Mechanism of Fracture in Friction Stir Processed Aluminium Alloy

  • P. K. Mandal
  • Mebin T. Kuruvila
  • Jithin Devasia
Keywords: Aluminium Alloy, FSP, Fracture Properties, Tensile, Fracture Toughness


Aluminium alloys are used for important applications in reducing the weight of the component and structure particularly associated with transport, marine, and aerospace fields. Grain refinement by scandium (Sc) addition can eliminate the casting defects and increase the resistance to hot tearing for high strength aluminium alloys. FSP for cast aluminium alloys have been focused and it has great advantages including solid state microstructural evolution, altering mechanical properties by optimizing process parameters. These parameters are tool rotational speeds (720, and 1000 rpm), traverse speeds (80, and 70 mm/min), and axial compressive forceĀ  at 15 kN, etc. The mechanical properties had been evaluated on FSPed aluminium alloy with different microstructural conditions. Fracture properties of aluminium alloys are very important for industrial applications. Tensile and fracture toughness properties were correlated to microstructural and fractographic features of the aluminium alloys need to explore their essential failure mechanisms.


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