Role of Psychological Contract in Organizational Development


  • Dr. Sangita Gorde Associate Professor, Department of Management, S.K.N. Sinhgad School of Business Management, Pune, INDIA



Psychological Contract, Job Satisfaction, Work Environment, Organizational Development


This study deals with Psychological Contract between employers and employees. Employers are always interested organizational in growth, whereas employees are interested in their own welfare and job satisfaction. Satisfied and motivated employees always contribute more to the organization. This study highlighted some areas, which gives satisfaction to the employees, like; fair payment, welfare facilities, recognition, promotion and attention. Work environment in the organization is also very important to create positive attitude of the employees. Equal treatment to all employee present humanities of employers. In such positive environment employees feel proud to work for the organization.




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Dr. Sangita Gorde. (2019). Role of Psychological Contract in Organizational Development. International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, 9(5), 60–64.