Job Satisfaction of Private Banking Sector Employees in Bangladesh


  • Md. Elius Hossan Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Military Collegiate School Khulna (MCSK), Khulna-9210, BANGLADESH
  • Rashedul Hasan Lecturer, Department of Finance & Banking, Military Collegiate School Khulna (MCSK), Khulna-9210, BANGLADESH



Job Satisfaction, Working Condition, Bank Employee, Customer’s Service, Fair Treatment, Promotion


The intention of this study is to explore the job satisfaction level in Private Banking Sector officers of Bangladesh. This study highlights the factors of job satisfaction of bank employees in our country also try to evaluate the influences of these factors on the ultimate job satisfaction. So, Private Banks employees are the target population of this research paper. This paper reveled some institutional factors like working environment, work condition, pay, fair treatment of employees, provision of loan, promotion policy and acknowledgement for good performance meaningfully effect on job satisfaction of private Bank employees. On the other hand, employee’s individual factors such as age and gender, marital status minorly effect job satisfaction of Bank employees. The study conveys the message to Bank management that they should give more attention to stimulate and uphold the human resources in banking sector in Bangladesh. For attaining decisive mission of the banking division, the Bank Administration should satisfy the bank officers and utilize their maximum effort by confirming comprehensive superiority of their institutions. We think the results and academic consultation of this research may assist the relevant people for additional research and formulation of plan.




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Md. Elius Hossan, & Rashedul Hasan. (2021). Job Satisfaction of Private Banking Sector Employees in Bangladesh. International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, 11(3), 1–14.