Special Issue Paper(s)/Article(s)

Second International Conference on Advancement in Computer Engineering and Information Technology ACEIT-2018 (Organized By: Integral University, Lucknow, INDIA

SNO.TitleAuthorPageFull Text
1. Approaches of Big Data in Healthcare: A Critical ReviewFaizan Ahmad and Manish Madhav Tripathi1-7
2. Mathematical and Theoretical Foundations of Fuzzy SystemShabih Abbas Khan, Syed Yawar Ali and Ashutosh Kumar8-11
3. Different Data Analysis Technique Used in Big Data Mr. Zulfikar Ali Ansari and Mr.Afsaruddin12-16
4. Implementation of Algorithm for Fault Tolerance in Cloud ComputingSana Fatima, Sadiya Anjum, Anwar Ahmed Sheikh and Tushar Jain17-20
5. Review of Different Approaches and Analysis of Big Data Security Issues Nikhat Azhar, Mohammad Suaib and Faiyaz Ahamad21-25
6. Sarcasm Analysis Using Social Media: A Literature ReviewShagufta Masroor and Dr. Mohd. Shahid Husain26-30
7. Cloud Computing: Security Issues and Security Standards Shaireen Khan, Shadab Hasan, Shashank Singh, Sumera Zafar and Shobhit Joshi 31-36
8. Applications of Internet of Things (IoT): A Review Mohd Farman and Sonali Yadav 37-41
9. Anomaly Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks - Critical Survey Manmohan Singh Yadav and Shish Ahamad42-46
10. Approaches for Intrusion Detection and Prevention System in Cloud Environment: A Review Gulafsha Parveen , Jameel Ahmad and Dr. Mohd Shahid Husain47-52