Cloud Computing in Resource Management

  • Er. Manoj Kumar
Keywords: Cloud Computing Research, Challenges, Resource Management, Virtualization, Utility Computing, Cloud Platform


Swiftly increasing demand of computational calculations in the process of business, transferring of files under certain protocols and data centers force to develop an emerging technology cater to the services for computational need, highly manageable and secure storage. To fulfill these technological desires cloud computing is the best answer by introducing various sorts of service platforms in high computational environment. Cloud computing is the most recent paradigm promising to turn around the vision of “computing utilities” into reality. The term “cloud computing” is relatively new, there is no universal agreement on this definition. In this paper, we go through with different area of expertise of research and novelty in cloud computing domain and its usefulness in the genre of management. Even though the cloud computing provides many distinguished features, it still has certain sorts of short comings amidst with comparatively high cost for both private and public clouds. It is the way of congregating amasses of information and resources stored in personal computers and other gadgets and further putting them on the public cloud for serving users. Resource management in a cloud environment is a hard problem, due to the scale of modern data centers, their interdependencies along with the range of objectives of the different actors in a cloud ecosystem. Cloud computing is turning to be one of the most explosively expanding technologies in the computing industry in this era. It authorizes the users to transfer their data and computation to remote location with minimal impact on system performance. With the evolution of virtualization technology, cloud computing has been emerged to be distributed systematically or strategically on full basis. The idea of cloud computing has not only restored the field of distributed systems but also fundamentally changed how business utilizes computing today. Resource management in cloud computing is in fact a typical problem which is due to the scale of modern data centers, the variety of resource types and their inter dependencies, unpredictability of load along with the range of objectives of the different actors in a cloud ecosystem.


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