An Empirical Study of Financial Performance of ICICI Bank


  • Adhwaidh H Bhaskar Student, Department of Commerce, Loyola College, INDIA
  • Dr. Emalda Rani Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Loyola College, INDIA



Advances, Solvency, Investment Banking, Capitalization, Leverage Ratio


Investment and banking organization plays an important role for the economic development of the country. India’s banking system is featured by a huge network of bank branches, and it serves many sort of financial services of the people. The Bank is working with the foundation of Industrial Credit Investment and Corporation of India (ICICI) across diverse sectors and programs. ICICI Bank is the second largest bank in India in terms of Assets and Market capitalization. ICICI Bank has emerged as the pioneer venture on the horizon of offering an expended range of financial services and banking products for the retail and corporate customers through its diverse delivery channels and specialized subsidiaries in the areas of investment banking asset management, venture capital and insurance. It is crucial to analyze the financial services of ICICI Bank in terms of strategic importance and nation interest. The aim of this research paper is to analyze and evaluate the financial services and customer perception on the behalf of financial performance of ICICI Bank.


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Adhwaidh H Bhaskar, & Dr. Emalda Rani. (2022). An Empirical Study of Financial Performance of ICICI Bank. International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, 12(3), 66–68.