Air Bearing and its Stability

  • Prof. Mahajan.S.M
  • Mahajan Pratiksha N
  • Bankar Abhijit K
  • Varade Mayur A
Keywords: Air Bearing, Stability, Machine Tools


Bearing are machine element that allow components to move with respect to each other. A little consideration will shows that some part of power wasted in overcoming the frictional resistance and due to the contact of surfaces large amount of wear and tear takes place between the contacted surfaces. Hence to avoid wear and tear in sliding contact bearing and to reduce frictional resistance the thin layer of fluid is introduced which is called as lubricant. Air bearing are introduced to reduce such frictional resistance and wear of sliding contact bearings. Air bearings are bearings that use a thin film of pressurized air to provide low frictional load bearing interfaces between surfaces. There is a small gap between two surfaces i.e. two surfaces do not touch. As these bearings are contact free various problems in traditional bearing like friction, wear, particulates, and lubricant handling are avoided. There are advantages like precision positioning, such as lacking backlash and static friction as well as in high speed application. Other than this characteristics, stability is also important factor in air bearing.


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Prof. Mahajan.S.M, Mahajan Pratiksha N, Bankar Abhijit K, & Varade Mayur A. (2019). Air Bearing and its Stability. International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, 9(2), 100-102.

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