The Effect of Risk Return Analysis of Pharmaceutical Companies on Indian Stock Market

  • Rohit A Patel
  • Bhavna Verma
Keywords: Risk, Return, Alpha, Beta


Each individual endeavors to stop his/her well deserved funds in different venture roads relying on his/her targets. Among the different venture options, securities exchange is viewed as a standout amongst the most compensating roads of speculation. At the point when the normal return is high, the hazard related with such return is additionally high. So before putting resources into value advertise one should come to realize the hazard return attributes of those stocks and those ventures in which he/she plans to contribute. In this viewpoint, an examination has been embraced to break down the hazard return relationship of chose organizations in pharmaceutical industry of Indian securities exchange. The pharmaceutical business of India positions third on the planet regarding volume and fourteenth as far as esteem. The business is said to be the ideal part for parcel of speculators. The financial specialists must know about the hazard and return associated with the speculation. This investigation encourages the potential financial specialists to settle on educated and reasonable venture choice. The example time of this examination is five years from 2013 to 2018. The investigation has endeavored to discover the hazard return attributes of chosen 10 pharmaceutical organizations in Indian securities exchange. The information has been gathered and examined utilizing MS exceed expectations. The examination inferred that from the chose pharmaceutical organizations Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd gives exceptional yield yet the market danger of the offers is much high. So the value offers of Divi's Laboratories Ltd are increasingly great to potential speculators since it gives exceptional yield and the hazard related with those offers less.


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