patil, Sameer Patil and Niraj Chaudhari
Country: NA Page: 316-321 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Technology Training on Knowledge Enhancement and Productivity
Gnana Guru Lakshmi
Country: NA Page: 322-325 Download: Download Pdf

Regenerating the Energy from Building Lift
Rakesh Kumar and Vivek Yadav
Country: NA Page: 326-328 Download: Download Pdf

An Analytical Study of Big Data Clustering Algorithms and its Challenges
P. Padmavathi and Dr. V.P. Eswaramurthy
Country: NA Page: 329-332 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Various Approaches of Resource Scheduling in Cloud Environment
J. Revathi and Dr. V.P. Eswaramurthy
Country: NA Page: 333-337 Download: Download Pdf

Critical Chain over Critical Path in Construction Projects
Jagadha Kannan and Dr.G.Chitra
Country: NA Page: 338-344 Download: Download Pdf

Fuzzy Clustering Technique and PCA Based Unsupervised Change Detection Method in Multitemporal SAR Images
Shahla Pathan and Pooja Thakre
Country: NA Page: 345-348 Download: Download Pdf

Smart GSS using PLC
Ashutosh Sharma, Divij Varshney, Abhishek Puri, Divyansh Nigam and Jitendra Sharma
Country: NA Page: 349-352 Download: Download Pdf

E-Solopreneur Model – A Conceptual Framework
Basanna Patagundi, Anu Natraj and S. Sai Manohar
Country: INDIA Page: 353-357 Download: Download Pdf

A Detailed Analysis of MSK Modulators and Its Performance
Dr.M.Pushpavalli, T.Nivetha and G.Nivashini
Country: NA Page: 358-362 Download: Download Pdf

An Analytical Study of Intelligent Parallel Web Crawler
R.Asaaithambi and DR. V.P. Eswaramurthy
Country: NA Page: 363-367 Download: Download Pdf

Jarks Hack
Ance K A, Jiji S, Kavya S, Rubeena T S, Saritha P P and Saneesh Mohammed N
Country: NA Page: 368-374 Download: Download Pdf

Comprehensive Review on Emission Characteristics of Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) Engine Operated with Renewable Fuels
Praveen A. Harari, Santosh Ghorpade, Santosh Bhuimbar, Amar S. Kekare and Amit Deokar
Country: NA Page: 375-379 Download: Download Pdf

Brand Preferences of Selected Cosmetics - A Study on Selected Shampoo Products in Coimbatore District
Dr. A.Kaboor and S.Poornima
Country: NA Page: 380-383 Download: Download Pdf

Portable Wi-Fi Calling and Interactive Voice Response System
Ruchi W. Kasare, Pooja K. Muneshwar, Nikhil D. Tembhekar, Prof. V. P. Yadav and Prof. J. V. Shriral
Country: NA Page: 384-386 Download: Download Pdf

Passenger Airline Revenue Management: Research Overview and Emerging Literature
Shripad Kulkarni and Pushkar H Joshi
Country: NA Page: 387-389 Download: Download Pdf

Home Automation
Prof. N. S. Khade, Neha Dharmik, Payal Thakare, Rutuja Bhanarkar and Saurabh Bachhuka
Country: NA Page: 390-392 Download: Download Pdf

Sizing and Analysis of Renewable Energy and Battery Systems in Residential Microgrids
Harmeet Sandhu and Mukesh Kumar
Country: NA Page: 393-404 Download: Download Pdf

Determination of the Optimal Process Parameters for Submerged Arc Welding
Vinay Kumar Patel and S.N. Siddique
Country: NA Page: 405-410 Download: Download Pdf

Xilinx Implementation of Pulse Width Modulation Generation using FPGA
Rahul Patel and Prof. Vijay Prakash Singh
Country: NA Page: 411-415 Download: Download Pdf

Free Vibration Analysis of a Car Bonnet for Damage Detection
Atul V. Karanjkar and Nilotpal Banerjee
Country: NA Page: 416-421 Download: Download Pdf

Privatization: A Critical View
Prateet Kumar
Country: NA Page: 422-423 Download: Download Pdf

Need of Landfill in Urban and Rural Areas
RuchinAgrawal, Gaurav Srivastava and NehaGupta
Country: NA Page: 424-425 Download: Download Pdf

Civil War
Dr. J. K. Saroha
Country: NA Page: 426-427 Download: Download Pdf