An Efficient MDC based Set Partitioned Embedded Block Image Coding

  • Rahat Naz
  • Santosh Kumar Mishra
Keywords: Discrete Wavelet Transform, Multiple Description Coding, SPECK, PSNR, Bits Per Pixel


In this paper, fast, efficient, simple and widely used Set Partitioned Embedded bloCK based coding is done on Multiple Descriptions of transformed image. The maximum potential of this type of coding can be exploited with discrete wavelet transform (DWT) of images. Two correlated descriptions are generated from a wavelet transformed image to ensure meaningful transmission of the image over  noise  prone wireless channels. These correlated descriptions are encoded by set partitioning technique through SPECK coders and transmitted over wireless channels. Quality of reconstructed image at the decoder side depends upon the number of descriptions received. More the number of descriptions received at output side, more enhance the quality of reconstructed image. However, if any of the multiple description is lost, the receive can estimate it exploiting the correlation between the descriptions. The simulations performed on an image on MATLAB gives decent performance and results even after half of the descriptions is lost in transmission.


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