Soil Stabilization using Pro-base Technology


  • Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta HOD, Civil Engineering Department, Government College of Engineering and Technology, Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir, INDIA
  • Gurmeet Singh Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Government College of Engineering and Technology, Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir, INDIA



Probase PB-65 Soil Sealant, Probase SH-85 Soil Hardener, Probase TX-85 Soil Stabilizer & Strengthener, OMC, UCS, MDD, CBR


Roads are the lifeline of the nation and hence a road must be of better quality which could make effective land access possible. According to a research conducted in Sri Lanka, if you want to rescue a village from poverty, 10-20 years of educational subsidy might not work, but if the same amount of money is funneled on road infrastructure development, you can see results within 2 years. An effective road network ensures efficient delivery of goods and transportation of people, directly contributing to the economic growth of the region. Due to economic reasons in developing nations like India, it is not possible to make paved roads especially in rural areas. These areas are mostly connected by the use of unpaved roads called as earth road or soil roads. But there are many problems associated in building these roads particularly like deterioration of the surface usually by rutting and formation of potholes, dusty in dry state and muddy during wet state. The basis of this report is to make aware about the non-traditional soil stabilization technique using Probase SH-85 Soil Hardener for hardening soil of any type and TX-85 Soil Stabilizer & Strengthener for stabilizing unstable soil and at last sealing it by spraying with Probase PB-65 Soil Sealant on soil surface. The Probase Road System ensures making soil road no longer dusty and muddy. These products are free from toxins and are environmental friendly unlike bitumen, soil-cement, lime and asphalt roads. Probase soil stabilizer will hence not only help in stabilizing the soil but will also reduce maintenance and construction cost, along with ensuring that the roads remain open and well operational in rainy season and dust-free in dry season that is to make it an all-weather road.




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Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, & Gurmeet Singh. (2020). Soil Stabilization using Pro-base Technology. International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, 10(5), 30–33.