Special Issue Paper(s)/Article(s)

National Seminar on Sustainable Future, through Leadership and Technology - March 2017 (Organized by: Gandhi Institute for Education and Technology, Bhubaneswar)

SNO.TitleAuthorPageFull Text
1. Sustainable Future through Social Awareness, Strong Leadership and Technological InnovationDr. Surendra Narayan Pathi1-3
2. A Study to Find out Effective Leadership Skills for the Sustainable Growth & Development of an OrganizationShikha Bhatnagar4-8
3. Sustainable Development: An Analysis of Challenges and OpportunitiesDr. Mahima Prakashan Sahoo9-13
4. Sustainable Use & Management of Natural Resources: Present & FutureNiharika Sahoo and Prof. (Dr.) Mary Mohanty14-18
5. Effect of Oxygen Content in Biodiesel Blends on the Performance of a Diesel EngineJibanananda Jena19-27
6. Bio Polymers: Sustainable Alternative for Food PackagingMamata Sahu and P.K.Sahoo28-32
7. Education for the Sustainable FutureProf. Tapan Kumar Panda33-35
8. Utilization of Agro-Wastes for Sustainability of Environment- A Short ReviewSanjaya Rout and Prafulla K Sahoo36-38
9. Sustainable Energy Future: Opportunities and ChallengesDr. Shashi Bhusana Mishra39-41
10. Impact and Effect of Technology towards Global ChallengesDr. Sambit Kumar Mishra42-44