Volume-6 Issue-1 (February 2016)

List of Paper(s)/Article(s)
Performance Characteristics of the 10hp Induction Machine
Oti Stephen Ejiofor, Nnadi Damian Benneth and Nwosu Cajethan Abuchi
Country: NA Page: 1-5 Download: Download Pdf

An Assessment of the Vital Roles of Job Satisfaction to Curb Absenteism among Employees at Gulf International, Kingdom of Bahrain
Dr. Steve Salamat Guansi
Country: NA Page: 6-14 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Rural Consumers Buying Behaviour of Green Products with Special Reference to Selected Villages in Tiruppur District
R.Mahesh and P.Gomathi
Country: NA Page: 15-20 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Analysis of MongoDB Deployments in Diverse Application Areas
Sunu Mary Abraham
Country: NA Page: 21-24 Download: Download Pdf

Application of Value Engineering in Construction Projects
Prof. Nitin L. Rane and Prof. P.M. Attarde
Country: NA Page: 25-29 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Characteristics of Induction Motor under a Balanced Load by Star- Delta Starting
Oti Stephen Ejiofor, Akpama E.J. and Nnadi Damian Benneth
Country: NA Page: 30-34 Download: Download Pdf

Determinants of Capital Structure – A Study of Oil Industry in India
Rosy Dhingra and Dr. Kapil Dev
Country: NA Page: 35-42 Download: Download Pdf

Enhancement of Power Quality Problem by using Dynamic Voltage Restorer
Vijayatai P Kamble and Prof. Naveen Kumar Mucha
Country: NA Page: 43-48 Download: Download Pdf

Analysis of Various Flow Parameters through a Passage with Inverse Aspect Ratio
Ankit Tiwari, Mohan Gautam, Kuldeep Singh Arya, Gopal Krishan and Ravikant Sharma
Country: NA Page: 49-55 Download: Download Pdf

Evulsions of Electrical Energy by Oscillatory Motion
Mohan Gautam, Ankit Tiwari, Kuldeep Singh Arya, Sanjeev Sharma and Mohammad Panish
Country: NA Page: 56-59 Download: Download Pdf

Intelligent Mode of Parking System
Mohan Gautam, Ankit Tiwari, Kuldeep Singh Arya, Harsh Sachdeva and Twinkle Dwivedi
Country: NA Page: 60-64 Download: Download Pdf

A Novel Methodology for Securing the Data using Three Stage Quantum Cryptography Algorithm
Swati Kumari and AnupTiwari
Country: NA Page: 65-69 Download: Download Pdf

Motivation: The Compensation Perspective
Pradeep Joshi and Dr. N.S. Bisht
Country: NA Page: 70-76 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Factors Influencing the Buying Decision of Consumer towards White Goods in Trichy City
Dr. K. Alex and Mrs. A. Maria Selvi
Country: NA Page: 77-81 Download: Download Pdf

A Study of Work-Life Balance; Challenges before Jalgaon Police Department
Vivek Vikas Yawalkar and Dr. Madhulika A. Sonawane
Country: NA Page: 82-84 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Analysis of MAC Protocols in WLAN and Cellular Network
S. Neeraja and G. Sasi Bhushana Rao
Country: NA Page: 85-88 Download: Download Pdf

A Survey on VANET Unicast Routing Protocols
Mohammad Arif and Dr. Shish Ahmad
Country: NA Page: 89-94 Download: Download Pdf

Experimentally and Numerically Evaluating the Modal Parameters for Axial Flow Compressor Blade
Arjun Samrat S.A, Dr. Mohamed Haneef and Mohammed Imran
Country: NA Page: 95-98 Download: Download Pdf

Marketing Analysis of Milk Products: A Study of Nandini Milk Products in Mandya District
Naveen Kumar C
Country: NA Page: 99-105 Download: Download Pdf

Green Computing - Needs and Implementations
C. Janaki, P.K. Mangaiyarkarasi and P. Mohana Sundhari
Country: NA Page: 106-109 Download: Download Pdf

Application of Alternative Geometric Distribution and Markov Chain Models for Fitting Sequences of Wet and Dry Days in Peninsular Malaysia
Nur Zaharina Zakaria and Sayang Mohd Deni
Country: NA Page: 110-119 Download: Download Pdf

Nine Level Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter with Boost Converter
Vinayaka B.C and Sushma H.S
Country: NA Page: 120-126 Download: Download Pdf

Concept Based Implementation & Simulation of Frequency Converter for Single Phase AC Drive Application
Mahmooda Mubeen, Shazia Khaliq and Nausheen Bano
Country: NA Page: 127-130 Download: Download Pdf

Impact Analysis of Bumper and Car Chassis Frame Due to Frontal Collision for Different Materials
M. Meghana, Ch. Shashikanth and M. Pradeep Kumar
Country: NA Page: 131-135 Download: Download Pdf

Dynamic Buckling of Advanced Fibre Composite Cylindrical Shells under Axial Impact
Priyadarsini R.S and, Chitra V.
Country: NA Page: 136-157 Download: Download Pdf

A Novel Methodology for Security and Privacy Protection Issues of Data in Cloud Computing
Swati Kumari and Anupama Verma
Country: NA Page: 158-163 Download: Download Pdf

HSV, IHS and PCA Based Image Fusion: A Review
Arathi Kamble, Chintal Maisheri and Pragati Upadhyay
Country: NA Page: 164-167 Download: Download Pdf

Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm for PV Systems using Partially Shaded Conditions
S.D.Pagare and A.K.Jhala
Country: NA Page: 168-171 Download: Download Pdf

Financial Performance Analysis: A study of Indian Overseas Bank
Manthan Vernekar
Country: NA Page: 172-175 Download: Download Pdf

A Project Report on Small Scale Entrepreneurship in Bicholim, A Case Study of Fatima Readymade Garments
Nihal N Kamat
Country: NA Page: 176-178 Download: Download Pdf

Manpower Planning using Markov Chain: A Case Study on Young Executives at Malaysian Retirement Fund (Incorporated)
Muhammad Rozi Malim, Faridah Abdul Halim, Fatin Syazana Izuddin, Normalah Saring and Siti Najiah Muslim
Country: NA Page: 179-184 Download: Download Pdf

Experimental Investigation of Machining Parameters of CNC Milling for Aluminum Alloys 6063 and A380
Dr. M.V. Jagannadha Raju and Sameer Kumar Gedela
Country: NA Page: 185-197 Download: Download Pdf

Application of P-Median Model for Evacuation Process during Flood Disaster
Noridayu Mah Hashim, S. Sarifah Radiah Shariff and Sayang Mohd Deni
Country: NA Page: 198-203 Download: Download Pdf

Effects of Sea Surface on ISAR Imaging for RD, RID and RIC Methods
G.Anitha and K.S.Ranga Rao
Country: NA Page: 204-207 Download: Download Pdf

Direct Marketing and International Promotion
Dr. Vinay Raj R
Country: NA Page: 208-212 Download: Download Pdf

Consumer Attitude toward’s Online Shopping
L. Kiruthika
Country: NA Page: 213-220 Download: Download Pdf

Importance of Glow Plugs in Automotive Diesel Engines: A Review
Dr. Nagaraj Parisara and Dr. B.R. Kiran
Country: NA Page: 221-224 Download: Download Pdf

Embedded System to Prevent Traffic Congestion by Creating Traffic Light Delays
Nisarga.G.C, Yashodamma.S, Sheethal.R, Vani H V and Sudha T
Country: NA Page: 225-228 Download: Download Pdf

Performance Evaluation of Hadoop Cluster Using Terasort Benchmark Suite
Bharat N. Jha and Prof. V.B. Patil
Country: NA Page: 229-234 Download: Download Pdf

A Technique for Resolution Enhancement of Image by Discrete and Stationary Wavelet Decomposition
Karadge S.S. and Prof. Belagali P.P.
Country: NA Page: 235-237 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Mobile Internet Surfing Behaviour of College Students
Dr. H.Vasudevan, N.Selvakumar and C.Deepika
Country: NA Page: 238-240 Download: Download Pdf

Comparative Analysis of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund Schemes with other Asset Management Company’s Schemes
Dr. Ujjwal M Mishra and Vinod Peerapur
Country: NA Page: 241-244 Download: Download Pdf

Optimization of Economic Load Dispatch Problem by Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Ankur Sharma and Hemant Mahala
Country: NA Page: 245-252 Download: Download Pdf

A Descriptive Study on the Causes and Effects of Work Place Conflict and Present-Day Strategies to Curb IT
R. Kausalya and A.Abirami
Country: NA Page: 253-255 Download: Download Pdf

A Review on HR and Corporate Social Responsibility
Dr. Amit Bijon Dutta
Country: NA Page: 256-259 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of E-Accounting in Today’s Scenario
Hajera Fatima
Country: NA Page: 260-264 Download: Download Pdf

Employees’ Participation in Non-Mandatory Training and its Future Research Direction- Literature Review
Jayaranjani Sutha
Country: NA Page: 265-273 Download: Download Pdf

Financial Management: A Case Study of Women Entrepreneurs in Visakhapatnam District
Dr. P. Sheela
Country: NA Page: 274-280 Download: Download Pdf

Assessment of Palm Kernel Shell as Friction Material for Brake Pad Production
Olele, P.C., Nkwocha, A.C., Ekeke, I.C., Ileagu, M.O. and Okeke, E.O.
Country: NA Page: 281-284 Download: Download Pdf

Multi-Objective Optimization of WEDM Process Applying Statistical Methodology
Goutam Kumar Bose and Pritam Pain
Country: NA Page: 285-293 Download: Download Pdf

A MCDM Approach for Measuring Project Complexity
R.K Singh
Country: NA Page: 294-302 Download: Download Pdf

Network Intrusion Detection Techniques and Open Source Tools
Dileep Kumar Singh and Praveen Kaushik
Country: NA Page: 303-306 Download: Download Pdf

The Effect of Intangible Assets on the Firm Value
Dr. N. Nagaraja and Vinay N
Country: NA Page: 307-315 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Intangible Assets on Corporate Financial Performance
Dr. N. Nagaraja and Vinay N
Country: NA Page: 316-333 Download: Download Pdf

Customer Preference and Satisfaction towards Asian Paints
Kowisga.S, Yuvashankar.D and Kalpana.V
Country: NA Page: 334-337 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Different Image Format in Image Processing
K. Nithiyanandhan and S. Arulmurugan
Country: NA Page: 338-341 Download: Download Pdf

Dynamic Parameter -PI Control Method of STATCOM for Voltage Stability: Self-Adjustable Approach
Shivam Singh and Prof. A.P.Chaudhary
Country: NA Page: 342-351 Download: Download Pdf

Effective Utilization and Management of Coal Energy in Indian Thermal Power Plant by Coal Blending and Transport Proximate
Ranjan Kumar Mishra and Vijit Chaturvedi
Country: NA Page: 352-358 Download: Download Pdf

An Overview of Non-Alcoholic Beverages in India
Dr. G. Sowmiya
Country: NA Page: 359-361 Download: Download Pdf

Reduction of Pollutant Emission of I.C Engine
Ganesh Chembedu
Country: NA Page: 362-364 Download: Download Pdf

Recent Trends of Seed Production and Marketing in Shrirampur Taluka
S. W. Patil and Dr. S. R. Kalbande
Country: NA Page: 365-369 Download: Download Pdf

Marketing Strategies for Sustainable Growth and Business of Seed Industry in Maharashtra
Er. Shashikant W. Patil and Dr. Chhaya S. Sukhadane
Country: NA Page: 370-372 Download: Download Pdf

An HASBE based Energy Efficient Data Sharing in Big Data
R.Saravanan, S. Gokulakrishnan and P.Madhankumar
Country: NA Page: 373-375 Download: Download Pdf

A Study of Emerging Trends in Software Testing and Quality Assurance
R. Gopalakrishnan, N. Rajasekaran and G. Eswaramoorthi
Country: NA Page: 376-380 Download: Download Pdf

Cloud Computing in Big Data Analytics
S. Hemalatha, M.S. Kokila and S. Krithika
Country: NA Page: 381-383 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Quality of Work Life among Working Women in Srirangam Taluk
Dr. K. Rajam and Dr. S. Ramya
Country: NA Page: 384-398 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Entrepreneurial Traits among College Students
S.Ragavan and Dr. G.Udayasuriyan
Country: NA Page: 399-401 Download: Download Pdf

A Literature Review on Occupational Stress and Job Performance
Bulbul Kar and Dr. Biswadeep Mishra
Country: NA Page: 402-407 Download: Download Pdf

Review on Cyclotomic FFT with Radix-2216-Point FFT
Sonali R. Ghonge, Prof. R.W. Jasutkar and Prof. Amol Boke
Country: NA Page: 408-410 Download: Download Pdf

Measurement of Vendor Satisfaction in Hotel Industry: A Supply Chain Perspective
Harshavardhan Utharavalli and Pramod Kumar Mishra
Country: NA Page: 411-417 Download: Download Pdf

Gender Disparity: A Challenge before India
Dr. Veer Virendra Singh
Country: NA Page: 000-000 Download: Download Pdf

Understanding of Factors Related to Impulse Buying Behaviour of Consumers in the Shopping Malls of Jaipur City
Supernova Chakraborty Singh and Prof. J. K. Tandon
Country: NA Page: 423-429 Download: Download Pdf

Implementation of Routing Protocols in MANET based on Energy Consumption and Security
K.Mohanaprakash, N.Dhanaraj, K.Dinakaran and T.Mani
Country: NA Page: 430-434 Download: Download Pdf

Wireless Power Transfer by Incorporation of Renewable Energy Sources
Abhishek Gupta, Jinendra Rahul, Rahul, Rahul Tiwary, Ranjeet Kumar and Ravi Sharma
Country: NA Page: 435-439 Download: Download Pdf

Importance of Robust Contingency Plan for IT Companies
Lakshmy Unnikrishnan, Nidhin, Shraddha Patil, Dr. Jaya Chitranshi and Dr. Ravinder Kaur
Country: NA Page: 440-443 Download: Download Pdf

Variation in Carbohydrate Content in the Fish Clarias Batrachus at Three Different Sites on River Ganga
Kapil Kumar
Country: NA Page: 443-447 Download: Download Pdf

A Literature Review: Initial Public Offerings (IPOS) And Long Run Performance
Dr. Satish Mittal and Seema Verma
Country: NA Page: 448-463 Download: Download Pdf

Low-Cost Self-Test Techniques for Small RAMs in SOCs
P. Vijaya Prasada Rao and P.Jaya Rami Reddy
Country: NA Page: 464-472 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of ICT Innovations on the Quality of Business Research Process in Higher Education Institutions
Ahmed Tauqeer Zahid and Farooq Ahmad Khan
Country: NA Page: 473-477 Download: Download Pdf

Impact of Online Marketing in Molding Consumer Behaviour
Aditi Srivastava and Dr. Komal Chopra
Country: NA Page: 478-486 Download: Download Pdf

A Review of FEM Analysis of Coupling
Prof. Sameer Chincholkar, Prof. Sujit Deshmukh and Prof. Sunil Raut
Country: NA Page: 487-490 Download: Download Pdf

Tensile and Flexural Strength of OKRA Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
Seelam Pichi Reddy and A. Chennakesava Reddy
Country: NA Page: 491-495 Download: Download Pdf

Palm Biodiesel as an Alternative Fuel for CI Engine: Review
Praveen A. Harari and Jayshri S. Patil
Country: NA Page: 496-499 Download: Download Pdf

Design and Implementation of 64-bit ALU using VHDL
Priyanka Vanjare and Prabhat Pandey
Country: NA Page: 500-502 Download: Download Pdf

Innovative Reliability Excellence in Helium Gas Leak Testing by Vacuum Method
T. Gurunathan and A.NoorulHaq
Country: NA Page: 503-511 Download: Download Pdf

A Study on Performance of Mutual Funds
Pritam Naik
Country: NA Page: 512-517 Download: Download Pdf

Splicing and mRNP (Ribonucleoprotein Complex) Movement
Punjab Singh Malik
Country: NA Page: 518-522 Download: Download Pdf

Role of Sustainability in Educational Institutions
Dr. Jaya Chitranshi, Dr. Komal Chopra and Dr. Ravinder Kaur
Country: NA Page: 528-531 Download: Download Pdf

Evolution of VoLTE - The More Affluent Voice Calling Over LTE
Bhawna Peswani and Prof. Mukesh Tiwari
Country: NA Page: 532-534 Download: Download Pdf

A Review of Finite Element Analysis methods of Butterfly Valves
Prof. Sujit Deshmukh, Prof. Sameer Chincholkar and Prof. Sunil Raut
Country: NA Page: 535-537 Download: Download Pdf

The Use of Six Sigma as a Performance Improvement Strategy in the Construction Industry: New Trends and Applications
Jemima A. Ottou, Bernard K. Baiden and Joseph K. Ofori - Kuragu
Country: NA Page: 538-546 Download: Download Pdf

The Marketing Strategies and Barriers to Expand Market Potentials for Solar/Renewable Energy Products - A Study with Special Reference to Nilgiris District
A.Gowrishanker and Dr. A. Mohanasundaram
Country: NA Page: 547-551 Download: Download Pdf

Study on Mechanical Properties of Composite Concrete using Fly Ash, Lime Sludge and Copper Slag
H R Dhananjaya, H B Raghavendra and V V Vinod Kumar
Country: NA Page: 552-559 Download: Download Pdf

International Financial Reporting Standards - A Conceptual Study
Mahesh S M and Ganesh K T
Country: NA Page: 560-564 Download: Download Pdf

Consumer Buying Behaviour towards Mall of Mysore
Mahesh S M and Ganesh K T
Country: NA Page: 565-576 Download: Download Pdf

Embedded Logic Flip-Flops: A Conceptual Review
Sudhanshu Janwadkar and Dr. Mahesh T Kolte
Country: NA Page: 577-581 Download: Download Pdf

Effectiveness of Computer Assisted Instruction in the Acquisition of Mathematical Concepts at Secondary Stage
Garima and Dr. Susheela Narang
Country: NA Page: 582-584 Download: Download Pdf

Dialectics of Globalization
Dr. Prateet Kumar
Country: NA Page: 585-587 Download: Download Pdf

Simulation of Contaminant Transport through Saturated Media using Visual Modflow and ANN
Dr. M. K. Gupta, H. K. Gupta and Neha Gupta
Country: NA Page: 588-593 Download: Download Pdf

Intuitionistic Fuzzy g ¨ Compact Spaces
P. Chandramoorthi
Country: NA Page: 594-596 Download: Download Pdf

Aramide Yarns and its Properties
R. Devarajan
Country: NA Page: 597-599 Download: Download Pdf