Improving QoS of VANET using Network Coding

  • Dr. Bajulunisha.A
  • Guna Sundari.C
Keywords: VANET, Network Coding, BSCS, TCS, QoS


Vehicular Ad hoc Networks -VANET as a sub class of Mobile Ad hoc Networks -MANET provides a wireless communication among vehicles and vehicle to road side equipment. VANET allows vehicles to form a self-organized network without the need for permanent infrastructure. With high number of nodes and mobility, ensuring the Quality of Service- QoS in VANET is a challenging task. QoS is essential to improve the communication efficiency in vehicular networks. Thus a study of QoS in VANET is useful as a fundamental for constructing an effective vehicular network. In this paper, we propose Network coding Technique to improve Bandwidth utilization on VANET. When two sources are involved in broadcasting in the same area and at same time , the relay will make use of Network coding to reduce the Bandwidth consumption. While receiving the packet, a relay has to decide whether to send the packet directly to reduce the delay or  use Network coding for effective Bandwidth utilization. In order to make trade off, we introduce two kind of protocols named Buffer Size Control Scheme -BSCS and Time Control Scheme -TCS. By this two protocols, we aim to reduce the delay that is experienced by each packet and achieving better bandwidth utilization.


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