Design and Development of Prosthetic Legs

  • Mahajan S.M
  • Patil Sneha V.
  • Mahajan Pratiksha N.
  • Bankar Abhijit K.
Keywords: Artificial Limb, Prosthetic Leg, Lamination Method, Natural Fiber-Based Bio Composites


The purpose of this article is to describe the development in prosthetic legs. Artificial limbs may be needed for a variety of reasons including diseases, accidents and congenital defects. As the human body changes over time due to growth or change in body weight, the artificial limbs have to be changed and adjusted periodically. This constant need for change or adjustment may become costly if the material used is expensive. This study will emphasis the prosthetic legs by focusing on the socket part as it is often changed and replaced with natural-based bio composites. The results of this study are based on the compatibility of the properties of existing and proposed materials which contribute towards providing alternative materials that are more cost efficient, eco-friendly and yet maintaining the features required for artificial limbs. The findings are expected to help patients or wearers to live independently when they are young, who cannot afford to have this essentially.


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Mahajan S.M, Patil Sneha V., Mahajan Pratiksha N., & Bankar Abhijit K. (2019). Design and Development of Prosthetic Legs. International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, 9(2), 91-95.

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