The Paradigm Shift in the Indian Education System during COVID19: Impact, Opportunities and Trends


  • Sidhi Menon U Student-BBA, Department of Management, St. Claret College, Bangalore University, INDIA
  • Manu Vasudevan Unni Researcher, Toulouse School of Management, University Toulouse 1 Capitole, Toulouse, FRANCE



Education System, COVID-19, Pandemic, India, Crisis, Impact, Trends, Opportunities, Government Initiatives, Digital Technology, AI


The COVID-19 pandemic is a huge challenge to education systems. Education is the main priority direction and main development indicator in all civilized countries of the world. The COVID-19 global pandemic has upended all the education system across the world. In this time of crisis, a well-rounded and effective educational practice is what is needed for the capacity-building of young minds. It will develop skills that will drive their employability, productivity, health, and well-being in the decades to come, and ensure the overall progress of India. This research paper tries to investigate on the various impact of Covid-19 in education system especially on rural India. We also try to throw light on the different existing and new initiatives by government during the pandemic. The novel coronavirus has transformed the centuries-old, chalk–talk teaching model to one driven by technology. The last 50 years have seen huge growth worldwide in the provision of education at all levels. COVID-19 is the greatest challenge that these expanded national education systems have ever faced. Many governments have ordered institutions to cease face-to-face instruction for most of their students, requiring them to switch, almost overnight, to online teaching and virtual education. We see a drastic rise in the use of various teaching and conferencing technologies which has been explained in this paper, also various advantages and disadvantages to the students in the use of these technologies have been covered in this research paper by identifying opportunities and trends. Finally research has been concluded by providing avenues to future research and a meaningful conclusion.




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Sidhi Menon U, & Manu Vasudevan Unni. (2020). The Paradigm Shift in the Indian Education System during COVID19: Impact, Opportunities and Trends. International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, 10(4), 1–10.