A Smart Alarm System for Women’s Security

  • K. Mohanaprakash
  • T.Guna Sekar
Keywords: Arduino Microcontroller, GSM SIM 800A, Switch, Women Security, Message Transmitting


This paper detailed about a smart alarm system for women’s security. Women all over the world are facing much unscrupulous physical irritation. This acquires a fast pace due to lack of a suitable investigation system. The system look like a group on the wrist merged with pressure switch as an input which when triggers shows the result loud alarm imposed for self-defensing purpose and send location and messages to the emergency contacts. The whole process will be held in Arduino Microcontroller. The digital switch incorporates with the controlling unit. Whenever the user presses the digital switch, the emergency message will be passed to the server unit via GSM SIM 800A module. By implementing the proposed system, the physical harassment on the women will be reduced.


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