A Study on Factors Influencing Investing in Mutual Fund with Special Reference to Mysore District


  • B. Hrushikesh Part Time Research Scholar, Department of Commerce, Bhararthiar University, Coimbatore, INDIA
  • Dr. A.Kaboor Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, CBM Arts College, Coimbatore, INDIA




inancial Reforms, Mutual Fund, Television, Internet, Newspaper, Mysore District


Financial reforms have great impact not only on Indian financial system but also on Indian economy as a whole. Three sectors of Indian financial system that are greatly influenced and witnessed substantial growth are banking, insurance, mutual fund. During the last decade, these three sectors have seen various developments. Mutual funds are investment avenues for the investors. Mutual fund is the pool of money of several investors to invest in financial investment such as stock, government securities and debentures. There are various sources of information like Television, internet, newspaper and also All India mutual fund association has published two booklets “Making mutual funds works for you” and “Selling mutual funds made easy”. These two publications translated into regional languages and distributed widely .To what extent do these sources of information influence the investors? The bankers or agents or financial advisers rendered services like providing knowledge about tax laws, new scheme, sorting out the problem, providing of consultancy. These are essential to strengthen or promote the mutual fund. Are the investors really satisfied with their services? If so, to what extent? Every investor has different investment avenues to invest in. There are some factors such as tax benefits, safety and liquidity, which influence behaviour of investors in selection of mutual fund (Prasada Rao and Vedantam Saikia, 2006). Do these factors influence behaviour of investors in the selection of mutual fund?, In this regard the present study is conducted to list the factors influencing investing in mutual funds in Mysore district.




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B. Hrushikesh, & Dr. A.Kaboor. (2019). A Study on Factors Influencing Investing in Mutual Fund with Special Reference to Mysore District. International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, 9(5), 167–173. https://doi.org/10.31033/ijemr.9.5.24