Complaint Policy

The best practises in dealing with complaints are summarised in COPE's procedural flowcharts, which are published in the International Journal of Engineering and Management Research.

Complaints against the publication policies, procedures, and activities of the Journal's publishing and editorial staff, as well as the Editors, should be sent in writing to, where they will be conveyed to the relevant person responsible for the matter.

If the complaint involves a peer review concern, it is forwarded to the Editor-in-Chief (IJEMR), who will respond in a timely manner.

If a complaint is made about a piece of content in the Journal that contains erroneous information, plagiarism, copyright, or any other type of intellectual property infringement, the Publisher will look into it and make the required choices in accordance with COPE's recommendations.

Within three working days of receiving an email, all concerns will be acknowledged to the appropriate person. Within two weeks, the Journal hopes to have a firm response. If the actual circumstances necessitate longer time, an interim response will be provided within the above-mentioned term until the complaint is resolved.