Authorship and Contributor

Authorship Criteria

Only major contributions to each of the three components listed below should be given authorship credit:

  1. Concept and design of the study, as well as data gathering, analysis, and interpretation;
  2. Drafting the paper or critically editing it for key intellectual content; and
  3. Final approval of the published version.

Authorship is not justified only on the basis of participation in the acquisition of money or the collection of data. Authorship does not require general supervision of the research group. Each contributor should have contributed enough to the project to accept public accountability for relevant sections of the manuscript's content. The order in which the contributors are named should reflect their proportional contribution to the study and the preparation of the manuscript. The order cannot be modified once it has been submitted without the explicit approval of all contributors. Depending on the type of paper, its scope, and the number of universities involved, the journal sets a maximum number of authors (vide infra). If the number of writers exceeds these boundaries, the writers must justify their decision.

Contribution Details

Contributors should include a detailed summary of their contributions to the work. Concept, design, definition of intellectual content, literature search, clinical investigations, experimental research, data gathering, data analysis, statistical analysis, article preparation, manuscript editing, and manuscript review should all be included in the description. One or more authors should be identified as 'guarantor' and assume responsibility for the integrity of the work as a whole from conception to publication.